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  1. Nothing to report on today as far as bodybuilding goes, but yesterday was good. I decided to train later in the afternoon instead of my usual noon time due to my continuing headache issues and it helped tremendously. I had a killer chest and biceps workout. Today was a matter of making sure my diet was in order...which it has been.

    The rest of this week is the stretch of workouts I really look forward to. More tomorrow...

  2. What a great training day! I have to say that this week “I’M BACK!!” My mental focus and my physical training has been through the roof. Aside from my headaches earlier in the week, it’s been perfect.

    BACK – Thickness
    Rev. Grip Smith Bent Row
    275/16, 295/11, 295/11+1
    Rack Deads-just above the knee
    405/16, 405/15, 425/13
    Corner T-Bar Rows
    4plts/13, 4plts/11
    Standing Lat Pulldown to mid- chest ss/ Horizontal Pullups on Smith Machine - 2 sets of each

    Incline Smith Press – did these in a new way…sort of like an FD/FS version
    185 – 5 straight reps; 3 reps…3 sec hold at top AND bottom; 5 more straight reps
    185 – 5 reps…3 sec hold at top AND bottom; 3 more straight reps
    185 – 3 straight reps; 3 reps…3 sec hold at top AND bottom; 3 more straight reps
    Horizontal Cable Cross
    25/11, 25/10

    My weights may not be anything to write home about, but I can certainly vouch for the effectiveness of the workout.

  3. I had a fantastic couple of training days on Friday and Saturday. Friday was Delts and Triceps and I did a couple of different exercises for Delts. I did these interesting Clean and Presses where you Clean the bar up and double-press. Since I did these after Side Laterals, the weights weren't all that impressive, but it was VERY effective. I'm looking forward to using one of Eric's training tips this coming week for delts!! As for Tris, they got pretty thrashed too. I added DB Skullcrushers which helped me do these without too much discomfort in my elbow.

    As for Saturday, I did some very fast (but took a long time!) legs.
    Feet-High Leg Press ss/ Sissy Squat - 2 sets each
    Jefferesons ss/ Hack Squat - 2 sets each
    Walking DB Lunges - 2 sets of 20+ steps

    DB Lying Leg Curl - 2 rough-ass sets
    Seated Leg Curl - 2 sets w/ dropset on last
    Stiff-Leg Deads - 1 dropset started at 275 then dropped to 185.

    3 sets of Lying Leg lifts
    3 sets of Cable Crunch

    And today...its time to do some Back!!

  4. Another nice workout today. Although, for some reason, it felt like I was going too fast. Not sure why, but I can assure everyone who reads this that muscle was stimulated today!

    Smith Incl Press (1-1/2 Reps)
    195/8, 195/6
    Flat Hammer Press
    70each/11, 70each/10..drop..45/8+5XReps
    BW/13; BW/13
    Cable Crossover

    Incline Seated Curl
    40/11, 40/8+1
    Life Fit-Preacher Curl
    125/7, 110/8+1/2
    Fr Dbl Bi Curl (top cable)
    225/11, 22.5/11

    Side Laterals – 25/29, 30/15+3 XReps, 30/15+3 XReps

    Lying Leg Lifts – 3 strong sets!

  5. It was one of those days in the gym today…the good kind. Where everything was seemingly flawless – the weights felt good, the pump was great, time flew by! I can only hope days like this continue.

    I had to do some switching around since my legs were still sore from last week, so I did Delts and Tris today.

    Side Lateral Raises – 3 sets…not to failure
    Rack Smith Presses
    165/12, 165/10, 165/10
    Rev Pec Dec
    150/15, 165/13, 165/12
    Side Laterals – did a bunch of sets with 32.5 DBs

    Lying DB Tri Ext
    30/12, 35/8
    EZ bar Pushdowns
    170/9, 170/8
    Dip Machine
    230/13, 230/12..ss/Rev EZ bar Pushdown-100/8..drop..80/6

    That was it, but I was spent. I slugged my LG5 and hurried back to get in my post-workout meal! I NEED replenishment after this one!!!

  6. Since my legs were still a tad sore from last week’s supposed chill-workout (but ultimately, a blasted workout!), I decided to switch up my normal Thursday Leg day with my Delt/Tri Friday. So, today I tackled legs. And since I am really concentrating on bringing up my Hams and reducing my glute area, I focused on that today…but make not mistake, this was not an easy workout on my quads either!

