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  1. In the Mail ....

  2. The New Product Release Thread

    That should be good.
  3. The New Product Release Thread

    Sweet hook up! That's a product I miss for sure. I'm rationing my last few tubs.
  4. Olympus Labs - Insider OverLoad Thread

    Just saw this posted in another thread.
  5. Next PES Insider Deal???

    I'd be happy with a pumpkin flavor but I've been hoping for a coconut cream pie Select. Or root beer float.
  6. In the Mail ....

    Thought I'd give these a try and see how they treat me. Thanks to @The Solution for the heads up on the deals.
  7. The New Product Release Thread

    I might. I'd like to see Nutrabio offer this flavor in classic whey instead of the isolate.
  8. Cordyceps > Peak02 for endurance

    I've used Peak O2 and a solo cordyceps powder. The cordyceps didn't do anything for me but I get a big boost from Peak O2. Maybe I wasn't using a good quality cordyceps product?
  9. USA FS Irvine Fit Crunch Bars

  10. The New Product Release Thread

    I'll be on the lookout for the greens and the banana pancake whey.
  11. In the Mail ....

    I asked @The Solution about a sample trade. This is his idea of a small bunch of samples.
  12. USA FS Irvine Fit Crunch Bars

    Box of 12 Irvine Fit Crunch Bars. Peanut Butter flavor. These are the full size bars with 30g of protein. Best by date is 09/20/2019. $18 shipped.
  13. In the Mail ....

    Nice! Sounds like you "earned" it one way or another.
  14. In the Mail ....

    Frozen banana is my favorite. Birthday cake and salted caramel are good, too. I wasn't impressed with the chocolate flavors I've sampled.
  15. In the Mail ....

    The Solution knows I like swag t shirts. Got home from work yesterday and found a box waiting for me. Hooked me up with a bunch of shirts, a hat, and some snacks.