Hateful's journey to being swole jacked

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  1. Nice work on incline. 355 is impressive!

  2. 6-11-08 Dynamic effort lower body 1 min rest
    Split jump squats 8x3 0/0/20/20/25/25/30/30
    Kneeling cleans into front squat 3x6 bar/10/20
    RDL's 3x10 225/275/295 superset bench laying shins 3x8 with 3 count hold
    4x15 super knee ups superset plate crunches superset standing machine calf raises continuous

    I did not do box jumps because whom ever mopped the floor decided to use way too much water and the floor was very slick, I busted my knees doing calf raises so I decided against doing the jumps. Jas, thanks bro, I felt great doing 355 it went up real easy. Well time to eat and prepare for the Iron Maiden concert tonight, oh yeah thats right IRON FING MAIDEN.

  3. 6-13-08 Repitition upper body 2 min rest
    Close grip bench press 135+1chainx26, 185+1 chainx15, 225+1chainx10, 275x5 fast and explosive reps
    Jump catch pullups 4x10 superset chain overhead lateral raise 4x10
    Seated floor Rocky presses 3x12 95 superset BB curls 3x15 95
    Dips 2x12, 1x15 BW+90 superset 30lbs DB holds around end 3x10-15 seconds... stolen from jas123

    Felt great today. Taking it easy for the rest of the day because of heavy box squats tomorrow. Been trying a different post workout shake: 1.5 cups skim milk, 1.5 scoops whey, 10g Glutamine, 3 scoops oats, 1 scoop dextrose, 2 eggs, not bad actually.

  4. 6-14-08 Max effort lower body
    Box squat 265x6, 320x5, 375x3, 425x3, 480x2, 510x1, 520x1 PR
    1 leg RDL 4x5 70/80/85/95
    Back hyperextensions 4x12 25/45/2 bands +45/2bands +65 superset slide board hams 4x8 45/45/45/100
    Russian twists 5x7 45
    Pattern run 2 sets of 10 patterns 25sec rest, 2 min rest between sets

    Pumped about getting 520 on the box squat. I hold the bar very high up and my traps and it is comfortable for me. I was wondering about the lower placement of the bar in a powerlifting style hold, and if I would be able to put up more weight with a switch. If anyone has switched forms and I would appreciate any comments regarding it. Today was going to be a beach day, but it is raining so I will do some boxing and footwork tonight.

  5. That's one hell of a box squat! How tall was the box and did you use a belt or wraps?

    I switched from highbar to lowbar at one point. I use a fairly wide stance, and it helped me quite a bit to stay in the groove by reducing downward torque.

  6. Thanks again for the comments Jas, I used a belt, rather skinny one though I believe only 4 inch width in the back. I do not use wraps and never have. No one around me uses them so I never really got into them although I have heard they really help keep everything in tight in the knee. The box got me to a little bit below parallel, I maybe 18" to 20", I could be wrong though on the numbers. The squat felt good only thing that held me back a little was after coming up about 3"-4" from the box my weight shifted forward just a little, that is why I feel a lower bar placement may help me. My stance is a little bit narrow as well, I will work on getting it a little wider. I have never really done any traditional powerlifting so I am still working on my form is some aspects.

  7. If you aren't powerlifting and don't have knee trouble, I don't think I would use wraps ever. My knees just bother me. I forgot that you're way below parallel guy on squat. Maybe that's why you just box squatted more than you regular squatted (as I recall)? It seems like you're parrallel squat should be 550+.

    Anyway, you're a better squatter than I am so keep doing what's working for you.

  8. 6-16-08 Max effort upper body 1-3 min rest
    Rack press 3" off chest 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 335x3, 355x1, 385x1, 395x1 PR
    DB swiss ball incline press 80x16, 80x17
    Plyopullups 3x10 superset swiss ball scare crows 3x12 10/12/12
    Seated DB clean and press 3x6 55/60/60 superset overhead rope extension 3x20
    DB shrug 3x10 100 10 second hold then 10 reps superset Zottmann curls 3x10 45/45/50
    Row machine 1x3x7's

    Thanks jas, I'm gonna try to get a big parallel squat soon. Today was great day, I'm feeling real good and was full of energy eventhough I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Oh yeah, some old [email protected] yelled at me during rack press. It was on my 335 set, she said, and I quote, "Do you think you have too much weight, you are making an awful lot of noise." Of course my inner meathead came out and I said, "I'm sorry if the weights are too loud, but I'm just getting started." Ok enough of that, I hate old women.

