Hey guys. got my first stack ordered and ready to start, but i want to maximize my gains with the proper lifting routine. of course, there are posts for all diff kinds of ****, but im looking for feedback on my current 6 week stack/lifting routine.

Mecha-100mg/day first 3 weeks then up to 125mg last 3 weeks
stano elite-900mg/day first 3 weeks then up to 1200 last 3 weeks
cycle asst week before and whole time on cycle
1g taurine 2x daily week before whole time on cycle
DAA powder-1 scoop daily weeks 6-10
chlomid- 50mg/day weeks 8-11
post cycle support- weeks 9-13

calories/day hover around 4200-5000 (depending on if i cheat on diet)

Lifting routine is where im torn. my body reacts well to full body 5x5 3 days a week off cycle, but im thinking of either doing the same but 5 days a week OR moving to an EXTREME 5 day split might be my best bet?

any input on additions to the stack/ recommended on cycle lifting routine for mass gaining would be greatly appreciated.