KTW's not as tall as Motiv8er but not as short as Glenn or Beelze log

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  1. KTW's not as tall as Motiv8er but not as short as Glenn or Beelze log

    So it's time for me to lose some fat for the next few weeks while I'm out here on my internship. More on supps later, here is my routine (critiques and comments welcome)

    Workout **

    Dumbell Bench
    Bent Over BB rows
    Military Press
    Close Grip Bench

    Workout B1

    Romanian Deadlifts (going to rotate in 2 week blocks with Good Mornings)
    Seated Calf raise (super slow eccentric, concentric fairly slow from a deficit, pause at both top and bottom, most likely a 5-3-10-3 tempo)
    Standing EZ bar curl
    Shrugs of some sort (I do not need to work on grip @this point, so until I do I am going to hit traps on this day)

    Workout A2

    Incline BB bench
    Rack Chins (provided I can get a movable bench to use with them, if not, wide grip pullups)
    Rack Deads
    Face Pulls (Sorta upper back but I feel em in my rear delts so I think they're fitting)
    Skull Crushers (If my elbows still hurt ridiculously I will figure something else out, maybe 55.2 degree semi over supianated dumbell kickbacks with an anabolic tempo)

    Workout B2 (tentative)
    I like training my legs twice a week, I didn't feel burned out doing it last time, but I will be cutting weight so I'm going to give it a try and if I feel over training coming on, or you guys convince me enough, I'll drop this day

    Leg Press or 1 leg squats
    Lying Leg Curls
    Standing calf raises with the aforementioned tempo scheme
    Hammer curls (possibly on the preacher bench I'm not sure yet)
    No traps on this day, might add some plate pinches if I feel it is necessary


    Albuterol (starting at 12mgs/day and going from there, probably going to run two three week cycles)
    Activate/Rebound XT
    Cre Ethyl Thunder
    Optimum Pro Complex protein
    Berry Greens
    Fish Oil

    Will be carb cycling, two high, two medium, three low.
    Highs will go on ** and B1, ?Mediums on A2 and B2, if b2 gets eliminated then the medium day will be on a Friday (company dinners, etc. that day so it will be hard to count carbs). I will have an off week somewhere in there. During that off week I will go slightly Ketogenic. I will bump protein up to 400 grams, carbs will be ~50 to 75 grams a day, and then a carb up day on the 7th day of the week where I will go crazy and consume about 600grams.

    High day levels:

    This is where I am confused, My BMR for losing weight (20% lower than normal BMR) is 2638. Without any fat, this comes out to 2648. With even 50 grams of fat, I'm at a 3k surplus. I do not do cardio on lifting days so that is 500 extra calories I won't be burning
    Carbs: 312 (Thinking of reducing this to 250 though, and having fats be at 33 grams like the other day)
    Protein: 350grams
    Fat: ?

    Moderate day levels:
    Carbs: 250g
    Protein: 350g
    (Thinking of maybe further reducing carbs and adding some more fat, maybe making carbs 200grams and fat 52grams, 250 just seems slightly high, that's what I normally eat to meet my off day BMR requirements)

    Low day levels:

    Carbs: 187 (Will be 150 if I lower the above amounts
    Protein: 350g
    Fats: 33g (Will be higher if I change stuff like above)

    Current Weight: Was consistanly at 206 but I'm at 203 right now after a horrible plane flight and getting sick for the past two days.

    Current bodyfat: Measured at 15.8 a few weeks ago, hasn't noticably increased since

    Body type: Have no idea. I'm tall and lanky, but I can put on weight fast. I do not remain super cut though, nor do I get a whole lot of fat gain. I have no damn idea what I am, I'm the middle of all three types.

  2. what days go where?

  3. As in days of the week?
    **- Sunday
    B1- Monday
    Tuesday Off
    A2- Wednesday
    B2- Thursday

    It's Doggcrapp by the way, I forgot to include that

    High days will be ** and B1, Moderate A2 and B2, lows on off days

    Also forgot to include cardio which will be 30 minutes on some sort of machine at a 70% to 75% of max heartrate. This will be done on off days.