    Lying Leg Curl
    125/16, 125/12
    Elbows on pad/Chest up/Glute crunch-Lying Leg Curl (as my 3rd set) - 70/12
    Rev Leg Curl (done as a “Butt Blaster”-type movement)
    65/15each leg, 65/15 each
    DB SL Deads
    120/15, 120/13..ss/Hoist Seated Leg Curl – Pos. 10/13

    Adduction Machine
    115/15, 115/10
    Smith “Duck” Squat – slow & deep!
    315/9, 315/11
    Walking DB Lunge
    40/28 steps, 40/20 steps
    Diagonal Leg Press machine
    80/12 each leg, 80/12 each

    Major stretching after this one – especially in my Hams. I think that stretching is an area that I do pretty well in for the majority of my physique, but I do admit that I don’t do as good of a job with my legs, more specifically my Hams. That will be a major focus leading up to my next show.

  7. So today was the start of a 2x Back training week (and a 5-day week). And, since I haven’t done a Power Week (of the Power, Rep Range, Shock Training system) in a while, I decided to run a modified Power Week. Instead of 4-6 reps, I am gearing more towards 5-7 or 6-8 reps. Not a bad day at the office.

    Also, I gave away samples to 2 more people today – people who train often and I’ve developed a rapport with. Two very cool guys, so I told them that they need to give me feedback after they finish the week’s-worth I gave them. I’ll keep you all in the loop how that goes.

    Pullups – 2 warm-up type sets…hold at the top; stretch at the bottom.
    WG Pulldown
    210/10 (too easy), 240/5+1, 225/6+1
    Rev Grip Pulldown
    240/10, 255/7, 255/6+1
    One-arm Row
    120/12, 120/12
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldown
    130/15, 140/13, 140/13
    So much for Power Week on the last two exercises. One-arm rows…my gym doesn’t go higher than 120 & I LOVE Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns, so I wanted to include them

    Mini-DELTS: these will not be done as Power
    Side laterals
    27.5/11, 27.5/12, 27.5/12
    Incline into Bench-BB Upright Row (Eric Broser-special)
    85/10, 85/10+1, 85/10+1

    V-ups – 3 sets
    Medicine Ball Crunch – 2 sets

  8. As I continue this Modified Power Week, I was ready to hit Chest. I usually include Biceps in this workout, but after the thrashing my arms on Saturday with Eric & CJ, I decided to skip it this week. It’s Wednesday and I’m still sore! So, I hit Chest a little more concentrated.

    Incline Smith (Low Incline)
    225/7, 235/5, 235/4-1/2
    High Incline DB Press
    90/8, 95/5, 95/6 (with a little bit of help by a passer by!)
    Incl Flye
    60/9, 60/8, 70/6
    BW Dips
    13, 13
    Flat Machine Press (triple drop set)

    Leg Press Raises
    5plts each/20
    6plts each/15
    7plts each/11..drop..6plts/9..5plts/9
    Seated Raises

    My calves were fried after those, so I decided to stop. The rest of the day was a focus on diet, as usual. However, I had to drop 1 meal from my 7-meal day because it was just getting too late and I didn’t want to force food. I am only a few weeks away from starting my prep (if I decide to do the show in August) and I don’t want to add any more bodyfat. Hell, I might even start my strict dieting a couple of weeks below. We’ll see how it goes.

  9. The past few days have been a tad rough. I've been fighting a pretty bad cough/head cold/chest-thingy. To be honest, I've got to give a lot of credit to my LG5 and other EFX supplements. Other members of my family have the same cold and trust me...it ain't pretty.

    Friday I attacked Delts and Tris with the same vengence as always. Friday night was a bit rough...not feeling well at all, but I did manage to get up on Saturday & hit Hams/Glutes, Calves and Abs. I also had time to do a LOT of quality stretching. Saturday night was worse than Friday night, but I ended up sleeping very hard and took all of today (Sunday) to rest. All day...on the cough...resting, sleeping and watching my DVR!

  10. So, like I’ve mentioned I’ve been dealing with a bit of a cold the last few days and I woke up feeling really congested Monday morning. That didn’t quite stop me from hittin’ the treadmill. I hit that for 20 minutes and was of and running with my day.

