The Phoenix/Dark Knight/Countrylifter Rises

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  1. The Phoenix/Dark Knight/Countrylifter Rises

    I don't have the creativity some of you have when writing these titles, sorry. Batman is still fresh on my mind from last night though. I am gona start a new log tonight, just to follow workouts, I am not doing anything crazy supplement wise, I might look for something new to try that is oral. Finishing out some erase now. I actually feel good, I think I am making more and more progress as far as back pain goes and healing. Its a lot less and less flare ups and they are less intense.

    I have cut a ton of weight, from just over 200, to sitting at around 170, but still pretty darn strong, especially for my weight. Considering all things. Going to get back to 300+ BP, I can dead 225 for plenty of reps now, still painful after workout for a few days though so I won't increase weight at all, prob just go to supper high 20+ reps with that weight for a few more months, I have been squatting with 225 as well without much issue, going very deep and getting some good work in my legs, I can really feel it. Gona stay at 225 on squats as well, as I am healing and don't want to mess up a good thing. I have been running .5-1 mile at 8-9 mph before every workout to keep my mid distance training and my sprinting ability, and to warm up my legs and back for all my workouts. I have been stretching a ton more and just trying to do everything right for my body. Diet is low cals, on days I eat strict I am prob 2500, days I eat junk could prob hit close 4-5k honestly, I need those days sometimes though. Strength is up, BF is down. My lower belly still needs to lose a little fat, but I don't even remember being this lean even when I was at 7% so... I don't know. Goal is to maintain this body fat proportion and gain muscle now. I might get my BF measured today just for fun.

    I have decided that in order to give myself a goal other than just healing and getting stronger, I want to try and compete in an ameatur power lifting competition sometime within the next few years, when I am ready. There is a association that started up near me that is holding them, they are actually having one the 4&5th. I don't think I am in shape for it, especially because the light weight class is 225 and under. so the big guys can have a good 55 pounds on me. I am going to try and get some equiptment, etc and read up on technique, diet, workout structure, etc to learn anything specific I should know. If anyone has some really good links, PM me. I have always been power oriented, so this is a good fit for me.

    Going to start HIIT training today, this is kind of bitter sweet to me, because sprinting is what gave me my initial injury which led downhill to another injury playing ball, from running, and basically killed all the hardwork I had ever put into lifting. But I have to remind myself it was muscular imbalance and me not keeping up with my stretching and stabilizers that left my body unprepared, not the act of the sprinting itself. So I am going to turn what hurt me into what will heal and grow me. Sounds like a good movie plot or something doesn't it?

    I really am at the point where my determination and confidence is strong, I WANT to be at the gym every day, I GO everyday, I put in HARD work every set every day, I keep eating smart, sleeping smart, working smart, and pushing myself. I know its just a matter of time as I watch myself grow back to and past my former self. I can throw up some old pics, some new ones, and set some solid goals after the gym.

  2. Reserved for updates.

  3. Well, I have all my workouts from the past month or so, but I am going to add Todays and the last two to start. I was on a weekend trip and couldn't workout (camping) the past weekend so I did a wide range of exercises to hit everything the first two days back. Then started back into my split today. I normally split legs, back/tri (or bi), chest/bi (or tri), arms/shoulders, and throw core and a few others in on days I have extra time. I am trying not to over train my abs again as my stomach was really thick and big even at 8-9% BF before, and I didn't have the taper I wanted. So I am gona train for lean muscle and try to keep my abs from bulking up, at least for now.

    My usualy order is Chest Back Arm Leg and I try to workout every day of the week, I usually end up with 1-2 days off though. I get a decent rest for all body parts in there, if I feel myself start to get worn or sore in the joints I back off a little but I haven't yet since coming back. Finishing up my erase/natty stack I just ran I got a little dry at the end but nothing bad. Running Erase at 2 caps AM, take lit up/1mr for a pwo, along with some creatine and betaline around 2g each added in. Post is ON cookies n creme and I add 5g leucine in with that. Thats pretty much all my supplementation. I actually stopped taking multi because of a few things I have read where multis lead to lower life expectancy and other issues, I just eat lots of fruits and veges and alot of varienty. People got nutriets from food for thousands of years. I can do it too. I have lots of joint support stuff too but none of it ever seems to help at all. and I got sick of taking so many pills.

