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  1. and have fun walking tommorow

  2. My hamstrings and glutes are so painful right now, I killed my posterior in response to the low squat numbers. I'm 6 foot 2, and the box isnt adjustable, i put plates on top of it to make it taller, I guess I was tired, either way I'm kinda pissed off about but at the same time I only lost 2 reps and I'm hypocaloric so I can't complain too much.

  3. yah i always come to parallel, i laugh at the guys who do the little ass push mini squat b/s, i actually have to walk outside the rack so i can squat wide enough to hit parallel

  4. wait till tommorow, they will kill and it's a good thing they hurt, that means you were doing them correct

  5. The romanian deadlifts basically felt like i was tearing my hamstrings in half, good thing i sit on my ass all day at work.

  6. you wanna smoke your hammies like non other? try these http://www.teamsniffy.com/videos/vid...lue%20band.wmv

  7. Was drained friday after work and had to go to a bday dinner last night so i worked out today instead.

    Hammer strength incline
    2 45's per side for 9, rest at 5, next time im gunna add 20 lbs PR I never really use this one, but with the handles set right today it was great for my chest and didnt hurt my nagging right shoulder. The ActivaTe has gotten me feeling super strong during my workouts, my previous best on this was a 45+25 plate (i have a really weak upper chest, i always end up hitting my shoulders with incline, but im using this from now on instead)

    Wide grip pulldowns
    Did these at the very, very end of the bar, which is wide itself
    170x12, pause at 7 PR With this grip my old 10 rm was 150 and this was only a few months ago

    Arnold presses
    60x12, pause at 10PR, previous best was like for 6 or 10 or something

    Rack pulls from knee level
    405x10, pause at 6 PR
    Really need some wraps or chalk, my hands were aching and I think with some assistance I could do more

    bw+25x9, pause at 6 PR
    Previous best was 6

    Old superset I read about somewhere, worked the best for me of anything I have done so I'm trying it again. I do hanging leg raises with or without weight depending on the rep range and leg position, then i superset it with narrow range crunches and repeat 3 times. After that is something I do not know the name of for a few reps and then I'm done. It sounds like overkill but it works.

    So I'm making some diet changes
    I weighed 200 today, down 6 lbs, visibly leaner, lower V's whatever theyr're called are looking good, definately popping out, abs are coming along slowly, biceps are getting leaner, but I'm not leaning out fast enough. Strength is through the roof from the ActivaTe but I'm not trying to make pr's, I'm trying to drop as much weight as possible while maintaining my strength. The days will be adjusted as follows:

    Low: 100 grams of carbs, instead of increments of 50, i will do roughly 30, consisting of two meals of old fashioned oats and a mini wheat bagel or just 3 meals of oats.

    Medium: Will now be 150, same setup as above, but basically one more meal and breakfast carbs will be a little more

    High: Dropping down to 225 or 200, same setup as above basically, taking 10 grams out of my pwo and going to start adding ground oat powder and take out some malto. Also, now carbs after the pwo since I have to work out at night at 6pm after work.

    Also at breakfast I'm cutting down on the protein amount. I usually do 2 whole eggs and a cup of egg sub. and serving of whey, but I'm gunna take out the 2 whole eggs, replace the substitute with whites and take about 3/4 scoop of protein so it's about 50 grams

    During workout Xtend/malto drink will stay the same, pre workout carbs cut by 10 grams.

    I do not think my cuts are too drastic, if I feel any negative changes I will possibly lower days even more and add a carb up day every 7th day.

    Also I've been reading a ****load of albuterol logs and am now confused on cycle length, I always thought it was 2 weeks max but I'm starting to see lots of 5 or 6 weekers. My 2 weeks is up tuesday so if that method is actually the correct way, the next cycle will be 16 mg/day.

    If I can get the cash I might pick up some Venom or something, the hunger pains are getting crazy and I think I could handle another stim.

    I am definately running the ActivaTe double dosed at the start of my next bulk.

    I stocked up on drol and phera plex before they went illegal, in 6 months or so when I'm at my goal weight I'm thinking of running the phera plex 10/20/20/30 with the double dosed activaTe, any thoughts on this idea?