    Abs will be done on **, B1, and A2

    After dropping weight I will be clean bulking again with a 5x5 derivative or a modified Westside program, or if I like this DC training, this program continued. All I know is that for this I will have to take it easier during the deficit, but I have included movements that have helped me during the past, and will hopefully help me maintain some strength.

  4. IF you want to make it more like DC your gonna need a A3 and B3... probably....

  5. Alright quick update, we have been touring a ton of places here in DC this week and tours usually go all day, so today I will finally have time to register at a gym. Won't be that great, you have to wash the bar after using chalk, but whatever it's better than nothing. All my supps came except for the protein and malto, the Camphoblic makes me reallly hot at night, so I guess it's working. I have a few questions for the DC guys since I'll be following this. Just one working set? My question is, my 15rm on squats is 275, 10 rm is unknown and my 6rm is 315, if I do not faily, could I do those as my 3 sets with the weight pyarmiding down, or could I only use 1 hard set? I only plan on doing this with my core lifts to keep them higher and work within all the rep ranges. HIT never worked for me in the past, so I'm hoping this program isn't a variant of it that just lists warmup sets. I was hoping to use this like my older programs I have done logs for in the past, train different ranges, since that has led to my best strength gains ever.

  6. This is probabaly the coolest thread title ever. Goodluck!

  7. lol, title is too complex

    how tall are you?

  8. 6 2

  9. beeze can you help with that question i posted?

  10. do the last heavy set and then do a 20 repper with a slightly lighter weight. these have been nicknamed in the DC community as 'widowmakers'. basically, pick a weight that you normally get for 10-12 reps. after 12, rest at the top for a few breaths, bang out a couple more, rest, couple more, etc. til you reach 20. it sucks royal donkey balls so you're going to have man up for this one. i don't have a use for them in my program since i'm going purely for strength.

  11. Well my goal with this program is to preserve my strength while cutting, so that is what I am mainly concerned with. I came from a 5x5ish program for strength and I am worried that just one set in the limit strength training zone will not be enough, considering the other sets will be pretty light, so I was thinking more might be needed, so my real question is, do you think just one heavy set progressing every week is enough?

  12. Alright so finally got my gym membership today and am not sick anymore so just to let everyone know, I'm following Beezle's program basically, just wanna try something new, something simple.

    Felt weak on the first few things today

    DB bench
    80x6 (should have done way more but it didn't work out this way)
    Stretch 60 seconds

    Military Press

    Close Grip Bench
    135x10[/B]P R[/B]

    Back Width
    Bodyweight Chins
    bwx7 P R

    Back Thickness
    They have a really ****ty unadjustable power rack here so I did deads off the floor today, I'm gunna figure something out for next week

    Sumo Deads (Really weird, they just snap up for me, I think I'll end up being a sumo puller because of my height, Stuff works out a lot better with this stance) with feet under rings
    315x7 P R, really think I could have had one more

    20 minutes walking back to the dorm

    Started the Activate a few days ago, constant muscle hardness, it's weird, today was my first day in the gym, but I had a pump in my back from walking around all day. Took first dose of Alb. this morning, glad I didn't get clen, I really feel this stuff kick in. c2 is on the way.

  13. Just looked at the top of my origonal routine, shoulda done BB rows today, what a dumbass.

  14. why didn't you do more on the DB bench? awesome job on the PR's.
    Last edited by Beelzebub; 06-07-2006 at 11:34 AM.

  15. You mean more weight? Sets? Reps?
    I wanted the final set to be heavy, I knew I would be weaker this week as I was really sick for the past week and a half and still do not feel like myself, the set was spost to go higher but didn't, I don't know why. I was trying to copy your ideas as much as possible, the warm ups and then the balls to the wall sets.

    Also, forgot to include that I did the stretches for 60 seconds for everything else and it sucked big time.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    You mean more weight? Sets? Reps?
    I wanted the final set to be heavy, I knew I would be weaker this week as I was really sick for the past week and a half and still do not feel like myself, the set was spost to go higher but didn't, I don't know why. I was trying to copy your ideas as much as possible, the warm ups and then the balls to the wall sets.

