Bmft is getting stronger errday

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  1. Brents workout log

    My split is

    (I also do strongman workouts on tue, and agility/cardio thur)

    Yesterdays workout- Legs
    Working Sets 275x3/295x3/315x3/325x3 last week my final working set was 315x5, but had too use box too get paralell, didnt use a box this time and was able to achieve paralell. Good workout
    Seated calf raises supersetted with calf raises on leg presses. 2x15 each

    Today's workout

    Pushing a small truck back and forth in between stations, hitting a tire with a sledgehammer for 10/8/6/4/2, and doing power cleans with a duffle bag with 50 lbs in it

    Todays strongman workout was tough! great for legs and whole body.

    Bench, warmup with 135x8 (was pretty warmed up from strong man already)
    Working sets- 225x5/235x5/245x5/255x5
    Incline DB press- 70x10/80x9/85x12 (i was pissed off during this set cause some of the guys were being douches)
    Tricep kickbacks supersetted with pushups
    30x10 with plyo pushups (clapping pushups without the clap) then 30 pushups followed with 35x10

    another great workout feeling great

  2. Last night, ran about 3 miles at an easy pace. Ridiculous back pump / pain during the whole run, sucked but still ran anyways.

    Today did agility/cardio before workout. it was circuit training for a length of about 40-50 yards (just the length of a building we didnt use markers.
    Did the circuit 3 times. The circuit consisted of pulling a sled backwards to the first station, running back to where i started, picking up 2 fifty pound kettle bells and running back to the sled. Then I added a 45 pound plate to the said empty sled, pull it to the next station, run back for the kettles bells, etc etc. at the end the sled had 45, 35, 25 pound plates on it. Then we turned it around with all the weight pull back to the next station and deload weight and finished with no weight. Like I said we did this circuit 3 times. Pretty intense and had another back pump which sucked. Totally burned my quads. Great workout. (sorry if none of that made sense, if you need i can elaborate)

    Then I went to the gym for a hardcore shoulder workout.

    Shoulder DB press for dat strength yo!!
    WU- 30x10 , 40x10
    WS- 75x10, 80x10 (did one forced rep at the end so really 9 3/4 reps), then 85x8(PR)

    DB One arm upright rows, to hit the side and front delts
    30x12, 35x12, 40x12

    Rear delt machine(just went down to the next set and thats how the weights were set up)
    70x15, 85x15, 100x15

    Here we destroyed our shoulders with the final part of FST-7 training, look it up on the bodybuilding site (since i cant post links yet) Basically you do 7 sets of an isolation exercise to burnout your muscle. We decided to finish out with front raises at kind of an angle to hit all the deltoids, basically front raises but doing them diagonally to your body. I also switched it up between plates and dbs so that way my other workout partner could use the same weight, let me tell ya, it adds a whole diff dimension with the different kind of gravity

    25x12,25x12,25x12,25x12,25x10( +2 forced reps),25x8(+2 forced reps),25x6(+4 forced reps)

    This was intense and gave me a crazy pump


    Skull crushers with 15lb EZ curl bar
    WU 65x8
    WS 85x12, 95x12, 105x6(this is where i started sucking haha) 115x4

    WS-165x8 , 185x6 , 195x5

    Great workout, always keeping it intense, love my training partners cause its always a competition to get bigger and stronger than one another. Pretty excited for back, also havent deadlifted for 3 weeks, so we will see where im at in that. Also going to be doing some track work tomorrow for cardio, going to do 400x8 doing one lap for time, then walk a lap, and trying to match the time of the previous lap. etc etc, that will give me 4 miles of cardio work and building up my leg endurance. Another note, also cant wait to squat monday because I was watching some of the other gym douches only going down like 4 inches with weight i use to go parallel. Sorry for the long post Im just still jacked up on endorphins and have alot to write here. HAHA time to get more protein in my system

  3. No cardio today, just some heavy ass deads.

    HERE WE GOOO!!!!

