Hateful's journey to being swole jacked

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  1. At one point I could do 235 I think, and I thought I was killing it. That was with a 365#+ incline too.

  2. Hateful, I wouldn't put too much stock in Alex's numbers. He's basically just a "studio lifter".

  3. 7-1-08 Dynamic lower body
    Jump squats 6x3 135, Ceiling touches 2x3 body weight
    Speed step ups 4x5 superset power runner 4x10 3 plates
    Roman chair situps 4x20 superset seated DB calves 4x25 95
    DB suit case speed DL 3x7 100

    Thanks for the comments bros, 250 on standing military was strict, 260 I used a slight dip in the legs, forgot to post that did not mean to decieve, my body did it naturally as I used to to do power press alot. My grip is fairly narrow, atleast 1" narrower than my bench grip. I will try to get some video up next week of the lift so my form can get critiqued. I know some of those "studio lifters", they like to use those styrofoam weights that look heavy... ... just kidding Alex. Okay time for boxing cardio tonight, should be about 45 minutes.

  4. 7-3-08 Dynamic upper body 60 second rest
    Old school speed bench various grips 9x3 205+1chain, 1x3 315
    Incline DB bench slow 2x12 85
    Squating cable rows 3x15
    1 arm seated clean and press 3x5 55 superset L-lateral raises 3x12 20
    21's 3 sets 25 each side superset standing overhead DB extension 3x10 120
    Alternating DB row 1x20 55

    7-4-08 strongman training in place of max effort lower 60-90 second rest done in grass
    Keg toss 4x4
    Keg hold walking lunges 4x25 yards
    Keg in medium tire reverse drags 2x50 yards turn at 25
    Keg in medium tire forward drags 2x50 yards turn at 25
    Keg in medium tire pullthrough 4x7

    Gym was closed today so I decided it was a good day to switch things up and do some strongman. Overall good day, now if I can keep my fattness to a minimum today I'll be happy. Happy 4th of July to all us Americans and no hard feelings to all the Brits, .

  5. 7-7-08 Max effort upper body
    Standing military BB press 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 245x1, 255x1, 265x1
    Lat pulldowns 4x11 superset med ball stars 4x6 25lb plate
    Weighted dips 3x12 45/90/90superset DB curls 3x7's 30/35/45
    BB explosive shrugs 3x15 225 superset clapping pushups 3x7

    I was sure to be very strict with my form on military press today, I did not dip at all, I was not able to get any video today as no one was in the gym . My form was as follows, take the bar off the rack with bar resting on chest head slightly forward, from that position I pause breathe and then drove the bar upwards without using legs, but I did feel like my upper body tensed and almost exploded the bar up. So I am still not sure if I am doing these right. Hopefully I can get some video next week, maybe I'll get my brother to lift with me. All else is good, diet got a little off this weekend and I am holding a little water from all the sodium and such. That should all drain out this week with my cardio sessions. Tonight I am just resting but tomorrow is dynamic lower and probably some sprints after work.

  6. Damn, a 265 standing mil is insane. I'm pretty much the top dog on these in my area so I thought I was good, and you just destroyed me. Nice work. What's your best push press / push jerk / split jerk (whichever one you do for explosive overheads)?

  7. 7-8-08 Dynamic lower body 1 min rest
    Speed deadlift from 2" platform 9x2 275 regular/sumo/heels in toes at 30
    Split jumps 4x8 20/25/30/35
    Reverse hypers 4x12 superset superman holds 4x20 sec
    Crunch machine 4x15 superset reverse crunches 4x15 superset seated machine calf raises continuous

    Thanks jas, I still might not be doing perfect form on the heavy sets, I hope I am though. Haven't done push press in a while but my best as of recent is 275x5. I forgot my lunch today so all I've had is oatmeal, protein shakes, craisins, and cashews all day, but only a lot of them so now I'm gonna be in for a treat later...

  8. 7-9-08 MMA cardio
    5 minute rounds x5 2 min rest
    20 yard run with sprints every 60 seconds for 30 seconds
    Lateral tire hops
    Heavy bag

    7-10-08 Dynamic effort upper body 1 min rest
    Old school speed bench various grips 9x3 225+1chain, 1x5 315
    Incline DB bench 120x11/9
    Seated cable rows 3x15 superset L-lateral raises 3x12 25/25/30 superset 3x8 pullups
    Clean and press 3x8 135 superset DB shrugs 120
    Cable pushdown 5x10 10 seconds rest
    DB curls 5x10 10 seconds rest

    Had practice tonight so no more cardio til saturday, max effort lower tomorrow, thinking about doing heavy front squats.

