SS 5x5 and whatever else will get me there

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  1. SS 5x5 and whatever else will get me there

    Been working out for around 5 years on and off, while overseas a few years ago went from bodyweight stuff to crossfit / OLY lifts which lead me to starting strength around 7 months ago.

    Im currently on a deload on starting strength and if I hit another stall I will switch to madcow 5x5

    stats 7 months ago
    175 lbs 5'10"
    i' ve done GOMAD and eaten like a real pig during that time which puts me where i am today.
    35 years old
    200 lbs
    squat - 245 x 5
    bench - 185 x 5
    DL - 265 x 5
    Check out the starting pics taken cold a few days ago - yeah i have a larger mid section that ever before, I think after this last bulk I will try and fix that

    My new goals for this 8 - 12 week log are as follows
    get my squat to 275 x 5
    bench 200 x 5
    DL 300 x 5
    get stronger and lay down a base to start a cycle of orals (beastdrol) or AAS
    Im eating around 3k cals right now and will up that to about 3500 as best i can
    pre workout shake - 1 scoop whey
    post workout - 2 scoops whey 1 bag of oats tbsp peanut butter
    10 AM - greek yogurt / string cheese
    1230 - chicken breast
    300 pm - protein bar
    6 pm dinner (chicken, rice beans whatever)
    milk milk milk (switched to 2%)
    peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread

    what do ya think?

  2. subd

    before u start using steroids, focus on getting your lifts up and your bf down....
    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  3. yeah I know i gotta long way to go Ill post a post workout pic later
    im figuring im at 20% ish bodyfat

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  4. @swollen I agree my bf needs to come down a bit and more importantly lifts need to go UP UP UP

  5. ok yesterday's workout went well I am on a deload
    might have gone back to far but im going to ride this out for a while i am in no rush

    squat work sets 3x5 @ 165
    press work sets 3x5 @ 80
    row work sets 3x5 @ 85

    This was all to light but I am trying to practice the deloading principal in starting strength and bonk out one more time before i start madcow
    also working on form a bit as my squat is always on the toes too much
    my hope is to get to here before i bonk out
    squat 275 x 5
    bench 200 x 5
    DL 300 x 5

    I am also eating alot cleaner @ 3k - 3500 cals per day -no soda no white bread no fat pills within reason

  6. forgot to mention i am taking 2 min rest between work sets

    does this sound like enough rest time for squats?

  7. ill take 5-10mins between squat sets if im maxing. rest long enough so you can complete it.

    5x5 is NOT bbing, youre not lifting for a pump
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  8. ok today was another easy day this deloading kinda bums me out but hopefully i bust out some PR's at the end of the 8-12 weeks

    Here is todays work
    Squat 3x5 170
    Bench Press 3x5 145
    Deadlift 1x5 170
    Dips 3x8 bodyweight

  9. @ GeekPoop thanks for responding man
    Im trying to get my strength to where i think it should be on my compound lifts then i will start thinking about the looks

    Im weak bro

    starting to wonder in eating 3k - 3300 cals is too much for my fat a$$

  10. Quote Originally Posted by shovelhead76 View Post
    ok today was another easy day this deloading kinda bums me out but hopefully i bust out some PR's at the end of the 8-12 weeks

    Here is todays work
    Squat 3x5 170
    Bench Press 3x5 145
    Deadlift 1x5 170
    Dips 3x8 bodyweight
    how long are u deloading for?
    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  11. Quote Originally Posted by swollen87 View Post
    how long are u deloading for?
    if hes following 5x5, hes ramping up to his current 5rm this month. takes 4 weeks to get there than PRs after
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  12. the plan was to go back a percentage and then slowly build up to new PR's as GeekPoop said

    In my opinion I should get stronger before moving on to a BB routine - any thoughts on that?

    in my mind i should be able to squat at least 1.5 x BW Bench x BW and DL 2x BW before starting

  13. by the way here is a post workout pic from yesterday

    gotta trim that fat -> been cleaning up the diet and dropped to around 3k cals every day -> no soda no fat pills

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  14. strength will come no matter what program your using..... as long as you are lifting heavy...

    not sure what kind of cardio you are doing, but stay off the treadmill... and start doing sprints
    Quote Originally Posted by alwaysgaining View Post
    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  15. cardio whats that? seriously i havent done any serious cardio since March of this year. I'd like to start doing cardio on my 2 off days, sprints , jogging or swimming

    to risk not sounding like a tool what do you think of some kind of cardio kickboxing thing, its easy to do at home with a dvd and it is more burstable than jogging - im thinking p90x kenpox video

  16. this program will get you strongest the fastest imo. soda is fine, just make sure its diet.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  17. bumped things up a bit on the deload today cause I was getting demotivate with the light weights

    i usually do pull ups or chins on days i dont bench is it ok to switch every other time or should i stick with one or the other?

