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    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    [emoji23] that’s what I’m saying bro
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    Sustain Alpha Virtus combo

    Yep. Both great products. Run the sustain now and virtus later. Win win.
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    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    I just do the basics with a foam roller about once a year. Probably why I need the same advice as you right about now [emoji23] I remeber watching a rich piana video when he was huge and his mobility was insane. Literally blew my mind. Idk what he did but I’ll try and find it. I’m sure there...
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    BMP - Bad Initial Response

    Dang bro that sucks. People have had weird skin stuff on bmp but it was usually with tattoos iirc. I’m sure you’ll be able to trade it. If I had a true shred bottle I might even consider it since I know you enjoyed your run. Are you still cutting?
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    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    Great pre. Overall extremely solid formula that covers all the angles. Perfect time to try it.
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    Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    10% off. Always leaned me out and got me rock hard. Perfect time to try it solo or add it to a stack.
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    Super mandro

    Agreed. Definitely add it. It can help with libido and combatting lethargy big time. I would run it and stop when you stop the mandro. Save the rest for another run or even up your dose depending on how you feel. Feel free to HMU if you have any questions.
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    Olympus Labs Arimacare Pro

    Ayeeeeee. That’s gonna be awesome
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    Unanswered Strongest Test boosters

    That’s the old label but we have the new formula. Boss is gonna update it today. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Unanswered Strongest Test boosters

    I’ll look into this and let you know which label is our current stock.
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    Topical ursolic acid

    Yeah I like ur spray. I think I ran 4 bottles and had decent results. Idk if it was worth the money (I haven’t bought it again so maybe not? lol) but if you can get it on sale I’d definitely grab 2+ bottles.
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    New Black Lion Research VASODILATOR****

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    Olympus Labs Arimacare Pro

    I know there is a replacement coming just not sure of timeline. It will be a strong exclusive online. Maybe @GNO has more info? Not sure tbh
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    In the Mail ....

    Nice review on the synthegen. Formula is [emoji91]
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    Any Reviews on Iconic Formulations Alpha Four?

    @thebigt has and might still be on it. Great stuff based on the two main ingredients. I love topical 4-andro solo and this is a step up.