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  1. Rantorcha's AAEFX Training Journal - Road to...

    My road leads to a Natural Pro Card soon hopefully. At least that's my plan as well as my desire. I came up pretty short in early June, so now my focus is on competing again in November. I have a new passion for training and my AAEFX supplements are doing some serious magic!

    Last week I finished off with two of the best workouts for Back on Thursday and Arms on Friday that I have had in a while. At that point, it was my first full week of using the full AAEFX supp line and I must say I am getting the best pumps and best gym sessions I have had in a LONG time, if not ever! Look, I realize I am an EFX board rep, but I am 100% sincere when I say that the combination of these products laid out for me by Eric Broser (my friend and, oh yeah, my trainer too) has me feeling better than I have felt (in-season or off-season) in a LONG time! I would NEVER say something like that unless I truly meant it!!!

    The LBAs taste amazing! The Nytric (NO product) and Kre-Alkalyn products pump you up like crazy. I am walking around with viens all over the place – even at rest. And let’s not even mention the Cell Rush! Whew! That’s some potent shiz right there! Even down to the ZMA product…it makes me sleep like a tiny baby. lol I have never used any supplements like these. You don’t have to ever wonder if they are working or not.

    This past weekend was fantastic. It was truly a Father’s Day weekend to remember. My girls were awesome and I was even able to go out on Saturday night for the first time in eons! Slowly but surely I am reclaiming my life and I love it. My plan is to have fun as often as I can, be with my family as often as I can and include my girls every step of the way.

    Today’s workout was pretty potent as well. It started my 2nd week of training since my show. I am not sure if it is partly the rebound effect, the shape I am maintaining, the supps, or the more probable combination of all of them, but I feel like I am as stout (for lack of a better word) as I have ever been. I am looking very forward to these next months leading up to November! Here is today’s workout…

    Incl DB Press
    Flat DB Flye
    Incl Smith Machine
    Inc Hammer Press

    Seated DB Press
    Seated Side Laterals
    Rev Pec Dec
    Cable Wide Upright Rows

    Man, I was pumped! I was sweating like a pig! Eating was my next priority!

    Cardio - done first thing in the morning at home.

  2. hey RA welcome to anabolicminds my friend! Time to get ready for November

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hoopie View Post
    hey RA welcome to anabolicminds my friend! Time to get ready for November
    Thanks, Hoop!

  4. Woke up before my alarm clock this morning which I didn't mind too much for some reason. I got my EFX supps and got my shake to-go and was off for my training fun!!

    Seated Leg Curl
    Stiff-Leg Curls
    Lying Leg Curls (did these as straight set, then dropped the weight and curled the weight bringing the knees up at the top into the glute area. Good stuff!)

    Glutes #1
    Abduction Machine

    Leg Ext
    Walking Lunges
    Squat Machine

    Glutes #2
    Jeffersons - thanks Kai!

    Seated Raises
    Standing Raises

    ABS - didn't get to do abs yesterday, so I did a little today

    It seems like a long workout, but it wasn't that bad at all. I obviously didn't do more than 2 sets of many exercises. I can assure you that the intensity was extremely high!

    CARDIO - 20 minutes on the Stairmill.

  5. Today is a rest day - which is so bitter/sweet sometimes. On the one hand I know logically I need rest and recouperation to grow and most times I need it, but today I feel like it really screwed up my momentum.

    Luckily I won't have to wait too much longer to train, though....tomorrow!

  6. Hey RA since you're doing battle in November and you just did battle a few weeks ago, What are you doing diet wise right now? Are you still dieting to maintain or are you taking a month or 2 off? Just curious buddy.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Hoopie View Post
    Hey RA since you're doing battle in November and you just did battle a few weeks ago, What are you doing diet wise right now? Are you still dieting to maintain or are you taking a month or 2 off? Just curious buddy.
    Diet-wise I went pretty liberal that first week afterwards, but since then I have been on point with my diet except for one or two cheat meals per week. The difference between now and before is that I am limiting my cheat meals to where I don't overeat.