    Also, forgot to include that I did the stretches for 60 seconds for everything else and it sucked big time.
    i just saw "should've done more but it didn't work out this way" so i figured you had more in ya, but stopped anyway. cut your warmups down a bit. 65's and 80's aren't a huge difference when thinking of terms of a last set. hit the 65's for 3-4 reps and save it for the biggie.

  17. Oh, well normally I do 85s for the same amount, so I was wondering why I didn't today.

  18. my guess, you did 65's x 12 right before it. and how long have you been using flat dumbbell?

  19. Just started using it again at the very end of my last 5x5ish routine i just did. I did 5 sets of the 85's for 5 so I don't know, I guess I didn't think that 65x12 would tire me out more.

  20. Had my 2a workout 2 days ago, didn't have time to post with all the hecticness of starting my internship and crap. I'm sure I met my carb goals today, but for some reason with this type of training I feel bogged down when doing big compound lifts and very drained.

    Back Squats
    315x6 (done this before, was not impressed)
    The thing that sucks about this gym is that the squat rack is too narrow for my feet so I have to unrack the weight and then walk about 3 feet backwards to get out of the rack, which is pretty draining with a heavy load.)

    Hamstring curls
    This machine was friggin weird, I never figured it out, there's like 7 points of adjustment, I'm just gunna do makeshift GHR's next time.
    130x6 PR???

    Tried the SB thing, could not get past the first minute without cramping so I went as long as I could pretty much. This sucks.

    Standing EZ bar curls, Widowmaker set
    85x17 (ridiculously high pr, i think the bar had to have been mislabeled or something, I've never done 80lbs for this much before even)
    followed by 30x20 alternating dumbell curls.
    Really painful, had a gigantic pump after, but that subsided fairly fast.

    Did stretches for 60 seconds after everything, the last 10 seconds are extremely bad.

    Possible changes:
    Not doing deads close to a squat day again, it sucked bad squatting with a sore lower back. Also, I am feeling super drained from the decreased carbs, I do not think a second leg day is necessary right now, or at least until I can handle it.

    I went with my origonal posted diet, low days are 150, med are 200, high are 250 and low days suck mad balls. It's hard to get quality food around here since I don't have a car, but my work is cool about me eating on the job so I've managed to get enough cals in at work except for yesterday when I forgot my **** at home. I might start lean bulking at the beginning of July depending on how this cut is going.

    Cardio: I walk about 40 minutes a day at a fast pace, wether it be to get to the Metro or the store or to the gym or dinner, I end up walking a **** ton and have not noticed much yet so I am going to step up the walking a little bit, maybe jog a day or something I don't know yet.

    Rest of my supplements finally arrived, the NO **** should help with the workout energy.

    I do not feel the albuterol that much. I take 1 ml (4mg) 3x daily by putting it in my mouth and then swallowing with water and haven't noticed any sides or different feelings.

    The Activate might be working, I can't tell, not sure if this is really going to do much for me or if I am being impatient.

    I also notice on low days I feel super flat and have very little muscle hardness, but on high days that returns.

    Thinking of doing the widowmaker for my chest, any input on this since it is my most lagging body part other than my bi's?

  21. Also the next weeks Deadlift variation will be pulls from just below the knees, like a rack pull but off blocks since the rack is too high to do it any lower. I think I'm gunna set it up so it goes floor, below knees, above knees, hypers, then start over so I'm pulling off the floor once a month and the rest of the time works on the rest of the motion. This will still be for back thickness, but now will be on 2a

  22. 1 last post, today is an off day because I have to go to dinner with an alum and will not be able to make it tonight but tomorrow I will do 2a then a day off then 1a again. Or do you guys reccomend I make 3as and do 3a instead?

  23. i normally wait 2 days between squat and deads

  24. Yah I don't know what possesed me to try them back to back. What do you think about my deadlift scheme?

  25. Interesting log, so far. I just started DC too. So far I'm loving it. I might have to start one of these logs.


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