    So Today is thurs, Not sure what workout I am missing in my book but I lifted M-Thurs. Tomorrow looks like I will end up with an off day due to work and the SO.

    Worksouts tend to be around 10-12 (I eat LG diet so I eat around 11-1 til 7-9)

    Back/Legs Body Weight 173

    Run 1/2 mile @9mph

    low back xtn - 130x15

    Tbar rows- 95x7, 145x10, 170 x7, 10, 145x12


    shrug-225x10,10, 150x15 (shrugs put alot of pressure on my lower back/spine, so I keep them heavier. My traps are plenty big and get lots of work other places)

    leg press-310x 10,12,12

    Pull up- Over Handx 5, Under hand x7

    Abs- situp superset, leg lifts, rock/med ball twist.


    Chest Body Weight - 171

    Bench- (legs up)135x7,10,7, (legs down) 225 x5,2, 205x7

    DB press (slight incline) 70x7,10, 60x12,10

    DB Fly- 25x5, 30x5 (strict)

    Pushups x 20,20

    Pec Dec/Machine Fly 75x8,8

    Arms BW-170.5 BF-8.9% (caliper)

    DB Preacher Curl - 35x10, 25x12, 8

    Pulley Curl - 8(80) x 7,10 10x10,7

    Iso Curl - 25x7,8

    Tri Pull Down Push down SS

    Kickback on Pulley - 3x5,5, 2x8,10

    Over head extension- 70x7, 60x7

    HIIT:s=sprint, r=run, w=walk, j=jog, etc. All without stopping. Distance in meters.

    300j,100s,100w,50s,150w,150s,1 00w,100s,200w,100s. ended up being about 250m short of a mile total, one of the walks I stepped out the 50m portion then walked back to the start for the sprint, so I knew how far to go. Ended up screwing with my total distance but I got in the 5 springs I wanted and was ready to throw up so, work done. I like doing sprints versus walk/jog for about 1000 different reasons.

    I feel awesome. Some of my lifts say otherwise though. I have a good ways to go.


    And Relaxed:

  4. Sunday was Leg Day

    I went easy, as doing legs iratates my back still. I was at work too so I had to deal with people and do my job so it had to be a quickie. (yes I work at the gym)

    Calf Press- 210 x 12, 12

    Leg Press 310x7,10,10

    Leg Curl - 70 x 10,10

    Leg XTN- 90x 10,15,16

    stretch and walk.

    Monday was a Chest workout, I took the good parts of my last chest workout and got rid of the bad stuff.

    I also changed my PWO a little, left out the Beta A and the 1 MR and was carefull to mix not shake it, and I didn't feel nearly as lethargic, actually I felt AWESOME at the gym. I don't know if you have noticed but I have been having and issue with lethargy at the gym after my PWO drink. Anyways, continuing that today.

    Also, I was sick sunday night and was really dehydrated, sore throat etc. So I was suprised how good of a session I had.


    DB Bench - 50x7, 70x7, 85x8,7,4

    Pecdec - 75x7,7,8,8

    Cable cross (down) 6x7, 5x10,10

    Floor Bench (smith, power rack was taken... didn't like it on smith at all)
    215x1,1,1,5,2 195x7. I couldn't get comfortable with the smith bar on a track, you need free movement on these.

    Arnold Press (OH DB) 50'sx 8, 10,10

    Pushups - 20

    HIIT 50m repeats, I got a laps jog in and 3 50s, my quad was bothering me bad so I stopped and went home to eat and heat/ice.

    Good workout, despite the cardio training kind of being setback by the quad.

  5. ARMS

    Tri Push Down-6x7, 8x7,10
    Tri Pull Down-6x7,8x7,10

    cable kickback-3x4,5 2x7,7

    DB Skull crushers - 25x7,7
    SS'd w/
    Dips x 13,15

    DB Curls (slow, strict) 35x10,10,10

    exbar curl (Strict) 55x7,8,8

    Pull ups UH- Hang and pump Fascia Stretch (FS) 3,3, FS

    Awesome arm day, had crazy pumps all workout, I really concetrated on form and got so much more out of my workout.