  9. 6-17-08 Dynamic effort lower body
    Split jump squats 8x3 0/20/25/30/35/40/45/0
    Kneeling cleans into front squat 3x6 10/20/20
    RDL's 3x10 225/275/315 superset bench laying shins 3x12 with 3 count hold
    4x15 super knee ups superset plate crunches superset standing machine calf raises continuous
    100 yard sprint x2

    Not bad today, felt very good and explosive, felt fast on the 100's. I just finished up 30 minutes of boxing cardio this PM. Time for food and then rest, off day tomorrow.

  10. Ok huge update today, enjoy

    6-19-08 Repitition upper body 2 min rest
    Close grip bench press 225x14/12/12
    Decline machine 3platesx21 1 set
    Hanging pullups 4x20 superset lateral raise iso hold 20lb DB 4x25 seconds
    Seated floor Rocky presses 3x10 105 superset BB curls 3x15 105
    Dips 3x12 slow descent, explosive ascent, stolen again from jas, superset DB wrist twist 20's 3x30 seconds

    6-20-08 Max effort lower body
    Box Squat 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x3, 455x3, 500x1, 530x1, 540x1 PR
    1 leg RDL 4x7 80/90/100/100
    Back hyperextensions 4x12 2 orange bands+2 red bands +45/45/55/75 superset 1 leg slide board hams 4x8 45/45/45/100
    Russian twists 3x7 45, 1x14
    Pattern run 3 sets of 10 patterns 25sec rest, 2 min rest between sets
    Awesome day today, hit some big numbers on box squat, hips a sore but thats from the running, some good stretching and rest tomorrow will fix things up. I was able to get some videos up, check next thread.

  11. 530lbs.
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Sorry it takes so long to get to the lift, next time I'll fix that. But anyways both are new PRs for me, done today 6-20-08.

  12. Great job man, depth looks perfect. You're compact as hell, great for squatting.

  13. 6-22-08 Max effort upper body 2-3 min rest
    Floor press 135x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 345x3, 365x1, 390x1, 405x1 PR, 415xmiss
    DB bench palms in feet up 100x24/18
    Wide grip cable rows 4x10 superset scarecrows 4x15 15
    Laying tate press 4x8 55/55/55/60 superset BB skullcrushers 4x12 65/75/75/75
    DB shrug holds 5x15seconds 120, 1x30seconds 120 superset BB curls 5x15seconds 75, 1x30 seconds 75

    Thanks alex, I felt good on the squats, had to put a good amount of effort into 540 so I didn't go up at all, today on floor press 405 went up easy, I only rested about 60 seconds with 415 and had nothing left. I'm gonna try to get a weight tomorrow, feeling very lean and full, today was the last day of my anabolic pump though . I'm considering trying the neovar recomped with kwick karb as I haven't had any creatine in my system for atleast a month now. Well time to rest and recover for the week ahead.

  14. 6-23-08 Dynamic lower body 1 min rest
    Jump squats 6x3 135, Ceiling touches 2x3 body weight
    Speed step ups 4x5 superset power runner 4x10 3 plates
    Roman chair situps 4x15 10 lbs med ball superset seated DB calves 4x25 85
    Power sprints pushing blue mat 2x backward walk, 1x high push, 1x low push

    Good day today, legs are still pumped. Weighed in today at 219 and looking the leanest I've been all summer. Tomorrow is an off day, will probably do some hill running if the weather is nice.

  15. Nice fight on 540. That was excellent! I never feel comfortable when it slows down that much. I think in one of my earlier posts I thought you were pausing on the box so if my statement made no sense, that's why.

