So recently i tore my ACL, MCL, lateral and medial meniscus. I lost 26 pounds and am now 20 pounds lighter that before i was injured. Basically I will be logging my recovery. I also got gyno about a year ago from a tren based sup, I'm sure most of you have heard of, Epivol. So i will be focusing on trying to get rid of my gyno as well. I am currently at 6.5% body fat and intend on staying very lean.. My current weight is 168lbs


-Chaparral labs- ATD: is a suicide aromatize inhibitor. 125mg a day.

-Better Body's Complete PCT: This is a package with natural test booster, more ATD,a blood pressure support, a complete multi-vitamin, joint support, and liver support. Great product. twice a day.

-Branched-Chain amino acids- 6, 3 times daily.

-Pro Complex protein (for now)- good stuff, 60 grams of per serving- twice daily.

I'm not going to get that into detail- 5 meals and two shakes per day. All meals will have protien, fat and whole wheat carbs. I will eat within 30 minutes of waking up, and no carbs after 7pm.


day 1: chest, bi
day 2: cardio
day 3: back, tri
day 4: cardio
day 5: shoulders, abs
day 6: legs, light cardio
day 7: sleep

My leg workouts will be fairly light because my knee is still healing, but I'll do my best! All cardio will be on a bike or elliptical because i am still not allowed to run!

thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions pleased comment!

I don't have enough posts yet to put up pictures so i will do as once i hit 50 posts.