Keepin it simple Wendler 5-3-1 Log

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  1. Took 5 days off went back to max effort work just do not like doin full rom bench wvery week still feel beat up when i do...

    Overhead press
    185x1 shaky rep too hard ive hit 205 before with elbow sleeves. Feel too damn plateued on ths switched to overhead pin press

    205 miss

    This will be a staple max effort movement no ohp for awhile.

    Db bench

    Goal is to hit 5-6 with 125 with these after pin presses by september

    Kroc rows
    125 20 with left 25 with right

    Tricep pulldowns and far bar cable curls for 4 sets of 10-20 reps each

    Dizenzo rows
    4x20 ended with the whole stack. Thats it squats and deadlifts wednesday

  2. Squats - right after warm up knew it was going to be a good day.
    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 3
    275 x 1
    315 x 3 (actually 320 50 lb bar) felt GREAT on my hips felt so good today i considered maxing.. but will stay the course.

    315 x 3 bar was ****ed it bends more on one side than the other
    405 x 6 not a PR, Probably need a week or 2 of deadlifts but i keep hitting my #s for 5/3/1 so just trying to stick the course

    Leg Press
    3 plates x 20
    4 plates x 20
    5 plates x 15
    *changed position so its pure quads, keeps the hips feeling good and feel like its more benificial*

    Hamstring Curls
    3 x 12 with 90 lbs

    Calf Presses
    3 x F with 315

    Knee raises
    3 x 15 with 40 lbs

    Feeling damn good the plan for now is to keep doing triples raw then adding bands for a heavy 5/3/1 set and keeping my deadlifts at my 5-3-1 routine so squats will look like this
    275 x 3 with bands 365 x 3
    315 x 3 with bands 395 x 3
    335 x 3 with bands 415 x 1
    DELOAD then next schedule start at 315, seems like a dummy routine but will see how it works. seems to be working now and keeps me pain free.

    On another note so idea what i will do for dynamic Effort cant speed bench for 2 week. Probably just do assitance work for Shoulders,Triceps and no barbell work so hopefully ill be fresh for mondays ME floor press

  3. Assistance day upper

    Standing db press

    Tricep incline extensions

    Iso lat row
    315x2x12 outside grip
    335x2x12 inside grip

    Fat bar curls 90x10x3 sets
    Orange band tricep pulldowns 3xf

    15 degree incline flyes 3x 25,15,25 with 40,50,40 lbs

    Face pulls 3x20 tricep rope

    Sprints on tredmill top set 11.5,11.5

  4. Leg work sat

    Good mornings

    Power squat
    2,3,4 plates all for 10

    Leg press
    3,4,5 plates for 20,20,15

    Calf presses
    3 plates,4 plates,4plates 12 all to failure

    Ab work leg raises side bends

  5. Max effort monday upper

    Floor press
    295,285 in that order missed no idea why i prolly need too deload

    Floor pressed 135x5 185x3 205x1 with 80lb chains

    Some lat and pulldown stuff wasnt feelin it this **** sucked

  6. Squat day
    Orange bands
    365x5 pr

    Power squat 315x2x10

    Calr presses
    2x60,60 reps

    Side cable bends 3x15,15,20

    Short and sweet 5 min cool down and warm up and stretched.... Off till monday now

  7. was bored so i decided to do squats and deads today

    45 x 2 x 10
    135 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    225 x 1
    275 x 1
    315 x 3 a little tougher bar had more whip too it and hips were a bit sore still plus this is a near max 3 rep
    added orange bands
    385 x 2 no wraps didnt need spotter help last time i needed a bit of help on both reps and used wraps

    225 x 3
    315 x 3
    425 x 4 full stop no touch and go

    Leg Press
    400 lbs x 3 x 15 reps

    Saftey bar good mornings
    3 x 12 last 2 sets were 95 lbs first was 65

    dragged sleds walking forward and backward 90 lbs for about 6 minutes... hopefully i can be at 10 mins by months end lets see if this helps.

