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  1. Today...was a good day!

    Chest and delts are a focal point for me, so this day is of particular importance. It’s a strange transformation for me when I change out of my work clothes and into my gym clothes. I really feel like I turn into a different person.

    Recently, I’ve noticed that for these two body parts, I need to lower the weight and really focus on the muscle I am intending to do the work. For example, with chest I feel like I have been using everything (except my chest muscles) to get up the weight. Going forward, that has changed. However, I do seem to need to remind myself at times…and sometimes within a set.

    Already sore from yesterday’s back thrashing, I could probably stand to get in a nap right about now! Can’t wait to see how I wake up tomorrow after today’s workout…

    Incl Hammer Press – 3 sets
    DB Flat Press – 2 sets (nowhere near the weight I’ve used in the past, but who cares!)
    DB Pullover – 2 sets
    Incl Press Machine – 2 sets

    DB Side Laterals (strict from the side) – 3 sets from 25, 15 and 15 reps
    Seated DB Press – 3 sets
    Single-handle Two-arm Cable Upright Row – 2 sets

    Seated Calves – 4 sets that crushed me

  2. Do you do decline work with chest?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Do you do decline work with chest?
    I don't really see the need, to be honest. People could ALWAYS use more upper chest, but there is no one on the planet that I have seen that needs decline work. That's just my opinion.

  4. Alright, boys and girls, I trust Thanksgiving was good in your household. Mine was fantastic! I had my girls the whole time and had my family come over for dinner at my place. We were in somewhat close quarters, but it didn't matter. We were together and we enjoyed our time together, which is what is most important.

    I was able to get in all of my training last week, but was done by Wednesday. I basically took the rest of the week off to be not-a-bodybuilder. And although I still have some serious guilt about the food that I ate, it was somewhat nice for that period of time not to have to go nuts with my food.

    It's time like these that make me realize that I am a bodybuilder through and through. I am not sure if it's partly an obsessive-compulsive issue, but I realized that bodybuilding is part of my being. I am really looking forward to training over the course of the next year to see what kind of gains I can make with a good year of solid, focused training.

    My biggest issue will be my diet. I have no problems with training and even get in my 4-5 cardio sessions each week. After my first contest in June, I didn't really go too far with the ugly foods, but after this show I feel like I am going a tad overboard. I may need to ask Coach Eric what to do about that. I am making sure NOT to gain too much fat this off-season...even if it means I go on a mini-diet in a few weeks. Until then, I am done with crappy foods except for 2x per week...probably on Fri and Sat night.

    That's the plan for now. I'll catch up with everybody tomorrow to talk more about my training.

  5. Today was on off day, so no training. Hell, I didn't even do cardio this morning. I slept in instead and I think I needed it. I think I overdid it at the gym the last couple days that I gave myself a headache! lol I will say that I am sore as hell the last couple of days in my back, chest and delts. I must be doing a good job! I, instead, concentrated on my diet...not the most fun in the world, but a necessary evil.

  6. I gotta tell ya… I am seriously kicking my own ass the last couple of weeks at the gym. I have been relentless on myself. I can really feel it now that I’m at the end of the week. My body is really sore…and very tired. I look so forward to the weekends when I feel like this.

    I have also been giving my body rest from all of my EFX supps (although I am still using V&M Vitamins, ZMA, & LBA’s. I probably have about a couple more weeks like this before I start putting some back in slowly but surely. Eric recommended this, and I agree – the body just needs the rest. Plus I really believe it “primes” the body for when you start up again. I have to say, though, that my body really feels the effects of NOT using my EFX supplements. That just goes to show ya…you can throw up a bunch of cool studies that show how great a product (or product line) is. But if it doesn’t work in the real world, it just don’t matta! Lucky for me, EFX supps do BOTH!

    I’ve stayed on my diet all week and now I am looking forward to tonight where I get to “live a little” by eating some pizza with my girls. YIPPEE!!!! Goodbye abs…I’ll see ya in a couple of days. lol

    Here was today’s thrashing…
    Side Laterals – 2 sets
    Smith Delt Press – 3 heavy sets
    Rev Pec Dec – 2 sets
    DB Front Raises (1/2 regular way; Hammer grip) – 2 sets
    Side Laterals – 3 sets

    Hammer Incl – 3 sets
    Life Fitness Machine Press – 2 sets

    DB Shrug – 4 sets (2 lighter; 2 heavier sets)

    Seated – 2 sets
    Life Fit Claf Machine – 2 sets

  7. Another weekend passed with mixed results. I kept to my diet for the most part, but when I went off of it, I really went off of it. Nothing a little mini-diet or extra cardio can’t fix, right. Please…right?!?!? Lol Anyway, I had the girls this weekend and we put up our tree, read some books, watched movies, went to the stores to do some Christmas shopping. I even had time to watch football!!! We had a great time.