    When I say strict, I mean strict. I keep good form with all my lifts. But when I go strict I go slow and consise, with a good pinch and hold at the end of every rep, and slow release back down. The EZ bar curls I kept the elbows LOCKED at the hip and did the reps slightly bent over, and really good a good, painful pump in my bis, felt amazing.

    Something else I wanted to add, from my chest workout. I was repping 85s, which was pretty much what I did back at my strongest point, I think I maxed out at 90s. But at 85, thats exactly my body weight for reps, which for dumbells is pretty impressive, at least for me. I am glad to be at that mile stone and hopefully continue to grow. I really haven't seen a change in body weight, but physically I am looking and feeling bigger and stronger. Which is fine by me. Diet seems to be on point on days I remember to keep eating clean. I had a McGangBang today which was my cheat meal I guess, I was way low on calories though and it was cheap and effective calories. a McGangBang is a Mcdouble split in half, with a McChicken stuck inside. LOL. I don't really ever eat Mcdonalds but a guy I know told me about it once and I had to try it. Usually I will toss the bun on the McChicken, but I kept it today, my body Was SCREAMING for food. I followed that with a loaded potatoe soup, 6 OZ steak, 5 beer battered shrimp, a bread stick, and some cooked zuchini and other veges, and a glass of water about an hour later. and I was going to eat my baked potatoe (this italian place gives you a TON of food) but I am gona save it for lunch tomorrow, because I was pretty darn close to my calories for the day, and I didn't make my cardio session today. tomorrow is either kick boxing, sprints, or possibly something else? We will see.

  6. Good back workout, cold meds have me screwed up though and cut the workout a little short because I was feeling sick and pushing it too much. Gona hit a ab workout/mma workout later in the day then post up everything for the day then. Just broke my fast at like 2:15, a little late on that... Chicken noodle soup, baked potatoe, 2 eggs and 1 egg white scrambled with cheese, ON protein shake, I think I ate something else too, but I forget what. Gona eat some tuna now and a yogurt. Mmmmm. I was looking all cut up this morning because I am so dehydrated so I am upping the carbs to help fight this sickness and drinking lots of water. Protein for the day should be fine, alr10eady got about 70g in from that first meal, tuna and yogurt will add another 20 and thats over 50% off my protein for the day, I got a snack and diner tonight still to get the rest in. I shoot for .75-1 g/lb protein, same for carbs, .5-.75 g/lb for fat. gives me about 1800 calories on the low end, and 2500 on the high end. Needless to say these are my "set" calories, and I usually over shoot them by a bit. I will end up at around 4k on my big feed days, if I can actually get to food that is. and around 2.5k on my off days, as long as I remember to stop myself. But as you can see if I hit my "set" calories on the head and don't get to eat enough, I take in barely enough to grow muscle and not add any fat, or even I will end up burning fat because I am always working out at the end of my 16-18 or 20 hour fast.

    I don't believe in calories in = calories out, per se. some guys do, alot of LG guys don't. If I am burning fat, say 500 calories at the gym between 1 hr of lifting and my HIIT. then I don't need to eat those 500 calories, because I took them from fat reserves ( that I am trying to burn!). I then boost my muscles with good carbs, lots of protein, and good fat immediately post workout and for 8 hours after, letting them heal and grow. Then repeat. Thats a very condensed version of how LG works, in a way.

  7. Okay, so yesterdays full workout:



    DB Row- 70x10,12, 80 x 8,10

    OH Pullup - 10,8

    Lat Pull Down - H=horizontal or flat handle, V= vertical or upand down inner handle. 190Hx8, 210Vx9, 210Hx8, 250Vx7, 250Hx8, 290Vx5.

    row machine 150x7,7 170x 4,1 ( I felt like crap during these, and somewhat sick, I really pushed on the Lat PDs.

    cable shrug - 150x20,20

    Later in the day I did my heavy bag HIIT and some ab/core work with crunches, leg lifts, bicycles and 6 inches.

    Thursday, today, was a "Power" day, I want to start training for powerlifting, before I can get into the heavy, intense movements of powerlifting, I need to get the basic strength and power lifts down and back together.

    Stretch and jog 1min,

    Power Clean- 135x7,7,7

    Squat - 135x7, 225x7,7,7

    Deadlift - 135x7, 225x7,7,7

    2 min walk, stretch

    Today was all about, form, and function. I had very limited back pain, my hips and glutes were all jammed up however, I worked through it. Power cleans I probably could have forced myself to rep 160-170. Squats were pretty much at my limit, I felt a TON of pressure on my lower spine, I really need to keep strenthening my core, its still so messed up, especially my lower back/stabilizers.

