bigger stronger faster with the help of 5/3/1

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  1. bigger stronger faster with the help of 5/3/1

    Hello there! I am kinda new around here. Just really got started into powerlifting type training after reading and watching videos for hours online I decided to go full speed ahead with 5/3/1. For assistance work I am doing boring but big. I am really after a 1000 lb total at 198 lbs. Right now I am about 185 my current maxes are:
    squat- 285
    bench- 225
    dead- 365
    OH press- 165

    I dont like those numbers at all.. Kind of a product of me hurting my back a little bit in May and dropping about 10 lbs.. no more excuses or other bs though. With 5/3/1 I just want to move the weight up slowly and get back in better shape (starting at 90% of maxes per Wendler). I would hope to be able to compete in my first powerlifting meet in April to get an official total.

    today i did my first squat work out.

    week 1 day A

    warm up (stretch, foamroll, dynamic)

    squat - 135x5 135x5
    work sets 190x 5
    215x5+4 (could of hit 2 more but stopped)
    135x10x3 125x10 115x10

    95x10 105x10x2 115x10 125x10

    cool down (stretch foam roll)

    Good first lift. weight was moving good. its going to take sometime to get used to the squat volume.

  2. Today is a rest day.. Legs sure are nice and sore from that volume on squats. Plan on stretching and foam rolling throughout the day. Might go on a short jog later.

    Tomorrow is bench day!

  3. week 1 day B

    rotator cuff warm up

    bb bench press
    warm up- bar x 15-20 95x10 135x5
    work sets- 150x5 160x5 170x11
    boring but big- 115x3x10 105x2x10

    db row
    45x20 50x2x20 (forearms about burnt out) 40x2x20

    foam roll (legs, low back, upper back)

    notes- rows were more difficult then anticipated. bench press was quick. DOMS from squats are still pretty severe. But I feel ready to deadlift tomorrow. felt good to be in and out of the gym in about 50 mins.

  4. Good luck on your goals man. Lots of good guys in this section to help you out if you check the logs. 531 is an AM favorite.
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  5. Welcome to 5-3-1 shoot me any questions you have about it, I've been doing variants for 7 months now. you'll love it.

  6. Thanks guys! I was looking through some logs before I started 5/3/1 myself. Seems to be a pretty good program for most guys that use it!

  7. Yes sir, it works. Plain and simple.

  8. week 1 day C

    didn't sleep very well last night.. woke up at 4 am and rolled around until about 7:30 then had to do a physical exam for a new job.. came home and took a nap for 2 hours after that woke up did a bunch of foam rolling/stretching then hit the gym!


    foam rolling (legs,back,triceps)
    stretched out the hips, hams, quads

    warm ups - barx15 135x2x5 185x5 225x3
    work sets - 245x5 260x5 280x11
    h ttp://www . youtube .com/ watch?v=0pUW9Xhfyoc (280x11)
    boring but big - 175x3x10 165x2x10

    abs -
    3 sets of sit ups on decline bench
    2 sets of hanging leg raises

    cool down -
    foam roll

    notes - another strong gym day. very happy with my performance on deads today. give me feedback on the video I posted if you guys could. I need all the help I can get to be a bigger stronger faster version of myself. BTW i switched grip on rep 8 i think in that video to an over under grip to help me get a few more reps out. could of probably hit 13-14 reps on that weight.. but Wendler says to leave some in the bag. powerlifting is a marathon not a sprint.

    "Rome wasn't built in a day."

  9. messed around and finally got up to 20 posts.. here goes a repost of that vid with proper linking

  10. Get your hips down a little lower and flatten out the lower back. Keep your chest up and keep a strong back through the pull. And you don't need to lean back so far at the top, you're leaning so far your knees bend again. Just lock out it. You look strong and with some form tweaks you'll be lifting even more. Good head/neutral neck position.

  11. Thanks for the advice.. Yeah I really focused on keeping a neutral head today and kinda missed the other keys. Next week will look 100% better.

  12. Good to hear man as long as you improve every week or at least learn something that's what matters.

  13. Wattup! Gotta see how thangs going on the other side of town ha nice lifting

  14. ohh not much. picking things up putting em down.


    todays a rest day. just doing the Limber 11. well 10 for me because i dont have a lacrosse ball yet. make sure to get one of those very soon.

  15. week1 cycle1 day D

    traps and upper back were quite tight/sore before going to the gym. tried stretching them out felt alright, still felt tightness during my reps on OH press. any ideas on how to alleviate this tightness??

    rotator cuffs
    foam rolling (low back, upper back, hams)

    OH press
    warm-up - barx20 95x2x5
    work sets - 110x5 120x5 125x9
    boring but big - 85x10 75x3x10 65x10

    chin ups (bw) - 10,10,8,8,9

    cool down

    notes - OH work was a little more difficult than i thought it would be. chins went well, after set 3 i was pretty fatigued but still had two more good sets. all in all good 1st week of 5/3/1.. looking forward to starting week 2 in a few days. and my weight is up to 193 this morning, ate a little too much yesterday lol.

    need to pick up a lacrosse ball for my upper back and glutes.