    As for the diet itself, it is a little (ok, a lot) higher in carbs compared to my contest diet. I think Eric is giving them to me to see if I can throw some muscle on prior to November. That said, i am staying close to my contest weight. I weighed in at the show at about 183 and haven't gotten up past 186 since. And, I am a vascular mofo. I ALMOST feel like I look better now than I did leading up to the show. Go figure! November is mine! lol

  8. Back at it this afternoon! And not a moment too soon either. I had my pre-workout EFX supps and holy crap was I ready to hit it hard today…and hit it hard I DID! If you’ve been following any portion of my journal, you know that I am really looking to increase the width of my back. My back gets really shredded, but there is no real width or pop to it. So, this area of concentration for me has translated into some serious workouts. To be honest, since I have been using the whole line of EFX supps, ALL of my workouts have been through the roof! I almost hate to keep saying that since I am obviously an EFX Board Rep, but I have to call it like I see/feel ‘em. I told my friend today that I really feel like I am “on”. It’s crazy!

    Anyway, here is today’s workout…

    (Lat Pulldown – 2 sets as warmup)
    Chin-ups – 3 sets
    Deadlifts from Floor – 2 sets
    Rev Barbell Row – 2 sets (with one drop on last set)
    One-arm Row ss/ DB Shrug – 2 sets each
    Stiff-arm Pulldowns – finished things off nicely
    Smith Behind Back Shrug – 3 sets

    CARDIO – 20 minutes on Stairmill. I gave the elliptical to my ex, so I had to throw down cardio at the gym afterwards.

  9. Well, I see that I never did post my arms workout for Friday! Oh well. Let’s just say that it kicked ass and call it a day, shall we.

    So, my weekend was filled to the max. It was my sister’s birthday (actually birthday weekend! Don’t know how she pulled that off). And it was fun and crazy from start to finish. I was pretty on point with my food for about ¾ of the weekend. The good news is that when I ate “off” my diet, I ate less than I normally would – i.e. didn’t over stuff myself. I NEED TO KEEP MY ABS! lol

    So, back at it today. Here was today’s fun!

    Incl Smith Press – went relatively lighter and concentrated on the contraction
    Incl DB Press – started incorporating these at every workout. My chest development likes this exercise. Today I put the bench a little higher than normal and angled the DBs palms in a bit to really focus on my upper/inner pecs…and it worked!
    Flat DB Flyes
    Cable Crossover

    Hammer Delt Press
    Front Raises – half hammer style; half conventional raises (palms facing ground)
    Bent Rear Delt Raises – went lighter and instead of palms facing each other at the bottom, I used a thumbs-touching grip and pulled out. Got about 20-25 reps each set.
    Side Lateral Machine

    Cable Crunch

    Cardio – 20 minutes on Stairmill

  10. Last night after running some errands and doing some things around my place, I ended up falling asleep earlier than I have in several days. But, I think I somehow got too much sleep. My neck was stiff in the morning and that usually means I had too much sleep (which I can’t even imagine there is such a thing). And, of course, as I sit here I am tired and sleepy! Whatever.

    It was leg day this morning and I was prepared mentally. Here’s a quick breakdown of today’s festivities…

    Lying Leg Curl (ss/ with curl & lift knees up to squeeze into glutes)
    Seated Leg Curl
    Stiff-Leg Deads

    Rev Hack Squat – wide stance
    Ss/ Abduction Machine

    Standing Raises
    Seated Raises

    Walking Lunges
    Squat Machine
    Leg Ext

    CARDIO – 20 minutes on Stairmill

    As you read this, I am sure you can figure out what I am trying to work on as I get myself ready for November. After this one the rear of my legs into my glutes were on fire! Actually, they still are. lol

  11. Looking good in here! Good to see you on this board...now I can start posting....been over here lurking for a while!


  12. Quote Originally Posted by slackadjuster View Post
    Looking good in here! Good to see you on this board...now I can start posting....been over here lurking for a while!