  8. Damn dude, you do a lot of **** each workout. How often are you working each area each week?

  9. twice for upper, once for lower, its the same program beezle does basically, the one he posted. everything but the last set are warm ups, the last one is a rest paused work set basically, so pretty much it's just one really tough set, cuz if you look at like my chest stuff for today, the warm up sets were well under 75% of my 1 rm and were in no way taxing at all, I really don't feel anything till the last set and then the stretches after.

    I'm just trying something new, i did wsb for skinny bastards and a few other programs, including a modified 5x5, and so far this method is working well and im recovering very well and making new pr's every workout, but come fall when i lean bulk back up I want to do a pl routine again because they give me the best results in terms of strength and size gains.

    So ya the last set listed is the work set, the rest are essentially warm ups so do not pay attention to them, I just list them cuz I list everything i do in the gym when I go.

  10. also forgot, 60 second stretches on everything right after the set

  11. looks good to me. if you're going to utilize rest pauses though, do 2 of em to get your money's worth . looks like you changed the order around some on the exercises. that's not a huge issue but just be sure to keep it consistent with whatever order you choose. jumbling around the order can screw up the possibility of beating the log book. know what i mean, jellybean?

  12. oh, and try for 90 second stretches before upping the weight on them.

  13. Yah, some of the stuff wasn't working that well so I subbed in new stuff, I think this is the permanent structure. I plan on trying 75 next week then 90 the next for the stretches

  14. So today was semi crappy/semi awesome, I don't know what to think of it.

    DB bench
    85x5 and then a rest, after the rest I could not do another, I have no idea why I was so weak on this today. I didn't even really feel it in my chest or anywhere really, I have no idea how. I think on the db's it takes too much out of me, especially with the low energy I have right now to throw the db's back up for another set. Also, I think a better warmup might help, when I was doing all my other routines and making gains, I would do double the warm up sets and get much better results. Of all my exercises done while on this program, bench has provided the least amount of games.

    Shoulder Width chins
    Finally got some chalk so I could get a good grip
    bwx11, rest at 8 and 10 PR but not by much

    DB Shoulder Press
    Here is where I ran into tons of problems.
    65x2, I've done way more than this before, but I could barely even get 2 reps out and I felt a pinching in my right shoulder again. Shoulder presses besides Arnolds do not seem to like me and I don't know why, my shoulder does not bug me when I bench at all. I'm thinking of dropping vertical pressing movements like this or going light and doing high reps and TUT until it feels better. My shoulders do not need more development, once I post pics most people will understand where I am coming from on this one.

    BB rows
    225x13, rest at 6 and 10 PR I think this is such a good pr because some dude let me borrow his straps, which really helped, I felt the movement a lot more in my bi's with the wraps and obviously was able to lift a ton more. I should probably get some pretty soon here.

    Close Grip Bench
    160x11 pause at 8 and 10 PR I did these pl style with a big arch and lots of leg drive and it helped alot, I was able to explode on them so much more

    Decline situps

    All stretches done to 60, did tri's to 90 though. I'm having a hard time with the chest stretch because I get a bi cramp when doing it.

    Maybe carbing down that much the day before is screwing up my big lifts.

    So far this type of routine has helped my accessory movements alot, but my compounds has not gone up. If that continues maybe I should use straight sets for them.

    Even though I got 8 hours of sleep I felt drained all day today, not sure why. That could have screwed things up a lot.

    Lean ness is coming slowly, stomach area is giving me the most trouble but that was kind of expected. When I do the most muscular in the mirror the difference is like night and day, the lean ness looks like glenns av, but not as dry and no veins.

    I might possibly keep high days at 250 and see if it makes a difference after this week at 200.

  15. Leg day today.
    Since my squats are giving me **** I decided to change the movement for a while. I haven't rotated them out since early March so it's about time.

    "Power Squat" machine
    Kinda like a hack squat I dunno, I chose it because of the wide platform and it allows me to really sit back. The only downside was that I had no idea how much weight to use.
    1 plate per sidex10
    2 plates per sidex10
    3 plates per sidex5
    4 plates per sidex5
    5 plates per sidex9 <-Work set. I was aiming for 5 reps, so I think next time I will do 6 per side. Honestly even after all the previous sets I was not fatigued at all. I do not think I was properly warming up before.

