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  1. In the Mail ....

    Nice. I need to try fruit punch and rocket pop next time I order.
  2. The New Product Release Thread

    Modern ISO+ whey protein isolate in pina colada, fruit punch, watermelon ice pop, and blue razz snow cone.
  3. The New Product Release Thread

    To me, it tastes like coconut ice cream. I can't wait to get my hands on more.
  4. The BIG supplement thread

    That's a relief. I've been saving labels (with plastic backing) for years. But I don't have receipts from years ago.
  5. Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    @The Solution I was looking for a single sample. Bob hooked me up with the sample and threw in a bunch of bars, a couple of t shirts, and homemade chocolate covered pretzels. Great trader.
  6. In the Mail ....

    @The Solution has been busy. Yesterday I asked him if he could spare a sample of ISO-100 clear. Today I got a box full of samples, bars, 2 t shirts and home made chocolate covered pretzels.
  7. The New Product Release Thread

    I hope so. I missed out on the restock on Black Friday.
  8. Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

    I used to buy Analyzed Supplements Amentomax. It was 200mg @20%. I felt great when I was taking it. I'd love to see SNS bring an amento product to market.
  9. USA Ergonine F/S

    Two tubs of PES Ergonine. One iced tea, one strawberry banana. $50 shipped for both. Both are past the best by date.
  10. In the Mail ....

    Time to give these a try.
  11. The New Product Release Thread

    Nutrabio? Was it bad? I've been debating about picking up a tub.
  12. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Can't wait to see the label. I have high hopes for this.
  13. In the Mail ....

    Picked these up for $1 each last Saturday. The cherry berry and orange mango are very good. The watermelon flavor is a little too sweet and has more of an artificial sweetener flavor than the other two.
  14. In the Mail ....

    Discontinued by the store or by PES? I'd hate to see it go.
  15. In the Mail ....

    Are you going to cap the cissus powder yourself? I've heard that stuff tastes awful.