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  1. i dont know how dc works, but i'd say do hypers every week, and do week 1-3 then rotate, and everyone has a sticking point

  2. When I dead there is no change in momentum during any point of the movement yet so I'm trying to capitalize on that, squats and bench are a different story.

  3. K so yesterday I was at a House hearing for 5 hours and had to stay till 10 to wait for the vote on an amendment so I didn't get to go to the gym but I managed to today. It was also my first day on the full double dose of ActivaTe.

    DB Bench
    85x6 (pr by 1 rep but still a pr)PR

    Bent Over Rows w/ deadlift bar
    Still have no idea what this bar weighs, but it is fatter than the others in the gym so maybe more?
    205x9 with a rest at 5 PR

    Barbell Military press
    Was really giving my right shoulder problems, it was pinching bad at the bottom of the movement and I have no idea why, so I went light, still got a PR but couldn't push it as hard as I wanted, I think I'm going to switch to dumbells or arnolds.

    Narrow Grip pulldowns
    So many people seem to love monopolizing the pull up bar to do hanging leg raises at the exact moment I want to use it. I could have gotten way more on these if I had chalk like I usually do.

    190x7, resting at 5 PR

    Close Grip BB bench
    155x8 PR

    Some crunches and some other crap, really dead at this point

    My strength is up for my upper body, I hope my squats match tomorrow or else I am going to be seriously bummed. I'm leaning out a little, I look bigger than I used to which is weird, no ab definition yet but I can tell the fat is melting, starting to see lower abs and obliques taking form.

    Also need to mention that most of my supps never arrived. All I am on is the NHA stack, albuterol, and Camphibolic and have the normal malto and optimum for my pwo shakes. Ran out of Xtend today, trying to find some around here cuz I can't wait to order Crowler's stuff.

    I was thinking today at work that maybe this program might be well suited for dropping fat because it has a relatively low training volume if you set it up that way and you can change parameters around to work on keeping muscle size and developing myogenic tonus, which is what I was trying to do this week. My strength is great, I'm gunna double dose the ActivaTe again on my next bulk.

    Also might be signing up with a p lifting gym when I get back to AZ, going to see how they train, what programs they use etc, but Dave Draper and a lot of strongmen used to work out there in the 70's and they seem to have a fairly knowledgable training staff so hopefully it works out and you might see me trying to lift heavy weights at 225 sometime soon.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Also might be signing up with a p lifting gym when I get back to AZ, going to see how they train, what programs they use etc, but Dave Draper and a lot of strongmen used to work out there in the 70's and they seem to have a fairly knowledgable training staff so hopefully it works out and you might see me trying to lift heavy weights at 225 sometime soon.
    that's definately nice, go in there and do exactly what they say, hahaa

    and what kind of gym did they have the deadlifting bar at? most likely it's 45

  5. This commercial one I go to here in DC. It's got to be probably an 8 footer and its definately thicker than the regular bench bars they have in there, it sits in the corner unused until I pull it out, just like the squat box and 100 lb plates.

    Ya I got it off that site you sent me, they have a really nice history of strong dudes from back before equipment was used and if I train there I'm gunna sit down, shut up and get strong. The only thing is, I want to compete in the 225's, so I need to pack some solid lean mass on to do that at 6 foot 2

  6. it's 45lbs most likely, only a couple specialty bars are more than that, and if you're at a commercial gym chances are it's just a power bar, they're a little thicker.

    and most guys that are 6'2 compete in the 275's and up, so you better start eatin

  7. Yeah, at 6'2" 220s isn't gonna happen. Not with a decent total anyhow... Plan on moving up to at least 242s.

    As for pulls, it's a good idea to do some sort of pulling motion every week. I like to deadlift once every two weeks. I do high pulls on the weeks I don't deadlift. I think of them as DE work for the pull If doing deadlifts from the floor every other week is too much for you (it shouldn't be...) you can alternate between floor and knee height pulling.

  8. Yah I can handle every other, it's just every week that would suck, so I'm gunna alternate between knee and floor I think.

