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  1. Hoopies Log

    FD/FS Training protocol

    Monday 7-27-09 Bi's

    BB Curl 125x3+1 125x3+1 (tempo 3/0/x)

    Hammer Preacher DB 35x3+3 35x3+3 (6/1/1)

    DB Preacher 35x8 (2/4/1) Last time had to help with ohter arm on last couple got all reps this time

    machine curls 60x32

    rev. curl 55x25
    ss with
    hammers 30x25

    After being away from the gym for a week and a half do to illness, im very happy with this workout. there was an increase in some areas and finished reps in other parts.. Soo all in all a great workout..

  2. Glad things are feeling up!

  3. Thursday 7-30-09 BACK

    T-Bar (3/0/x) 180x4+2forced reps 180x4+2forced

    cg lat pulls (6/1/1) 230x3+3rest pause 230x3+3R/P

    DB rows (2/4/1) 80x7,7*This was a ball buster*

    WG lat pulls 110x40 110x35*Freaking lats started screaming at rep'ish 20 and i was able to squeez out some more to 35. However the 36th rep i couldnt even budge to lower it*

    GREAT workout and strength. I absolutely love FD/FS training and the tempos.

  4. Looking nice Hoopie, i am a WVU grad by the way.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jcp2 View Post
    Looking nice Hoopie, i am a WVU grad by the way.
    Thanks my friend. Sorry you went to WVU..LOL When did you graduate from there

  6. 1999

  7. Friday 7-31-09 Tri's

    CG bench(3/0/x) 215x4+1 forced 215x3+1

    skulls (6/1/1) 115x6+1 115x6+1 * doing skulls with a 6 second negative is freaking killer*

    DB overhead Ext(2/4/1) 25x7,7

    V-bar pushdowns 50x40

    RG pulldowns 50x30

    Tri's are toast after this workout. The 6 second negatives with skulls was a new twist of pain but i liked it.

  8. Thursday 8-6-09 Chest FD/FS Style

    bench 260x4+1 260x4+2 260x4+1 (3/0/x/ tempo)

    incline bench 185x3+3R/P 185x3+3 R/P (6/1/1)

    incline fly 50x8 50x8 (2/4/1)

    machine press 80x32+8 after 15 second rest

    high cable x-over 27x20
    ss with
    low cable x-over 17x20

    Very happy with todays workout. Great stress releaver after the last few days. Suprising strength..

  9. MONDAY 8-10-09 LEGS

    Squats 225x6 245x6 275x6

    leg press(6/1/1) 250x3+3R/P

    leg ext(2/0/1/4) 70x8,8

    single leg ext 40x40 40x30

    leg press 190x20
    ss with
    db lunges 30x20

    First day back for doing legs since about 2 months ago. didnt want ot push it to hard with the weight so i took it easy. Hopefully i'll be back to where i was at when i hurt my back. Still a pretty good workout

  10. Tuesday 8-11-09 Bi's

    bb curl 125x4+2 forced 125x4+2forced (3/0/x)

    db preacher hammer 40x3+3R/P 40x3+3R/P (6/1/1)

    db preacher 40x7 (2/4/1)

    machine curl 65x35

    rev curl 50x20
    ss with
    db hammer 30x20

    Great feeling workout. Last time with bb curl was only able to get a 3+1 this time it was 4+2 so now its on to 130...

    AAEFX Stack
    2-HBM TID
    2-tribulus in a.m.
    LBA Pro- 3-4 times a day
    Cell Rush- pre/post w/o
    Kre-Generator-post w/o and throughout the day
    NF Pro- throughout the day and post w/o

  11. Wednesday 8-12-09 Chest

    Bench 265x4+1 265x4+2 (3/0/x) * climbing weekly*

    incline bench 195x3+3 195x3+3 (6/1/1) * up 10 lbs from last*

    incline fly 55x7,7 (4/2/1)

    machine press 85x40 *last week on got 32 reps with 80lbs so this is up nicely*

    high x-overs 27x20
    ss with
    low x-overs 17x20

    Each week i'm seeing increases in strength and loving it.
    AAEFX Stack
    2-HBM TID
    2-tribulus in a.m.
    LBA Pro- 3-4 times a day
    Cell Rush- pre/post w/o
    Kre-Generator-post w/o and throughout the day
    NF Pro- throughout the day and post w/o

  12. Thursday 8-13-09 BACK

    T-bar 185x5+1forced 185x5+1 3/0/x

    cg lat pulls 240x3+3R/P 240x3+3R/P 6/1/1

    smith one arm row 85x7,7 2/0/1/4

    wg lat pulls 115x40,40

    Great workout. Lats were full of blood after this one..

    AAEFX Stack
    2-HBM TID
    2-tribulus in a.m.
    LBA Pro- 3-4 times a day
    Cell Rush- pre/post w/o
    Kre-Generator-post w/o and throughout the day
    NF Pro- throughout the day and post w/o

  13. Friday 8-14-09 Shrugs/Tri's

    shrugs 225x10 275x8,8 *the only shoulder exercise i can do that doesnt bring severe pain in my shoulder*

    CG bench 215x4+1 215x5+1forced 3/0/x

    skulls 105x3+3 105x3+3 6/1/1

    Overheand Db ext 35x7,7 2/4/1

    Pushdowns 62x40

    rev. pulldowns 52x30

    Shoulder today was giving me some problems with my tricep workout. It doesnt hurt with shrugs but it was killing me with tri's...


