So Iíve been in a cut for about 6 weeks and its becoming harder to fit cardio sessions without sacrificing my weight training. I was thinking about my split and came up with a few that might work for me.

Has anyone ever ran a split like this before?
Any other recommendations without having to do double days? Doubles are just getting harder for me. I personal train early mornings (5:30am) and on and off until 4pm or so.

Day 1-push/pull/arms (deadlift focused)

Day 2-20 minute HIIT (10 min total of true HIIT)

Day 3-Legs (quad dominant day)

Day 4-push/pull/arms (bench focused)

Day 5-400 cal. Low intensity cardio

Day 6- Legs (Hamstring dominant day)

Day 7-400 cal. Low intensity cardio