TNASTY's trying to get LEAN, lightweight baby!

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  1. o wow...thats not what i wanted to here hahaha. 6 percent? thats rough. you said i was losing visceral fat, but i actually think im losing my sub q layer first? like my belly is still poking out, looks like im bloated or something, but i thought it would be getting better. my stomach is smaller, but its still poking out like it was b4 the cut lol. ill prob have to end up cutting sub 10 percent to get rid of all my stubborn fat spots. and i think ill def have to be below 215 for that.
    o well, aint nuthin to it but to do it, gotta keep at it even tho its gonna take a while

  2. went to the gym and got a quick leg workout in.
    weight was right under 236lbs
    taking it light, doing cardio at home today, random moves to get the heartrate up haha. its whatever!

  3. just got back from chest and cardio. felt good today in there, i guess taking it easy yesterday help me out, plus i got over 10 hours of sleep which is nice HAHA.
    weight was right over prob like 234.25lbs. looked pretty lean when i woke up this morning

    i know you guys are following, quit lurking C:

  4. Keep it going man. Not to worry on what weight you will be you will look bigger than you picture yourself. You may not have the same issue as me, and yours may clear up at 10% I was using myself as an example. Alot of guys lose that at 10-12% Only the mirror will tell you for sure man. Bottom line you will look bigger defined so dont let that weight get in your head. It is just a number, once you cut up you can gradually work you way to what ever weight you want.
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  5. o yea i know...but im saying ive been carrying fat on my chest for YEARS. liek seriously, ever since middle school lol. its gonna be hard to get rid of it, but im seeing improvements on my chest. my arms are looking bigger bc the fat inbetween the shoulder muscle is like shrinking, my arms get big, then small were the tricep ends/the shoulder begins. i like what im seeing! im carbing up today and possible tommorow, keeping the cals low tho. not do cardio or traning today, going bowling and going to see a movie with the gf

    have a good weekend fellas

  6. alright, carb up included some cheat meals haha. feeling alil bloated, but the bloat is WAY less than last week. i should be able to lose the bloat in like a day or 2 compared to 3 or 4 for last week. goin to hit back /bis cardio when i get off work at 1. back on the low carbs till saturday. hope you all had a good weekend

  7. wow hahaha...todays weigh in-----240lbs! lol. i love water weight and bloat! jk...thats alot of water im holding. i feel bloated yes, but i didnt that it was THAT bad jesus. its ok, that weight will be gone in a day or 2 most likely. sweatin like a pig right now. i did my workout like this, every set i did i would jump on the bike and go all out for 45 secs, hop off and rest 15-30 secs and do it again. i did that for all my sets today, got me sweating REAL good. im still dripping as im writing this lol. feels good mayne
    anyone gotta comment on that water weight? i guess i over did the carb up ?

  8. Yeah it is not all water weight either lots of glycogen too. On top of that glycogen pulls water in at a 3to 1 ratio. You should not drink water around your carb up meals or you will retain a lot of water. Keep the fluid down from an hour before and an hour after your carb up meals and there will be a good difference in how much you retain.
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  9. just got back from the gym. did 15 mins hiit on the treadmill. sweating like a pig again lol. weight was 235. i knew i lost all that water i gained yesterday cuz i was peeing like a race horse lmao. gf is stressin me out, the gym took care of me tho, like always, i feel better now after that cardio

  10. Good deal keep it going man.
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  11. im really considering starting my mmv3 tommorow. that would be bridged into a tren/test cycle for 10 weeks(starting this the 1st of March). i was gonna save it but whatever. lol. just realised i 4got my tuna for my second meal here at work.... I cannot BELIEVE i forgot it.thank god i have a protein bar in my laptop case LOL. ill have to have my carbs alil higher than normal cuz of it...but its better than not eating

    doing shoulders and cardio after work today. prob gonna do the same thing i did last time i lifted, do a set, then do 45 sec-1min all out on the bike, then repeat till im done with my workout

  12. decided f it, started the mmv3 today haha. i had absolutely no energy in the workout. str was still there...but cardio was slacking. i was pushing myself tho thats all that matters. weight was 234.5
    decided to put you guys up a pic

    yes im hairy

  13. ok just got back from legs/cardio. med int cardio for 20 mins on the treadmill. weight was just a touch over 233! still going down baby, I LIKE IT

  14. Quote Originally Posted by TNASTYII View Post
    ok just got back from legs/cardio. med int cardio for 20 mins on the treadmill. weight was just a touch over 233! still going down baby, I LIKE IT
    Nice man keep at it, looks like you have some good size on the guns and maybe chest as well, there is something blocking the chest that resembles an oversized brillo pad making it hard to tell.
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  15. i have no clue how my chest looks really. ive always hated my chest, ive always carried fat there. i hate my moobs low of weight do you think ima have to go to be ripped up? wats your bf percent guess right now?
    there needs to be more people posting in here...

  16. Depends on how lean you wanna be but 210-215 will have you pretty darn lean I would think. It is hard to say from that angle and the hair doesn't make it that easy to tell your BF, it could be anywhere from 17-12 depending on how lean your legs are. It really is just kind of hard to tell.

