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  1. DC Training Log

    So I've finally decided to stray away from the norm and try DoggCrapp. I agree with Dante's methods as far as low volume training to failure and high protein/moderate carb/fat ratios. I did a litte DC experiment last week and it went great. I'm 21 5'8 220ish give or take a few and I have a 33.5 in waist (don't know bf%). My plan for DC is sort of a recomp. I plan on a 100% clean diet with no cheat meals and cardio 3-4x per week on my off days. I also intend on gaining strength and mass on this program by following an extremely high protein (2g per lb) and moderate carb and fat ratio not combining carbs and fats in the same meal and carb cutoffs around 6-7 pm. I'm following the classic DC Split:
    Day 1
    Back Width
    Back Thickness

    Day 2

    I will Train MWF and do cardio T TH SAT

    i will be starting and be posting my exact routine tomorrow

  2. sounds good. good luck brutha.

  3. thanx beelz
    here is my training protocol

    Day 1a
    Incline Smith
    Smith Millitary Press
    Rack Chins
    Rack Deads

    Day 1b
    Hammer Incline
    Hammer Behind the Neck Press
    Close Grip Bench in Smith
    Front Lat Pulldown
    Corner T-Bar Row

    Incline BB
    DB Shoulder Press
    Reverse(close) bench in smith
    Hammer Underhand Pulldown
    BB Rows

    Day 2a
    BB Curl
    Hammer Curl
    Calf raise on hack squat
    Lying Leg Curl
    Smith Squat Widowmaker

    Incline DB Curl
    Reverse EZ Curl
    Standing Calf Raise
    Seated Leg Curl
    Hack Squat

    Hammer preacher curl
    1 arm reverse cable curl
    Seated Calf raise
    Stiff Leg Dead
    Leg Press

    will be doing 1a shortly and will post results

  4. Nice bro...good luck.

  5. Completed my first official DC workout and it was pretty brutal and felt great. Strength is at an all time low for the size I'm at bc i was experimenting with lighter weight and higher rep training w better form. It made my muscles more round and shapely but i lost some thickness and strength.

    Here is the workout
    Incline Smith- 225x 8-4-3
    40 second flye stretch w 45lb dbs
    Smith Millitary Press 185x 8-3-3
    Underhand shoulder Stretch 40 seconds
    Skull Crushers 105x 8-4-2
    Tricep Extension Stretch 32 seconds w 40lb db
    Rack Chins BW+30x 8-4-2
    Rack Deads(pins at shins) 325x9 (back hurt and need to get these up)
    Bodyweight Hang stretch for 43 seconds (started to lose grip even w straps)

    overall a great feeling workout but the weights aren't very high for me. The slow negatives make the weight feel 2x heavier.

  6. can you show me pictures / videos of rack chins / rack deads?

  7. Dude ur going to like DC alot. I am going to get back at when I get back on cycle. Good luck man!!!

  8. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    For the deads most do them right below the knee.

  9. um i can't find pix but i can explain them. Rack Chins are basically pullups in a power rack or smith machine with ur feet elevated on a flat bench in front of u. So u would set the pins or the smith shoulder high and do pull ups on it with ur feet on the bench. Rack deads are simply deadlifts from a power rack with the bars/pins set about mid-shin or knee level

  10. lol UNCfan i couldn't see the links so i figured id just explain them but now i see em

  11. I know it realistically means nothing, but I am shocked that I am this sore from doing 3 sets per body part and 1 exercise. Tomorrow will be Day 2a and I will post results.

  12. I am /subbed. I am going to follow your lead. Basically I have been incorporating the breathing / rest pause thing on top of the program I was doing but now am going to do this M W F with anaerobic / aerobic cardio in between.

    You lead, I follow.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    YouTube - Rack Deadlifts with 945 lbs

    YouTube - Rack Chins

    For the deads most do them right below the knee.
    LOL thanks unc now that you found those for me I think this would have been a better example.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

  14. NICEE>>>>> i wanna change up my workout routine as well and ill be looking at a few new logs showing some nice varations

  15. I would start / recommend doing the 15 breaths / 20 seconds between sets. It knocks the fluff out of you! ( well does me anyhow ). This would be a good lead up to then doing the DC training.

  16. just completed workout 2a...pretty good considering I've been really tired and out of it all day. Weights are low bc of the slow negatives but I don't care I'm focusing on form and progressing the weights w good form
    here are the #s
    BB Curls- 90x9-5-4
    ****ed up and did the stretch before forearms for 35s
    Alt. Hammer Curls - 35x12
    Hack Squat Calf Raise (6-8s negative 10s stretch at bottom of each rep) 225x12
    Lying leg Curl-140x 9-6-5
    Stretch leg on high bar 25s each
    Squat 355x6
    Smith Squat Widowmaker(supposed to be 20 reps but couldnt get it) 225x16

  17. mfbb...what rep scheme are you using?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    mfbb...what rep scheme are you using?
    I'm shooting for 8-4-2 on the Rest-Pause Sets and Calves and Forearms are straight sets of 12. Deadlifts are a straight set of 4-8, Rows are 2 straight sets of 8-12 . Squats are straight set of 4-8, leg press and hacks are a straight set of 6-10 and 20 rep widowmaker for every exercise. I'm basically doing it the textbook DC way.

    I see u are training lower rep...any reason behind that?

  19. i was over zealous with the weights...

  20. Quote Originally Posted by PumpingIron View Post
    i was over zealous with the weights...
    hehe i HEAR YA

  21. how about your rep timing?

  22. I'm doing 15 breaths between sets and 6 second negatives sometimes a bit longer if i can

  23. Quote Originally Posted by mfbb View Post
    I'm doing 15 breaths between sets and 6 second negatives sometimes a bit longer if i can
    A true 6sec? If so why so slow on the neg?

    Good log!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by imprezivr6 View Post
    A true 6sec? If so why so slow on the neg?

    Good log!
    thanx bro...yea i try for at least a 6 sec negative. DC calls for a 6-10 sec neg except squats and DLs which he reccomends count to 5 on the negative. Dante(DC creator) believes the controlled negative causes more cellular damage in the muscle. I finish every set on the negative and it is pretty brutal.

    tomorrow is an off day...I'm going to the beach all day and have to train a few clients at night and I'm going to try to fit in some cardio but who knows. I'm also getting leaner following DC diet recommendations which is also similar to the Dave Palumbo diet of Extremly high protein and moderate carbs and fat not combining the 2 in a meal with 6-7pm carb cut offs.

  25. Dc also says that he regrets ever saying 6sec neg, as he never meant that to be taken literally. He calls for a more true 2-3sec neg, and just said 6 to get people to slow down. Really just wants you to keep it controlled.

    Just was wondering if you were slowing them down that much due to preference, or if you were thrown off because he said "6sec"..

    Just giving ya a heads up, if you didn't already know.

    You should make awesome gains with within this log bro!



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