  9. 7-11-08 Max effort lower body 2-3 min rest main, 1 min rest others
    Front squat 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x1, 345x1, 365x1 PR
    Front foot elevated lunge 4x7 135
    DB SLDL 4x8 100/100/100/120
    Med ball twist 4x15 superset standing calves 4x15 continuous
    100 yard sprintx2

    Front squats felt good, it has been a while since I've done them heavy, gonna really go for it on them next week, I didn't have a spotter this time so my mind set was off. Feeling it in my legs today pretty good, I have noticed that alot of times whenever I lift and then run, even only a little, my groin is very sore and I have a slight limp for half the day til it gets better, have been getting this on and off for sometime now. So I am going to begin an intensive stretching routine every night just incase. Well thats it for today, gonna go to a Japanese steak house so look out :bruce3:

  10. 365 is pretty good. You seem to have good quad strength since you squat with a close stance so I bet you can go up to 405 with a little work. A lot of front squats is just getting comfortable with the holding position. Do you hold it like you would catching a clean, or crossed arm style?

    BTW, how old are you HO?

  11. Thanks jas, I hold the bar like I'm catching a clean, I feel like the weight is more stable for me that way. I'm 22 but will turn 23 the end of August. I feel like 405 is an attainable goal, not sure how that would stand compared to my other lifts.

  12. 7-13-08 Max effort upper body
    Bench 135x10, 225x10, 315x3,2,1 10 seconds rest 3 sets total
    Decline Machine 3x15 3 plates superset squeeze press 3x15 2 10's
    Neutral close grip pullups 4x12 superset facepulls 4x12
    Machine military press 4x3x7's superset BB shrugs 225 10 second hold then 10 reps 4 sets
    Machine curls 7x12 superset machine tricep extension 7x12 continuous

    The squeeze press is done by holding 2 10's together while standing and going from chest to full extension, not sure if they have another name or even have a name. 3x7's are done 7 reps each on 3 grips, which is 1 set. Good day overall, I felt very good on bench, hopefully next week I can actually have a spotter and get heavy. Going to do a lot of stretching tonight and hold off on any cardio til atleast tomorrow night, if not Tuesday.

  13. 7-14-08 Dynamic lower body 1 min rest
    Speed deadlift from 2" platform 9x3 275 regular/sumo/heels in toes at 30
    Split jumps 4x8 35/30/25/20... got real good height on these
    Reverse hypers 4x13 superset hemi superman holds 4x10 2 sec
    Crunch machine 4x15 superset reverse crunches 4x15 superset seated machine calf raises 4x25 continuous

    30 minutes interval cardio with recombant bike and treadmill
    Stretching tonight

    Felt very explosive today and got a good pump, my legs were still kinda sore from last max effort lower day. Off day tomorrow so I might run a little as football is getting closer so I want to include a little more running.

  14. 7-16-08 Dynamic upper body
    Old school speed bench various grips 9x3 235+1chain
    Incline DB bench 120x13/10
    Seated cable rows 2x15 superset Scarecrow 2x15 10
    Close grip pulldown 2x15 superset standing rotations 2x15 10
    Clean and press 3x8 135 superset DB shrugs 3x15 120
    20 reps each 1x through circuit skull crushers bar+1chain, curls bar+1chain, dips, DB curl 20, lying 1 arm extension 30, reverse curl bar

    MMA cardio
    10 minutes walk 30 seconds run 1 minute
    60 seconds on 15 seconds off foot speed 5 minutes total
    Jump rope 60 seconds on 15 off 5 minutes total
    Heavy bag combinations, kicks, and knees 10 minutes

    Today turned out better than expected, been having some long days at work. Hoping for some big front squat tomorrow, time to get some work done:squat:

  15. 7-17-08 Max effort lower body 2-3 min rest main, 1 min rest others
    Front squat 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1 PR
    Front foot elevated lunge 4x7 185/185/185/135
    DB SLDL 4x8 100/100/120/120
    Standing calves 4x15 10 seconds rest
    Practice directly after

    405 went up good, went way too low but got it up fine, so I guess thats just my style, the heavier I get the lower I go. This workout has gotten me really sore the last two sessions, really liking it. Gonna rest up tonight and go to the beach tomorrow, so that will count as cardio from running to catch frisbees and footballs.