    Warm up sets, 135x6,135x6, 225x6, 295x3
    Working sets, 315x3, 345x3, 355x3, 365x3, 385x3

    Really worked on my form and really focused on it today. First time ive deadlifted in 3 weeks. Focused on shooting the hips more and keeping my back straight throughout the movement. Felt more powerful today. If you watch my vid on youtube you can see how aweful my form was back then. Since then i been practicing without weight, just humping the air. Sounds funny but it worked for me. Feeling great

    One arm standing DB rows

    75x12, 80x10, 85x8

    Close grip pulldowns with Vbar

    60x12, 70x12, 80x10, 90x5 (dont know why this felt a whole lot heavier then the 80)

    Here in the next month or so Im going to start phasing out the bodybuilding movements and start doing more powerlifting accessory movements. My goals are (AT LEAST):
    315 Bench press
    405 Deadlift
    375 Squat
    All by august, and I think that is acheiveable at 190 pounds, or even 185 if i cut down. I want to compete in august and these are the minimum weights I want. The higher goals are

    330 Bench
    405 Squat
    425 Deadlift

    Lets get some.

  4. Another note, might start jim wendlers 5,3,1 or have my buddy train me who is a personal trainer

  5. Leg day today.

    Hit it hard today and did it big.

    Warm ups (always do warmups with a box too get a feel how low i need to go, cause I havent always squatted low, i just thought i was)
    135x2 way below parallel (hate being tall sometimes i feel like im 6 ft tall when i go ATG) 135x6 2 inches below parallel, 225x6 about 1 inch below parallel

    Working sets
    275x5/ 285x5 / 295x5 / 315x5 / 335x4 (PR) (my last two reps were about an inch above parallel, sucked cause I was tired and I shouldnt have gone for the fourth but thats where you grow. STILL WORKED HARD!!!!

    Did 1 farmers walk with 100 lb DBS down and back would be about 50 ft down and 50 ft back
    3x15 on leg press with 4/6/8 plates on each side on the last rep held for 10 secs

    Next week will be an explosive/deload week.

  6. Strongman/Chest

    Today I started the day off with some hardcore strongman training. 10/8/6/4/2 circuit training with 3 stations. The first station was 40 lb DB snatches. Next I did a clean with a big ass tire, followed by a burpee off of the tire. The last station was using a sledgehammer and hitting it with each arm for the set amount of reps. After that I did 3x15 each arm, of hitting a standing tire with a lighter sledgehammer, kinda how you would swing a baseball bat. (hopefully that gives you the right imagery. It wasnt as high as you would swing a baseball bat, it was about between the chest and stomach are right above the mid section)


    WU- 135x8 205x3
    WS- 225x5/235x5/245x4/255x4/275x2(my last rep was a forced rep, needed a little help about halfway through)/ 285x1 with little help (still busting my balls here)

    Incline DB press
    75x6/80x10/80x8 (the gym I was at today only had DBs that went up too 80) (yes my weight went down some but not by much, will do better next week!!)

    Pushups with weight
    25x20/35x15/ 35x10 drop set too 25x10

    Reverse BB curls 60x10
    Regular standing BB curls 70x10
    DB preacher curls 55x8 each arm

    Now its time to recover and eat me up ALOT of proteins. Rest day tomorrow although I will probably do some cardio tonight and tomorrow. Lets keep working show them haters whats up. Now Im just talking to myself but thats ok.

  7. Name:  IMAG0323 (800x479).jpg
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Size:  164.3 KB updated pic of me after workout today

  8. ran about 2 and a half miles yesterday. good run, back wasnt killing me as much as usual. very easy pace. feeling dead tired today

  9. Killed it today,, shoulders and tris. Did this after a 10 hour workday. Was tough but still killed it.

    DB shoulder press.
    WU- 45x5
    75x10/80x8/85x8(next week im going to try to get 85x9 just cause im a bad mother****er)

    After this instead of hitting the typical bodybuilding movements I transitioned over to some more explosive movements.

    Overhead shoulder press as explosive as possible, with low rest (15-30 secs) then going to close grip bench press for a set. Did 2 sets of each

    SP- 95x8x2
    CGBP- 135x8x2

    Then I hit up some weighted seated dips with my feet up on another bench just to hit it different. Rocked my triceps.
    1plateX10reps 2x10 then I did a drop set, 3x10, 2x8, 1x6, no weightx6 reps.

