1. HST Log

    Well, I've decided to keep a log just to see how I'm responding. Everyone is welcome to view my progress. I decided to start HST because my 4 day split is completely stagnant. My deadlifts, bench, squats, and others have remained the same for the past months. Instead of using AAS, I'm going to try and mix it up a little. I think that to many people on here jump into these prohormones and steroids when there is so much more to gain naturally. I think that maybe my log can inspire some of these guys. I figured that I'll do HST first and work on some mas, and then maybe strengthen that mass with a 5x5 routine.

    Here's my stats:
    Age: 21
    Weight: 170
    Height: 5'8"
    BF%: 12%
    Bench PB: 215
    Squat PB: 275 x 2
    Deadlift PB: 345 x 3

    My #1 priority is to keep improving. I'm not worried about looks as long as I don't turn into a blob. I'm an ecto/meso, so I've never really had to worry about gaining too much fat. I just like the feeling and confidence that comes with getting stronger and improving. It seems that the endorphines that come with lifting pass over into other aspects of my life and make me more competitive in my classes, more active, and just more confident. I'm really looking long term here, and would like to get a head start on staying healthy.

    The workout:
    I'm going to be doing a simple HST for 10 weeks.
    1. 2 weeks at 1x15
    2. 2 weeks at 2x10
    3. 2 weeks at 3x5
    4. 2 weeks at 3x5 or negative reps depending on excersize
    5. 2 weeks of strategic deconditioning

    I'm also planning on throwing in some cardio when I have time on off-days.

    My workout will be an A/B split into these:

    A. Squat, Bench, Chin-ups, Military Press, Calve Raise, DB Shrugs, and Incline Sit-ups with plates

    B. Deadlift, Dips, Modded T-Bar Rows, Military Press, Calve Raise, DB Shrugs, and Incline Sit-ups with plates

    I'm not going to bore you guys with my diet since its so routine like everyone else's. I'm just trying to do 4 whole meals with 3 protein shakes. Most meals will be between 500-600 calories with complex carbs, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean meats, and lots of low-fat milk.

    For more info about HST, go to Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™.

  2. Ok, I had my first work-out today. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I like it so far. I am used to rushing to get done in 50 minutes, but I was done in 30 this time. I decided to throw in a set of hypers ftw. The sets were not very challenging, but that is to be expected at first. I was very happy with the full body pump. Again, not much to report right now. My friends in the weight room seemed very interested in my program and are anxiously waiting for me to DL 205x15. On the other hand, I could see how this program would be discouraging to some people because of the light weights used at first (no one likes to look like a wimp). I don't have a problem with it though because I know it'll pick up.

  3. I'm not feeling very sore today, so I'll probably head over to the treadmill and run for a few miles. My diet is on track, and my energy is high. I can't wait for my first set of 15 deadlifts. Should be interesting!

  4. Today was was day 2 of the 15RM, and its still pretty simple. I feel like I'm not really getting anything accomplished, and it stinks to be done so fast. I hope that it will pick up. The only thing I had trouble with was the dips. For some reason, I had trouble breathing when I was going down. I got 15 in with no other problems. I decided to add in a simple set of 15 preacher curls just to give me a little pump. I can't wait till things pick up.

  5. Ok things are starting to pick up. Felt pretty good doing my set of squats really deep and slowing my rep speed on pretty much all the excersizes. I'm still having some trouble doing 15 chins, so I just go to near failure and rest for about 15 seconds then finish. My abs were so damn sore, and the sit-ups were killing me. I may need to adjust my reps or weight. For those that are thinking of trying hst, for the first week or so you may want to really slow down your reps. I think that that was my problem. Diet is on par, and I feel like I'm bigger. I guess thats what happens when you work out your whole body every other day. The semi-pump doesn't seem to leave.

  6. what's your weights your doing?

  7. My weights are at the top of the page. I'm about to do workout #4 which means I do one set of 15 in the first #4 column. I'm also splitting up deads/rows/dips with squat/bench/chin's. It doesn't seem like a lot of volume right now, but next week will be 2x10 with the weight under the columns. So for example, I'll be doing this today:

    Squat: 1x15 150lbs
    Bench: 1x15 120lbs
    Chins: 1x15
    Military BB press: 1x15 85lbs
    Seated Calf Raise: 1x15 90lbs
    DB shrugs: 1x15 90lbs (two 45lb db's)
    Decline Sit-ups: 1x15 25lb plate

    So, the weights are pretty light to strengthen my tendons and ligaments and prepare my body for the future heavier weights. Surprisingly though, I've already noticed an increase in mass. I think it has something to do with a lingering pump from working each body part 3 times a week. Anyways, I'll work out at my 15 rep max on Friday, and then begin working towards my 10 rep max over the next two weeks.