  16. 7-19-08 Max effort upper body 2 min rest
    Incline Bench 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 255x5, 275x3, 295x3, 315x2, 335x3 PR triple
    DB floor press 100x15/11
    Neutral close grip pullups 4x12 superset facepulls 4x12
    Smith upright row 4x8 superset seated DB hammers 2x9 55
    1 arm extension 4x12 continuous

    To balance time I have decided to include traps on leg days, I have seen some of the westside guys do that so I will give it a try.

  17. 7-12-08 Dynamic strongman day
    Lunges holding keg 4x10
    Backwards tire+keg drags 4x40yards up hill then down on way back
    Keg+tire pull throughs 4x7 on concrete
    Squat press tire toss 2x4

  18. 7-22-08 Dynamic upper body
    Bench 225x24, stopped when bar speed slowed too much
    Incline DB swiss ball press 2x10 100, ball was egg shaped after 2 sets so I stopped
    DB rows 4x12 100 superset scare crows 2x15 10/ rotations 2x15 10
    Reverse overhead laterals 4x12 15/20/20/25 superset explosive dips 4x15
    DB curls 4x12 alternating arms 30 continuous

    7-23-08 Max effort lower body
    Deadlift 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x3, 405x3, 455x1, 495x1, 515x1 PR easy
    1 arm split squat 4x7 100 1 min rest
    Glute ham holds 4x30 seconds 1 min rest

    Kept tonight brief and to the point, I am going to the mma gym tonight so that will fry out anything I had left in my legs.

  19. 7-25-08 Max effort upper body 2 min rest
    Bench 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 355x1, 385x1, 405x1 PR
    Decline machine 2x21's 3 plates
    Hammer reverse grip pulldown 4x12 superset DB rear raises 4x12 20/20/25/30 very strict form
    Close grip 3x 15 second negative then 15 reps fast 135
    BB curls 3 sets 135x8/10/11 good form

    7-26-08 Dynamic lower body 1 min rest
    Single leg smith machine squats on bosu ball 4x7 0/10/10/20
    Single leg 2 arm DB RDL's 4x7 30/35/40/45
    Seated calves 4x30 10 reps per stance superset hanging leg raises 4x20
    Rachet squats 225 5x3, 5x4

    Rachet squats are done with a semi close stance and controlled decent with explosive squat up set is continuous so the second set was 4 reps, breath for 10 seconds, 4 more reps, etc without racking the weight.

  20. My computer was down for a few days but finally back up and running, 4 workouts to report today.

    7-28-08 Repitition upper body
    DB incline 100 palms in x15, regular x22, regular with 2 breath hold at top x8
    DB rows 4x12 120 superset seated DB cleans 4x12 20/25/25/30
    Front raise 2 count hold at top 4x10 20/30/40/50 superset ball pass pushups 4x6
    3x8 Incline tate presses 70 superset reverse pushdown superset regular pushdown
    3x8 Incline curls 45 superset hammer curls 60 superset iso DB hold with twist 20 x15 seconds

    7-39-08 Max lower body
    Elevated deadlifts bar 1 fist from floor 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x3, 385x3, 405x3, 425x4 PR
    1 arm DB split squats 4x7 100 superset roman chair situps 4x20
    Glute ham holds 4x30 seconds superset hamstring back bridges 4x12
    BB shrugs 4x20 315 superset standing calves 4x20

    7-31-08 Max upper body
    Bench 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 365x1, 410x1, 420x1 PR
    High incline DB press alternating 2x12 70/75
    Slight incline DB press 85x20/23
    Pullups 4x7 25+2chains on belt superset rear laterals 4x12 20/25/30/35
    1 arm BB military press 4x10 Bar/2.5/5/10
    DB curls 2x7 65/70 1x20 30
    Floor plate JM press 2x20 100lbs. plate

    8-1-08 Dynamic lower body
    Speed box squats 10x3 315
    Power runner 4x30 seconds 90 per side
    2up 1down leg curls 4x7
    Seated DB calves 4x20 95 superset DB shrugs 4x3x10's 70
    Box jumps 32" 2x4 2 leg 1x4 single leg
    Static core 30 seconds each set stomach, right, left, right, left, stomach

  21. 420 bench! Nice work, bud.

  22. 8-3-08 Dynamic upper body 90 second rest
    Bosu ball plyo pushups varying patterns 4 sets
    Seated floor incline rope pulls 4x12 superset L-lateral raise press 4x10 15/20/20/25
    Seated bar front raises 4x8 30 seconds rest
    Machine close grip bench 2x20 30 seconds rest dips 2x20
    Machine curls 2x20 30 seconds rest 2x20 cable curls
    Flat flies 4x6's 1 set

    Thanks Jas, wish I could have had 420 bench on film, good fight, was under it for atleast a 3 second sticking point about 3 inches off chest. Going to do some hill running today for cardio.

