Anabolic diet plus ripptoes equals swolen

  1. Anabolic diet plus ripptoes equals swolen

    Follow along with my anabolic diet ad ripptoes starting strength it's my first day of both here's what I ate 3 eggs with 3oz ground beef with 2 pieces of cheese then did the gym 3x5 squats 140 starting point same with bench and deads was 155. Had my protein shake them had two cheese burgers without re buns and then three pieces of bacon and one cheese filled hotdog. Will report back with the rest of what I eat and format it alot better because right now I'm at work and jus thought it be a good idea oo starting stats 204 13-15 percent bf

  2. Heres todays breakdown FOOD and GYM

    2eggs with 3oz ground beef 2 slices cheese

    a single serving of planters alomonds

    48gram whey protein shake post workout

    2 hamburgers 2 slices cheese

    1 hotdog 3 pieces of bacon

    2 suasage links one hamburger two slices of cheese 2 pieces of bacon

    2tbsp of PB


    140x3x5 squat
    140x3x5 bench press
    155x3x5 deads
    3x8 weighted dips

  3. Did squats 3x5 at 145 military press 3x5 at 70lbs and pendly rows at 3x5 for 100 also at the exact same as before except forgot my hotdog and bacon so I just had some peanuts instead and when I get home I'll eat that hotdog and bacon that I left out. Doesn't seem like anyone cares but oo well haha

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