simpleton's journey to *****town

  1. simpleton's journey to *****town

    a little about me.

    142 lbs. (i'm a small dude)
    20 years old
    engineering major

    alright, i started making this because i've been skipping workouts lately and frankly, that just wont cut it. i'm doing the Rippetoe routine(with a few modifications) and have had great progress so i'm going to keep doing it until i plateau, in which ill probably drop weight/add reps and then start all over again. ps. compound lifts are the ****, i heart them. ok on to the log


    squat 3x125
    bench 3x100
    deadlift 2x140
    arms, grip work, abs

    normal rippetoe only advises 1 set of deadlifts and no arms, but i've gotten used to deadlifting and the 2nd set helps kill my back, so i do it. numbers aren't very high, but i started off squatting 75 lbs. a few months ago so i think i'm making some progress.

    i missed my workout yesterday, so i may end do another update tomorrow or thursday at the latest.

  2. what are you doing the other days of the week you train?
    880 Squat w/Wraps @ 220
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  3. back like cooked crack. working + school last semester i barely had time to lift, much less do a log. my rents' gave me an option not to work this semester if i take more hours. so i have a little more free time. cha ching.

    anyways i started with a ****ty little home gym. my friend who lives right down the road got a lot of nice things from his uncle and now i work out with him. olympic bars, dumbbells up to 100, squat rack, bench, lat rows, etc. its nice and really my first time doing the big lifts on an olympic bar.

    my workouts are as follows;

    Monday: Legs
    Squats 3x8
    Leg extensions 3x10
    Leg curls 3x10

    Tuesday: Chest and tri's
    Bench 3x8
    Incline Bench 3x8
    Dumbbell Flies 3x10
    Skullcrushers 3x10
    Tricep extensions on the lat pulldown 3x10

    Thursday: Back and bi's
    Deadlifts 3x8
    Barbell rows 3x8
    Lat pulldowns 3x10
    some chins to failure
    Dumbbell curls 3x10
    Barbell curls 3x10

    Friday: Calves and shoulders with traps
    Standing calves inside squat rack, 3x no set reps really
    sitting calves, improsived on the leg ext, 3x no set reps
    Barbell shoulder press 3x8
    Dumbbell shoulder press 3x10
    Front/lateral raises 3x15
    dumbbell shrugs 3x10
    barbell shrugs 3x10

    using storm, a multi, ON whey, and relora as my supps. right now i'm 5'10 150 lbs. todays a day off so tmrw will be updated with workouts. time to eat!

  4. alright, my first day workout of the week...legs. some people hate em but i love em. heres my sets

    Squats 3x10 of 111
    Leg extensions 3x10 of 77
    Leg curls 3x10 of 40
    lunges with 25lb dumbbells for extra burn

    numbers are weird because my friends plates are based on kg, with 22, 33, and 44 lb plates. have been using around 130 with squat but it was my first time in a cage with an olympic bar so i went a little lower, will probably add 20 lbs next time and keep reps lower.

    was a good workout, got my ON/dextrose in fast pwo and went back to class. next update tmrw

  5. little late but i had to workout at 10pm tonight. have class at 8am so its going to be short. chest/tris today

    barbell bench 3x6 of 111
    incline 3x8 of 100
    dumbbell flys with 20's
    tricep extensions 3x10 with 44
    skullcrushers with 20lb dumbbell, 3 sets
    kickbacks with 10's, 2 sets
    close grip bench 1 set with around 80 lbs, 8 times

    exhausted, in a good way. tomorrows my day off so next update will be thursday. yay for 8 am classes

  6. so instead of resting today, i found out my friend is going on a snowboarding trip friday so i had to push my days up. ill just take a 3 day weekend rest, no biggie. today was back/bis

    deadlift 4x6 of 155
    bent over rows 3x6 of 85
    bent over db rows 3x10 with 35 lbs
    reverse grip lat pulls 3x10 of 70
    lat pulldowns 3x10 of 60
    3x10 curls 25 lb dumbbells
    hammer curls, drop sets to failure
    grip work with forearm curls, farmers walk

    good workout. was feeling pretty strong. ive always been a hardgainer/ecto. shoulders/calves tomorrow!

  7. I expected pron or that you're going here:

  8. that kinda qualifies as both doesnt it?

    here kitty kitty....

  9. k my last workout till monday, long weekend for rest. i need it. it was shoulders/calves

    jump rope for about 10 minutes
    standing calves with barbell: 3x no set reps, 90 lbs
    improvised seated calf: 3x no set reps, 70 lbs
    military press: 3x6 of 78
    seated dumbbell press: 3x10 with 25's
    side/lateral raises: used 10's until failure, 3 sets
    barbell shrugs: 3x10 of 78
    dumbbell shrugs: 3x10 with 35's

    have to get up in 4 hours for school, NIIICE. high five. next update monday

  10. legs again, went up in everything pretty much. felt good yesterday.
    monday: legs

    weight: 152

    squats 3x6 of 121 lbs, 1x6 with 126
    leg extension 3x10 with 88
    leg curl 1x10 with 44, 2x10 with 55
    lunges with 15 lb dumbbells

    lunges to finish really help stretch my legs after leg day. i handled 126 on squat pretty easy so ill go with the big boy plates next time to make 133. leg extensions were good, i could probably go up. leg curl is good for now, 55 once i got to the higher reps got a little tough. all in all a good day! next update tonight