    On the getting others to post in here are you being active in a lot of other logs? If not people will not seek your log out. I couldn't get people into my logs until I started posting good info in other logs then people wanted to see what I was up too.
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  17. i want to be able to see abs. idk what bf percent i need. i just chose 215 as a goal

  18. If you have a gym membership which we know you do then you could probably get you bodyfat done for free. Even if not perfect it will give you an idea. Then make sure you have the same person do it when you go back. Some people have great abs and smooth legs and arms at 12% I have to get about 7% for my abs to really show well. Yet my arms and legs stay lean and vascular up past 10%. So really it is about fat distribution when it comes to abs more than bodyfat percentage. I had a friend that at 8% his abs looked like he was 4-5% but his legs and arms were really soft for someone with cut abs.
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  19. i feel ya, but im not a member anywhere. i workout in my apt complex gym. its pretty nice for being an apt, and im saving gym membership money(cuz im BROKE) so gotta cut corners where i can. its got everything i need so its all good.

  20. Check these out.

    Here is what I have. One time expense ofr a lifetime of being sure about your composition. Most important though is the caliper measurements being accurate moreso than the method. If the numbers are going down your losing fat. The digital one does the formula for you which is cool but I record my caliper measurements for comparison anyway.
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  21. didnt do anything today. didnt feel like it. im alil depressed right now, still alil troubles with the gf. cycle that im going to run is going to be test prop only for 8 weeks. its all i could afford. i cant add anything, but cutting on test is better than anything else anyways. it will do the job. ill be starting end of this month/beg of march

  22. Brotha, I find myself asking the same questions. When will this happen, at what BF%, at what weight.

    The fun part though is tailoring my exercises to my weaknesses. Implementing the change, and then seeing the results. The diet is becoming second nature, so I'm constantly getting leaner and seeing these results fast.

    If you've always hated your chest, in your mind its a weakness. Try different tempos, stretches, rep schemes to help make that feeling of 'hate' a feeling of 'content' and then eventually a positive feeling, a breakthrough.

    The only way both of us are going to be able to answer those very same questions if for us to put ourselves through it and find out for ourselves. Then we'll never forget it, have learned it, and can apply to others experiences.

    Keep pressin brotha. The game's not easy, mentally or physically but the rewards will be priceless.

    Lastly, IMHO, you can take whatever supps you need to help aid in your progress, however, test and an emotional state can put u in an ugly loop. Just be careful brother.

  23. low doses bro. ill be ok. things are gettin better. weight was 230lbs. did chest and cardio. 15 mins on the elliptical

  24. Just make sure you got good support supps and take some ResV throughout to kind of help keep the boys going. Less shutdown.
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  25. man im always takin support supps. i cant stand my blood pressure to be high lol. what u mean by resv? resveratrol or whatever its called? gonna be taking hcg thruout so i wont need any thing otc for the boys lol. i think the pregnant womans urine has my boys covered

  26. How the workouts TNASTY!? Get that $hit written in here!

  27. what u mean lol. idk what u want me to write? i tell you what i did. theres no use in telling you numbers cuz i have NO idea what im lifting lol. i cant afford a gym membership, but i work out in my gf's apt gym. they have all the equipment i need, just no free weights except dumbells. its a pretty good gym for it being free. the machines they have dont have the real weights on them, just numbers, so i would think that would be pretty boring to read haha.

    just got back from cardio. 5 min walk on the treadmill with 15 min hiit on the bike after. weight was 234. ive been eatin carbs and i cheated some today so, it water from the carbs. that 230lbs i weighed yesterday was on a different thats why it was lower i guess. just wanted to let u guys know that haha.

  28. late sub But i'm in, Keep doin work

  29. Nasty, I think Flex is right especially if you want more people in the log. Put up your details if the machines just have numbers saying how many plates put that and your reps. Then when you get extra reps at same weight we and you see it. When you go up in weight we see it and it documents your progress is a way to gauge LBM loss if strength is dipping too much. Even if the stack didn't have numbers count plates and put 12plates x 8 or whatever. WIll make it more trackable and more interesting for others to follow and comment on.
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  30. lat pull down --8 platesx10 14 platesx6 17 platesx4
    rows(machine)-8 platesx10 12 plates x8 14 platesx4
    shrugs-----------ran the db rack 50'sx10 40x10 35x10 25x10 all supersetted
    preacher curls--5 platesx8 7 platesx6
    standing curls---35x10(just to finish off, im stronger than that lol)
    db pullovers------50x10
    --------------------15 min hiit on the bike
    another set of lat pulldowns 8 platesx15

    weight was 232.5- stomach is feeling bloated from the carbs yesterday.
    forgot my 3rd oep (i took 2 this morn, but i didnt have one preworkout, and i felt it for sure lol). didnt have too much energy, it took all i had to get thru that 15mins of hiit

    i have a free weight bench with 300lbs of weights...ill prob go over to my cuzzins house to do some barbell work once i start my cycle. the only bad thing is, its at my cousins house, i gave it to him cuz i had a gym, and he wanted something to workout with, hes all into it now and has a gym membership. lol...the tables have turned on me.


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