    Nice to be welcomed! lol

  13. Ok, I am obviously behind in my journal, and quite frankly I am not even going to try to catch up! lol Needless to say, I have really been hitting the gym hard and am starting to feel like a little muscle is getting packed on. Who knows…maybe some of it is mental, but I really feel fantastic lately. My mind-muscle connection is spot-on and it feels great! And slowly but surely, my weights are going up.

    This week is a pretty hectic week as I am off on a much needed mini-vacation for the rest of the week. So, I hit chest and delts today as normal and will be waking up pretty early tomorrow to do an abbreviated workout to include back, some hamstring work and maybe some calves. I’ll be back on Monday in full force and back on the plan for November!

  14. Well, after a fantastic week and a great mini-vacation it was back at the gym this afternoon with a vengeance. I am using this week as a modified Power Week. I haven’t quite been following the true PRRS form these last few weeks, as I have been trying to really nail down my mind-muscle connection. I had been actually doing a bit of a modified Rep Range bunch of weeks.

    Right now, I am at about 188 or thereabouts which is only a few pounds higher than my contest weight. I am really trying hard not to go too crazy with my eating. I REALLY want to continue to see my abs. lol

    Anyway, here is today’s workout…
    High Incl Smith Press – 3 sets
    Incl DB Press – 2 sets
    Wghtd Dips – 2 sets
    Incl Hammer Press

    DB Press – 2 sets
    WG BB Upright Row – 2 sets w/ drop on last set
    Bent Rear Laterals – 2 sets
    DB Side Laterals

    V-ups – 3 sets
    Decl Crunch – 1 set

    CARDIO – 25 minutes on Stairmill

  15. OVERSLEPT! Whoopsie. I was planning on hitting the gym bright and early, but that plan went out the window when I didn’t turn ON my alarm. lol That made it an afternoon session. It’s been a couple of weeks since I did legs, so I didn’t quite do a Power session, but a very intense one regardless. Needless to say, I am pretty damn sore today. The only thing I didn’t get to do was direct glute work. It was either cardio or glute work and I can’t pass up cardio! (Did I just say that out loud?!)

    Lying Leg Curl…drop...Curl ½ way up and lift knees as you get to the top – 2 sets
    DB Stiff-leg Deads – 3 sets

    Leg Press – 3 sets
    ss/ Seated Calf Raise – 2 sets

    Leg Ext – 3 sets
    ss/ Free-motion Calves Press – 2 sets

    CARDIO – 20 minutes total
    5 minutes on Stairmill – started cramping and my neck hurt for some reason
    15 minutes on Treadmill

    Today is a rest and recoup day…a/k/a “Off Day”. It is sad, but a necessary evil.

  16. As usual when I have my girls on Wednesday, Back day was hit in the afternoon. For some reason I have had a nice little chip on my shoulder (non-divorce related...don't worry) when I get to the gym. I have been really attacking the weights with a serious vengence. I really want Eric to evaluate my physique since the show, but I can't get him out of his apartment! lol ERIC, are you listening?!?!

    Well, here is today's fun...

    Floor Deadlifts - 3 sets. I am almost back to my highest floor-deads weight. I peaked at 395/5
    Wghtd WG Chins - 3 sets
    High Cable Straight-bar Row - 2 sets This is just like a regular seated row, but the pulley is about at the top of your head level. It makes for an outstanding contraction.
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns - these were brutal!

    DB Shrug
    ss/ Behind-back DB Shrug - 2 sets each

    CARDIO - 20 minutes on Stairmill...my friend.

  17. Quick update for Friday...I thrashed myself some Tris and Bis with a little abs and calves to boot. I have been one sore puppy this week with my modified Power week. I've really enjoyed building my workouts recently and it helps that my mindset has really been into my training. It's made things really fun.

