Jas's Strongman Training log

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  1. Oooohhh, take that, take that, take that-Puff Daddy

    Are you attempting to gain weight, or did it just happen?

  2. Puff Daddy?

    Yeah, I figure that I'll try to get up to ~225 by December but I wasn't expecting the 3 lb gain over the weekend. None of the events require that much athleticism so I figure that gaining weight should help my strength in my powerlifts.

  3. I'm sorry, P-diddy. I forget what song, but P-diddy whispers "take that" a couple times in one of his songs. I can't remember who, maybe Chappelle or Jamie Fox make fun of it nicely.

    You might as well bulk up. Get up to 235 or so and then cut a couple pounds to make weight? Probably take you a good year to do that, while staying high quality, but that's what you should aim for, I think. How seriously are you taking competing?

  4. It's new so it's hard to say, but I have a fairly obsessive and competitive personality so I'd say pretty seriously. I'd like to compete every couple of months and maybe make it to a national meet in a couple of years. I don't ever plan on competing at more than 230, though.

    That's probably a good plan as far as weight goes. It's actually been much easier for me to gain quality weight doing strongman stuff than a bodybuilding workout. I guess my core is starting to get bigger which is not like a bber. My gf calls me "ape belly" while the Japanese call me "lifting Brad Pitt" (sorry, saw a Stiebling fight the other day).

  5. The "take that" reference was in reference to your stab at Mullett, who I may add disappeared like an albino in the snow. Just trying to help you follow me, as it is hard at times, mainly because I'm retarded.

    The core is an easy place to put some weight onto. Ass alone you can chuck 10 pounds onto in no time if you've never done hard glute work. Sounds like you're working on a Forrest Griffin like gut, he has many ape like qualities. You should hire the G-man to announce you before your lifts, "from Indiana "the lifting Brad Pitt" Jas 123........123................ .........123.

  6. albino in the snow

    Maybe I'll get Kit Cope and Bridgette Nielsen to warm the crowd up with some jokes, then the G-man to introduce me.

  7. Wed.

    BW - 219

    standing military
    185 - 7
    195 - 5
    205 - 4

    warmups and stopped because my left bicep was and has been really bothering me, even on pressing exercises. Weird...


    shoulder assistance work

    The bicep issue is weird. They've been fried for the last couple of weeks. Maybe I'll take it easy on Sunday's strongman workout and sit out on a few events.

  8. THurs.

    BW - 220.1

    455-2 - pathetic

    stiff leg deads from on top of 45s

    hang cleans

    power cleans

    core work

    I don't know what's up with my deadlift. Last week it felt great, this week it's pathetic. Maybe I need more recovery time.

  9. Damn, I just wrote 20 sentences worth of rubbish, and it disappeared, you're lucky. Sometimes deads feel superheavy, no way to explain it. Does seem like you may be doing a bit too much. That's coming from somebody that is not in shape though. I don't know, I don't deadlift often but when I do I really make it count. I seem to always make slow progress so I'm not changing anything. Do less, be patient, and see if your dead goes up.

  10. How frequently do you do deads? Once every 2 weeks or something?

    I think the stones + deadlifting every week may be too much. The stones are lot like a stiff leg deadlift at the bottom but really hard since the grip is awkward and you start down lower. Maybe I'll take an off week from each every third week, but not have the off weeks coincide. I'm terrible at listening to my body and can never do the smart thing and step down from a challenge.

    One of the guys I train with is 40 and doesn't seem to have a problem doing both every week. He actually is built like Jeff Monson so maybe that has something to do with it.

  11. My deadlift training is very scientific and strategic. Completely kidding, I will usually deadlift once every 10 days or so. That deadlift day could be anything, rack deads with blue bands adding 300 pounds at the top, deadlifts with 85% of max to failure, singles with 30 sec rest periods using 90% of max to failure, etc. Sometimes I'll take a few weeks off and come back with the same strength, but rejuvenated and ready to gain strength. I've tried so many things for the deadlift, and what works best for me is the no game plan, game plan. So basically get retarded to get strong.