    Deads felt pretty good but I was exhausted from the other lifts at that point.

    Back was sore from yesterdays back workout, so that put a little bit of a hamper on the power cleans, but overall I felt good. I was going to take a rest day before I did this power day, but we had bad storms all day here and there was nothing to do really, and I just really wanted to go to the gym.

    I forgot to weigh myself again, but I am guessing around 171 again, I actually feel a little heavy today. I have been eating more by force. I didn't break my fast until 230 today though, normally I break my fast around 11:30 or 12. Now I can eat til 10 tonight, I will probably stop at around 9 though, with a good dairy snack. cottage cheese and yogurt sounds yummy. I had 2 scoops of protein in milk (60g of protein roughly) 2 small square slices of pizza (left overs from family) and a egg, bacon, chicken, cheese, spicy ranch sandwhich on wheat. basically 1 egg, 5oz of grilled chicken roughly (leftovers again), 1 slice american cheese, 2 slices bacon, some franks red hot, a little bit of lite ranch dressing, all between two slices of wheat toast. Mmmmmm. around, 50g of protein in that I do believe, anyways, I just hit around 120+ protein and probably 100ish carbs for the day so far, plus a good 40g of fat at least. I don't count calories, but I have a good idea of what I am putting in from counting in the past. Not bad for meal number 1 of the day. I usually have big meal, snack, medium meal, fast. sometimes I add a small snack before I will start fast, if I eat my last meal early in my eating window.

  8. Just ordered 100g alcar, formadrol extreme ( I respond very well to it) and ConDense as a pwo. well see how this stuff turns out. I am gona try adding DAA in again, I didn't like how I felt last time I tried it but I still have some on tap.

  9. The feelin in my legs the morning after a power workout. Lol. They are so weak. Soon I will have monster legs again though.

    45 mins after taking my PWO and I don't feel pumped at all. Not exactly ideal conditions for a killer chest day. Time to get myself pumped. que music!

  10. Yesterday (friday) was the crappiest workout ever, as I mentioned I wasn't feeling it. I guess this cold/medicine is taking it's toll plus just an off day, I dont know. Pissed me off.


    Bench (feet up) 135x10,10
    (feet down) 225x3,3

    DB Press- 80x5,7

    Pulley cross over - 3x7 (didn't like these, felt awkward, skipped)

    Pecdec - 75x7,10

    Smith Bench/Chest Press machine
    290x0 270x1 250x1 230x3 210x3

    Went home and ate up after this, I will revisit chest next week and tear it a new one.

  11. Took a nice weekend off. I meant to workout today but it didn't work out. No pun intended. Back to the grind tomorrow. Back day and sprints. And hit chest again Tuesday hopefully. Then work arms or legs in wednesday. Back thurs and legs or arms Friday I think.

  12. I'm in bro your an OG...nice starting pics man!! You have an awesome base to build from man...I'm subbed
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  13. Thanks man. I looked and felt a lot better before I cut 30+ pounds and got hurt haha. Oh well.

    I feel like my back is strong but lacks definition. Just overall I am so much smaller. I got lots of time though.

  14. Back today, decent workout, but didn't get the pump I wanted. the HIIT was on point and felt good though.


    BW- 171

    jog for 200m, lower back extension warm up

    T bar row - 95x7 145x7 195x7,8,8 145x12

    Pull ups +25lbs - OH5, UH5

    Bent over Rows - 135 xUH7, OH7, OH10

    DB Shrug 100lbs each x 10, 10, 10

    chain saw (db row/clean) - 45sx7,8,10

    Sit ups 20 w/25lb plate + 10 reg, 30 med ball bounce, hanging leg raise

    400m run, stretch, Sprint 100% x 50m,50m,50m,50m, 100m

    cool down.

  15. sub'd.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Quietman
    Thanks bro!

  17. Todays workout song, gona hit chest and tri's hard, I am decently pissed and frustrated so I just got to channel that. I also feel good and am really dry this morning so I look extra cut up, oh yeah! I wish NP would ship my damn order though, I think the ConDense is holding my order up. Better ship it before I leave for school next thursday...