    This weekend has been another great one. Although I had the somewhat misfortune to see Bride Wars on demand (don't ask!), it still been pretty fun. I took my girls to the pool here in my complex on Saturday and today we went to the kids water park. These little activities are great because not only do they have loads of fun, but they are knocked out for nap time. lol

    The only bad part of the weekend is that my diet has been 100%...more like 55%. That said, I've tried to "make-up" for it by not gorging myself like I used to when eating junk and maybe even skipping a meal (I KNOW....bad). That's going to have to change soon though. My problem was that I had the kids (no excuse) AND didn't have anything prepared. Again, that will change very soon. I am also taking the time to have more fun lately, which means partaking into a bit of alcoholic consumption. Not the best idea BBing-wise, but I think I am entitled at this point.

    Anyway, I am completely focused now on cooking tonight and prepping my training schedule for next week. I'll keep ya posted.

  18. Since I had my kids over the weekend, Monday I had to train in the afternoon. I must say, I love the fact that I can train in the afternoons now. It gives me the opportunity to train without the morning cobwebs at 5am! What a difference.

    Anyway, since last week was a modified Power Week, I decided to use this week as a modified Rep Range week. Pumps and subsequent soreness has been pretty intense. Here’s a quick look…

    Incline “Angled” DB Press – 3 sets. Instead of having my palms face outward, I turned them inward slightly to focus more on the inner part of my chest. I must say this exercise is working beautifully!
    Flat Flye – 2 sets
    Incl Hammer Press – 3 sets
    Cable Crossover

    Life-Fit Shldr Press – 2 sets
    Side Laterals – 2 sets, but with each set I just kept going and ended up getting 20 and 16 reps respectively with 30s. I am paying the price today!
    Front Raises – 2 sets (started out thumbs-up and twisted at the top; finished last few reps with thumbs up)
    WG Cable Rows

    CARDIO – 20 min on Stairmill

    Tuesday was another kick ass workout. I really hate to sound like a broken record, and for those of you who know me, I don’t Bull Sh*t, but my workouts have been insane since I finished up my contest, which happens to coincide with me being able to use the full line of AAEFX-Flex Series supplements. I know, I sound like I am hocking it, but I sincerely feel like these supps deliver. And since they are geared (no pun intended) towards Natural athletes, that’s right in my wheelhouse.

    Seated Leg Curl – 2 sets
    DB Stiff-Leg Deads – 3 heavy-ass sets with 120s
    Lying Leg Curl – 2 sets w/ super-set of bringing knees up at top to work glute/ham area

    Squat Machine – 3 sets
    Rev Hack Squats – 2 sets
    Walking Lunges – 1 set

    Abductor Machine – 2 sets
    Seated Calf – 2 sets
    Standing Calf – 2 sets

    CARDIO – 20 min on Stairmill

  19. So, I did Back yesterday and I have to say I was feeling a little “off” and it’s the first time I’ve been that way in quite a while. But, I tried to push through and I did the best I could considering.

    WG BB Bent Rows – 3 sets
    WG Pulldowns – 3 sets
    CG Seated Row – 2 sets
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns

    DB Shrug – 3 sets 80/20, 100/15, 120/12

    CARDIO – 20 minutes on Stairmill

  20. So, I did Back yesterday and I have to say I was feeling a little “off” and it’s the first time I’ve been that way in quite a while. But, I tried to push through and I did the best I could considering.

    WG BB Bent Rows – 3 sets
    WG Pulldowns – 3 sets
    CG Seated Row – 2 sets
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns

    DB Shrug – 3 sets 80/20, 100/15, 120/12

    CARDIO – 20 minutes on Stairmill

  21. Obviously, my updates haven't been as timely as I would want them to be. Life has actually been pretty crazy, to be perfectly honest. Dealing with divorce certianly isn't easy. Add to that work and trying to find some semblance of a social life and it compounds things a bit.

    Luckily I have bodybuilding in my life...it's my new BFF! Actually, it's always been my "BFF" and it continues to be a happy part of my life. Especially since I am kicking some ass in the gym. My weights aren't even close to where I used to be, but I must say that I am really making things count when I get in there.

