My Fitness Log: Adderall XR and Working out

  1. My Fitness Log: Adderall XR and Working out

    This is an educational thread on the effects of Adderall on a fitness program of weightlifting and cardio. I've read too many misleading articles on these forums and want to provide more detailed feedback from an educated/researched viewpoint.

    I've been a dedicated training freak for the past 3 years and researching articles as well as having a personal trainer who is a fashion model. My workout routines are tailored to achieve a lean, toned, and look like a model. Not a bodybuilder.

    I've been diagnosed with mild ADHD and prescribed Adderall XR 20mg which is 1 pill per day and lasts about 8-10 hrs, depending on your body. I've been on this for 2months now.

    These are the side effects I've noticed:dehydration, increased concentration/ focus, elevated heart rate, occasion cold fingertips, slight buzzing in the head (like a high feeling). I will skip the obvious medical stuff anyone can research on their own time and skip to the good/bad real user update.

    Workout Results since being on medication:
    1) Much more focused workouts
    2) Lifting much heavier weights and more reps even though I know I normally could not have lifted this. This is especially true since I barely eat all day, sleep 4-5hours and am inconsistently getting back into routine.

    For example, my max-out set on the smith machine press (no-spotter):
    Incline press- [email protected] 4reps (Normally) vs. [email protected] 4reps (Medicated)
    Military front shoulder press- [email protected] 4reps (Normally) vs. [email protected] 6reps (Medicated)
    *no deadlift/squat data yet*

    1) Initally had decreased libido. After 2 months, libido is picking back up thanks to new hottie girlfriend. Still probably at 60% of what it use to be. This is fine with me since Im getting awesome focus/energy results in exchange
    2) If you are not a very goal-oriented person and do not have ADD while taking this, you will probably have way too much energy and hyperness with no mental discipline to utilize it.
    3) I require less than 4hrs of sleep nowadays, but I know this is dangerous and damaging to my body. The meds still keep me wide awake despite this.

    *This medication definitely prevents your body from feeling muscle exhaustion while working out and physical tiredness from sleep deprivation. The smart user MUST eat, sleep, and be careful how much is lifted to avoid injury.

  2. Bro I am so in for this, I am heading to the doctors soon tbecause I had ADHD bad as a kid, and now as an adult I am feeling it may be the reason I have let life get so ruined and just cant find myself anymore. Will be following you, because I will be in the same boat.

  3. ive taken ADHD meds since i was a kid and just switched to vivance cause i was told i would have an appitite on it and nope nothing same ****

  4. ill probably go back to adderal since i cant eat on it either might as well stick with wat has worked

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