    MONDAY 8-17-09 LEGS

    squats 295x6,6,6

    single leg press 150x6,6,6

    leg ext 170x6,6,6

    adductors 90x6,6,6

    Lying leg curls 110x6,6,6

    sldl 225x6,6

    Still taking it slow with legs. Incorporated hammies this week. Still felt liek a pretty good workout for being light...

  15. Well not a good day today. Shoulder gave out on me at the gym while doing bench press. Luckily my spotter was on the ball and caught the bar. Couldnt finish the workout do to the pain and lack or range of motion. Iced it down and now heating it. Feels like its burning inside the joint. Needless to say that sucks. Wifey not sure what i did to it. DAMNIT!!!

  16. Went to doc today and was advised to go to an Orthopod....F'n great not what i wanted to hear...

  17. Well here is my workout plan for the next few weeks. I am going to alternate weeks with hitting legs and arms twice in a week. So week 1 will be legs on monday and friday with biceps on tuesaday. the week 2 will be legs on tuesday with bi's on monday and friday. Then just keep flipping back n forth on the weeks. Cardio will be there at 3-5 days a week.

    What are everyones thoughts on this...


    MONDAY 8-31-09 LEGS

    camber bar squats 250x6,6,6
    *using this bar kick my arse. Really different approach with this type of bar. definately drops the weight you can do, why i dont know but it does*

    single leg press 210x6,6,6

    leg ext 210x6,6,6

    lying leg curls 130x6,6,6

    SLDL 225x6,6

    Not a bad leg workout. The camber bar squats gave me a different feel to my quads than reg squat bar.

  19. Well folks im back after a hectic week with my dad having triple bypass surgery. Felt good to get back in the gym and relieve some stress...

    Tuesday 9-8-09 LEGS

    Camber bar squat 260x6,6 275x6 285x6
    (one thing with this bar you have to watch is not to let it ride to high on your neck because it puts a load of press during the concentric action on the lower back)

    single leg press 220x6,6,6

    leg ext 215x6,6,6

    lying leg curls 140x6,6,6

    SLSL 245x6,6

    Really like the camber bar for squats. Catn do as much weight but damn does it hit the quads hard...

  20. wednesday 9-9-09 Bi's

    BB curl 115x6 120x6,6

    preachers 95x6 105x6,6

    DB curls 70x6,5
    (these were done rest pause at 20 seconds. I know i couldnt rep out 6 with this weight but my gym doesnt have 65lb'ers and i have done 60's for 6 a couple times. So i figured my best bet sould be to rest pause this weight and hope for the best. Needless to say i'm very happy with the outcome. My bi's were gased on the last set at the 5th rep. )

    VERY happy with the workout...

  21. Thursday 9-10-09 Lower Back

    Rack Deads 225x6 275x6 315x6,6,6

    weighted hypers 35x10,10,10

    First i know its not much, however it was the first time in about 4-6 weeks that i worked my lower back so i decide to not kill myslef and end up back where i was at. an actually as i sit here an type this in my lower back is hateing me.
    *due to my shoulder problems i'm unable to do any type of upper back*

  22. Monday 9-14-09 POWER LEGS/BI'S

    Camber squats 295x6,6,6

    single leg press 225x6,6,6

    leg ext 225x6,6

    bb curl 120x6,6,6

    preachers 120x6,6 125x6

    db curl-ran out of time due to a late start so i didnt have time for this

    All-n-all very happy with my workout. Strenght increasing steadily. Injury still has me not being able to due certain things but im making do. Really liking the squats with the cambered bar..


    Monday 11-2-09 Chest/Bi's

    DB Press 80x8,10,112

    incline DB Press 70x10 70x10+2

    x-overs 32x12,14

    BB Curl 75x8 85x8,10

    preachers 85x10,12

    DB Curls 40x12 35x14

    Hammers 35x8 30x12

    Ok dont laugh at those numbers they're a bit on the weak side i know. Its been 6 weeks since i was able to workout. Happy with the workout..

  24. Tuesday 11-3-09 Shoulders

    Hang power cleans 115x5 125x5 135x5 145x4,4

    oly bar corner press 50x8 60x8 65x8

    arnold press 30x10 35x10

    lateral raise 15x12,12

    This is my first shoulder workout in 8 months. I had ZERO pain during this workout. Although the weights are low it felt good to be back doing shoulders. Just got to take it slow and hope i dont re-injure it. For oly bar press i used a t-bar machine and i dont know how much the bar wieghs on the machine itself. I guessed at 25 so i just added the weights from there that i used. It may be 35 pounds but i went with 25.

  25. Thurday 11-5-09 BAck

    CG pulldowns 150x15 160x12 175x8

    T-Bar 90x15 100x12 110x8

    RG rows 135x12 145x8

    seated rows 150x12 160x8

    seated good morn. 95x12,8

    didnt want to push lower back to hard so i just went with 2 sets of gm's and stopped there. I know its only my first week back but these numbers kill me from what i was doing prior to the accident


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