  8. Just got back from the gym. My workout was pretty solid. I'm still no where close to failure, so I've adjusted my rep speed accordingly to make sure that form is solid. On a side note, if you guys work out in a crowded gym, HST might not be good for you. It really messes up my pattern when people are using the racks or whatever I need next, and with HST you will only be spending a short time at each station, so keep that in mind. I usually work out in the morning at 8 AM in an uncrowded gym, but I slept in this morning, so I had to go at 6:30 PM. I'm inthe mood for hot wings tonight!!!! I think I could probably eat 40-50!

  9. Today was my Deadlift/Rows/Dips day, and since its the last day of this split for 1x15, I went ahead and did my 15 rep max.

    Deads: 205x15
    Dips: 15 (slow)
    T-bar Rows: 60x15
    Military Press: 90x15
    Seated Calve Raise: 95x15
    Db Shrugs: 50lb Dbsx15
    Sit-ups: 25lb platex15

    In all, I feel like I could have done more weight still. I think that I underestimated my 15 rep max using an online calculator. The abs were killer however, and I may have to drop weight.

  10. Sorry I missed last Friday's update. I will say though that the last set of 15's was not as hard as I anticipated. I may have to add more weight next time I try to estimate my lifts using online calculators. Today I started the 2x10 routine. Its a lot harder than I expected already. I was pretty worn out with the added volume, but it could be because I had to stay up real late and study for a midterm.

  11. Today was the second day of 10's, and I'm begining to notice results. I'm slowly looking more cut and defined, although my weight has been flucuating between 167-172 depending on how much water I've drank. I feel like my shoulders are really starting to come out more and so are my abs. Today's workout was already pretty hard, and I hope that I will be able to complete the last set's of 10's.

    Here was my workout for those following:
    Deadlifts: 2x10 205lbs
    Dips: 2x10 Nice and slow
    Modded T-bar Rows: 2x10 60lbs
    Military Press: 2x10 100lbs
    DB Shrugs: 2x10 45lb DB's
    Seated Calve Raise: 2x10 105lbs
    Abs: 1x10 Decline situps with 25lb plate followed by leg raises and crunches

    I've modified a few things here and there. For Abs, I've cut down on volume because they seem to be getting worked good enough. Also, on deadlifts and rows, I jumped ahead 1 workout since I have been doing my workout a/b/a a/b/a. I feel that dips can only be done once a week to prevent shoulder injury. I may even replace them with bench soon, or atleast some kind of press. My shoulders are taking a beating.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Beebs
    I'm slowly looking more cut and defined, although my weight has been flucuating between 167-172 depending on how much water I've drank.
    Awesome log bro. Just wondering, do you weigh yourself at the same time of the day?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by bearmeat
    Awesome log bro. Just wondering, do you weigh yourself at the same time of the day?
    Actually, I try to, but I don't weigh myself that much. I'm more concerned with strength and health more than anything. I feel like I already look good enough. I do have a schedule that makes my weight flucuate a lot though. Sometimes I will be out kayaking or fishing for hours and come home and weigh 167, then I'll eat some dinner and drink water and weigh 173.

  14. Ok, did my #4 workout of the 10's, and I'm feeling good today. My body is harder than ever, and I feel like I'm getting more definition. I also feel pretty sore too, and some pain in my shoulders that I'm not sure is rc or just muscle soreness.

    Squats: 2x10 170lbs
    Bench: 2x10 150lbs
    Chins: 2x10 Slow
    Military Press: 2x10 110lbs
    Seated Calve Raise: 2x10 115
    DB Shrugs: 2x10 55lb DB's
    Abs: Leg Raises 2x20 and some crunches

    I'm really liking this program although I may have to drop some weight off my military press. I think that my tri's are too fried to perform well on military press after doing bench. Tomorrow, I'll go easier on dips to see if my shoulders do better.

  15. Todays workout was a really good one. I really worked hard on deadlifts and concentrated on good form on all of my lifts. I had to kind of hurry through calves and shrugs because my work-out times are increasing. Next time I do this cycle, I'll probably drop shrugs. Right now I'm eating a big turkey and roast beef sandwich on whoel grain with some milk.

    Here's the workout:
    Deadlifts: 2x10 245lbs
    Dips: 2x10 bodyweight
    Modded Tbar Rows: 2x10 70lbs
    Military Press: 2x10 115lbs
    Seated Calve Raise: 2x10 120lbs
    DB Shrugs: 2x10 60lb DB's
    Abs: Crunches and Leg Raises

  16. I slept in this morning, so I had to work out at the local YMCA for my last set of the 10's. I'm feeling like HST is a great program right now because I'm stronger and more defined then ever. I got all my lifts nice and clean except for military press which I only got 9 on my second set of 10. I was exhausted and nearing failure, so instead of risking injury, I put the weight up. I feel completely fatigued and hypoglycemic right now and am waiting for my PWO shake to kick me into gear. So for those of you that are wondering if this is a worthwhile program... I'm telling you that it is!! You just have to put away your pride for a while and deal with lifting lighter weight for more reps. I feel more in shape now too doing these high rep excersizes. All of that is about to change though because on Monday I begin the 5's.