    Then I finished off my rear delts and side delts with 3 sets of 10 with 15 lb dbs. Side raises and bent over laterals.

    Like I said, I killed it. Back day tomorrow.

  10. Todays Workout:

    8 buildup sprints of 50 yards, 5 of falling sprints. Jump rope 50,25,25,25,25. Then I threw a 10 pound medicine ball at a wall. Decent cardio today.

    after that I had a protein shake, and proceeded to crush the weights

    WU- 135x6/135x6/225x6/275x4
    WS- 315x4/345x3/365x3/385x2/405x1(PR)/415x1(PR) Totally crushed it today and did way more than I thought I could. hoping to get up too 450.

    Pullups 10,8,8,7

    DB rows 85x10

    BB Rows 135x12x2

    Shrugs 135x12/225x12/225x12/135x20

    Feeling great!!

  11. Sad day, I just realized that after this week of training, I have to go to Annual training for about 3 weeks. Hopefully this doesnt cripple my progress too much

  12. Tough day today, but I killed it.

    Strong man, Did tire flips with a thicker tire than normal, dont know the exact weight. 5,4,3,2,1
    Then did lunges with a body bag thing.. it was ~25 pounds.. 25 yards down and back
    Then did 10,8,6,4,2 with the following
    50 lb duffel bag cleans, then raises with a 50 pound kettle bell (starting between your legs and using hip thrust to push it up)

    The whole thing was a circuit so it went 5 tire flips, lunges, then 10 cleans, then 10 kettle bell raises.. then 4, lunges, 8, and 8.. etc

    Was pretty intense

    Next was chest.. was gonna deload but i was feeling really strong today

    rack lockouts

    WU- without rack 135x10 (very slow controlled reps)
    WS- with rack 135x10, 225x6, 245x4, 255x2, 265x2, 275x2

    Then I did pauses with regular bench press (negative then 1 sec pause at bottom)

    135x5 + 3 plyo pushups, 155x3 + 3 plyo pushups, 185x5, 205x4, 225x3, 245x2, 255x1

    Weighted dips
    +20lbsx15 reps, +30lbsx12, +50x9

    Then I did 1 set of cable flies with cables up high and leaning over 20lbsx15

    Then 1 of incline bench flies 35x10

    Pretty intense

  13. Last night ran for 30 mins at a good pace

    Today did back

    Deadlift WU

    Crappy day, tried to pull without straps but only got up too 375 before my sweat and grip failed me. tiny hands sucks and i wish my gym allowed chalk. So I used straps after 375

    BB rows
    135x10, 185x10, 205x8, 225x8(dropset)-135x10

    Then I decided to crush my biceps cause I was pissed

    BB curls superset with reverse curls with dropset added

    75x5 dropset too 65x4 drop too 45x8 gave me a pretty badass pump

    Preacher curls (i think with a 15 lb ez bar)

    Then another drop set on the machine where you would do an seated cable row, i used a straight bar attachment, laid back and did some lying cable curls. I think its doubled because there are two different cable attached too it but im not really sure how that works so i just did the weight i could do


    Then I did the Muscle Pharms method of DB rows. 1 set of 21 each arm. 7 reps with palm parallel to your body, 7 with palm facing up, and 7 palm facing down.

    Decent workout. Wish I was able too pull more without straps, gotta work on that grip strength. I have decided when I get back from my annual training I will be doing Wendlers 5/3/1 http://www.**********************/ with that template and explanation. Time for protein.

  14. Ok definitely making progress. Anyone reading this?! Just a full lower body workout, tomorrow will be upper. than 18 days off of weights for annual training. Will post a video of my final set, but here is my workout today.

    135x5 pause sets, 225x20 breathing squats

    Deadlifts sumo style
    135x8, 225x6, 315x4, 335x4, 355x2, 365x2, 385x1, 405x1
    All without straps. lollll good work son. if you read back to my last workout i had to use straps after 375.