    Squat 3x5 185
    Press 3x5 95
    Power Clean 3x5 95
    pull ups - 3x5

  18. Im thinking to start off easy i'm going to start doing cardio kickboxing (kenpo X from p90x) 2x per week

    probably run it fasted in the morning

  19. so i got sick friday and had it all weekend stomach cramping and peeing out the backend all weekend yippee good times!

    glad i am nearing that end, i still felt to shaky this morning to work out but will plan to eat my way into feeling better today and get ready to blast it this evening will report back later

  20. feeling MUCH better now thank God wheww!!! ok onto the work

    Squat 3x5 190
    Bench Press 3x5 150
    Deadlift 1x5 185
    dips @ BW 3x9

    moving in the right direction again

    squats are pissing me off a bit cause i watched elitefts so you think you can squat obn youtube and now all the suddend i suck haha

    my main issue is leaning forward on my toes when going back up -> ive tried a few 'tricks' lifting the toes pressing my knees out but it seems like it is still something i have to really be AWARE of to keep my form clean

    and thats what ill do for now

  21. woke up for an early morning cardio session, first @$$

    basically 40 min of moving all 4 limbs

    My plan is to continue my 5x5 style workout while doing 2 days of cardio probably this kenpoX as its easy to do in my home

    any ideas for the squat issues im having?

  22. 530 AM back in the salt mines doin work

    Squat 3x5 195
    Press 3x5 100
    Power Clean 3x5 100
    chinups bw 3x6

  23. went to the warped tour yesterday so no workout this morning as i was beat from the long day out in 100 degree temps the music was great though

    i will hit the weights later tonight, i always feel more energy on my early evening workouts probably because Ive been awake all day instead of 30 minutes

    I may need to remember that when trying for PR down the road

  24. wow afternoon workouts are much stronger good stuff easy day here are the numbers
    Squat 3x5 200
    Bench Press 3x5 155
    Deadlift 1x5 195
    dips 3x10

    might post up a squat video later to see what you guys think about my shotty form

  25. ok i realize at this point no one is actually reading this
    anyway on to the weights
    Workout B-1
    Squat 3x5 205
    Press 3x5 75 105
    Power Clean 3x5 115
    pullups bw 3x5

  26. so this morning was cardio kickboxing
    ive been eating much cleaner the last 2 weeks and with the added cardio i have dropped to 195-200 lbs thats 5-10 lbs lost
    I guess thats a good thing if its all fat im losing I feel like im looking a little more V shaped
    i feel like I am sweating for a few hrs after the cardio I guess that means I am REALLY out of cardiovascular shape
    Going to see the Dr on Thurs to check my BP it has been running high for a while now 140's / 80-90 ish last time he put me ona beta blocker
    Im getting to old to be playing around with the high bp stuff
    and my life isnt getting any less stressfull

  27. lets see if this works

    I wanted to get opinions on my squat form -> i think this is 205lbs

    ahh I couldnt put in a link as I dont have enough posts bummer

  28. ok you know the drill by now
    wokeup around 515 AM and proceeded to hit snooz till 546
    heres the work

    Squat 3x5 210
    Bench Press 3x5 160
    Deadlift 1x5 205
    dips 3x10 @ BW -> should i be adding weight to these now? I need to make a weight belt

    ill post a pic later to see if there is any progress

  29. Looking good. 5X5 is a good workout. though I seemed to have gone to a pyramid type workout (for mass anyway) but you looking good. Getting strong fast eh?