    I know I've said this before, but my mind-muscle connection continues to be a major focus and it is showing up in the results. Also, Eric and I came up with a new split of sorts for me. Check this out...
    WEEK 1

    WEEK 2

    Monday started Week #2 and it was a great workout...

    Angled Incl DB Press - 3sets
    Free-Motion Machine Press - 3 sets
    Dips - 2 sets
    Cable Crossover

    CG Pulldowns - 3 sets
    Corner T-bar Rows - 2 sets

    CARDIO - 10 minutes on Stairmill; 15 minutes on Treadmill

    I can't wait until this afternoon to train delts and tris. I'll get back later to post today's workout.

  22. Here was today's aftenroon delight...

    Rev. Hammer Press - 3 sets
    Front Raises - 2 sets (1 set doing like bicep curl; 1 set as hammer/twist raise)
    Face Down on Bench Rear Laterals - 2 sets (20 & 19 reps, respectively)
    Side Laterals

    Pushdowns - 3 sets

    Standing Press - 2 sets
    Seated Press - 2 sets

    GREAT workout again. My mind started to wander a couple of times (I started to think about some things going on), but I got right back on the horse and I busted though.

  23. Well, I seem to have some updating to do. Sometimes, when I have my girls in the evening and a tough work schedule like I had last week, it is really tough to get on here without depriving myself of sleep!

    I had a pretty good finish to the week last week. Back day consisted of Floor Deads (which I am happy to report I did a healthy amount of reps with 405 again; I tried for a 3rd set, but my back tightened up a bit, so I stopped), Pull-ups, Hammer Rows and some other stuff I can’t remember right now! lol Friday ended the week strong with a really good bis/tris and calves day.

    The diet was on par for most of the weekend. I obviously had myself a few cheat meals, but for the most part, I remained at least healthy about it. I didn’t go too crazy…except for one meal. Saturday night I ate at Cheesecake Factory…had Chicken and Biscuits and a ridiculous cheesecake that had Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut butter cup and caramel.

    So, over the weekend, I was supposed to meet up with Eric to discuss the NGA show in November and the possibilities of doing it. Well, before I even met up with him, I was admittedly “not in it” mentally to even think about doing this show. Going through a divorce is no easy task without the rigors of contest prep. However, I did it with even more strenuous circumstances for my June show. But, without the prep stuff, I am having a ton of new-found fun and am able to spend great quality time with my girls! So that brings me to my meeting with Eric.

    I wanted Eric to tell me what kind of prep I was looking at and if he thought I could make a splash. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed in my placing in NC (not that I didn’t deserve it). And I have stayed in relatively decent condition since my show – less than 10 pounds difference from my weigh-in weight. Well, when I took off my shirt and started posing for Eric, apparently he was a little surprised. In his words, “it would be a shame if you didn’t do this show with how you look right now”. Again, those weren’t really the words that I was necessarily going there to hear. I tried to throw out a bunch of excuses to him, but it didn’t look like he was buying it.

    So, now I have a decision to make! We talked about mulling it over for the next week to see. I still have some things to iron out with my family, but my mind is now “in it” way more than before. Before I was about 70/30 as in NOT going to do it. Now it’s about 70/30 in favor of doing it. Decisions, decisions!!!

  24. I caught up with your entire journal. Nice work. Good luck at your show in November.

    Old Navy

  25. Alright, kids. So, it's official...I'll be doing the NGA show in Novmeber down here in sunny South Florida. That means 12+ weeks of prep and I am ready to get down to biz-nass!

    Yesterday, I decided to go back to the tried and true form of Power Week for the whole week (except for legs later today). So, here was my Power Chest/Front & Side Delts day

    Smith Incl Press - 3 sets
    Incl DB Press - 2 sets
    Flat Bench Flyes - 3 sets
    Incl Hammer

    Front/Side Delts
    Seated DB Press - 3 sets
    DB Uproght Row - 2 sets
    Side Laterals

    CARDIO- 20 min on Stairmill


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