  16. cycle 1 week 2 day A

    fasted work out this morning nothing but NO xplode and modern bcaa in my stomach. yesterday was Country Jam at the fairgrounds so i was out in the sun baking for the whole day.. got a nice tan/burn hahah. well anyways.

    simple stretching of the hips and hams

    warm-ups - barx15 135x5 185x4 190x3
    work sets - 205x3 215x3 230x6
    boring but big - 135x5x10

    good mornings
    105x2x10 115x10 125x10 135x10

    cool down
    stretch hips and hams

    notes - quick work out (45 mins) sets of 10 on squats were easier than last week. hit 135 on all 5 sets. doubled my reps on last set of 3s. hopefully i can keep that throughout the next week. give me feed back on squat form. everything felt okay.

  17. I think I leaned a bit forward on squats yesterday. I wasn't forcing my knees out like I want too.

    Today is a recovery day. I'm not really sore like last week. Still woke up did some hip mobility work and a little foam rolling to begin the day.

    Bench day tomorrow.

  18. In for the ride. Similar lifts, and goals.

    Boring but Big is an awesome template.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by capo180 View Post
    I think I leaned a bit forward on squats yesterday. I wasn't forcing my knees out like I want too.

    Today is a recovery day. I'm not really sore like last week. Still woke up did some hip mobility work and a little foam rolling to begin the day.

    Bench day tomorrow.
    From what I saw.. Depth looked great! the leaning wasnt bad at all .. maybe u felt otherwise. But looked good to me. Keep it up brotha

  20. Quote Originally Posted by atanocc View Post
    From what I saw.. Depth looked great! the leaning wasnt bad at all .. maybe u felt otherwise. But looked good to me. Keep it up brotha
    thanks man. i just had a little incident back in may when i hurt my back while squating, left me out about a month.. i felt good with those squats the other day though. i just nit-pick my form lol.

  21. cycle 1 week 2 day B

    bench day is here! feel pretty good today. my first couple of bench sets felt like poo but my last set went for 8 reps which is great. also got some video of me benching..

    static shoulder stretching
    arm swings
    other RC work

    bench press
    warm ups - barx10 95x5 135x3
    work sets - 160x3 170x3 185x8
    boring but big - 115x5x10

    DB rows
    45x3x20 50x2x20

    cool down
    band pull-a-parts
    did some broomsticks (snatch grip bringing stick above the head and behind the back while rotating shoulders and attempting to touch low back)

    notes - 40-45 min workout. 115 is more like 60% of my working max, every rep was pretty easy.. did pauses on last few reps of each set of 10. row were fun once again, got a nice burn in the forearms once again. i dont know what i was starring at during that bench video haha.. but after that i focused on fixating my eyes on a speaker in the ceiling lol, seemed to help.

  22. cycle 1 week 2 day C

    planned on this being an off day.. but i felt good after working 9 hours so i said why not hit some deads..

    haha well anyways.

    static stretching (hips, hams)
    wall squats

    warm ups - 135x5 185x5 225x3
    work sets - 260x3 280x3 295x8
    boring but big - 175x5x10

    decline sit ups
    4x15 1x20

    cool down
    stretching low back and hams
    about to foam roll now..

    notes - good workout for being late.. did a early lift and late lift this week. would rather lift late.. besides that, deads were better this week i think. rounding of back was evident on the last two reps.. i was just pushing for 8 today. and i reached that goal. let me know how my lifts look so far to this point guys. it will help me get better. the last two sets of boring but big for deads were pretty rough today..

  23. Nice pullin man.. But try to keep head up n chest up. I see a few reps u had ur head down

  24. Chest up, yes. Head up, no. The spine and neck should all create a straight line when viewing from the side. Ideally you should be focusing on a spot about 6-8 feet in front of you in order to maintain that angle. Same thing with squat, you don't need to look up. Form looked pretty good, Hard to tell from the angle, but what's the little dip move you have going at the top of the movement? Might be something you want to work on, but hard to see if you're just trying to squeeze at the top or what. Have you read Starting Strength? Essential book to have for form questions.Edit: for the BP, keep your head down! lol. Pick a spot in the ceiling and focus on that and don't follow the bar.

  25. yeah. I'm working on the chest up head down thing. i did the extended neck form for so long. it is taking me a while trying to get used to tucking the head and maintaining proper form. one thing that is helping me is consistently getting my lifts on video..


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