  8. Wednesday - Standing ab pulldowns 4 x 15, hanging knee raises with 25 lbs 3 x 15,15,10 and bw x 15
    Reverse Hypers 70 x 3 sets of 15
    Sled Dragging 25 lbs face pulls and flyes for a combined 5 mins as well as forward and backyard drag non stop 5 mins

    thats it mostly a recovery workout... Tommorow will be completely off till I do DE day on friday.

  9. Friday- de upper

    135 x3 50 lb chain
    155x 3x6 70ish lbs chain

    Swiss bar floor press
    225x5x3 sets

    Lat pulldown

    Swiss bar curls
    3x12 75 lbs

    Chain flyes

    Face pulls sled drag 5 minutes

    Thats it max effort 2 board with bands
    Monday! Excited

  10. Max effort Upper body

    Notes- the diet has been alot of shakes with random food from around the house still havent got a check to buy the food i would usually eat.. still keeping fat down protien high, had grandmas funeral so ate ****ty some days.. First day doing board banded bench so i was a bit nervous but had great guys to train with to help me here are the results..

    2 board Bench with bands
    135 x 3
    165 x 3
    185 x 1
    195 x 1
    205 x 1
    225 x 1
    235 x 1
    started feeling hard around 185 so i had someone unrack it for me made a worlds different got stapled under 205 but still got it moving, maybe had 240 but my wrist rolled on 235 and made it way harder. so called it quits at that..

    Lateral raises
    25 x 10
    30 x 3 x 10

    Swiss Bar Tricep extentions floor
    95 x 3 x 12
    85 x 1 x 6 inner most grip

    Pec Dec
    4 x 20,20,20,10

    Swiss Bar curls
    3 grips x 1 set each x 12 reps 85 lbs will keep going up in these every monday and friday

    Face pulls on sled 4 trips with 70 lbs this was heavy so did it for trips not time...

    thats it for today wednesday squats and deadlifts, i needa work on my deadlift form.

  11. Squat/Deadlift day

    notes- stretched out everything just felt very tight in the hips probably need a deload week soon, decided to do max reverse bands did some raw warm ups with 135

    Squats orange band
    225 x 3
    275 x 3
    315 x 1
    365 x 1
    405 x 1

    saftey squat bar
    155 x 10
    185 x 8
    205 x 5
    225 x 5
    245 x 5

    first time doing these felt good these will stay in the rotation some how..

    Good Mornings saftey bar
    65 x 12
    95 x 12
    115 x 10

    Ab Wheel
    3 x 10 will keep upping reps on this

    Sled Drag
    3 trips forward 3 backwards first was 2 45s and the last two trips were 3 45s

    beat after this no deadlifts since my biceps and elbows were hurting..

  12. DE bench

    Notes- rotator cuff circles and indian club swings to warm up

    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    135 x 5
    165 + 2 chains x 2 sets x 3 reps pinky on ring
    170 + 2 chains x 2 sets x 3 reps pinky on ring
    170 + 3 chains x 4 sets x 3 reps total weigh with this was 302 granted some was on the ground used close grip on these which is still my strong grip..

    Laid of alot of the pressing this week since i havent done a full deload in forever elbows are sore other than that i feel fine..

    Pull ups
    2 x 5
    Pink band assisted 3-4 x 15-20

    form needs major work im using shoulders to do these and not my back so i used bands to help, felt like a major *****

    DB rows
    110 x 10,12,12

    Rear delt face pull w/ new attachment
    3 x 20 with 68 lbs

    trying to fix this elbow pain, i need to get full extention on all my lat work and not cut the range of motion short as that kills my elbows. Mondays max effort still not sure what to do

  13. Max effort upper
    2 x 10 x 35
    1 x 5 55
    1 x 5 70
    1 x 5 85
    1 x 3 100 horrible form not use to kicking dumbells up much less on this type of incline bench no room for arching (which is a good thing)
    1 x 3 100 again better form still was a bit arched this was a reality check will need to keep at these