    By the afternoon, I was feeling a little bitter but my head was still a little foggy. I wasn’t sure how the workout was going to go, but I pressed on. It started out pretty crappy…I just couldn’t get the fire going. By the 2nd or 3rd set, it was on.

    This week will be more of a Rep range week…

    Chinups (warmup)
    Life Fit. Pulldown Machine
    210/13, 210/12
    CG Seated Row
    225/11, 225/9+1
    Rev Grip Pulldown
    240/8+1, 240/7..drop..180/7
    Extra-Wide Grip BB Bent Row
    225/10, 225/11
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldown
    150/12, 105/10+2, 150/10+2
    Horizontal Pullups (for mid-back) on Smith machine
    20, 17
    25/25, 25/22, 25/15..dropbw/7

    So, this morning I woke up feeling a lot better than I had the last few days. I think I’ve turned the corner! After my morning cardio on my treadmill, I was really looking forward to seeing how training went.

    Flat DB Press
    85/11, 85/10
    Incl DB Press
    85/8, 85/7
    Incl Flye
    50/10, 50/12 (rear delts really sore, so I moved slowly)
    Hammer Incl Press
    90each side/10+3XReps
    90each side/11+3XReps
    90each side/9+1..drop..45each/12

    Hammer Preacher Curl
    90/10, 90/8
    DB Hammer Curl
    42.5/8, 42.5/8 – went lighter than normal…dealing with a few nagging injuries
    Low Cable Curl
    160/8, 150/7..drop120/7

    Side Laterals…threw some in there
    32.5/20, 32.5/16, 32.5/13

    Really thrashed Abs today with various movements done in superset style.

  11. Wow…I can’t believe I haven’t been able to post for almost a week! It has been quite a few days over the last week. I’ve had my girls for the majority of last week; my kid’s end of the year show; Mother’s Day and all of the work I’ve had – like I said…busy!

    Anyway, I haven’t stopped at the gym (obviously). To be honest, I’m really crankin’ it up! I’ve decided that I will be doing the NGA Flamingo Show in Miami on Aug. 21st, so my prep is underway already. It wasn’t my plan when I started out this year, but my pro card is something that I am vying for and this is my best shot without waiting until November. It’s actually my only shot before November because I don’t want to travel for a while (no expendable cash at this point).

    CARDIO – right now I’m only doing 20 minutes 4x a week, but I know that’s changing soon. I am also changing things up by doing the Stairmill at the gym on the mornings I don’t have the girls.

    TRAINING – I am still focused on my side delts and back as far as improvements I want to make. We will reevaluate things in a few weeks to see if we need to change things up. But make no mistake, this won’t necessarily be about muscularity. It will primarily be about condition…and THAT is my main focus.

    MONDAY – BACK (width)
    Wghtd Chins
    BW+45/6, +35/6, +25/7..drop..BW/5
    Rev Grip Pulldowns
    225/11+1, 240/10+1
    CG Pulldowns
    240/7+1/2, 240/6
    Stiff-arm Rope Pulldown
    150/11, 150/8, 140/8, 130/9

    Upright Row superset w/ Side Laterals
    80/12..27.5/13; 80/13..27.5/13
    Free-motion Mach-1-arm side Laterals
    30/13, 30/13..drop..20/7+2

    Free-motion mach Calf Press
    106/20, 200/18, 240/13..drop..200/7..drop..160/8

    Incl Hammer Press
    115each/13, 135ea/4+1/2, 125ea/7..drop..90ea/6
    Incl Flye
    50/12, 50/13
    Star Trac-Flat Press
    180/11+1, 180/14+1..drop..15/6+2
    Cable Crossover (Life Fit)
    30/15, 30/16+, 30/16

    Alt DB Curl
    45/10, 45/9
    2-arm Incline Curl
    40/10, 40/7
    Lying Top Cable Curl
    103/8, 110/10+2


    CARDIO- on both days I went to the gym and hit the Stairmill.

  12. Alright, so I had an off day yesterday, so no activity yesterday other than making sure my diet was “on”. I know THAT will change soon as we get further in to prep, so I sat back and enjoyed sleeping in.

    Today was a different story, though. HOLY COW, was it a different story. I had “it” at the gym today. I went in with that adrenaline that I usually get when I enter the gym and it didn’t stop for about an hour! And, today was probably the most taxing day weight-wise I’ve had in quite some time. I must say I was impressed and happy with my results today. And I KNOW I’ll need to get to sleep early tonight and have an extra serving of LG5 before bed, because the recovery process will be extensive after this one!