    Looking forward to that vid.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  30. im thinking of doing sprints as suggested by swollen on this thread earlier but what is the suggested time
    I was thinking 10 sprints and 10 jogs each about 100 yards

    Im thinking that will get me 20 minutes of good cardio is that enough
    I need to lose this belly fat

  31. matt thanks for stopping by - the 5x5 is doing pretty good by me although after my next deload I think it will be time for a change
    I'd like to get some mass, trim down the fat and get strong so I thought strength should come first
    once I can get 275-300 on the squat its time to stop squatting 3x a week too

    here are the #'s for today - everything is going up nicely -> tomorrow will be sprints woo hoo

    Squat 3x5 215
    Press 3x5 110
    Power Clean 3x5 125
    chins 6,7,7

  32. Im starting to wonder if I should do another deload after my next stall or if I should move on to something else maybe madcow 5x5

    Todays #'s
    Squat 3x5 220
    Bench Press 3x5 165
    Deadlift 1x5 215

  33. if you stop seeing results, or moving up in weight fast from the 5X5 I would switch it up. But don't change it if you still are continuing to move more weight and still feel good in and out of the gym
    RecoverBro ELITE

  34. tonight was a cardio day so i popped in the ol p90x kenpo X
    My cardio must be getting better because I'm sweating like a pig and although Im just as spent I think I put more effort into it this time around
    I am not fat by any stretch of the word BUT Im making a promise to myself to never get this big of a gut again, if i can help it that is

    tommorow will put me at 2 plates on the bar for squat which is a good thing so lets do work

    now Im gonna go grill up some chicken breast and eat it with spinach and red pepper

  35. ok so last nights workout went well, they are starting to last around 1.5 hrs which is ok but makes it tough to squeeze in the mornings

    At this point I am thinking at my next deload (4-8 weeks) I need something new and something not squatting 3x a week am I an idiot for deviating?

    so yesterdays # are
    squat 3x5 225 lbs
    OHP 3x5 115 lbs
    rows 3x5 130 lbs
    finished up with 3 x6 of chin ups

    This morning was cardio so I finally bit the bullet and did a set of 10 sprints @ 50 yds
    I ran the 50 yds then turned around and jogged SLOWLY back
    this only took 10-15 minutes
    Im thinking this would be classified as HITT but is 10-15 min enough time?

  36. wow this workout kicked my @$$

    squats are getting heavy for me at 3x5 today was 230 lbs. I am seriously thinking about a routine change. At the least I need one 70-80% day per week. I am closing in on PR's rapidly. I was reading about a starting strength bodybuilding routine that involved a dropset of 1x8 at 75% after the 3x5.
    I know that will slow down my progression but working out at home I am getting a little worried about ditching a 250lb squat when Im in the hole .
    IF anyone has any ideas for a routine that will get me bigger and stronger im all ears.

    here is todays work

    squats 3x5 230lbs
    bench press 3x5 170lbs
    DeadLift 1x5 225
    dips 3x10
    Check out my training log @

  37. ok woke up at 5 am today and ate a quick homeade protein bar ran to the store and by 540 started the workout

    decided to cut out the accessory work (dips chins and pullups) for now cause I am hitting PR's and am feeling very worked especially during squats

    todays work

    squat 3x5 235lbs
    OHP 3x5 120lbs -> PR
    bentOverRows 3x5 135 lbs -> these are getting easier

    total workout time 1hr 15 min

    will post my possible routine change later today time for the shake
    2 scoops ON whey
    1 pack of oats
    1 cup 2% milk
    Check out my training log @

  38. ok good morning all you crazies out there its getting real close to PR time took me a while but here I come

    Deads will catch up to squat once I stall again If I can get into the 260-270s with squat this deload will have been well worth the wait

    after this reset Ill still be squatting 3x per week but lighter on one of those days

    this mornings #s
    squat 3x5 241lbs -> thats 5 lbs away from PR NEXT WORKOUT I know its only a lb over but .....
    bench 3x5 175 lbs
    deads 1x5 235

    oh yeah

    1 banana pre work out
    2 scoop ON Whey w/ oats and milk 2% post workout
    Check out my training log @

  39. looking strong!!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  40. wow what a morning I hit 2 PR's and STRONG

    Ive been a little sore since dead lifts on wed so i thought id go light today but as usual i got moving and decided to stay the linear progression path

    I only have a 300lb oly set at home so after 240 on squats i didnt have the right weights to load up 245 so I said screw it and loaded up 255lbs

    I knew Monday is an off day for me since I am going camping

    enough rambling here is the work

    squat 3x5 255lbs -> for me this is a huge PR and prob puts me close to 290 - 300 lbs for my 1RM
    OHP 3x5 125lbs -> another PR for me this was very slow going up so I can see a reset here next week
    bent rows 3x5 140 lbs -> I could have done sets of 10 so there is more growth to go here

    I am stoked at todays workout and it is great to enter the weekend this way
    Check out my training log @


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