    Romanian Deadlifts
    225x9 PR

    EZ barl curls
    105x8, rest at 5PR followed by a widowmaker set of alternating dumbell curls 25x20

    Seated Calf Raises
    CRAMP, horrible, horrible cramp
    2 plates+25x10 then cramp and I had to dump it. I don't know what was up, this isn't really heavy weight for me

    Trap bar shrugs
    235x8 Then hand cramp. Put it down and did another 8 before yet another cramp. I do not know what was up with the cramping today, it sucked and I know I could've done way more on the last two things if it hadn't happened.

    Hanging pikes
    These are somehow really hard for me

    Overall wasn't too bad of a workout minus the cramps.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Hanging pikes
    These are somehow really hard for me

    Overall wasn't too bad of a workout minus the cramps.
    Is this the thing where you hang in the stirrups and Ubi spanks your ass...uhhh, I mean you kick your legs up above your head, maintaining relatively straight knees. If so, these busted my ass when I first started them. I could barely get 5 or 6. Now I'm getting up to 15 or so before a rest pause. Keep doing them. Very effective :bruce1:

  17. Yah they suck pretty bad but my abs were aching like crazy after.

  18. do Janda situps, bet you can't do 10 with your legs remotely close to your body.

  19. how do you do them, i'll try anything hard like that

  20. Lie back like a regular situp, with knees somewhat bent and feet down on the ground. Push your feet into the ground, then come up into a crunch, briefly pause, then from the crunched position, sit into a full sit up.

    If you do it right I doubt you will get more than six or seven even with your knees only slightly bent and heels on the ground.

  21. Friday was my other upper day for the week. Went alright

    Hammer Strength Incline
    2plates (per side that is)x3
    2plates+10+5 (210 lbs total+weight of machine)x8, pauses at 5 and 7PR

    Super wide grip pulldowns
    180x9, pauses at 5 and 7PR

    Shoulders are still giving me a **** ton of trouble. On the Arnolds the right one kept pinching at the bottom so I switched to doing parallel grip presses but when I went heavy my right shoulder completely gave out and I do not know why. Since I did not get a very heavy set in I decided to do higher rep set followed by some high rep rotator cuff movements since maybe that could be a problem. Hopefully it's better next week.

    Close grip low rows
    190x9, pauses at 5 and 8PR

    Skull Crushers
    90x11, pause at 6 and 9PR

    Although I like dips better for my tri's, I do not want to do a movement that has heavy shoulder involvement if I do not have to so until my shouler problem feels better then I will be doing skull crushers instead. I think this is my final template for both upper and lower days, I think everything is where it needs to be and I'm finally working within the rep ranges I want to.

    Upping Albuterol to 16mgs a day, I can take it right before bed now and feel nothing. Started 50mg benadryl at nights, should I go higher than that?

    Have 2 more weeks on this mega dosed NHA stack so I'm going to try to go as heavy as possible during this period. I find this hard because my strength is going up so much between workouts that I can never predict what weights I will do the next time around. Upped the Rebound to 2 caps a day to combat bloat which I was getting a little.

    Upping cardio time a little bit.

    Started 200mg caffiene a day.

    After the albuterol is done I will take a week off of any stims and then run one of the venoms probably if I need to.

    Weight is at a steady 199, can't seem to get it to go down no matter how many grams of carbs i drop. This is the reason for upping cardio time.

    First cheat day was yesterday because I was in NYC all day but I still managed to hit my BMR for sure and was walking all day so I'm not worried about the fat gains from it.

    Adding more veggies after workout and am going to remove some carbs from my pre wo meals. I feel I can cut more since I keep making huge pr's on almost everything so I might as well cut as much as possible while I do not have to worry about decreases in strength or a hugely catabolic environment.

    My balls were sore last night, could this be the ActivaTe maybe shutting me down?

  22. Also, I think after the NHA stack is over I will run Lean Xtreme and possibly melting point.

  23. Just updating again on my plans for this routine and the future.

    I'm going to stick with the DC training until I leave my internship and go back home and have more time to train. I have contacted a p'lifting gym in my area and if nothing goes drastically wrong, I will be lifting there starting in early august probably.

