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  1. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2021 Edition)

    Am I wrong or does shilajit contain Urolithin B? Better to do a primavie product only?
  2. Best Way to ReComp After TRT?

    I try dermacrine a few year back at just 1 pump, and I did get a bit of a recomp and strenght gain from it, and libido was high also. I apply 1 pump on the shoulder and from that 1 pump. I took a bit of cream and apply it directly on the scrotum for more DHT conversion . Also it depend on what...
  3. Best Way to ReComp After TRT?

    Maybe a low dose of epiandro or demarcrine would also help you wihout diminishing your fertility
  4. Best Way to ReComp After TRT?

    Your best bet is to try the above but you will loose a step or two compafe to TRT there is no way around it. Physique and performance in the gym will be different then when you are on TRT. You can try these and be more strick with your diet to try to offset the lost of testosterone.
  5. Best Way to ReComp After TRT?

    why did you come of TRT. by TRT do you mean a mini cylce? TRT is suppose to be for life when your body does not produce enough test on is own. So if you were low test before TRT, you will still be low test after TRT. Try testbooster and natty anabolic, this is your best bet
  6. All Hail Hyperion ! ! !

    what is it suppose to be?
  7. Gyno from ashwagandha and fadogia aggrestis

    If you don t have access to Dr. SNS inhibit E can be a good option. I second this option
  8. Is creatine worth it?

    For me ElevATP always give me better strength gain than creatine.
  9. Testosterone Supplement ...

    SNS optimize T have a better profile then the two choice above, and it is cheaper than unbound by 15$ from what I see online
  10. Stalking up on SNS products, recommendations?

    Anacyclus XT for libido and muscle fullness
  11. Anti-Aging Supplements - Anyone Interested?

    I just post that here to get the opinion on this ingredient, by more intelligent people than me, I have no clue about this ingredient or this company.
  12. Anti-Aging Supplements - Anyone Interested?

    PeptiStrong – Nuritas
  13. Loggers needed for our andro cream products

    I am in Canada, if you are ok with taking the chance to ship over here I would be logging it for sure.
  14. Blast from the past supplements ( Pics )

    No prop blend then lol!
  15. Blast from the past supplements ( Pics )

    SNS can bring them back!