  18. My chest is so damn weak/won't engage. Damn this. I'm all shoulders.

  19. So chest and tri from yesterday:

    BW - 171

    Flat Bench - 135x7,7, 205x7,8,5 185x8

    Incline bench - mobility work, 135x7,7 (upper chest is damn weak, I need to work it more)

    pec dec - 75x10,10,10

    Arnold - 50x 10,10

    Pushups, 12 wide , 15 wide

    tri push down 8x12,12 10x7,8

    kick back 2x5,5

    Worked on form, grip, stance, etc. my back is still hurting my mobility a little, and my hip and low back was cramping in bench and incline bench. Oh well. worked through it.

    Today I did leg and bi


    Squat - barx7, 135x7, 225x7,7,7

    Leg press - seat full back - 305x5 shallow, 305 (deep) x7,7,7 (these were to a full 45, they hurt lol)

    Leg curl 90x5 70x10

    Leg XTN 130x7,10,10

    Preacher curls 55x15,12,12

    DB curl - 35x7 30x8

    single pulley curls 4x5,7,7

    I keep feeling sick during my workouts, I don't know if its my cold medicine I have been taking hurting my stomach, taking my PWO on an empty stomach ( like I have for the past 3 years) or from something else, but I get alot of indegestion/gas/burping and sick feeling, sometimes acid indegestion. Not really ideal for a hard core workout. I am almost out of lit up, I have stopped using beta A and 1MR in my PWO, just to play around with it some more. I should be getting ConDense as soon as nutra planet ships it along with my alcar and formadrol.

    I will be moving into school on thursday next week, so I will be going to the new gym and working out there, and meeting new people, hopefully someone who will be a consistant workout buddy.

  20. Kicked my own butt tonight. And ran out of time at the gym.


    Bw 171

    Power clean 135x7 155x7,6

    Dead 225x3 315x1, 405x0,1. 225x7

    Bumped weight up on power cleans. Maxed on deadlift. Needed the straps. My grip had gotten so weak... The power cleans didn't help. Lol. Lower back didn't like the 405 and I couldn't control it on the lowering phase. Still too much weight for me. But I did the rep. I'll try to get it cleaner in a few months. I just glad my si joint didn't explode.

  21. I have some workouts to update, I will do that after the gym today.

    I had a big family reunion thing yesterday, I got about 5 hours of sleep the night before, took the boat out on the lake and fished in the AM, went to that family thing, at like 2 hamburgers 5 hot dogs 3 chicken wings 3 pieces of desert chips and salsa and special hot sauce this guy made with red carribean peppers habeneros and jalepenos and stuff, along with a bunch of other random food items like pepperoni rolls and chips and pretzels and probably a gallon on lemonaide, I was just hungry all day long and kept eating more too. lol. It was good to have a real cheat day and go all out. I feel good today and actually look cut up this morning... don't know how its possible but I won't complain at all. Back to the grind today.

  22. From Friday I think

    upper chest

    BW - 171.5

    incline bench (deep) 115x7 135x7 170x7,7

    incline Db press 50x10,10,10

    pec dec 75x10,10,12

    pushups 20,20

    ran out of time

    Saturday was arms Bw-171

    Pullup UH 12,5 OH 7,5

    pushups 25,25

    DB curl (strict) 40x7, 50x5R3L+2L after 35x7 30x8

    straight bar curl- barx5,7 65x7,7

    tri push down 8x10,15,12 10x7,8

    pulley kickback 2x8,8,5

    Run 1 Mile

    The straight bar curls I keep my elbos tight to my rear hip and chest up and out, and pull the bar isolating the bi, versus normally locking your elbows in front of your hips. On the concentric I really get a good squeeze into it and it feels great, really good to get a nice function movement and pump right after those DB curls. Feeling pretty good. Sunday I took off, but I was running around, lifting tables and things to set up, and played a few games of horse shoes so I wasn't completely sedentary.

    Today (monday) was back. I did my HIIT in the evening because it started pouring when I was in the gym.

    Bw-173 ( I must have eaten a lot)

    Jog 1/4 at 8mph

    Lat hangs-10, 10

    Lat pd- flat handle- 190x10, 250x7,7,7, 210x12, 10

    Back xtn. 130x 20?