    LATS (Thickness)
    Rev Grip BB Row
    275/11+1, 275/9+1, 275/9+1
    Rack Deadlifts - from just below the knee
    405/13, 405/13
    Corner T-bar Row
    5plts/8+2, 5plts/7+1, 5plts/7..drop..4plts/6
    One-arm Row
    120/13, 120/11
    Standing Row w/ Lat Pulldown Machine
    135/10, 135/11

    Seated Calf (went lighter than normal to get higher reps!)
    3plts/18, 3plts/15, 3plts/15..drop..2plts/7

    I am completely toasted after this one!

  13. How far forward do you lean on the bent rows? 275 would destroy my lower back.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by slackadjuster View Post
    How far forward do you lean on the bent rows? 275 would destroy my lower back.
    I usually stand at about 45 degrees. All I know is that I kick my own ass with those!

  15. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to train with my coach and friend (and fellow-Natural Freak), Eric. This Chest & Delt session was an intense as ever. We kept things moving pretty briskly, but hit each set with a purpose. It is always fun training with Eric...he brings out a certain level of confidence in me that I can accomplish things in bodybuilding that I would never have dreamed of before.

    Along the same lines, my pro card IS on the horizon. I don't know exactly when it will come to fruition, but I am banking on it being my next show...The NGA Flamingo Bodybuilding Championships on August 21st.
    With now less than 14 weeks to go...it is ON!

  16. So, after training with Eric on Saturday, I knew that Sunday was going to have to be a day of rest and recovery. I woke up, hung out for a while and ended up heading over to South Beach for a few hours. I have to tell ya, hanging out on South Beach sure can be fun! I couldn’t drink or eat what I wanted, but that wasn’t a big deal. Hanging out with my cousin is fun enough. I even planned it where I had to eat only one meal at the beach. When I got back in the late afternoon, I took a nap, cooked some food, did some laundry and got ready for my week!

    Today I was back at it. I woke up and moseyed on over to the gym to use the Stairmill. At lunch I hit the gym to train Back. I decided to use this week to reacquaint myself to Eric’s FD/FS Training System.

    Pullups (6/1/X)
    BW/6, BW/5, BW/5
    Corner T-Bar Row (5/1/X)
    4plts/6, 4plts/5+1, 4plts/5
    Reverse Grip Pulldown (2/5/X)
    195/7+1, 195/7
    High WG Seated Row (1/4/X)
    180/8, 180/7
    Horizontal Pullups on Smith machine
    BW/20, BW/15+3

    CALVES – my calves were still sore from the other day so although I hit them with a ton of reps, I didn’t quite overdo it.
    Life Fitness Calf Press – toes in
    140/25, 180/20, 180/15 (not too much rest b/w sets)

    I ended things today with a little bit of side and front delts work using a cable. Since I’m not training tomorrow and won’t train delts until Friday, I thought I needed a little work.

  17. Since I trained on Saturday and shifted things around, today and tomorrow are my off-days. To be honest, it's gonna suck not to train, but hopefully these two days will go by fast.

    However, that doesn't mean I didn't put in some work...I did my off-day cardio session today. This way I'm off for the weekend and get to have a little bit of fun, sleep in, etc. It won't last long, so I am going to take advantage of it while I can.

  18. After training Chest on Saturday, I wasn’t quite ready to train it again on Tuesday (my normal day), so I took Tuesday off. I woke up this morning and thought to myself that it would be too long between chest workouts if I didn’t train it again until next Tuesday, so I decided I would go today for a Chest and Biceps session – just about 2/3 the volume, especially for Biceps since they were pretty sore from Back day on Monday.

    Still using FD/FS this week.

    Low Incline Smith (6/1/X)
    185/7 or 8 (lost count), 185/6+neg
    Higher Incline DB Press (2/4/X)
    70/7, 70/6, 70/6
    Cable Crossover (20+)
    22.5/35, 22.5/28

    BICEPS – I really lightened the volume because I was still sore from Back day (not a good thing)
    Low Cable Curl (5/1/X)
    130/9, 140/8
    Hammer Preacher Curl (2/4/X)
    Lying Top Cable Curl 1x20+

    Decline Crunch ss/ V-ups (did these back and forth with no rest in between)

  19. Yesterday I was completely exhausted by the time I got home, but I got a pretty decent night’s sleep and was ready for cardio this morning. Again, since I have my kids all week, I’m using my home treadmill for my 25 minutes.