    242's? Damn I better start getting some new clothes then and start saving up money for 'supps'

  9. Had an ok/****ty day in the gym today

    Squats w/ box to parallel
    275x3 w/loose belt
    On the 275, I had one person on each side spotting me off the rack so I didnt have to back up 3 feet with the 275, but one guy decided to spot just one side on 3 reps, making it completely akward and hard for one leg, so I'm not counting the other 3 that would otherwise make the total 6. On the next set I put a 100 lb plate on the box cuz I wanted to see if it was truly harder box squatting above parallel like posters were saying. Here's the results:
    315x3, Not even close to a PR, pretty ****ing bummed out, pretty mad, but at the same time if I was at parallel I think I woulda had it. I blame having a busy start of the week to cause my 9 day layover since my last squat session.

    EZ bar curls
    95x12, rest on 8 followed by a widowmaker with 25 lb hammer curls for 20 PR

    Either I'm doing something wrong on curls or this type of training really enhances my bi strength because the first 6 were not even that bad and I have never even thought about touching this weight before.

    Romanian Deadlifts
    205x8, rest at 6 PR

    Again, this number is ridiculously high, I'm at only 250g of carbs today and putting up more weight than I ever have before on this, and the first few were not even tough.

    Hex bar shrugs
    225x8 PR Never shrugged 225 with this bar before at all, let alone for reps.

    Did not have time for calves or abs because I have to get up mad early tomorrow for another hearing, not pumped about that.

    I think the 8 caps of ActivaTe is kicking in. Minus squats, everything else was a ridiculous PR, weight I had never thought of touching before. If this continues to go this well, I'm going to run the same type of stack along with anagen during a bulk after this cutting period is over.

    Picked up some Excell today and some Xtend, not very big tubs though, so I'm going to use it sparingly. Excell tastes great but I didn't notice much today.

  10. the higher up you go on the box the easier it is, so dont listen to those other posters. you were probably just worn out from the squats before. next time you do it set it at 1" below parallel. the box should be about 13-14" high. i dont know how tall you are but i'm 5'10 and 14 is 1" bellow parallel for me. you can also try a 12" box, those will work you like non other. either way though, you dont want to become one of the quarter squatters

    good workout too

  11. and have fun walking tommorow

  12. My hamstrings and glutes are so painful right now, I killed my posterior in response to the low squat numbers. I'm 6 foot 2, and the box isnt adjustable, i put plates on top of it to make it taller, I guess I was tired, either way I'm kinda pissed off about but at the same time I only lost 2 reps and I'm hypocaloric so I can't complain too much.

  13. yah i always come to parallel, i laugh at the guys who do the little ass push mini squat b/s, i actually have to walk outside the rack so i can squat wide enough to hit parallel

  14. wait till tommorow, they will kill and it's a good thing they hurt, that means you were doing them correct

  15. The romanian deadlifts basically felt like i was tearing my hamstrings in half, good thing i sit on my ass all day at work.

  16. you wanna smoke your hammies like non other? try these http://www.teamsniffy.com/videos/vid...lue%20band.wmv

  17. Was drained friday after work and had to go to a bday dinner last night so i worked out today instead.

    Hammer strength incline
    2 45's per side for 9, rest at 5, next time im gunna add 20 lbs PR I never really use this one, but with the handles set right today it was great for my chest and didnt hurt my nagging right shoulder. The ActivaTe has gotten me feeling super strong during my workouts, my previous best on this was a 45+25 plate (i have a really weak upper chest, i always end up hitting my shoulders with incline, but im using this from now on instead)

    Wide grip pulldowns
    Did these at the very, very end of the bar, which is wide itself
    170x12, pause at 7 PR With this grip my old 10 rm was 150 and this was only a few months ago

    Arnold presses
    60x12, pause at 10PR, previous best was like for 6 or 10 or something

    Rack pulls from knee level
    405x10, pause at 6 PR
    Really need some wraps or chalk, my hands were aching and I think with some assistance I could do more

    bw+25x9, pause at 6 PR
    Previous best was 6

    Old superset I read about somewhere, worked the best for me of anything I have done so I'm trying it again. I do hanging leg raises with or without weight depending on the rep range and leg position, then i superset it with narrow range crunches and repeat 3 times. After that is something I do not know the name of for a few reps and then I'm done. It sounds like overkill but it works.