    Seated Overhead Pin Press (forehead height)
    135 x 5
    165 x 3
    185 x 3
    205 x 3

    Swiss Bar floor extentions
    125 x 10,6 (shoulda went 8 and 8)
    85 x 12,12 with inner most grip

    Lateral Raises
    3 x 10 with 30

    Face Pulls
    3 x 12-20 with new attachment

    Sled Dragging 7-8 mins with face pulls and flyes

    Notes- Indian Club swings and rotator cuff circles and couple more warm up sets is my warm up for now.. Im gonna exhaust the swiss bar extentions before switching to something else, prolly a pressing movement, will keep doing the overhead pin presses droping them from forehead,nose,chin every week when i move too pressing movement the pin presses will be 3rd... every 4th week DE will be repition effort

  14. Max Effort Squats

    Notes- been slacking on stretching need to stop, but was using the saftey squat bar so i squatted today instead of a day break between bench..

    65 x 10
    115 x 5
    155 x 5
    205 x 3
    245 x 3
    295 x 1
    315 x 1
    335 x 1 knee wraps
    335 x 1 knee wraps

    Rep Work
    225 + 50 lb chain 5,4,3,2,1 no rest between sets just buckle and unbuckle the belt workout partners idea probably not ideal for powerlifting but hey gotta challenge yourself..

    Good Morning
    85 x 10
    95 x 10

    2 45s for 5 trips of 100 feet

    10 trips with a 45 on sled forward and backward....

    2 days off then Friday will be DE bench

  15. De bench

    Notes - chains were taken up by a group i used speed floor press with a fat bar 3 chains.. Was pretty challenging

    Floor fat bar speed bench
    155+65 ish lbs of chain

    Swiss bar floor press

    Db rows

    Pullups w/. Band 2 sets to failure

    Db cleans seated
    2x15,12 with 20 lbs and 30

    Swiss bar curls all. 3 grips

    Pec dec
    1x35 with 80 lbs

    Ab wheel

    Sled 6 trips face pull 90 top set
    6 trips flyes 45 top weight

  16. ME upper

    Notes- gym closed early worked overnight shift really tired and hungry but you gotta keep going..

    Floor Press
    45 x 10
    95 x 10
    135 x 5
    185 x 3
    205 x 1
    225 x 1
    245 x 1
    265 x 1
    all the above were done with a pinky on the ring grip
    280 missed
    280 x 1 got pissed tried 2 dumb idea
    285 x 1 needed a bit of leg drive to get it but pretty sure i woulda had it if i went 1 and not try to get another on 280
    225+ 48 lbs chain for 1 then decided to do pin presses

    Seated OHP lockouts (from nose)
    135 x 3
    155 x 3
    180 x 1
    185 x 1
    ( prolly had 190 if i had done these before and knew how to work up)

    Lateral shoulder raise
    30 x 3 x 10

    DB power clean
    2 x 12 x 30 lbs

    pec dec
    1 x 40 with 90 lbs

    4 x 12-15 standing pulldowns with spud straps

    sled face pulls
    6 trips (4 with 115, 2 with 90)

    skipped out on tricep extentions will do them friday and no fly sled pulls trying to stay fresh since the two main movements are very taxing.

  17. Max Effort Lower

    135 x 5
    225 x 3
    315 x 3
    405 x 1
    430 x 2

    pulled each set sumo and conventional.. really struggling with deads right now... the lower i get to the bar the harder the conventional stance is also puts alot of pressure on my lower back..Im gonnna start pulling sumo from now on had good coaching to help my form felt alot easier locking it out..

