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  1. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    i know what you mean man ... i'm just so miserable at close grip its honestly laughable .. oh well my other tri movements are solid
    Def man. keep up the good work.

  2. 12/6

    hack squats -
    4 plates - 12
    5 plates - 12
    6 plates - 15
    leg press
    5 plates - 9
    6 plates - 9
    7 plates - 9

    GHR -
    BW - 10
    BW - 8
    BW - 7
    lying leg curls
    3 plates x 12 x 3

    i finally picked up a jump rope yesterday which i've been meaning to do for a little while now ... i did it yesterday as cardio 10 sets of 100 with a 1 minute break between sets ... this absolutely fried my calves they are killing me today ... perhaps this will spur some growth

  3. Aaarg. The dreaded jumprope! My calfs hate those things. I did 10 minutes every other day preppin for a belt test and they never stopped hurtin.

    Lookin good bro.
    Recent log:

  4. nice hacks Glen... weird, I too have been meaning to get back to jumping rope.. My girl got me these cheapies that I've been meaning to take in my pack, but never get around to it... I'm going to have to certainly include some type of cardio as I've dropped the CKD in our mission to surpass Beelziebottoms.

  5. its great because i don't even have to leave my place to do cardio now although my calves are STILL ridiculously sore .. hopefully that's a good thing

  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    its an old rugby injury (actually 2 injuries) i separated my shoulder twice at the AC joint and flat bench press and close grip really kill it ... i tried the smith machine on your and ubi's advice and it didn't really do anything to lessen the pain .. its a sharp shooting pain so its not really bearable ... oh well just another tri exercise out the window haha
    I had horrible tendonitis in my left arm that has been greatly improved with cissus...but even so I still no longer do skull crushers with the EZ bar. They hurt so much until I finally tried doing them with dumbbells. I didn't like the idea as I just liked using th EZ bar but they became pain free once I switched.

    I also had to do the same thing with CGBP a while back. They were ripping my elbows and wrists apart, then I started doing them on a decline bench. I don't know what it was, the change in angle or w/e but the pain also disappeared too.

    Oh by the way, I wouldn't worry about it much anyway. Your back and legs are strong as **** man!!!! BB rowing 315 for reps at your height and weight! DAMN!!!!! Your hack squats aren't too shabby either.. NICE WORK!

  7. mikey - i'll try switching some stuff up and thanks for your kind words


    t-bar rows -
    4 plates - 10
    5 plates - 8
    5 + 25 - 6
    low cable rows -
    180 - 10
    190 - 8
    200 - 7
    wide grip pullups
    BW - 10
    BW - 8
    BW - 8

    alt incline DB curls -
    50 - 10
    55 - 10
    60 - 8
    hammer curls
    50 - 10
    55 - 10
    60 - 10

  8. strong friggin back and bis... Tbar is mad heavy.. mad mad mad heavy.

  9. i've gotta make up for my chest movements with something haha

    thanks ubi

  10. here are some pics i took tonight

    12/8 Glen pics

  11. 12/11

    flat DB press-
    110 - 10
    115 - 7
    120 - 4
    incline DB press-
    90 - 10
    95 - 8
    100 - 4
    cable flies-
    90 - 10
    90 - 10

    overhead DB ext-
    95 - 10
    100 - 10
    105 - 9
    rope pulldowns
    110 - 10
    120 - 10

  12. atta boy, those DB presses are getting up there.

  13. thanks ubi -- they've actually been better but my shoulder is really becoming a problem .. i've gotta figure out a course of action .. i can still lift it just burns while doing it

    anyway off from the gym today .. finals period and i've got too much studying to do to sacrifice the hour in the gym the 30 minutes total travel time and the subsequent two hours when i'm just dead from leg day haha .. "back" at it friday (pun intended)

  14. I did cross-fiber treatment and rotator exercises, along with ultrasound and accupuncture, and my shoulder problem healed up quick.

    Turns out the lady I go to doesn't do active release as you referred me to, but what she did help me tremendously.

    I know all to well that burning feeling from pressing. Good luck with that.

  15. i've just gotta get back to my chiro for some ART and start doing certain shoulder movements to activate the muscle before working out ... i'm just a lazy bum sometimes

  16. Hey Glen, I don't really see you doing any shoulder/delt work. Is that because of your injury or do you just feel your delts get enough work from chest and back days. Just curious

    Kickass log by the way

  17. thanks leggo

    actually for whatever reason, aside from lateral delts, shoulder movements don't both me ... its really just flat presses

    anyway i feel my delts get enough work indirectly ... on occassion i will do a few sets of shoulder presses here and there i just never mention them because it really will be just 2 sets

  18. Cool, reason I ask is I was thinking of running a training split similar to the one in the beginning of your log. How often do you do deads? You mentioned earlier every week is too taxing on the CNS. I usually do them every week, or at least every other week,on a more traditional split, but I am open to suggestions... Sorry to hijack your log.


  19. no hijack man .. logs like this are to help everyone including the logger learn

    shoulders would be done with the A workouts

    i would do true deads probably once a month and rack deads once a month

  20. Thanks man.

  21. 12/15

    rack deads-
    405 - 10
    455 - 8
    495 - 6
    close grip reverse grip pulldowns
    200 - 10
    210 - 8
    220 -6
    low cable rows
    190 - 10
    200 - 8

    preacher curls
    45's on ez curl - 10
    50's - 8
    55's - 4
    hammer curls
    50's - 10
    60's - 4

    i really need a week off ... i'm getting absolutely exhausted during my workouts and i'm positive my CNS is fried (the marathon study sessions every day aren't helping either) ... but much like my stubborn, bald friend beelzebub i'm just gonna suck it up and workout next week and then take christmas week off

  22. looks like I'm in the stubborn club with you two.

  23. hurray for stubborness!! ... and if i may .. hurray for boobies!

  24. hazzah! hip hip hazzah for boobies and berginias!

  25. lol, **** man, i can't make it that long. today's workout was a major indicator of how bad i need time off.


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