  11. What type of engineering?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    What type of engineering?

    alright chest/tris today

    barbell bench: 1x6 with 111, 2x6 with 116, 1x6 with 111
    incline: 3x8 with 100, couldnt go up any
    dumbbell flies 3x10 with 20's
    tri pushdowns: 1x10 with 32, 2x8 with 44, 1x10 with 32
    skullcrushers: 3x10 with 20lb dumbbell, quick reps
    dips on a bench with bodyweight to failure
    kickbacks with 10's for stretch

    good workout, i supersetted pushdowns/skullcrushers/dips. after i'd go through one set of each i'd rest. also hit my heavy bag for a minute here and there. next update thursday

  13. ok, im drunk right now and ih ave to be in class in 3 hours. i dont think drinking is the best way to bulk.. ok here are the weights i did earlier

    deadlift: 1x8 155, 3x6 165
    bednt over rows: 1x8 90, 3x5 90
    bent over rows 1 handed: 3x10 with 35's
    reverse grip pulldowns, 1x8 with 70, 3x6 with 80
    lat pulldowns, 1x10 with 60, 3x5 with 65
    bicep curls: 1x6 with 15s, 1x10 with 20's, 3x8 with 25's
    preacher curls: 3x10 with 20's
    hammers: 2x8 with 20's, dropsets to failure

    im competing with my friend, who's 25 lbs heavier on who can win an arm wrestling contest by july. hopefully i win. i have to be in class in 3 hours so im crashing. nap time after i get out tmrw. next update tomorrow night

  14. How's your diet? You seem to have good strength for your size, keep up the hard work mate.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote View Post
    How's your diet? You seem to have good strength for your size, keep up the hard work mate.
    thanks man. i read rippetoes before i started seriously training and ever since i've been an advocate of strict form. goes a long way imo

    as for my diet, it's ok, i'd say it's probably a 7 out of 10. i have a wicked fast metabolism and im trying to bulk so i get to cheat a lot. a lot of pasta, steel cut oats, chicken, filets. i don't really count too much, this is a fun lifestyle and i dont want to get burned out. i do make sure i get enough protein, and my creatine/multi every day. i basically just try and eat till im full, and then a few hours later eat again.

    i didnt get to workout shoulders/calves tonight. ill hit them tomorrow morning.

  16. finally got my shoulder workout in, glad i got it in today so that means i didnt miss a workout this week. here it was

    laterals: 2x10 with 10's, 2x8 with 15's
    military press: 3x6 with 80
    arnold presses: 3x10 with 20lb dumbbells
    front raises: 3x10 with 10's
    barbell shrugs: 2x10 with 80
    dumbbell shrugs: 3x10 with 35's

    laterals and front raises are tough. i think i could move up to the 15's on the fronts but the laterals were killer.

    i seemed to tweak my shoulder when military pressing though. i set it down and a deep ache set into my deltoid, when id clinch it by gripping something it'd bulge out, much moreso than my other. any ideas? not sure how many of you actually read this but if you can clue me in, itd be appreciated. im just going to ice it for the next 2 days and hopefully itll be good by chest day

  17. DUN DUN DUN, legs. felt really strong today.

    Squats: 3x5 with 133, i was exploding so hard out of the hole the weights shook haha
    standing bb calf raises: 3 sets, 80 lbs to failure
    Leg extensions: 1x10 with 80, 1x10 with 90, 2x10 with 100
    Leg curls: 3x10 with 50
    some grip work and abs

    good day. didnt have time to lift yesterday, got it in today. will lift chest either tonight or tomorrow depending on how i feel. shoulder feels good today, thank god. ive got class in a few so im outta here!

  18. well, been really busy. bogged down with school work, got my workouts in but didnt have time to update so here goes!

    Tuesday: Chest/Tris
    Barbell bench: 3x5 with 118
    Incline: 3x10 with 85
    tri pushdowns: 3x10 with 40
    skullcrushers: 3x12 with 25lb plate
    pushups to failure
    grip work

    Thursday: Back/Bi's
    deadlift 3x6 with 170
    3x5 bent over rows with 95
    reverse grip pulldowns 3x8 with 80
    lat pulldowns 3x10 with 70
    bicep curls 3x10 with 25's
    barbell curls 3x10 with 45's

    Friday: Shoulders
    Laterals 3x10 with 10's
    Military press 3x5 with 85
    Front raises 3x10 with 12's
    grip work

  19. and today's

    Monday: Legs
    Squats 3x5 with 138
    Leg extensions 1x10 with 88, 1x10 with 100, 1x10 with 110
    Hamstring curls 3x10 with 55
    standing calves 90 lbs to failure
    sitting calves 90 lbs to failure
    two sets of curls with 20's
    grip work

    felt strong today, going up in everything. i noticed on chest day i couldnt do my usual incline bench amount, probably overstressed because i was hitting flat bench so hard. might switch to dumbbells for incline and see how that goes.


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