Distilled Water...Prep for some serious lean mass

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  1. Distilled Water...Prep for some serious lean mass

    After a long long time off from training and a life filled of Beer, Pizza, Buffet's and fast food and Baseball. Im getting ready for some serious lean mass. For the nest 3-4 weeks I will be getting back into the swing of things by eating right at maintenance with some cardio and obviously weight training. To give you guys an idea of what I was doing for the past 6 weeks was this on game days (3-4days/week)...

    Meal 1:
    Oatmeal bread
    50gr Protein Shake

    Meal 2:
    Protein shake
    2 Peanut butter and jelly (or banana) sandwiches

    Meal 3:
    Free for all of either fast food or Buffet food

    There was plenty of beer in there on weekends also

    Somehow despite all of that I haven't added much fat or lost much lean mass. I also have not trained in close to 4weeks.
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  2. So over the next 3-4 weeks I will be eating 3,000cals of a 50/20/30 split (Protein/Carb/Fat) All carbs will be with breakfast/pre/post workout

    Workout Split
    Mon: Hams/Bi's
    Tue: Chest/Tri
    Wed: OFF
    Thur: Quads/Abs
    Fri: Back/Shoulders
    Sat & Sun: OFF

    I will end each workout with 15-20 min Low-Intensity Cardio on the treadmill, and probably 30min on Wednesday.

    Well im going to try and keep it basic

    -AMS Hypertoph-X
    -Anabolic Pump
    -Creatine Mono
    -LG Sciences Speed (1-2caps/day)
    -LG Sciences LipoBURN with added Rasberry Ketones
    -Daily health stuff also (multi, ECGC, anti-oxidents, hearbal cortisol supprt)
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  3. Im in broham lets tear it up!!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. Sub'd. Nice to see you back DW.

  5. good luck bro! keep us updated

  6. Well I have a constant stabbing pain in my knees and elbow so Im going to hold off on training for right now and will take these next 5days to dial in my diet because that usually takes a little bit for me.

    I'm doing Ice/Heat therapy on both my elbow and knees. I will probably do some abs and cardio 2maro.

    I weighed in at 185lbs this morning naked
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  7. No abs 2day persay, I took about 100swings off the batting-T 2day so there ya go.

    I did however do 30min on the treadmill. Diet is perfect, getting in all 6-7meals and meeting macros perfect (325p/150c/70f). Appetite has been good, never too hungry and never too full.

    I can't wait to start training monday. My arm stil hurts but I tried a few reps on Incline Bench 2day and it was fine so Ima hit it hard Monday.
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  8. Glad to see you back!!!

  9. Thanks C!!!

    All I have been doing is some light cardio to get back into the swing of things. Diet has been great this past week with only 2 slip ups. Chinese food and some veggie pizza. Nothing terrible. Monday starts the real deal. I just went shopping and dropped a cool $250.00

    Here's how mondays routine will look suggestions welcome

    1.) Stiff Deads 4sets

    2.) Good Mornings 4sets

    3.) Glute/Ham Raise 4sets
    Straight 12

    1.) Barbell Curls 3sets

    2.) Seated DB twist curls 3sets
    Straight 8

    3.) Concentration Curls 3sets
    Straight 8

    -Slam 3scoops Xtend+5gr glutamine

    20min on the Treadmill at 3.3speed and 10incline

    Then I'll take 100swings off the T in the evening
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  10. 1st workout is in the books. S h i t almost killed me too. WOW I was sweating outta control

    Stiff Deads

    Good Mornings

    Lying Leg Curls

    Straight Bar Curls

    Seated Incline DB curls

    Concentration Curls

    Then sweat my ass of with 20min of cardio on the Treadmill @ 3.3 & 10
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  11. Damn

    Im sore as hell 2day.

    Chest/Tri's were on the menu for today. I know my sore bi's effected my chest workout but O'well...whataya gonna do

    DB Incline Bench

    Flat DB Bench

    Seated Dip Machine

    DB Flys
    -I had a hard time targeting my chest on the fly'd bc my bi's were sore

    Straight Bar Skull Crushers

    Reverse Grip Press Down

    Single Arm Rope Press Downs

    20min LI cardio on the Treadmill

    My Tri's were fried and I kepy hitting a wall with them. I'd pump out the 1st 5 or 6 and be fine then I'd barely get 7 and 8 was a *****. Man the first week back sucks :rasp
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  12. Baseball Update

    I was named to the All-Conference Team 2day, s h i t t y honorable mention. I hit .375 with a .490 OBP and scored 42 runs in 37games and hit the **** outta the ball against the top 3 teams in our conference (~.500) and thats only honorable mention worthy

    Sorry guys just some venting, O well we're not a pride team of the conference so what-a-ya gonna do. Im use to getting the raw deal with baseball but something everyone has to remember "Cream of the crop will rise to the top"
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  13. Suggestions needed.....