    Today was my bi-weekly thrashing of legs. I do hit Hams every week still since I am trying to bring up my Hams and Glutes to match my quads (and that’s seemingly a never-ending battle). So, as I was prepping my pre-workout supps, I felt like I was a tad below par as far as energy goes. So, instead of using my regular Kre-Alk, I used my Kre-Alk Pro!...and it was ON!

    I started with Hams (as usual) and, as is the case for this week, doing it FD/FS style. And the fun ensued from there…

    Lying Leg Curl (5/1/X)
    110/11, 125/7, 110/8
    Stiff Leg Deads (2/3/X) – doing these FD/FS is tough on my lower back and makes it really difficult to breath!
    185/10, 185/9
    Seated Leg Curl (20+ reps)
    95/29+1, 105/20

    Leg Press (6/1/X)
    6plts each/9
    6plts each/7
    Sissy Squat (3/4/X) – doing these after leg press was ROUGH. I had to squat down to the floor so I wouldn’t fall over. Then when I got up, I nearly passed out!
    25/7, 25/7
    Reverse Hack Quats (20+) – the weight doesn’t look like much, but I was toasted after these!!!
    2plts each/20
    2plts each/20

    Buttblaster using bottom cable w/ foot thru handle
    25/15, 35/12

  20. Today was my last day of training for the week and it did not disappoint! It started with my cardio on my home treadmill for 25 minutes.

    I am spent and I am looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend with the girls. I’m hoping to hit the beach or the pool on one day and go to see Shrek on the other day. Tonight I get to take Sidney to her dance recital photo shoot. Ah, the life of a single dad! lol

    Here was today’s fun…
    Smith Press (5/1/X)
    185/4, 175/5, 165/6+neg.
    Upright Row - facing Incline bench (2/3/X)
    80/10, 80/9
    Side Laterals (20+)
    25/20+6, 25/12+8
    Rev Pec Dec (20+)
    135/22, 135/20

    Smith CG Press (5/1/X) – sure, it’s an embarrassing weight…but it was effective. My Tri’s were smoked and that’s all that matters.
    I did what was supposed to be an acclimation set to “get my groove”, but ended up not finding it and doing about 10+ reps with 135.
    175/5, 165/7
    Dip Machine (2/3/X)
    190/7, 190/9
    Rope Pressdown (20+)
    90/26, 90/19

    Seated Calf
    3plts/15, 3plts/13
    Life Fitness Calf Press
    200/16, 200/15+1


    So, I got my plan for next week, and as expected, there are changes. There weren’t any macro changes to the diet, but one little food choice change. There were a couple of changes, most notably more cardio. I’m up to 30 minutes now, 5x per week and still 13 weeks out. On paper, 13 weeks sounds like a long time, but body-change-wise, it’ll be here before you know it.

  21. What a crazy last few days. I've had my girls for all of last week - except for one night - and it was so much fun! Even the mundane stuff is something I thoroughly enjoy. I took Sidney for her dance-recital pictures on Friday night...man, I'm in trouble as these girls get older!

    Saturday, I took them to see Shrek, which was pretty good and after to McD's against my better judgement, but they love the treat. Sunday I took them to my pool and we spent a really nice time there before lunch and a nap. When they woke up we played Chutes and Ladders and ended the night and weekend with Family Movie Night. Since our trip to Disney, I've been making Sunday nights a Family Movie Night and we've been watching all classic Disney movies. So far we've watched Robin Hood, The Fox & the Hound, and a couple others.

    Things with the diet and training have been going perfectly. Today was supposed to be a training day, but work had other ideas. I have a seminar for the first part of the week, so I've had to switch some things around. My "off" day was today and I'll be training at least 4 days in a row. Gotta do whatcha gotta do! I'll be training rather early tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.

  22. Because of my work schedule shake up, I had to wake up this morning at 5:30am to hit the gym. I used to do this regularly when I was married, but haven't done it in quite some time. It takes a certain mindset to wake up that early and train effectively.

    I did my best to keep the intensity high, but it was pretty mediocre at best. It was a Back-Width day with some side delts mixed in.

