Josh's Fat to Six Pack Log

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  1. next pic i am gonna make sure i dont wear slim jeans lol everyone has a problem with them LoL!! i am a skateboarder come on guys give me a break,

    o that is an old pic btw same with this next one.

  2. Sunday
    Day 9

    I ended up going to my girlfriends and stuff at like 1 and never got home untill 8ish.

    Plus i thought i wouldn't hurt i am switching programs anyways.

    I still eat healthy entire time.

  3. Monday
    Day 10

    I never lift or anything on this days mainly because i am at my mom monday and tuesday and don't have an easy way to get to the gym.

    I did my interval training session.

    Run 20 min

    First 5 min is slow warmup

    1 min all out (hard)

    2 min Medium (like running a 7-8 mile pace)

    1 min all out (hard)

    2 min Medium (like running a 7-8 mile pace)

    1 min all out (hard)

    2 min Medium (like running a 7-8 mile pace)

    1 min all out (hard)

    2 min Medium (like running a 7-8 mile pace)

    5 min cool down like a walk or lite jog.

    So pretty much cycle thorough 1 min hard 2 min medium 4 times.

  4. Tuesday
    Day 11

    Nothing just pretty much lazy day because tomorrow is a totally new workout, i decided to switch to Max-Ot.

  5. Wednesday
    Day 11

    Exercise Sets Reps *

    Squats 3 4 to 6

    Leg Press 2 4 to 6

    Stiff Leg Deadlifts 2 6

    Standing Machine Calf Raises 2 6 to 8

    45į Leg Press Calf Raises 2 6 to 8

  6. skateboarding??? i tried to skateboard for the first time in december...

    dislocated elbow , surgery, adn a 8inch scar on my elbow and ive retired my career.... (and that was from trying to go in a straight line... some luck i have )

  7. o man that sucks i broke my wrist a few months ago. i am gonna post what i have been doing really soon. just haven't had the time but i have been still doing everything right.

  8. Day 23-???
    I have pretty much just been doing the Max-Ot log and i am getting good results like one week to the next everything i improved for wait so if you want to know what i do just check out Max-OT i will post pics as time goes on.

    I still have been doing hit cardio and eating right so you guys just check back and i will have pics to let you know what is going on.

    I also got back into serious skateboarding so that is a lot of extra cardio. I spend like 4-6 hours a day skateboarding now.


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