    So I'm making some diet changes
    I weighed 200 today, down 6 lbs, visibly leaner, lower V's whatever theyr're called are looking good, definately popping out, abs are coming along slowly, biceps are getting leaner, but I'm not leaning out fast enough. Strength is through the roof from the ActivaTe but I'm not trying to make pr's, I'm trying to drop as much weight as possible while maintaining my strength. The days will be adjusted as follows:

    Low: 100 grams of carbs, instead of increments of 50, i will do roughly 30, consisting of two meals of old fashioned oats and a mini wheat bagel or just 3 meals of oats.

    Medium: Will now be 150, same setup as above, but basically one more meal and breakfast carbs will be a little more

    High: Dropping down to 225 or 200, same setup as above basically, taking 10 grams out of my pwo and going to start adding ground oat powder and take out some malto. Also, now carbs after the pwo since I have to work out at night at 6pm after work.

    Also at breakfast I'm cutting down on the protein amount. I usually do 2 whole eggs and a cup of egg sub. and serving of whey, but I'm gunna take out the 2 whole eggs, replace the substitute with whites and take about 3/4 scoop of protein so it's about 50 grams

    During workout Xtend/malto drink will stay the same, pre workout carbs cut by 10 grams.

    I do not think my cuts are too drastic, if I feel any negative changes I will possibly lower days even more and add a carb up day every 7th day.

    Also I've been reading a ****load of albuterol logs and am now confused on cycle length, I always thought it was 2 weeks max but I'm starting to see lots of 5 or 6 weekers. My 2 weeks is up tuesday so if that method is actually the correct way, the next cycle will be 16 mg/day.

    If I can get the cash I might pick up some Venom or something, the hunger pains are getting crazy and I think I could handle another stim.

    I am definately running the ActivaTe double dosed at the start of my next bulk.

    I stocked up on drol and phera plex before they went illegal, in 6 months or so when I'm at my goal weight I'm thinking of running the phera plex 10/20/20/30 with the double dosed activaTe, any thoughts on this idea?

  18. Damn dude, you do a lot of **** each workout. How often are you working each area each week?

  19. twice for upper, once for lower, its the same program beezle does basically, the one he posted. everything but the last set are warm ups, the last one is a rest paused work set basically, so pretty much it's just one really tough set, cuz if you look at like my chest stuff for today, the warm up sets were well under 75% of my 1 rm and were in no way taxing at all, I really don't feel anything till the last set and then the stretches after.

    I'm just trying something new, i did wsb for skinny bastards and a few other programs, including a modified 5x5, and so far this method is working well and im recovering very well and making new pr's every workout, but come fall when i lean bulk back up I want to do a pl routine again because they give me the best results in terms of strength and size gains.

    So ya the last set listed is the work set, the rest are essentially warm ups so do not pay attention to them, I just list them cuz I list everything i do in the gym when I go.

  20. also forgot, 60 second stretches on everything right after the set

  21. looks good to me. if you're going to utilize rest pauses though, do 2 of em to get your money's worth . looks like you changed the order around some on the exercises. that's not a huge issue but just be sure to keep it consistent with whatever order you choose. jumbling around the order can screw up the possibility of beating the log book. know what i mean, jellybean?

  22. oh, and try for 90 second stretches before upping the weight on them.

  23. Yah, some of the stuff wasn't working that well so I subbed in new stuff, I think this is the permanent structure. I plan on trying 75 next week then 90 the next for the stretches

  24. So today was semi crappy/semi awesome, I don't know what to think of it.

    DB bench
    85x5 and then a rest, after the rest I could not do another, I have no idea why I was so weak on this today. I didn't even really feel it in my chest or anywhere really, I have no idea how. I think on the db's it takes too much out of me, especially with the low energy I have right now to throw the db's back up for another set. Also, I think a better warmup might help, when I was doing all my other routines and making gains, I would do double the warm up sets and get much better results. Of all my exercises done while on this program, bench has provided the least amount of games.

