Punthra's Contest Prep (DC Style Journey to the stage next June)

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  1. Punthra's Contest Prep (DC Style Journey to the stage next June)

    Well I'm starting my contest prep really early as i will be logging my bulk and my actual prep. I plan on doing a bulk, a practice cut, one more bulk (Rebound), and finally my actual contest prep. I will be using a advanced DC training program, as the basic just didn't suit my needs.


    Workout A

    Incline Hammer Strength Presses (11-15reps) Rest/Pause
    Upright Rows (11-20reps) Rest/Pause
    Incline Skullcrushers (20-30reps) Rest/Pause

    Workout B

    Wide Grip Pulldowns (11-15reps) Rest/Pause
    Rack Deadlifts (6-9reps) + (9-12reps) Straight Sets
    Preacher Curls (11-20reps) Rest/Pause
    Reverse Grip One Arm Cable Curls (10-20reps) Straight Sets

    Workout C

    Seated Calf Raises (10reps) DC Style
    Lying Leg Curls (15-30reps) Rest/Pause
    Hack Squats (6-10reps) + (20rep Widowmaker)

    DC stretching will obviously be used as it is a key component of DC

    plan on adding supplements in as needed (microdrol will be ran at the end of september when my training is in rhythm)

    basic supplements such as creatine, fish oil, and protein will obviously be used

    i don't plan on writing out my meal plan as i have someone looking after that and it is just to much damn writing

    Anyways I hope you follow along as i could use the support and any advice that anyone can throw out.....I also plan on posting pics occasionally to show how my progress is coming along (please don't hesitate to comment as I need all the help I can get as it is my first time trying to compete in a bodybuilding competition)


    Height - 5'11
    Weight - 234 (remember i've been away from the gym for 2 weeks and have been eating crappy on purpose to allow my body to rebound)
    Training Experience - 7 years (4 serious)

    Hope you enjoy the ride and wish me luck on my jouney.

  2. Workout A

    Incline Hammer Strength Presses 360x9 / x3 / x1
    Upright Rows 155x11 / x4 / x3 (Didn't feel that strong on this exercise)
    Incline SkullCrushers 110x16 / x6 / x3

    - strength was pretty good for not training for two weeks and on a crappy diet
    - forgot how much i enjoy the DC stretching

  3. Heading into the gym in the next hour to knock out workout b. Light weight!!!

  4. Cool....So with DC are you just weight training 3 days per week ?...Looking to compete next year for the first time as well...So I'll be poppin in from time to time to check this out.

  5. It looks like this

    Week One

    Mon - Workout A
    Tues - Workout B
    Wed - Off
    Thur - Workout C
    Fri - Workout A

    Week 2

    Mon - B
    Tues - C
    Wed - Off
    Thur - A
    Fri - B

    Week 3

    Mon - C
    Tues - A
    Wed - Off
    Thurs - B
    Fri - C

    Cycle then repeats......

  6. Workout B

    Wide Grip Pulldowns 270x8 / x3 / x1

    Rack Deadlifts 495x9 / 455x12 (Obviously need to go heavier, but damn i felt strong on this exercise today)

    Preacher Curls 100x8 /x4 / x2

    Reverse Grip One Arm Cable Curls 30x19 ( Pump from this was absolutely insane)

    - stretching felt unreal today
    - excited to get back in a rhythm as i think i can destroy some of my previous bests later in the fall

  7. Pretty cool, Punthra. What show are you targeting and when is it?

  8. I'm targeting the northern classic in Fort St. John, British Columbia next june.

  9. Workout C

    DC Seated Calf Raises 100x10 (Calves were incredibly cramped afterward)

    Seated Hamstring Curls 180x11 / 180x3 / x2

    Hack Squats 560x6 & 380x20

    - Legs are starting to tighten as i type this
    - stretches felt nice

  10. Your fukkin strong bro. In for the win Punthra. LET'S DO THIS! Make that logbook your b!tch!
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  11. Thanks man! Glad to have you along for the ride.

  12. Workout A

    Incline Hammer Strength Presses 370x8 / x3 / x1

    Upright Rows 160x10 / x4 / 3

    Incline Skull Crushers 115x17 / x6 / x4

    - great workout

  13. Workout B

    Wide Grip Pulldowns 270x9 / x3 / x1

    Rack Deadlifts 525x6 & 475x10

    Preacher Curls 100x10 / x3 / x1

    Reverse Grip One Arm Cable Curls 35x17

    - Great mind muscle connection today while doing lat pulldowns
    - stretches felt amazing especially the lat hang

  14. Nice workout... can't wait until I can do 270 on lats. Unfortunatley my gym's machine only goes to 240. I'm about 20 lbs away, and I wonder what will happen by the end of my next DC blast... may need to find a new gym. Which sucks because i love mine.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  15. Use the pins to hold weight on the machine....that's how i was able to do 325 on close grip pulldowns. I'm sure 240 is definitely within reach for you!

  16. You, sir....are a monster! Nice job on those rack deads!

  17. Thanks Rantorcha!

    Workout C

    Seat Calf Raises (DC Style) 110x10

    Seated Leg Curls 195x11 / x4 / x2

    Hack Squats 600x7 / 400x20

    - pump was excruciating for calf raises

  18. Seriously. I think calves are what I dread most these days. The seconds seem to slow down around rep 8-9...
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  19. The cramping is the absolute worst! But my calves are fried the next day so it must mean they are growing....right?

  20. It's the only calf routine that has made a difference in my calf growth, which is ridiculously slow.
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  21. hack squats with 560.... jesus.

  22. I couldn't do this much on a sled but that's how much i can do on the hammer strength hack squat.

  23. What's the difference?
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  24. it's more of a squat on a pivot point....just seems easier.

    Today's Workout

    Workout A

    Incline Hammer Strength Presses 370x11 / x3 / x1

    Upright Rows 160x12 / x4 / x2

    Incline Skullcrushers 120x17 / x4 / x2

  25. So I had to remove an exercise today, due to my shoulder hurting from playing racquetball. Had absolute killer workout otherwise....

    Workout B

    Close Grip Pulldowns 300x7 / x3 / x1 (Man, i love this exercise)

    Rack Deadlifts 525x7 / 480x10 (Hell yeah)

    Preacher Curls 105x9 / x3 / x1

    Reverse Grip One Arm Cable Curls 40x15

    - strength was amazing today, keep moving up in weight without supps right now
    - still plan on starting my microdrol at the end of september so that i have everything i need and my training and diet are in check.
    - if someone notices that i'm doing something wrong with my program please let me know as i can always make adjustments


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