    On to today…
    Woke up this morning and felt like I could have used more sleep. But, I got up and hit the treadmill for 20+ minutes.

    My quest for a thicker, wider back continued today in the form of a hellacious training session. Holy crap, was I spent after this one…sweating like a dog…bent over from exhaustion after each rep from the middle until the end.

    Chin-ups – 3 BW sets going slow and controlled making sure to squeeze each rep.
    Smith Mach. Rack Deads (mid-shin) – 405/10, 405/11, 405/12 (someone is going to have to explain to me how I got stronger with each set!)
    Corner T-bar Row – 3 sets at 205 for 8-10 reps
    DB Row – 2 sets at 105 & 115, respectively for 11 and 9 reps.
    Stiff-arm Pulldowns (Rope)

    Leg Press Calf – 2 sets of 18 and 13 reps…total failure!
    Seated Calf – 2 sets of who knows, but to total failure

  8. Well if Monday was brutal, Tuesday was exhausting. And sore…sore is putting it lightly. I crushed myself yesterday.

    The day started as normal with 20 minutes of cardio…but I did an extra 5 minutes because of weekend guilt. lol

    Smith Incl Press – 2 sets
    Free Motion Chest Press Mach – 2 sets
    Dips – 2 sets
    Hammer Incl Press – 3 sets

    DB Press – 2 sets
    Side Laterals – 3sets
    DB Upright Row

    V-ups – 3 sets
    Decl Crunch – 1 set

  9. Yesterday was my off day, but because my diet wasn’t exactly spot-on the last couple weeks, I decided to wake up and do cardio. Instead of 20 minutes, I did 25 minutes on my home-treadmill. I went through the rest of the day being good on my diet…although it was mentally tough. I don’t know why it has been so hard to keep on my diet lately, when it is relatively easy during contest prep.

    Today, I woke up and did cardio again…this time for the regular 20 minutes. And, a little while ago, I came back from my training session. While I wasn’t quite at my best to start energy-wise, I pushed through and actually had a pretty decent workout!

    Since I only train quads once every two weeks, I really make sure to thrash them as hard as I can while still maintaining the focus on what I want to do. I am pretty much done building mass at this point, so it’s all about refining the muscle and making sure I do targeted glute work.

    Stiff-Leg Deads
    265/13, 265/12
    Lying Leg Curl
    125/13, 125/8+1
    Seated Leg Curl
    130/15, 130/15

    Walking Lunges – 100/36 steps, 100/34
    I decided to start with these to kind of pre-exhaust my quads…I wanted to see how I would react
    Leg Press – 540/13, 540/12
    Rev Hack Squat – 320/12, 320/12
    Leg Ext – 100/15, 100/12+1 (slow and contract)

    Adduction – 115/20
    Abduction – 115/25

  10. It’s been a couple of days since I posted, so let me give everyone a quick run down of what’s been going on.

    Friday, I started the day off with cardio – 22 minutes (I did an extra 2 minutes to get to 250 calories, knowing full well the cal count doesn’t mean anything.) I did Triceps, Biceps & Calves in the afternoon. My left elbow is really bothering me lately, but I am working through it. At this point, it looks like any tricep extension exercise is pretty much out, so I am constantly inventing ways to increase my tricep size…as this is a bodypart I NEED to improve.

    I did cardio on both Saturday and Sunday - on Sat in the morning and in the afternoon on Sunday. I NEED to try to keep my bf down.

    Monday was the start of a new training week. After getting in my cardio in the morning, it was time to focus on training in the afternoon. I decided to make this a HYBRID week of Power, Rep Range, Shock.

    LATS - Hybrid
    Smith Rev Grip Rows (1x13-15, 10-12, 7-9)
    255/14, 275/12, 295/8+1
    BW+45/5, BW+35/6 (reduced weight because I still wanted to squeeze at the top)
    Seated Row
    210/10, 210/10
    Underhand Grip Pulldown ss/ Rope Stiff-arm Pulldown

    Side Laterals – strict from the side
    20/15, 25/16, 30/11
    Life Fit-Machine Press
    115/11, 115/9 (my delts were screaming after the side laterals)

    Seated – 90/25, 115/18
    Leg Press – 450/15, 450/15

    Today, I started with cardio as usual. Again, I used Hybrid style for Chest.