  12. Nice vids Jas. I didn't know u were into the strongman. What do u mean when u say in the 60's or in the 90's? Subbed!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Nice vids Jas. I didn't know u were into the strongman. What do u mean when u say in the 60's or in the 90's? Subbed!
    Thanks, UNC. I mean that I try to do as many reps of whatever in 60 seconds or 90 seconds. A lot of the events are like this in strongman so I try to build up my endurance.

  14. Sunday

    log clean and press (each rep):

    I'm trying to give my lower back and biceps some time to recover so this is all I did. The lower back feels fine, but the bi's got a little more work than I wanted on the cleans. I'm getting pretty pumped for the log press and am feeling like this event could be a possible win for me. I'll try 255 for reps again next Sunday and keep working up until I hit a max of hopefully 275 or 285.

    UNCfan, did you put up that Shogun avator pre-fight or sarcastically post-fight?

  15. Monday

    BW - 218.7

    squat to a 14.5'' box:
    405 - 6
    425 - 2

    light BO rows-
    185 - 3 sets of 12-15 reps each

    core work

    Good workout today.

  16. Alex, do you have any tips for increasing push pressing strength?

    Maybe I could learn a push jerk or a split jerk.

  17. I very rarely do heavy push presses. I usually just workout with 185-225, doing 5 or 6 singles. I tried doing heavy push presses to improve my push press max and it didn't work well. I build pushing strength with heavy incline bench, and explosiveness with 60 -70% of my max push press. I go heavy on push presses maybe every month or two.

    I think for your log presses you might as well learn some type of jerk. You should be able to increase your max log press by at least 10% I would think. Then you have to be able to find a nice rhythm while using a jerk, since you'll be doing many reps,that might be tough. Theres got to be some reason you don't see many strongmen competitors using a jerk in there presses, right? Try it though, Jas, the thinking man's strongman.

  18. Hmmm, yeah I've never seen anyone do a split jerk on the log except one guy, and he was all over the place. I'm going to watch some youtube vids and see if anyone does anything but a push press.

    I guess that's right on push press. They say do the power movements for 3-5 reps for max speed at about 50-75% of your 1RM.

    I looked up the NAS record for log press and it's 330 for LW (230-). That's heavy.

  19. Oh, I forgot to mention something. I went to the redneck training facility yesterday to get a better scope on things. OK, **** that sh*t. I went their with an acquaintance from work. We pretty much just checked the place out, didn't work out. I agree to go get something to eat with the guy from work and his redneck friend who trains at this place. This redneck asks me if I like to hunt. Well I don't, not that I have a problem with anyone who does. He tells me he's gonna show me some cool sh*t, a special way to kill a deer. I'm like dude can we please just get something to eat or better yet take me back to my car immediately. So he says he knows a spot where there will be a bunch of deer chilling, and one of us will stick our torso out of his sunroof and peg a deer with a softball sized stone, killing it of course. I try to explain to him that it's ****ed up and we'll probably just injure the deer and make it suffer. He clearly is killing for some type of ****ed up pleasure, not just to eat. Since I refuse to be part of it, I had to get pissed and forced him to take me back to my car. I think we were close to fighting, and I was pushing for that a bit, since he is an immoral piece of sh*t. Anyways, not going back their, unless it's to drive by stone that redneck, little taste of his own medicine. Unbelievable.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jas123 View Post
    Hmmm, yeah I've never seen anyone do a split jerk on the log except one guy, and he was all over the place. I'm going to watch some youtube vids and see if anyone does anything but a push press.

    I guess that's right on push press. They say do the power movements for 3-5 reps for max speed at about 50-75% of your 1RM.

    I looked up the NAS record for log press and it's 330 for LW (230-). That's heavy.
    330 isn't that much. You could be at 300 in 6 months I bet. I was actually expecting it to be closer to 360 or so. I have no experience with log pressing though. I'm sure it's much more difficult than it looks.