    Overall I've pushed some good weights with this program, so the strength aspect is nice, but I think if I had a normal schedule and was not cutting weight I would not use it. I think the low volume helps while trying to train hard in a deficit, but at the same time I feel like I get way more out of the stretches than I do out of just one heavy work set. I just came from a 5x5 and have been doing plifting routines kinda for a while and I feel like I get more out of my workouts doing those. I also feel that if I had an unlimited schedule while dropping bodyfat I would probably do a westside program with low volume just so I could do both heavy compound lifts and other lifts that target individual groups so i get more of a toning effect. I might continue my cutting for three weeks after I move back with that type of program and see how it goes. I do not think I will try it again in the future unless it fits my schedule. I will use some of the knowledge I have gained about myself and I like that I tried it and know how I respond to it. I think I can heal a lot faster than DC says most people can with the 3 day a week, but work prohibits me from adding a 4th. **** I could easily do a 3rd upper body day and probably be fine. I will probably use the stretches in the future, I feel those are positive in terms of developing isometric strength and fiber elongation and also offer a hypertrophy benefit while working with heavier weight. I also like doing the widowmakers after big compound lifts, like lets say doing rows and then doing a 20 rep light set of bicep curls on the last set as a post compound isolation movement. I think somehow if my progress stalls I will add these later down the line.

    For now I will wait to see what people at that gym do and go from there. They have a pretty good reputation, the best in the state for sure and have been at it for 40 years now so I'm sure they have a lot of knowledge I do not and know a lot about program setup and lifting routines. Hopefully its not just a bunch of roid monkeys that have no idea whats up. That would suck.

    Ultimately I would like to use a westside template because I feel that it offers versatility that other programs do not. It allows me to train my weak areas hard while training my strong ones at maintainence. The only problem is that I do not have the experience to setup a good routine, maybe Nick W can chime in on this since he trains there.

    Anyways, working out tuesday because i have a lame ass event to go to tomorrow night.

  24. K today was an upper day

    Did more warm up sets for bench, did not help.

    can not get past 6 reps on this. Also, the stretch hurts my right shoulder and upper bi so much that i can barely move it after, this is the shoulder that has been hurting during all my shoulder movements lately. Either I am benching with my elbows way too flared or something is wrong because I can not seem to make any progress on this lift no matter how hard i try or what i do, while every other group gets stronger and stronger. Maybe I should rotate the movement out?

    Had no chalk or straps today so these were tougher
    bwx11, pause at 6 and 10. I think not having chalk made a difference, the bar has almost no knurling and is slippery as hell, once I use straps I guarantee I will be able to beat my old PR

    Hammer strength shoulder press
    Finally something that does not hurt my right shoulder like hell. I think whatever hand position it uses really works well because I got a great shoulder workout today.
    Platex16 (everything is per side)
    2 platesx6, rest at 5, failed on 7 so I left it at that. Guess it's a pr but ive never used this machine before.

    Bent Over BB rows
    230x10, pause at 5 and 9. PR Form deteriorated at 10 so I stopped. I think if had my chalk and straps like normal the rep number would have been a whole lot higher.

    Close Grip Bench
    165x9, pause at 6, could not do a 10th so I left it at that PR

    Decline sit ups supersetted with ball crunches
    Did the same weight as last time.

    Then for the horrible part

    I usually use malto in my pwo. Well lately I've felt semi dizzy after and not too great, but today was awful. After my post pwo meal, I got super light headed and dizzy and felt disconnected. My heart was beating ridiculously fast and I felt like it was hard to stay awake or stand up. It felt like I had just taken Shrooms and was about to starting seeing crazy things. Guarantee the malto is contributing to this hypoglycemic feeling so that is gone. I will be using ground up old fashioned oats now. Also, no more carbs in the during workout Xtend concoction and I will put a few more carbs in my pre workout, about 10 grams or so maybe. I do not want to use any malto at all for a while and see what happens.

    Should be getting a copy of the Cut Diet book from the guys over at Scivation so I might check that out and follow it a little bit if possible and I might try their PWO methodology if the oat concoction ceases to work.