    Afterwards, I did my cardio on the Stairmill - for the HIIT version of cardio. THIS is not for the faint of heart by any means and I think it's even WORSE on that damn stairmill. Not sure, but it might be a staple when I can make it to the gym for cardio.

  23. I had a great workout Wednesday morning. Again, I had to switch some things around this week. Wednesday is usually my off day, but training today was a bonus! I hit Chest and Biceps very hard and the difficulty of training in the morning that I had on Tuesday was better today.

    Smith Incl Press – 3 sets with dropset on last
    Incl Flyes – 2 sets
    Hammer Incl Press – 2 sets
    Flat Chest Press Machine – 2 sets
    Cable crossover – triple dropset

    DB Curl – 2 sets
    Preacher Machine – 2 sets
    Lying Top-Cable Curl – 2 sets

    CARDIO – I did the Stairmill again using the HIIT version. Sweating is a serious problem! lol


    Today it was back to my normal training time, but I’ve still had to move some things around bodypart-wise to accommodate my strange schedule. I started my day at home with my treadmill cardio session. I didn’t do HIIT, but it was seriously difficult at 5:30am!

    So, today I hit some legs…
    Lying Leg Curl – I did 3 sets for 22 reps, 18reps & 13 reps with a dropset on the last for 8 more! I did this on purpose because I really wanted to up the reps for Hams
    SL Deads – 2 sets using 225 for 15 reps each with a hold at the bottom & up with concentration on glute/ham tie-in.
    Jeffersons – 2 sets of 10 for each side

    Reverse Hack Squats superset w/ Hack Squat – 2 sets each using 15 reps for Rev Hack & 12-13 on regular Hack squat

    Cable Glute Kickback – 2 sets
    Abduction – 2 sets

    After this session, I am ready for stretching!! I did about 15 minutes to make sure I don’t get too tight.

  24. What an absolutely sickening workout today! I went in with a so-so mindset (don’t know why), but I willed myself to get on the horse and get crackin’. I’m not sure if its because of my work schedule changes or what, but my mindset hasn’t been 100% the last couple of weeks. I’ve been doing everything 100% as far as diet, cardio, etc., but for some reason my mind isn’t completely consumed with this prep. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…but today was different.

    Cardio was done at home again this morning on my treadmill. I’ve been setting the incline at 6.0 and starting out at a speed of 3.6 for 5 minutes, then 3.7 for 5 more, then 3.8 for 10 and finishing at 3.9 for 10 (30 minutes).

    For training this afternoon, I’ve kept going with the higher rep/intense sets for this week, and you’ll see today was no different!!

    BACK (Thickness)
    BB Bent Row – I haven’t done these for a bit since it kept giving me pain in my left upper-forearm, but I went ahead and gave it a go today…lighter than usual, but effective!
    225/16+1, 245/12…135/12+1
    Corner T-bar Row
    Rack Deads
    365/16, 365/15
    Standing Pulldown to Chest (mid-back)
    135/17, 135/13..drop..105/7

    DB Incl Press
    90/8, 90/6..drop..45/10 (squeeze at top)
    Hammer Flat Press – for some reason this machine is much heavier than the other Hammers
    45each side/15, 45ea/14+2, 45ea/12+4-XReps

    Leg Press Raises
    4 plts each/25
    5 plts each/15
    5 plts each/14 (seriously foul language was used after these last two sets) lol
    Seated Calf

  25. This week is my 5-day training week so I went on Saturday mid-morning...and it did not disappoint!

    My focus here has and will continue to be hitting side delts, so here is what it looked like...

    Seated Side Laterals
    27.5/18, 27.5/16, 27.5/16
    Hammer Delt Press
    105each side/5
    95each side/9
    95each side/8..drop.. 80each/5..drop..45each/8+2
    BB Upright Row
    80/24, 90/18, 100/12
    Free-motion Cable Front Riases
    17.5/16, 17.5/15+1
    Side Laterals

    EZ bar Pushdowns
    170/10, 160/12, 160/12
    Dip Machine
    210/16, 210/15, 210/13
    One-arm Rev Pushdown
    2 sets...forgot to write it down.

    CARDIO - 30 min HIIT on Stairmill

    TODAY......................... .

    ........was maddness! It was Back day and I almost feel badly for my back. it got crushed...and crushed hard! I decided that this week was going to be a modified Power Week (6-8 reps mostly), except for Legs later in the week.