  23. 8-4-08 Max effort lower body
    Rack squat 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 365x3, 405x3, 425x3 PR
    Lunges 45's 1 set 15 yards x6 turn ever 15
    Glute hams 4x8
    Farmers walk 3x1 lap around gym 120's, 1x2 laps turn around after 1 120's

  24. Was the rack set really low like parallel? It seems like your rack squats should be higher than full squats.

  25. Should have made that more clear, rack squats were done with bar set at roughly 3-4 inches below my belly button. Was a little lower than parallel and I let the bar come to a complete rest before starting another rep. I will be taking doing a full body circuit tomorrow then resting until Tuesday because of doubles starting, I will be doing some form of cardio everyday until Monday. Time for good I've been pigging out this past week get as much calories in me before camp starts. izza:

  26. 8-7-08 Full body circuit 1-2 minutes rest everything is 3x8
    Leg extension superset squats 225/315/405 superset leg extension with hold at top
    Slight incline flies 50 superset bench 135/225/275 superset flat flies 50
    DB curls 50 superset pullups superset shrug machine
    Lateral raises 30 superset seated DB military 55/70/85 superset skull crushers
    Standing calf raises superset plate crunches

    Overall a good day, I tried to use weights on the first and third excercise that I could do for about 15-20 reps and build up on the second exercise to something I would fail at 8-12. Actually felt very pumped and rather good recovery after this, going to run tomorrow some then rest sunday move in Monday and test our 225 bench, 40's, pro agility, and 300 yard shuttle on Tuesday, then regular lifting will resume.

  27. Just an update today was our second day of camp and we did all our physical testing.
    225 bench reps: 31
    40 yard dash: 4.64
    Pro agility: 4.7... semi slip, damn
    300 yard shuttle: 60 seconds... had to run with a group of O lineman so I had no one to pace off of, wasn't even winded after

  28. Nice numbers. 31 reps at BW+5 on bench is impressive.

    What position do you play?

  29. Thanks Jas, I play linebacker. I felt good about my numbers today, last year I got 26 so I made a good jump in reps. I believe I will start my lifting Thursday, probably gonna try to do 2-3 days per week over doubles, then 4 days during the season. Not sure what exactly but a few of us on team have been discussing it, might do an 8x2 scheme or even 5x5, just something different, I also am going to do abs every night, just a floor routine, on top of any heavy ab work already done in my workouts.

  30. 8-14-08
    Bench 4 working sets of 5, 275, 315, 335, 345
    DB 1 leg squats 3x8 65
    Blackburns 4x20 seconds 5lbs. 2 sets
    Reverse grip pulldowns 3x12
    Tricep extension 1x25 superset BB curls 1x25
    Ab circuitx2

    Box jumps 3x3 32" box
    Speed box squat 6x2 285
    DB flat bench palms in 3x10 100/110/120
    Incline rear raises 3x12 15
    Hyperextensions superset Sprinter sit ups 2 sets 15 reps each

    Practice is going well, recovery is not bad, legs definately could use some rest double yesterday, today, and tomorrow and then monday is only meetings and lifting.

  31. 8-18-06
    Bench 275x5, 315x4, 355x3, 370x3, 385x3 PR
    Blackburns 4x20 sec 2 sets superset 3x12 reverse grip pulldown
    DB split squat 3x8 65
    DB shrugs 2x12 120, 1x20 120
    1x32 tricep extension superset 1x30 BB curls

  32. 8-20-08
    Box jumps 3x3 32" box
    Speed box squat 6x2 365
    DB flat bench palms in 3x10 120
    Incline rear raises 3x12 20/25/30
    Hyperextensions superset Sprinter sit ups 2 sets 15 reps each

    Floor press 350x5
    Blackburns 4x20 5 2 sets
    Seated rows 3x10
    Lateral raises 3x10 30/35/40
    BB shrugs 3x15 315

  33. 8-25-08
    Box jumps 3x3 32" box, 1x50" box
    Speed box squat 5x2 425
    DB Incline bench palms in 3x10 110
    Incline rear raises 3x12 25/25/30
    DB lateral raise 2x15 40
    Hyperextensions superset Sprinter sit ups 2 sets 15 reps each

    Hang cleans 3x5 135 for bar speed
    Wide grip pullups 3x15 superset facepulls 3x10
    2x12 DB hammer curls 50