  25. Today I felt like ****, didn't get much sleep last night and had another 5 hour hearing so I was drained by the time I got to the gym, a whole Redline couldn't wake me up.

    EZ bar curls
    some warms ups
    110x5, rest, then 2 more singles

    Power Squat machine
    Bunch of warm ups, felt like ****, only got 50 more lbs than last week, so 5 plates+ a 25 per side, should have been higher, really pissed, got 6 reps of that.

    At this point my whole posterior and back was giving me **** and I felt dead. I called it a day and headed home.

    I tried to do the pwo stuff i read in derek's contest prep section, it didnt really work that well, i look really fat and feel super sore, where I usually don't. I'm just gunna do oats in my pwo from now on.

    Somehow my tris are getting sore today but were not the other day. After I was done I put super light weight on the bench bar and experimented with different positions and stuff, which shouldn't have done anything because it was so light.

    I'll see how I'm doing tomorrow, I feel like ****, look horrible and am not happy about this work out.

  26. Just updating for anyone who follows this thing.

    Today got off work late and had a reception to go to, then got locked out for 4 hours, pretty lame, had to miss my trip to the gym. I will be there bright and early tomorrow though to do upper and the stuff i didnt do for legs the other day. My sessions don't usually go very long, especially if I take any sort of stim before, so I shouldn't have to worry about catabolism. Gunna go on a long walk tonight at a really fast pace, love the albuterol for that.

    Been thinking a lot about benching grip lately. I feel the most in my chest when I do not flare and come down above the nipples, strength wise I lift the most at the nipples exactly. I was messing around the other day with fairly light weight and it seemed easier to tuck hard and come to nipple level with a huge arch than to go to sternum level. I am trying to figure out a way to hit my chest hard while still lifting as heavy of a weight as possible so when I pick up flat bench again next week I'm pressing a good amount. I'm rotating out DB benches just because I'm not making much progress with them so I think it's time for a movement switch. Also I want to see how well this activaTe really helps my main lifts even on a deficit.

    Also I found this really weird bar we have thats like semi suspended and electronically locks itself when you let go, but has a super wide base so I'm thinking of using this thing for squats. I never gave it more than one look till yesterday but it looks like itd work just like a monolift, kinda pissed I didn't find it sooner.

    Somehow nowhere in DC sells straps, so that sucks because i would really like to use them in my last 2 weeks on. When I go off I think I might pick up some Venom and just stick with the alb till that's done. Once that is done it will be a couple weeks off from the activaTe just lifting naturally and then hopefully I'll be happy enough with my comp. at that point to lean bulk again.

  27. Alright, had a decent workout today.

    Hammer incline (weight per side)
    2 platesx5
    2 plates+20 lbsx10 (pause at 6 and 4) PR

    Ultra wide grip pulldowns
    190x12 (pause at 7 and 10)PR

    Strive shoulder press
    Used it because I wanted to do something that would be easier on my aching right shoulder.
    180x10, fairly slow pace, really focused on coming down nice and slow

    Close grip rows
    197.5x12 (pause at 6 and 9) PR

    Pressdowns with V shaped bar
    (all the flat benches were taken at this point)
    80x15 (pause at 8 and 13) PR

    Then I did the Romanian Deads and shrugs i didn't do the other day

    R. Deads
    245x14 (pause at 8 and 11)PR

    BB shrugs
    Added a 5 second pause at the top just for the hell of it.
    225x17 (pause at 8 and 13)PR

    Abs as usual.

    Also adding Lean Xtreme to my plan and I picked up some AMP for after the Alb. is done.

    Weight today was a good 196, no bloat after pwo though.