    5'10'' 219 with sub-10% BF is very impressive.

  16. 6-25-08 Repitition upper body 2 min rest
    Incline BB press 3x12 225 superset last set with 1x12 DB Incline press 75
    Hanging pullups 4x20 superset limo drivers 4x8 45lbs. plate
    Close grip bench 5 second negative 3x6 225 superset seated DB clean and press 3x6 55/60/60
    DB hammer curls 3x7 10 seconds rest between sets hold DB thoughout rest

    Overall good day today, felt good to go a little higher rep on inclines. Tonight I will be going to an MMA gym for some cardio, should be awesome. Thanks jas, I was pumped for the PR and to get it on video just makes it that much more fullfilling, just to show I'm not just some punk 150lbs kid with a keyboard. I wasn't pausing on those, but for my speed box squat I pause then explode up. Ok time for a little relaxing and then off to do my cardio. :bruce2:

  17. 6-26-08 Max effort lower body 2 min rest
    Trap bar deadlift 135x5, 225x5, 315x5, 405x3, 495x3, 545x1PR
    DB 1 arm 1 leg split squat 4x5 100 1 min rest
    2 up 1 down leg curl 4x7 1 min rest
    4x15 Seated med ball twists superset standing machine calves
    7on7 for cardio

    Good day today, whenever I get heavy on trap bar the bar will slide forward or backwards and stop the lift, but it feels good, more like a squat to me. 545 was pretty easy, but I didn't want to go up anymore because of practice afterwards. MMA class last night was great, I don't know much about any of the form of anything, so it was nice to start to learn, but the cardio was the best I've ever done. The 5 min round bursts are great, and I feel will really help with football, as the drives are roughly 2-5 min bursts with some rest in between.

  18. Ok I decided to take a few extra days of rest as my schedule was really hectic, but now back to the normally scheduled pragraming.

    6-30-08 Max effort upper body
    Standing military BB press 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 240x1, 250x1, 260x1
    Plyopullups 3x10 superset med ball stars 3x6
    Explosive dips 3x12 superset DB curls 3x7's
    BB explosive shrugs 3x15 225 superset machine bench 3x7's

  19. Wait, is that a strict standing military press or are you using any leg like a push press?

    Not saying I don't believe you, 260 would be just amazing, though.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Wait, is that a strict standing military press or are you using any leg like a push press?
    I've got to see that, if it's a true standing military press. That is nasty.

  21. At one point I could do 235 I think, and I thought I was killing it. That was with a 365#+ incline too.

  22. Hateful, I wouldn't put too much stock in Alex's numbers. He's basically just a "studio lifter".

  23. 7-1-08 Dynamic lower body
    Jump squats 6x3 135, Ceiling touches 2x3 body weight
    Speed step ups 4x5 superset power runner 4x10 3 plates
    Roman chair situps 4x20 superset seated DB calves 4x25 95
    DB suit case speed DL 3x7 100

    Thanks for the comments bros, 250 on standing military was strict, 260 I used a slight dip in the legs, forgot to post that did not mean to decieve, my body did it naturally as I used to to do power press alot. My grip is fairly narrow, atleast 1" narrower than my bench grip. I will try to get some video up next week of the lift so my form can get critiqued. I know some of those "studio lifters", they like to use those styrofoam weights that look heavy... ... just kidding Alex. Okay time for boxing cardio tonight, should be about 45 minutes.

  24. 7-3-08 Dynamic upper body 60 second rest
    Old school speed bench various grips 9x3 205+1chain, 1x3 315
    Incline DB bench slow 2x12 85
    Squating cable rows 3x15
    1 arm seated clean and press 3x5 55 superset L-lateral raises 3x12 20
    21's 3 sets 25 each side superset standing overhead DB extension 3x10 120
    Alternating DB row 1x20 55

    7-4-08 strongman training in place of max effort lower 60-90 second rest done in grass
    Keg toss 4x4
    Keg hold walking lunges 4x25 yards
    Keg in medium tire reverse drags 2x50 yards turn at 25
    Keg in medium tire forward drags 2x50 yards turn at 25
    Keg in medium tire pullthrough 4x7

    Gym was closed today so I decided it was a good day to switch things up and do some strongman. Overall good day, now if I can keep my fattness to a minimum today I'll be happy. Happy 4th of July to all us Americans and no hard feelings to all the Brits, .