    I need a set routine for quads. I was thinking Front Squats/ Leg Extensions and maybe some sissy squats....like 3-4 sets of each. I need something that is "lighter" on the knees (which I know is hard for quad training)
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  14. Can you do walking lunges? Or stationary?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Can you do walking lunges? Or stationary?
    Yea I totally forgot about those. I was doing them a few summers ago and finally got my 40 in the sub 4.5 zone. Thanks C

    I'll throw those in as long as I can train quads 2maro. My hammies are killing me.

    Im going to do 30min LI cardio this evening. I've also only been getting in 2,250-2,500cals/day. Damn Recreate Kills my appetite(like its a bad thing)
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  16. What school do you go to/play for ?

  17. My dumbell step ups also hit me hard there. She had us holding 2 dumbells and stepping up high on the back of the platform for incline benches. We did 4 sets of 15 per leg and it was burning!!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    What school do you go to/play for ?
    Juco right now, this was my last season there. Now im off to a 4year school
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  19. coo. Good luck !

    Just wondering, you don't have to answer this if you don't want, but I know you mentioned some things not working out with the wife ? Are things better now ?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    coo. Good luck !

    Just wondering, you don't have to answer this if you don't want, but I know you mentioned some things not working out with the wife ? Are things better now ?
    Nope, not really.
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  21. C, im going to try those 2day after my front squats. My hammies are stil sore but not terrible. I haven't pinned my pGH this week so that isn't helping with recovery.

    I recently found out that my chances of playing D1 ball are slim to none because of some grade/transfer issues so I'll be making numerous visits to NAIA schools the next few weeks so updates may be a little sporadic but I need you guys to remind me to eat clean
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  22. Ahhh EAT CLEAN!!!! LOL Now remind me. Hunger has been off the hook lately. as well as binge eating from misery.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Ahhh EAT CLEAN!!!! LOL Now remind me. Hunger has been off the hook lately. as well as binge eating from misery.
    Get some Recreate. That ZAPS my appetite big time!!!!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  24. I'm considering it. I'm a liitle worried it will make me sick though. I've seen a few people that it did and I have a sensitive stomach. I've been trying ephedra, but thats giving me stomach pain

  25. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I'm considering it. I'm a liitle worried it will make me sick though. I've seen a few people that it did and I have a sensitive stomach. I've been trying ephedra, but thats giving me stomach pain
    My stomach is a biotch also. The pills themselves (taste) make me a little queezy but after the taste is gone im good to go.

    Thanks for reminding me on the Ephedra Im almost done with the Recreate and I havne touched E in years. I shall welcome it with open arms.
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  26. 3/15

    Leg Extentions

    Front Board Squats
    -Felt like stabbing pains in my knees
    *This was too much I've got figure out whats wrong with my knees*

    Single Leg Ext

    Leg Raises

    Rope Crunches

    Oblique Stuff

    20min LI cardio


    Lat Pull Down

    Sitting Cable Row

    Straight Arm Pull Overs

    -I was missing my straps and couldn't hold the weight

    Side Raises

    Front DB Raise

    Rear Delt Machine

    No cardio, I was running a little behind for work. I dropped the creatine, I was just bloating up way too much and made me feel uncomfortable. I think I was eating too much sodium+not enough water but O'well. So far I've been off for 3 days and I feel much better.

    I have since kicked up the Glutamine to 30gr/day and added Tyrosine. I also stopped with the pGH all together. With my busy schedule and what not it made pinning to hard. Especially on college visits
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  27. Did some fasted cardio this morning, 30min LI treadmill. I went to the bar last night and enjoyed a few drinks so it was def needed. It was a biotch waking up but the following stack made me feel like I didn't miss a beat......
    10gr Glutamine
    1gr Vit. C
    2 NP ECGC caps
    350mg Tyrosine
    1.5gr ALCAR
    1 can SPIKE

    I found 200gr ALCAR yesterday so Im going to dose that @ 1.5gr 2x's/day.

    I wish I would have taken pictures from when I started to now just to show people how much diet does for you. I've been eating 85-90% clean now for 2 weeks and the difference in my physique from then til now is amazeing.
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  28. I changed up the routine this week since I'll be out of town for a few days (college visits)

    Incline DB press

    Flat BB Bench

    High Cable Pully Flys

    Seated Dip Machine

    Flat DB Fly

    Rope Crunches

    30min LI cardio on the treadmill

    Good god I am weak and I hate it
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  29. Hang tight man, life is bound to get better!!!

  30. love SPIKES!


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