  28. Alright next week is my last week on activaTe, so I am going to try and go heavy on all my compound lifts and see what numbers I can get. I will try and do regular bb benches provided my shoulders aren't hurting during the warm up. After next week I will be doing a slightly different program based on what I know about myself so far and what I have learned from trying the DC training. I haven't set it up yet exactly but I do know a few things about it so far-

    Will use rest pause for heavy back movements (both planes).
    Will have one lower intensity, high volume day comprised of supersets and giant sets.
    Squat and squat type movements will done in sets of 5's with a lot of warm ups.
    Tricep training will be rest paused on anything compound.
    Cardio will be fairly low intensity
    Carbs will be dropped.
    Widowmaker type dropsets will be employed on my bi's after doing heavy rows and on chest work.
    Will follow a modified version of Dave Tate's workout he is doing for dropping weight. I am fairly sure I will do slightly less movements than he lists for his sets and a slightly different setup.
    I am going to do antagonistic muscle groups together and am going to listen to how my body responds and go from there.
    I will still use agressive stretching on certain exercises, ones that do not stress other joints.
    First and foremost I am going to listen to how my body responds to the training on a week to week basis and go from there. I will adjust volume according to my level of carbs and feeling.
    The goal of all this is to do all types of training for each group and to work on lagging areas as I approach the next, and final, 4 weeks of my cut. This is more of a bb'er approach to this, but whatever.

    Welcome to EliteFTS.com

    Link to somewhat of what I will be doing.

  29. K, I lifted today because my gym is closing early tomorrow, not my first choice, but hell, I didn't wanna wait till Wednesday to lift again. Do not think my tri's had enough time fo fully recover, as my right tri became very sore, almost crampy, after my last set.

    BB Bench
    Focused a lot on form, pl'ing form that is, really controlling the motion and focusing on the movement.
    Some warm ups
    195x6 (PR by 1 rep, think I would have had 1 or 2 more had my tri's not been cramping at this point).
    Downset, 175x10

    BB rows
    Lower back was sore from the RDL's the other day, again I did not want to lift today but I really had no choice in the matter.
    Some warmups
    230x15, pause at 10PR
    Think if I had been able to bend over as much as I normally do this number would have been lower, but I can't complain.

    Hammer Shoulder press
    some warmups
    Same weight as last week, 2 plates per sidex6 PR

    Rear Delt flies
    Just for light assistance

    Hanging pikes
    3 setsx max reps
    supersetted w/
    Eagle crunches
    3 sets w/35 lb plate on chest, 10 reps.

    Went all by feel today, did what I origonally aimed to do. For sets I do not do rest/pause for I am planning on doing 2 sets at ~80% or higher, not trying to cash out my CNS, just trying to get some heavy lifting in on this day.

    Next day will be moderate intensity, moderate volume and happens to be a leg day, so I will work in the 8 to 10 rep range and will finally be wide stance squatting again.

  30. Mod, this log was spost to be in the powerlifting section, I do not know why it is here, can it be switched over?

  31. Leg day today.
    Decided at work to stick the DC program out till the end of this week at least, I might not drop it after all, I really just do not have the time to sit down and write out some elaborate scheme. I do know my next program will be an old Westside Template I made in February.

    Anyways, was a very, very low day for me today in terms of carbs. Had 14g from old fashioned oats, and then the boss-man took us out for lunch, but to a burger joint. I ate the bun, which was most likely 18 to 20 at most (small bun, huge burger) and was worried about eating white bread, but it didn't really matter in the end. Other than that my only other carbs have been from my pwo, which were old fashioned oats, had about 36 grams from that.

    So what was the result? Well let's look at my lifts.

    Box squats, 1 inch below parallel
    295xmiss (set up really weird and missed the box, came down to rock bottom, ass was literally touching the ground).
    Reset the bar
    315x7 PR Never done this much weight below parallel before, so I was happy and did another set.
    315x7 again, grinded out the last one, but it was there.
    My new strategy on squats is to take 2-3 weeks off the lift when my 5rm tops out, doing so got me 2 extra reps the first day back, not too shabby on a sub 75 gram day.

    Romanian Deads
    265x11, pause at 8 PR Huge PR on this one.

    EZ bar curls.
    some warmups, forgot the weights, was just grabbing the bars off the rack and trying to get a good warmup.
    Ended up with 110
    110x14, pauses at 6 and 9 PR Another big PR for me.

    Barbell shrugs
    135xway too easy so I just racked it.
    295x16, pauses at 8 and 13PR Enormous PR, I believe 70 lbs for more reps than I did last time I did them with a BB

    Decline ABs
    Moved the bench angle way up, about 45 degrees.
    bw+35lbsx12, then a rest and a few more reps I didn't count because I was too busy thinking of how much I wanted to barf

    Forgot the weight numbers, Did a heavy set followed by a few drop sets.