    Oh pull up - 7, 7

    Db row- 80x 7, 10, 12

    Cable shrug-stack X 20 , 20, 20

    Seated v handle Cable row-stack X 10, 12, 18


    HIIT- run-400, sprints- 40, 40, 40, 100, walk 200 run 200.

  23. hiit is no joke.

    makes cardio fun too.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Quietman
    hiit is no joke.

    makes cardio fun too.
    Yeah, no joke at all. I don't do the typical approach to it, by time, an just do repeat sprints so my rest period is the walk back to the start and then sprint is the HI portion. I will do kickboxing boxing or other stuff for Hiit sometimes. I'm trying to get my sprint speed back after my back injury. Maybe I'll make it to run track again in college next year. Otherwise the goal is powerlifting lol. Those goals don't coincide at all but for now they can until I get too big. I'm staying lean though for now.

  25. Got some alcar formadrol and condense finally. Been lifting at school. No time to log. Sorry. I'll catch up soon.

  26. Dang legs are sore. Yesterday was no joke. Today was supposed to be rest but I did a small shoulder and rotator cuff exercises and sprints.

  27. Got in a great chest workout yesterday and a good back today. Really killin it. This condense is good stuff. Formodrol is kicking in. And between everything I am getting awesome pump all day long.

  28. Attempted 275 for max bench and failed. Got 245 then 255 after that. Not awful. Nothing like my old 315 max. But I am around 20 pounds lighter so... Eh. No excuses.

  29. Weight is around 174 average. Strength is going up. I look bigger. Too little time to log workouts but I keep them in my note pad.

  30. Got 225x12 315x1 365x1 405x1 and 425x1 on deads after doing jump squats with 225. And felt like hell today. So not bad. Weight was 174 with shoes and clothes.

  31. I have really been putting together some killer exercise routines lately and have been "training" a few guys, it sucks to see the new lifters growing so much and so much faster than me, since I am well into the hard gains, but at least I know what I am doing works. I have been cutting back volume on bis and training them less because I believe a lot of people over train them. I have been trying to back off chest to around once a week, and make the one workout really great. I have been sore for 3-4 days after the workouts lately. Squats and deads have been skyrocketing, and weight is going up steadily. I feel a lot stronger and have just been trying to keep my hams and lower back health and loose. Was getting some chronic back pain again the past few days, so I took today off and have been stretching lots. I have fall break from school so I get a whole day off (monday) aka I can actually update this log some in my free time. First round of midterms/exams are all done and my grades have me at solid 3.5+ right now so I am pretty happy. I have to maintain a 3.0 (by junior year) to stay in as a PT major.

    Anyways, have really been working on growing my tri's as they seem to be the weak link in my BP. also want to work on thickening my back and strengthening my core (without too much strain to my lower back). It seems like whenever I work my core, my back gets sore as hell for 3 days or so. I think the looseness in my abs allows my back to get tight without throwing my pelvis out of alignment too much. Whenever I do core and the abs start to heal, the front gets tight, meaning the back has to loosen, and it doesnt want to. so my whole pelvis gets jammed up in and my sciatica acts up. Woohoo. also felt a little bit of my old torn hammy after I DL'd 425 the other day. Thats 100 lbs shy of my former max, but my old max was using a belt, this was nothing but straps (grip became very weak over my off period). I think I could easily do 450 with a belt and straps without all the small maxes I did this past session. And hell I didn't even feel like lifting that day...

    body weight has been a slowly rising 174/175. I was averaging around 168-170 about 1.5 months ago so I figure at an average of 5 pounds over that time I am putting on a little under a pound a weak, which is right about on target for a good recomp on somewhat iffy college food. I was cutting weight the first few weeks because the food didn't agree with me AT ALL (or anyone for that matter) but now that I got used to it, things seem to be going well.

    I switched over my protein to american iso ice cream sandwhich, and love the flavor and the price, although it doesn't mix quite as well as the ON gold standard I had been using. the 15$ in savings however definitely matters. I can take an extra 8-9g of protein I figure for the same cost so I just try to bump my servings up some on days that dinner is crappy.

    been dosing alcar a few times daily esp around midterms/exams. taking forma 2 2x a day, and taking around 2g creatine (I just shake some in, I have been taking it forever) and 1-1.5 scoops of condense pre workout. I really like it. Some days it won't hit me as hard, but somedays I just get slammed with pumps. I feel very clean on it, never crash, etc. Amazing price and I already have a second container on hand.