  15. Terrible form but hey working hard and shattering my own PRs, starting 5/3/1 when i get back from annual training

  16. Started 5/3/1 today

    Switched up the workouts so that way ill be doing Legs/chest/back/shoulders

    Today I did 240x5/280x5/315x5(sucked dick was only able to get 4 barely paralell, and then took a 30 sec rest and did the last rep. Next week im starting over to get this one back on track. Sucks not lifting for 18 days. )

    My assistance exercises were

    Donkey db raises,
    35x10, 40x12, 50x12

    Then Calf raises on the leg press 3x20, with 3 plates each side.

    Today was a rude awakening.

    Did sprints afterwards for some cardio.

  17. Been awhile since I last posted but here we are again back on leg day. Took the hiatus cause of terrible lifts and just had lots of personal stuff going on. took last week off and did a deload the week before.

    Legs 8/13
    Squats-135x6, 225x5, 245x5, 265x5, 295x3, 315x1, 325x1, 335x1/2 (failed and couldnt make it out of the whole, spotter had to help me)

    Not too bad for having bascially 2 weeks off.

    DB hamstring curls 50x10, 60x8

    hammy curls on the machine, 80x37

    Calves on leg press 4 plates each sidex50 reps

  18. still sore from monday. yesterday was chest day.

    BB flat BP- 135x6 135x6 185x2 205x1 225x5 245x3 255x2 265x1 275x1

    Incline DB- 65x10 70x10 85x6

    weighted pushups 25lbsx15 reps supersetted with biceps BB curl 95lbsx8 dropsetted too 65x8 -> 45x6

    5 min rest then

    weighted pushups 25lbsx35 reps (beast mode) supersetted with ezbar preacher curls 75lbsx10

    Then a set of incline db curls to finish, 35lbs x 10 each arm
  19. back day


    135x6 135x6 225x5 275x4 315x4 345x2 365x2 375x2 385x2 395x1 405x1 415x1
    Need to fix my form, after i got to 395 my form went out the window and my hips were lifting up before my legs.. from now on im going to start over with light weights and slowly add increments in say like 5-10 pounds a week till i get back into the heavy weights. I will focus on form as too prevent injury. To be honest I thought my form was alright but I video taped myself and i cringed. Surprised i dont have a back injury.

    BB rows
    135x10 135x10 185x8 185x8

    Pullups supersetted with inverted pullups (use a smith machine, lay on the ground, put your feet up on a chair, and pull yourself up too the bar like a pullup. body is paralell with the ground at the top of movement)

    8/10 8/10

    kinda demotivated to be honest, makes me so mad when i cant get it right. Ive been working so long and its just like inevetible my form goes to ****. FUARRRK

  20. Legs

    135x5x2 225x5 245x5 265x5 285x3 305x2 315x1

    Deadlift then hang clean to front squat


  21. Chest/bi day

    Bench press

    barx8 135x8 205x6 225x6 235x6 255x2 255(failed)

    Incline DB press

    70x12 80x10 85x10

    Double drop set BB curls superset with weighted pushups
    95x8 (cheated but not too bad) 65x10 45x10 then 20 pushups with 25 pound plate

    Incline flies superset with pushups
    35x14 (failure) 10 pushups

    Ez bar preacher curls

  22. Back day

    135x5x2 225x5 275x4 315x3x4 315x2x2 315x5 (was working on my form and having my buddies critique me. Changed alot and it feels tremendously better!!!)

    BB rows
    135x10x2 185x8x2

    Power shrugs
    225x10 315x10 365x10 405x8 455x6

    Rack pulls

  23. Dang bro that is some strong numbers freaking love your db press inclines. THat is now weak number you have.

  24. Going be following this log.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Dang bro that is some strong numbers freaking love your db press inclines. THat is now weak number you have.
    Yeah I lost a bit on my Bench press and its not my form cause i got that down powerlifting style and am doin great. Just need to work back up too it. Going to be starting steve shaws density and strength routine, might change it up though, i wanna start throwin in some olympic style lifts and more assistance lifts like rack pulls or bench shrugs or just stuff to boost my numbers up.


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