TNASTY's trying to get LEAN, lightweight baby!

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  1. Man you must have really carbed up this weekend eh? Water and glycogen... No big deal, just keep kicking azz and taking names. The number on the scale is never as important as what is staring back at you from the mirror. Good thing you already understand that part of it. A number in your head can totally ruin progress on a cut or recomp.
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  2. yea...i might have had alittle too many carbs last big deal tho cuz im feelin just as lean as i was b4 the carb up. im gonna try and stay stricter thru the weekends. its hard trying to spend time with the girl and my parents and not eat out. everyone knows how that is.

    chest is SORE today. i feel bad cuz i know my cals were hella low yesterday, and i absolutely murdered my chest lol. comon me out alil! haha

  3. chest is feelin better lol. just got back from back and bis
    lat pd----10platesx10 14platesx8 18platesx6
    lat pd bar rows----12 platesx10, x8, 10platesx10
    shrugs---same as usual, runnin the rack for one set haha
    incline db curls---40x6
    preacher curls----5platesx8(def coulda done more)
    standing curls----35x8, 25x12

    cardio was 15mins incline walk. tried to do hiit on the bike but my knee was bothering me. weight was 234.75lbs

    had a great pump goin on today. feelin good besides waking up at 650am for work and eating low cals lol. peace fellas

  4. iight ladies...biceps are SORE today. dk why..i only did 3 or 4 sets. anyways, just got back from cardio. put out 42 mins on the bike today. energy was great. went in the bathroom after too wipe all the sweat off me that i could b4 going outside, i did alil posing in the mirror(the lighting is better than my bathroom), my arms and delts were looking pretty cut. i liked it, wished i woulda took my phone with me and snapped a pic but i didnt. o well, tommorow is frieday, pretty stoked for the weekend. hittin shoulders and cardio tommorow. where you guys at? lol

    weight was 234lbs even. my man tits are shrinkin, and its starting to look like i actually have a man chest LOL. giving me more confidence, and making me even more focused. i know my chest, and my stomach are gonna be hard as hell to cut the fat off of cuz ive been holding fat there pretty much all my life.

  5. just got back from shoulders and cardio.
    shoulder press---7platesx10 10platesx8 15platesx6 10platesx10
    lateral raises-----25x8 35x8
    front raises------25x8, 20x8

    cardio was alternating walk/jog for 21 mins

    weight was 233lbs....brought my phone with me this time, its alil blurry, but ill post it anyways

    showing improvements from my avi at 251, and i still look just as big

  6. Good deal bro!

    Hey Just put up a new log.
    KLEEN Stays STOKED! between stacks. (Sponsored)

    Pop in if you get a chance.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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