    That's my update for now. I think I will try to post some more notable workouts from the past few weeks, and note the exercises I really likes or that felt good to me, for my reference more than anything.

    If you read through all this crap, I applaud you!

  32. Have a pinching pain deep in my upper back upon full contraction of my shoulder blades together. Think it might be trap or rhomboid muscle. Going to see of I can stretch and heal it or what's going on. Nice volume chest workout today.

  33. Condense continues to treat me well, I made a cockstail 2/3 scoop condense and 1/3 1MR I had sitting around and oh boy... That his the spot.

    Sitting around 175 lately up to 177 on heavy days. Pulling my diet back together a little bit as I saw a little belly fat starting to form up (damn college food). But all is good. hit 225x8 and then 245 x3,3 for flat bench yesterday, pretty solid I feel, and getting close to where I used to be. I maxed at 285x3, at around 187lb BW. So I'm not far off base. Gym sessions have been really on pace and solid, getting good work in and being very smart. Having some issues with a strained rhomboid for about 3-4 weeks now. I have been stretching and working through it. I might end up doing some PT, which I can get at school since this is a big healthcare university.

    Anyways just hitting the PWO and creatine and shake and good diet and the best sleep I can. Thinking about running a lighter cycle of something in about a month.

  34. Resting this weekend, have a good amount of school work to do but Thanksgiving is coming. Back feels decent, as some of you know I have had alot of issues over time. This rhomboid thing is odd. Felt good til I started getting loose today. Oh well. Probably back to the gym tomorrow, gona take both yesterday and today off, I have been killing my shoulders elbows and knees with the daily workouts.

  35. AWESOME leg day, started out feeling like garbage, but pulled it together. No one with me today so I had a fast pace. Normally I lift with 2-4 other guys I am helping out. Anyways, bodyweight was 177.
    Squats 135 x 7,7 225x15, 275x12, 135x7
    Jump Squats 135 x 15, 12
    Hack squats 135 x 7, 7
    Deadlift 135x12,
    Ham curls 70x7
    light abs and stretched out well.

    I have had issues holding alot of weight to squat, putting alot of stress on my rhomboid. I have a ton of tension in my neck and traps. I have been stretching alot trying to lossen up and relax.

  36. Preparing to run a nice stack in a few weeks I hope. Bench yesterday and back day today at my home gym since I am home for Thanksgiving.

  37. Took turkeyday off, going to get into the gym sometime today. Hopefully have a buddy from back home to lift with so I can do some real weights. I believe it is leg day. I have been slaming my legs lately, which means they are going to get even stronger than I want them. Really pumped for my next bench day too. I have a good frame of mind right now which is good. Sadly I have to balance that with a lot of studying with finals coming up, along with research papers and other stuff. One thing that might be interesting to you guys is a short paper I am doing on incidence of SI joint dysfunction. Not sure exactly what direction I am gona take it in but it should be good.

  38. Legs today. squat: 135 x5, 5 225 x7,7 275x 10,10

    those hurt

    leg press 150 x 7, 275x8, 250x15

    DB curls (cause I can) 35x12

    UH pull ups X 7.

    gota keep my back loose with that rhomboid so I threw that stuff in and did it nice and controled. Feels good.

  39. Sat did a chest workout at home with a few weights I had. Went to go to the gym last night and didn't realize it was closed. did bi tri and abs in my dorm room with stuff in my room. Filled a duffel bag with books for curls and stuff, did dips pushups and skull crushed my desk chair. lol. It was hilarious.

    I did chest today at the gym, floor bench WU, then 185x12, then bench 225 x1,1, 275x1, 280FAIL, 245x2, 205x9,8 DB floor bench 60x12,15 80x8, cable fly single 3x7, 10 double 4x10. Good solid workout. That is a new PR on bench since I took time off due to the back. prior was 315 at almost 200 lbs. I am 176 now and got 275. Not shabby.

  40. IM IN! Bout time i got in your log! Thought id swing by and check out my competition hahaha

    fawk your strong. you hit my bench 2 rep max for 9 then 8 i need to step it up!


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