    Wghtd Pullups
    25/8, 25/7-1/2, 25/7 - very slow with a pause at the bottom AND the top
    Rev BB Bent Row
    275/6+2, 275/7+1, 275/7+1..drop..185/10
    CG Seated Row
    225/9+1, 240/6+1
    One-arm DB Row
    120/11, 120/10+1
    REv Grip Pulldown
    240/8+1, 240/6+1
    25/20, 25/16

    Leg Press Raises - toes pointed in
    6plts each/16
    6plts each/13
    6plts each/11..drop..4plts each/10
    Seated Raises
    115/15, 115/13

    CARDIO - 30 min HIIT on Stairmill!!! I'M DONE!!

  26. I was at Disney a couple of weeks ago.

    Hopefully I will get to see Eric this weekend. It has been a year since the NC show!

    Log is looking great!

  27. I have been terrible about posting this week, but I do have good cause! Work has been absolutely insane this week with more meetings, calls and overall work! And by the time I've gotten home, I end up usually passing out on my couch (if I'm not cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, hangin' with my girlies, etc.).

    Anyway, training this week has been crazy. I decided to run a little modified Power Week (except on leg day) and it did not disappoint. Holy cow am I sore this week. Cardio and the diet are fine as well. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's going on with my body, but it isn't responding too well.

    I sent a note to Eric about it and I am anxious to get his feedback. WE'll see what he comes up with as we are now 11 weeks away from the show.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by slackadjuster View Post
    I was at Disney a couple of weeks ago.

    Hopefully I will get to see Eric this weekend. It has been a year since the NC show!

    Log is looking great!
    That's awesome! Hope you liked Disney. I always love going...I'm like a little kid at that place.

    I can't believe it's been a year since the NC show already! A lot has happened in a year!

  29. This weekend was outstanding! On Saturday afternoon, I had the little birthday party for Sienna with family and friends. What a fantastic day not only for my little one, but for me as well. It is something extraordinarily special for a father to watch his daughter grow up. I watched her eat her birthday cake and I had to take a moment and soak it all in. Sunday, we went to the pool for a little while, came back home for lunch and a nap, then later in the evening we had out Family Movie Night…we watched Bambi!

    That was the family stuff. Now let’s get going on the hardcore stuff….contest prep!
    As I mentioned before, I had been getting a tad bummed about how things were progressing (or not, as it were). But, I got back my changes from Eric and I think this week will be a truly positive one. He upped my fat burner dosage, cut my carbs a bit on non-training days and upped my cardio from 6 to 7 days.

    So, Saturday I was able to hit the gym for cardio in the morning. On Sunday, I hit my home treadmill for 30 minutes after naptime (I didn’t read properly that I had cardio on Sunday too…oops!), I punished myself for that little error by starting at a faster pace and ending up at 4.1 mph with a 6.0 incline.

    I had a little issue with my fat burner too. I took my second dose before cardio (and Meal #4) and I started to feel weird…lightheaded and just “off”. Even today during my afternoon training session, I had cramps! Very strange…I’ll have to keep my eye on that.

    Today, I woke up and hit my treadmill for the 35 minutes this morning. And my afternoon training session was just ok. I gave maximum effort, but I was cramping up for some reason (due to my fat burner) and my concentration was on that for the first half. I’ll have a better gauge by tomorrow if I am sore or not.

  30. This morning I woke up and I wasn’t sure how cardio was going to go. I was a little tired and pretty sore from the thrashing I gave my back yesterday. But, after having my morning supplements (Nytric, l-Carnatine & fat burner), I was slowly but surely ready. A pretty good session…I got up to 4.0 with a 6-incline for 35 minutes.

    By the afternoon I was chomping at the bit to go train. It was Chest & Bi’s day!

    Incline DB Press
    90/7, 90/7, 90/5
    Incline Flyes
    70/8, 70/6, 70/5
    Flat Hammer Press
    70each/7, 70each/7, 70each/5
    Top Cable Crossover-real cable stack (not Life Fit stack)
    60/20, 70/13, 70/11

    DB Curl
    55/7, 55/6
    Hammer Curl
    45/8, 45/8
    90 degree Preacher Curl
    85/5, 85/5

    Leg Lifts ss/ V-ups – did 2 sets of each


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