  34. Is your first game this weekend?

  35. 8-28-08
    Floor press worked up to 365x3, easy but had already done about 10 sets so decided to stop
    Reverse lunges 3x8 135
    Arnold press 3x12 40/50/60
    BB Shrugs 225x15, 315x10, 405x10, 495x10
    4-way neck 15 reps each way
    Leg press calves 2x15x3 stances
    Bosu ball bouncing pushups 4x4x4x4
    Sprinter crunches, V-ups, toe touches, butt lifts 3 sets 15 reps each

    Jas, unfortunately we do not play this weekend, which sucks cuz we have practice all weekend and I have to sit around and watch other games instead of playing my own, but we open up away next Friday night.

  36. 8-30-08 Legs, shoulders, bi's, calves
    Leg extension 3x15 slow
    Squat 135x20, 225x16, 315x12, 405x8
    Glute hams 3x8
    Standing calf raises 5x10 10 seconds rest
    3 ways raises side/rear/front 3x7 20/25/30
    Standing BB military 3x12 95+1chain
    Leg press single leg 4x7 2 plates continuous
    DB curls 10 second rest 8 reps each 20-50lbs 5lbs increments

    Felt good to do some volume finally, I will be doing a different workout split for a few weeks go give my body a little different stimulus and help me recover.

  37. Been out for a while with traveling for football and what not, we lost a close game but we were already down to our 3rd string quarterback, I had a pretty good game myself, got our big hit of the game award for a hit on a screen play I blew up. Workouts had been as follows for the last week.

    Chest, Back, Tris
    BB Incline 3x15
    DB flat bench 4x10
    Slight incline flies 3x12
    Plate pullovers 4x20
    Pullups 4x10 30 seconds rest
    Bent over rows 3x7's 7 reps each grip regular, wide, reverse
    Dips 5x10 5 seconds rest

    Legs, Shoulders, Bis
    2 up 1 down hamstring curls 4x10 superset RDL's 135 4x10 continuous
    Hang cleans 3x5 225
    DB Military 3x15
    DB shrugs 3x15 120
    Preacher curls 2x20
    Hammer curls 2x12

    Chest, Back, Tris
    Pullups varying grips 5x10
    DB rows 3x10 120
    V-bar pulldowns to stomach 3x15,12,10
    1 arm seated cable rows 3x10 continuous
    Bench press 3x12,8,8 225 +1chain/2chains/2chains
    Incline flies 3x12
    Floor plate press 100 1x30 superset 1 arm laying extensions 3x10 continuous

    Abs yesterday, practice today in a bit, then working out afterwards will be legs, shoulders, bi's again will post that afterwards.

  38. 9-7-08 Legs, Shoulders, Bi's 30-60 second rest
    Box jumps 2x3 superset Blackburns 4x20 seconds 2 sets 5 lbs
    Front squats 3x12 135/185/225
    Leg extensions 3x20
    Deadlift high pulls 3x6 135, done for speed and height on jump
    1 arm DB overhead lunges 3x8 30/40/50
    Rocky presses 3x7 135 superset standing BB calves 2x15 reps in/out/straight 135
    DB curls 50x8 superset 20x16, 50x10 superset 20x20
    DB lateral raises 2x15 30

  39. 9-9-08 Chest, Back, Tri's Varying grips each set
    Incline 5x5 225 slow superset flat flies 5x10 55
    Bent over rows 5x5 225 slow superset pullups 5x10 varying
    Machine decline 3x20 superset machine rows 3x20
    Rope pullovers 1x20
    Dips 1x40 speed

    Overall a good and quick workout, after practice so a little tired, Thursday night game this week so workouts are a little off.

  40. 9-19-08 Legs
    Rack squat 225 superset trap bar deadlift 225 3x10 each pause at top and bottom, rack set below parallel
    Iso hamstring curls 10,8,6,4,2 rest 2,4,6,8,10
    Iso leg extension 10,8,6,4,2 rest 2,4,6,8,10
    Ball hack squat with band 2x20 superset 2 sets side band walk
    Standing calves in/out/regular 3x10 continuous no weight

    9-14-08 Back
    Pulldowns 3x15
    1 arm tbar row 2x10 2plates, 1x4 3plates... couldn't grip past 4 reps bar had no grip
    Bent over DB bilateral row 2x15 60, 1x10 120
    1 arm pulldown 3x8 with hold
    Pullups 1x10, jump hangs 1x10
    Pullovers 1x15 85


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