    All stretches done for 60 seconds like normal except for the bi one, which was done for 90.

    I also talked to my dad a few days ago about how he used to diet when he cycled professionally. He told me he could eat about 1600 kcals, with only veggies and some oatmeal for carbs, but keep everything else high, and manage to lose weight, then plateau and improve performance and composition at that weight, maybe that's the way it's working for me, I don't know. I know this program is designed to make PR's all the time, but I'm not sure how common it is to get these sorts of results while on less than 50% of my normal intake. It could be very possible that I have part of his endomorphic body type, maybe I actually need less carbs than I was consuming even to bulk. I'm going to stay with this method for the rest of my cut, refeeds will be on Saturdays. Did I mention I got these results with no more NHA stack?

    Weight was 194 today, abs are starting to make an appearance, arms are leaner, chest is the same, legs are the same, calves are looking leaner and my back is definately a lot leaner.

  32. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Mod, this log was spost to be in the powerlifting section, I do not know why it is here, can it be switched over?

  33. What happened to all of the other logs that were in this forum?

  34. with proper training and diet you should be able to make good progress while leaning out to ~10-11%.

  35. Ya I don't think that will be too much of a problem, I have 3 to 4 weeks to go, I'm leaning up nicely now and strength isn't an issue with low carbs so I'm not worried about muscle loss.

  36. Alright today was both good and bad at the same time again.
    Cannot wait to refeed tomorrow, which is also my designated cheat day for the week, going to chow on some pizza (which is actually from a joint that prides itself on using only fine organic toppings so it won't be too bad).

    Hammer Strength Incline Chest
    Platex10 (this was actually some how irritating my still sore bi's)
    Plate+25xsome reps, probably 5 or 6
    2 platesx5
    2 plates+2 10'sx1
    2 plates+25 (per side) 230lbs totalx8, pauses at 5 and 7 PR albeit a narrow one, but ey working out on a 75 gram day sucks bad.
    Did my widowmaker with flys instead of dumbells, did 30's for 20

    Wide grip pulldowns
    I was so damn tired at this point it was ridiculous. Screw low carbs.
    190x13 PR but only by a rep.

    Hammer Strength Shoulder press.
    1 plate per sidex10
    1 plate+25x4
    2 platesx5, not a PR, but not horrible considering how tired/sore I was at this point.

    Low Cable rows
    200x13 PR I actually did a few more than this but at this point form was deteriorating so I'm not going to count those reps.

    CG Bench press
    170x11PR Nice PR, arch felt great, form was perfect, really pleased with this set. Tri's are starting to look pretty good these days, really nice horseshoe going

    Hanging Pikes supersetted with weighted Crunches w/45lb plate. Did 5 reps for the Pikes, 20 for the Crunches.

    Weight was a hair below 194 today, probably actually still 194.

    After workout I was looking pretty good for my amount of recent carbs. I was a little flat, but hey that's expected, bi's are coming along really nicely, back is toning up well, chest looks the same (I never get fat there ever), Abs are starting to make a very vague appearance.

    Last day of Albuterol was today. Oh how I will miss thee.

    3 or 4 more weeks to go, thinking of taking a week off completely after week 5 maybe. I hope to be at my goal percentage and appearance by that point. After I will slowly ramp up my intake and begin lean bulking again.

    Cardio is 30 minutes brisk walking around the city on off days, I also walk around a lot just getting places since I don't have a car here.

  37. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    What happened to all of the other logs that were in this forum?
    Admin wants all workout logs in this section of the forum. This section was created so that everything doesn't get cluttered up.

  38. Today was an upper day again. Kinda good, kinda not so good.

    Flat BB bench
    200x6PR by only one rep. Really grinded the last two out hard. Spotter was making sure I was tucking right, said the first few reps I was not tucking enough which could have led to my fatigue by rep 6. Still, pretty happy with that, only 125 grams of carbs today (not including the field of veggies I ate).
    185x5 paused reps. 2 second pause at the bottom with an explosive concentric.
    Didn't do the widowmaker, am not going to do it anymore with chest, consequently I was able to do the stretch for 90 seconds.