    Shoulder Width chins
    Finally got some chalk so I could get a good grip
    bwx11, rest at 8 and 10 PR but not by much

    DB Shoulder Press
    Here is where I ran into tons of problems.
    65x2, I've done way more than this before, but I could barely even get 2 reps out and I felt a pinching in my right shoulder again. Shoulder presses besides Arnolds do not seem to like me and I don't know why, my shoulder does not bug me when I bench at all. I'm thinking of dropping vertical pressing movements like this or going light and doing high reps and TUT until it feels better. My shoulders do not need more development, once I post pics most people will understand where I am coming from on this one.

    BB rows
    225x13, rest at 6 and 10 PR I think this is such a good pr because some dude let me borrow his straps, which really helped, I felt the movement a lot more in my bi's with the wraps and obviously was able to lift a ton more. I should probably get some pretty soon here.

    Close Grip Bench
    160x11 pause at 8 and 10 PR I did these pl style with a big arch and lots of leg drive and it helped alot, I was able to explode on them so much more

    Decline situps

    All stretches done to 60, did tri's to 90 though. I'm having a hard time with the chest stretch because I get a bi cramp when doing it.

    Maybe carbing down that much the day before is screwing up my big lifts.

    So far this type of routine has helped my accessory movements alot, but my compounds has not gone up. If that continues maybe I should use straight sets for them.

    Even though I got 8 hours of sleep I felt drained all day today, not sure why. That could have screwed things up a lot.

    Lean ness is coming slowly, stomach area is giving me the most trouble but that was kind of expected. When I do the most muscular in the mirror the difference is like night and day, the lean ness looks like glenns av, but not as dry and no veins.

    I might possibly keep high days at 250 and see if it makes a difference after this week at 200.

  25. Leg day today.
    Since my squats are giving me **** I decided to change the movement for a while. I haven't rotated them out since early March so it's about time.

    "Power Squat" machine
    Kinda like a hack squat I dunno, I chose it because of the wide platform and it allows me to really sit back. The only downside was that I had no idea how much weight to use.
    1 plate per sidex10
    2 plates per sidex10
    3 plates per sidex5
    4 plates per sidex5
    5 plates per sidex9 <-Work set. I was aiming for 5 reps, so I think next time I will do 6 per side. Honestly even after all the previous sets I was not fatigued at all. I do not think I was properly warming up before.

    Romanian Deadlifts
    225x9 PR

    EZ barl curls
    105x8, rest at 5PR followed by a widowmaker set of alternating dumbell curls 25x20

    Seated Calf Raises
    CRAMP, horrible, horrible cramp
    2 plates+25x10 then cramp and I had to dump it. I don't know what was up, this isn't really heavy weight for me

    Trap bar shrugs
    235x8 Then hand cramp. Put it down and did another 8 before yet another cramp. I do not know what was up with the cramping today, it sucked and I know I could've done way more on the last two things if it hadn't happened.

    Hanging pikes
    These are somehow really hard for me

    Overall wasn't too bad of a workout minus the cramps.

  26. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Hanging pikes
    These are somehow really hard for me

    Overall wasn't too bad of a workout minus the cramps.
    Is this the thing where you hang in the stirrups and Ubi spanks your ass...uhhh, I mean you kick your legs up above your head, maintaining relatively straight knees. If so, these busted my ass when I first started them. I could barely get 5 or 6. Now I'm getting up to 15 or so before a rest pause. Keep doing them. Very effective :bruce1:

  27. Yah they suck pretty bad but my abs were aching like crazy after.

  28. do Janda situps, bet you can't do 10 with your legs remotely close to your body.

  29. how do you do them, i'll try anything hard like that

  30. Lie back like a regular situp, with knees somewhat bent and feet down on the ground. Push your feet into the ground, then come up into a crunch, briefly pause, then from the crunched position, sit into a full sit up.

    If you do it right I doubt you will get more than six or seven even with your knees only slightly bent and heels on the ground.


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