  25. 7-7-08 Max effort upper body
    Standing military BB press 135x5, 155x5, 185x5, 205x3, 225x1, 245x1, 255x1, 265x1
    Lat pulldowns 4x11 superset med ball stars 4x6 25lb plate
    Weighted dips 3x12 45/90/90superset DB curls 3x7's 30/35/45
    BB explosive shrugs 3x15 225 superset clapping pushups 3x7

    I was sure to be very strict with my form on military press today, I did not dip at all, I was not able to get any video today as no one was in the gym . My form was as follows, take the bar off the rack with bar resting on chest head slightly forward, from that position I pause breathe and then drove the bar upwards without using legs, but I did feel like my upper body tensed and almost exploded the bar up. So I am still not sure if I am doing these right. Hopefully I can get some video next week, maybe I'll get my brother to lift with me. All else is good, diet got a little off this weekend and I am holding a little water from all the sodium and such. That should all drain out this week with my cardio sessions. Tonight I am just resting but tomorrow is dynamic lower and probably some sprints after work.

  26. Damn, a 265 standing mil is insane. I'm pretty much the top dog on these in my area so I thought I was good, and you just destroyed me. Nice work. What's your best push press / push jerk / split jerk (whichever one you do for explosive overheads)?

  27. 7-8-08 Dynamic lower body 1 min rest
    Speed deadlift from 2" platform 9x2 275 regular/sumo/heels in toes at 30
    Split jumps 4x8 20/25/30/35
    Reverse hypers 4x12 superset superman holds 4x20 sec
    Crunch machine 4x15 superset reverse crunches 4x15 superset seated machine calf raises continuous

    Thanks jas, I still might not be doing perfect form on the heavy sets, I hope I am though. Haven't done push press in a while but my best as of recent is 275x5. I forgot my lunch today so all I've had is oatmeal, protein shakes, craisins, and cashews all day, but only a lot of them so now I'm gonna be in for a treat later...

  28. 7-9-08 MMA cardio
    5 minute rounds x5 2 min rest
    20 yard run with sprints every 60 seconds for 30 seconds
    Lateral tire hops
    Heavy bag

    7-10-08 Dynamic effort upper body 1 min rest
    Old school speed bench various grips 9x3 225+1chain, 1x5 315
    Incline DB bench 120x11/9
    Seated cable rows 3x15 superset L-lateral raises 3x12 25/25/30 superset 3x8 pullups
    Clean and press 3x8 135 superset DB shrugs 120
    Cable pushdown 5x10 10 seconds rest
    DB curls 5x10 10 seconds rest

    Had practice tonight so no more cardio til saturday, max effort lower tomorrow, thinking about doing heavy front squats.

  29. 7-11-08 Max effort lower body 2-3 min rest main, 1 min rest others
    Front squat 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3, 315x1, 345x1, 365x1 PR
    Front foot elevated lunge 4x7 135
    DB SLDL 4x8 100/100/100/120
    Med ball twist 4x15 superset standing calves 4x15 continuous
    100 yard sprintx2

    Front squats felt good, it has been a while since I've done them heavy, gonna really go for it on them next week, I didn't have a spotter this time so my mind set was off. Feeling it in my legs today pretty good, I have noticed that alot of times whenever I lift and then run, even only a little, my groin is very sore and I have a slight limp for half the day til it gets better, have been getting this on and off for sometime now. So I am going to begin an intensive stretching routine every night just incase. Well thats it for today, gonna go to a Japanese steak house so look out :bruce3:

  30. 365 is pretty good. You seem to have good quad strength since you squat with a close stance so I bet you can go up to 405 with a little work. A lot of front squats is just getting comfortable with the holding position. Do you hold it like you would catching a clean, or crossed arm style?

    BTW, how old are you HO?


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