  21. Holy sh!t! That's some Deliverance type stuff. Man, I didn't realize there was this level of redneckery anywhere near DC. That might top any story that I can think of, and I'm from the midwest.

    Maybe some gyms around your area have some strongman stuff. I live part time in Chicago, and there are a few hardcore gyms up there that have some strongman equip. It seems possible that someone would have something in your area.

  22. I'm definitely gonna find somewhere decent to train around here, can't be that hard. The deliverance training center is about 30 miles west of DC. It just all of the sudden gets real redneckery out their. I didn't mind driving half an hour each way to train, but I do mind squealing like a pig after training sessions. I've got a while to figure it out. Soon I'll start a 10 week powerlifting routine that I've been devising. Hoping this will take me to a 655 deadlift, and a 405 incline press. Currently I would guess I can dead 605 and incline 375.

  23. I think those last 50 pounds, ie 280-330 really separate the men from the boys. It also depends on whether or not you are allowed to use a loop in your belt to help you clean the log. With the loop, placed under the log on the clean to help lift it, 265 was easy for me (I mean surprisingly easy). Without the loop, I couldn't do 260 (that was also 2 months ago, though).

    I'd like to get up to 300 by the contest but it may not be realistic.

  24. By a loop, do you mean the excess part of the belt is kind of folded into a loop? I hate belts, or the one I have at least. It's real stiff, and a few years back I was squatting and my back hunched over sending me into the safety pins, but before the bar reached the pins I was folded up and the belt busted up my ribs. Belt never seemed to help me either. Guess I need to work on that. I haven't used a belt in years.

  25. Yeah, I mean the excess folded into a loop that sticks out about 2 inches at the belly button. When you go to clean a log you really sort of roll it up your chest. So when you lean forward to start the roll the loop slips under the log and it helps you lift it. You can't really power clean or hang clean a log since the center of gravity is out a few inches further away from the body. You won't be able to do much at least.

    WTF? You deadlift 600+ sans belt. That's crazy. My belt really protects my f-ed up back. I put the ****er on ridiculously tight, it takes like 20 seconds to get it on.

    What sort of squat numbers do you have?

  26. Gotcha. I really want to try log presses. I bet its awkward as hell at first.

    Yeah, no belt. I never felt the need for it really. I think I have really good genetics for deadlifting. I think I deadlifted 405 at 160 or so after only a few workouts. I'm a spinal erector specialist. My torso is probably the same height as Danny Devito's.

    Squat is decent. I should probably be working on that more than the deadlift. My last memorable squat session was 455x10, nothing super deep, just to parallel.

  27. I'm gonna take my insomniatic self to bed. I'm a freak show. I'll sleep for like 12 hours a night for a few days, and then a few days of an hour or two. Don't try this, as I am almost always tired.

  28. You sound like my training partner with your good deadlifting genetics. I light him up in everything, which I should since I've been at it much longer and am a number of years older, except on deadlift. He's probably doing 585 now at 205-210. His dad did 800 at one time so the genes are there.

    The log is awkward as hell. I still lose balance and have to take a step forward or back with 125 every once and a while. You catch on quick.

    I gave up on squat and deadlift at 20 because of my disc issues and only started doing them again no more than 1.5 years ago so I'm hoping to get them up more. I should mention that I do all my 400+ squat sets with knee wraps as well.

  29. Wed.

    BW : 219.7

    standing military:


    BW - 35
    BW+70 - 10 (first set really fried the triceps)

    shoulder assist

  30. Thurs.

    BW: 220.8

    power snatch (never done any snatching before):

    partial power snatch (just explode up like a power snatch but don't turn your wrists over - for upper back)

    gripfest 07:
    double overhand BB hold:
    315-32.7 s

    one hand hold on fat part of barbell:


    500# hexbar hold: 15.7s
    550# hexbar hold: 11.4s

    core work

    My hands were done by these hexbar sets. I've done around 42s with 500# before.


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