    Shoulder Width Chins
    bwx16, rest at 8 and 13 PR, Felt strong on these today, grinded the last few out

    Hammer Strength Military
    plate+2 10'sx5
    2 platesx6

    Bent Over BB rows
    Could not get a good bend on these for some reason. Due to the fact that my form was detiorating during set last week I did all reps super controlled in perfect form with the same weight I used last week. Then I came home and realized it wasn't the same weight I used last time at all, it was 15 lbs heavier. I'm going to stay at this weight and work on form with this movement.
    245x16, pause at 8 and 13 PR

    Tried lying dumbell extensions, hurt my elbows, tried a few sets of pressdowns, just don't feel those as a good tri movement. Went back to weighted dips.

    Weighted Dips
    bw+25lbsx11, pause at 8 and 10PR. Got more reps on the first part of the set than normal.

    Weighted 45 degree situps
    3 sets of bw+35x8, supersetted with weighted Eagle crunches w/ 35 lb plate for as many as I could do (Around 20)

    Guess it was a good workout, felt kinda small, but my strength was still there. Starting to feel a little overtrained, this might be my last week before my break, we'll see.

    I think I might take a break from running an online log for a while. If I have one on here I'm always comparing myself to others and feeling depressed about my lifts, when I should actually be happy about them. I might take a break from the board altogether after this log for a bit just because I feel like I'm probably not contributing anything valuable with this log and my numbers are not impressive enough to put online for people to read.

  39. Really unpredictable day, hard to get in all my meals but I managed. Really horrible headache this morning, it was affecting my vision in my right eye really bad. Probably shouldn't have lifted today but I couldn't say no.

    Box squats
    315x8, First 7 were a straight set almost, little pauses at the top to catch my breath. Then on 8 I grinded out the most agonizing and slow rep ever for my PR
    Drop Set
    Pause squats 225x5 w/3 second pause
    Nice little top off to a painful squat session

    Romanian Deadlifts
    275x10, pause at 5 and 9 PR really fried my posterior.

    EZ Bar curls
    buncha warmups, I never keep track of these
    110x14, pause at 7 and 12PR

    Way too tired at this point to continue, will superset the shrugs and calves with something tomorrow.

    Starting to feel kinda exhausted a whole lot recently. Might be time to take a week break. On average it takes me 5 weeks to reach overtraining, but every time I come back I continue my streak of pr's so it's worth it.

  40. Just updating since I havent in a while.
    Took a week break because of work and to avoid overtraining

    Wasn't feeling good yesterday but had a good workout

    Warmupsxa bunch (I dont pay attention anymore, I just keep adding slowly until I feel ready for my work set.
    205x5 Pr only 5 lb pr but whatever

    Wide grip pullups
    warm upsxbw
    bwx12, RP at 7 and 10PR

    Military BB press
    Warm ups
    Really bad form on the first few sets, first time doing these since my shoulder started hurting, could not get the seat height right
    135x7, RP at 6PR

    Bent Over BB rows
    Took the weight down to work on form, make the movement more smooth.
    230x20, RP at 8 and 16 PR Really felt these all over, pulled them to my hip crease which felt harder on my lats and bi's

    Weighted Dips
    bw+25 lbsx14, RP at 10 and 12. Not sure why I couldn't get more after the pause, the weight belt was really shaky though, coulda been it.

    All stretches done to 90 seconds this time, Moved up to 45s on the chest stretch, if I dont do the widowmaker i can use a lot more weight and get a better stretch

    Hanging pikes supersetted with weighted crunches w/ 45 lb plate overhead

    20 mins walking

    Felt so dead when I got home, woke up miserable today and I mean miserable. I have never had the flu this bad. I went from having the chills to boiling and back. I can't even eat a damn thing, it took me 2 hours to choke down 2 protein bars, so I predict I will lose 3 or 4 lbs this week by the time it's over. Won't get to work out until i leave for home on saturday, so hopefully i dont lose too much squat strength, cant do much about it really.

    All I can manage to do is drink gatorade, so i also predict ill gain some of the fat and water back i lost, making this cut completely pointless. i dont think anyone knows how frustrated i am right now


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