    Saftey bar good mornings suspended
    115 x 2 x 10
    125 x 2 x 8

    Glute Ham
    BW x 10,10,10,8

    Reverse Hyper
    2 x F with 45 used strap

    AB pulldowns spud straps
    2 x 15,12 with 68 lbs

    that was it im going to start De day as well

  18. DE upper

    Speed Bench
    135 x 6 x 3 wide grips and close grip with 112 lbs chain chain as higher of the ground which made alot of different

    Swiss Bar Floor Press
    195 x 5
    215 x 5
    235 x 3 had 5 but didnt want to fry my shoulders for monday

    Tricep Extentions swiss bar
    105 x 12 x 2 sets
    85 x 15 with close grip

    Kroc Row
    115 x 20

    Pull Up with band 2 x F

    Pec Dec
    2 x 80 lb, 90 lb 30 rep 20 rep

    fat bar curl
    85 x 12
    95 x 10
    95 x 10

    no abs or cardio a bit drained from little sleep and less food then needed willl kick it all into gear this week again and get use to walking around at 192 about 16 lower then last summer... Will keep an extention and press each on max effort day and DE day.. Still need to figure out the lower body deal.... Max Effort Swiss Bar Monday EXCITED!!!!

  19. Newb question here...

    ME = max effort

    DE = ???

  20. Dynamic effort- it its basically moving a submaximal weight as short as possible with little rest between sets. To me its where i practice percect form and using a the stardard barbell since i never do a standArd barbell bench

  21. Me upper

    Swiss bar bench
    285x1 PR.

    Seated pin press chin level
    190 tried 2 times missed
    185 tried 3 times hit i last try

    Incline db

    Db laterals

    Superset band pullapart and tricep pulldowns

    Short on time and sleep will do db power cleans and prolly no pressing friday

  22. Quote Originally Posted by brownstown89
    Dynamic effort- it its basically moving a submaximal weight as short as possible with little rest between sets. To me its where i practice percect form and using a the stardard barbell since i never do a standArd barbell bench
    Appreciate it my man.

  23. max effort Lower

    45 x 10
    95 x 5
    335x2 tied pr (with wraps)

    worked on not only pushing my knees out but spreading the floor with my feet as well made the squatr alot easier to hit depth and not good morning it up also was not going to far below parallel which was hurting me before..

    Sumo deads
    225 x 2
    275 x 2
    315 x 2
    365 x 1
    365 x 1 x 1 with silver chain (50lbs)
    365 x 1 with silver and yellow chain (70lbs total) this was a grinder hamstrings felt it

    SSB good mornings
    115 x 2 x 10

    Ab roller 25 reps, hanging knee raises 25 reps, 50 reps each side with 45 lbs oblique bends

    that was it really want to add another lower body day in so i can do back extentions glute ham and reverse hypers hopefully saturday

  24. Rep effort day i think ill throw these in every other week

    Flat DB press
    80 x 25

    Incline DB press
    60 x 27

    Lat Pulldown and Neutral Grip pulldown
    6 x 10-15 total

    Barbell Curl 2 x f 45 lbs
    Pec Dec x 50 both grips
    Black Mini band pulldown x F
    DB power clean (25lbs) 2 x 20

    all these were somewhat suppersetted really sore in the shoulder/pec and lats today hopefully ill be good to go by bench monday morning!

  25. Max effort

    2 board band bench
    45 + bands x 10
    95 + bands x 5
    135 + bands x 3
    boards added
    165 x 3
    195 x 1
    225 x 1
    240 x 1
    245 x 1 PR

    Military Press
    135 x 3
    165 x 3
    185 x 1

    little leg drive had to do these outta the monolift since the racks were taken up by squatters

    Swiss Bar Extentions
    105 x 2 sets x 12 with middle grip
    95 x 2 sets x 12 with inside grip

    Db Laterals
    25 x 12
    35 x 12
    35 x 10

    Pec Dec 2 x f with 90 both grips
    Rear delt face pulls 3 x 25 100+ was the weight
    Barbell Curls 2 x F with 85

    that was it for today sled dragging will be back wednesday hopefully the hamstrings feel better reverse band squat which is gonna be tough.


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