    Squat: 2x10 190lbs (should have done more)
    Bench: 2x10 160lbs (could have done more)
    Chins: 2x10 body weight
    Military Press: 1x10 1x9 (should have done less or stepped this excersize more from workout to workout)
    DB Shrugs: 2x10 65lb DB
    Seated Calve Raise: 2x10 125lb
    Abs: Ab machine, knee raises

    On another note, I feel kind of sick to my stomach right now. I think that this is an affect of the lactic acid.

  17. I started the first week of 5's yesterday. The weight is pretty easy right now as expected, and thats probably a good thing after last Friday's workout. I spent a lot of time focusing on negative movements, form, and stretching. I'm sore today, but thats probably because I went shrimping all yesterday.

    Here's the workout

    Squat: 3x5 150 lbs
    Bench: 3x5 135 lbs
    Chins: 3x5
    Military Press: 3x5 90lbs
    Calve Raise: 3x5 115lbs
    DB Shrugs: 3x5 55lb DB's
    Abs: 3x5 25lb plate decline sit-ups

  18. Wednesday was day 2 of the 5's, and I'm still in the easier part of the week. I had a pretty good workout, and really focused on getting good form on the deadlifts. The weights were real light, so I also worked on negatives. I'm about to do the 3rd workout of the 5's, but I won't be back until next Monday to update my log.

    Heres the Wednesday workout:
    Deads: 3x5 225lbs
    Dips: 3x5
    Modded T-bar Rows: 3x5 70
    Military Press: 3x5 100lbs
    Shrugs: 3x5 120lbs
    Seated Calve Raise: 3x5 120lbs
    Abs: 3x5 Sit-ups with 25lb plate

    I think that next time around, I'll probably drop shrugs since they are making my workout last a little to long.

  19. Ok readers. Its been a while since I've been able to get on my log. I completed my workouts last Friday and Monday with authority. I kind of miss the 10 though. 5's just don't seem to be effective at all, and I feel much stronger being able to lift 160 10 times then I do lifting 185 5 times. I decided not to work out today because I got little sleep last night since today was my final exam. I also came down with some form of allergies, but I am clearing up rather nicely. I hope to go work out tomorrow and let you guys know how the 5's finish up.

  20. Hey Beebs,
    Nice log thus far. I was wondering where I can pick up a routine for hst. I looked on the site and they had great info there about the science behind it, but i'm looking for the rountine. Any help much appreciated.

  21. Hey sorry for the delayed response. I was enjoying my strategic deconditioning for two weeks in Alaska. For HST, the best source of info is the forum. You will probably find that most people use minimal excersizes and split them into two groups. Isolations as I've learned are basically worthless. Complex lifts like chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, and bench are your friend.

    Back to the log. I've been enjoying not lifting for quite a while, but now I'm back. Today was my first day back, and I feel like I have not lost any strength surprisingly. I'm doing a new workout that is based on similar principles to HST, but with less volume and a more constant load. The reason is because I'm taking a weight training class on Tues and Thurs, and I'm booked on the weekends. That means that a 3x week program won't work. So, here is what I'm doing for this week.

    Monday Push
    Squat 1x15 165
    Bench 1x15 135
    Calve Raise 1x15 100
    Shoulder Raise 1x15 20

    Tuesday Pull
    Chins 1x15
    SLDL 1x15 115
    Preacher Curls 1x15 65
    Shrugs 1x15 110

    Thursday Push
    Deadlifts 1x15 205
    Dips 1x15
    Calve Raise 1x15 100
    Military Press 1x15 95

    Friday Pull
    Rows 1x15 60
    Leg Curls 1x15 80
    Incline Curls 1x15 25
    Shrugs 1x15 110

    Its basically a push pull A/B split with periodization of rep scheme. For example next week I will do 2x10 at 10lbs above my 10RM for last HST cycle. Then I will do 3x5 for a week. We'll see how it goes.

  22. nice to see an hst log

    im planning on starting my hst program in about 2-3 weeks and i have a few questions 4 yah

    -can u link me to where the calculator is for the diagram in ur first post?
    -i know hst is geared more for size, but was strength a good thing too?
    do you check your new max after every 2 weeks, and then re-asess what weights u need to lift??
    -what supps were u using?

    all i can thnk of for now...

  23. 1. Go to Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition™ then click on the HST button to the right of the top tab. There should be a link to the calculator on that page.
    2. Size was great, but my strength really shot up too. It was amazing not working my arms, but watching my bench and rows get easier.
    3. I pre-calculated my maxes and just stuck with my original chart. You don't want to be pushing yourself to failure.
    4. I was taking whey isolate pwo and creatine monohydrate every day.


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