    DB Incl Press-Angled hands (1x13-15, 10-12, 7-9) – 3 sets of 14, 11, & 9 reps. I did these slow to really feel the muscle working
    Smith Incl Press (2x4-6) – after the rep range sets, it was tough to do power…which was this point. I did sets of 6, 7, and I increased the weight on the last set to get 4-1/2 reps.
    Pullovers ss/ Incl Flye

    HAMS/GLUTES – was still sore from last week’s thrashing, so I decided to take it a little easier weight-wise, but concentrate on the contraction more.
    Lying Leg Curl
    110/15, 110/10
    Lying Leg Curl (Glute Crunch)
    50/12, 50/12
    DB Stiff Leg Deads
    90/15, 105/12
    Abduction ss/ Adduction

    Lying Leg Lifts – 3 sets of 12-15

  11. Today is my off day and I decided early on that my body needed a true off day. I have been doing cardio in the morning for the last 10 days. So, it was time. I slept in a little bit (5:50am-haha), but had a weird night sleep.

    Today is all about eating…making sure I stay on my diet. Actually, I am taking today as a very-reduced carb day. I only had 30g of carbs with my first meal and am only having healthy fats with each meal the rest of the day. I NEED to stay leaner this off-season.

  12. What a strange day so far. The weather has been lousy, so the mood throughout the day has been rather somber. I woke up this morning determined to smoke today's workout, and I did, but it wasn't easy!

    I got my pre-workout meal in and felt ok...off to the gym! Once I got there, something strange happened - I started to feel a tad light-headed for some reason. I'm not sure why, but it started off looking like it was NOT going to be a good day. But once I hit my first couple of sets - even though I was pretty dizzy afterwards - I was off to the races.

    90 degree EZ bar Preacher Curl (1x13-15, 10-12)
    65/15, 65/11
    DB Curl (5-7)
    50/7, 50/6
    Lying Top Cable (drop)

    Rope Pressdown (13-15, 10-12, 7-9)
    90/21 (too light), 110/8+2 (too heavy..lol), 110/8
    Dip Machine (5-7)
    230/10 (too light...again), 260/7, 260/6
    Rev Grip Pressdown (drop)

    Rack Deads
    405/12, 405/12
    Corner CG T-bar Row
    4plts/12; 5plts/7
    180/10, 180/8..drop..150/6

  13. After a great workout on Friday, it was smooth sailing until today. I enjoyed my time over the weekend with the girls (and can’t wait until Christmas Eve)!!! I was even able to include some relaxing in there as well. Lucky for me, after today, I have off from work until January 4th! WOO HOO!!

    But that doesn’t mean that I am stopping from working out. Matter of fact, I am moving around my schedule so I can get in a workout with Broser. I get jacked up when we train together. Too bad we don’t live closer to each other…no telling what kind of gains I could have if we trained together.

    Anyway, it’ll probably be hit-n-miss with me being on the boards, since I’ve got my girls all of next week for their winter break. But here is today’s fun…

    210/8, 210/8, 195/9..drop..165/5..drop..135/5
    Life Fitness Rev Grip Seated Row
    235/10, 235/10
    One-arm Row
    100/15, 100/12
    CG High Seated Row
    195/10, 195/10
    Smith WG Bent Row
    185/12, 185/13..drop..135/9

    DB Shrug (70/10..warmup)
    100/15, 100/13
    Pulldown to Top of Head
    105/16, 105/15

    Rack Deads
    405/10, 405/10


    Oh, and cardio was done this morning! No rest for the weary. Since I have resolved the fact that my diet will be a tad off the next couple of weeks, I need to stay on track with cardio.

  14. My last post here was on Monday, 12/21 and my last workout was with Eric Broser at his place on 12/23. I decided I was going to use that time to rest, relax and let loose a little bit. I was able to enjoy my girls Christmas Eve and into the morning, plus the whole last week of their vacation. MAN, did I have fun with them!! It was a perfect end to the old year and beginning to the New Year!

    Now that it's the New Year, I was excited to get back at the gym. Same goals for the New Year apply! It's time to make 2010, the best year to date...

    Rev Grip Smith BB Row: 255/10, 13
    Chinups: bw/ 11, 9
    CG Seated Row: 190/10, 10
    Hammer Rev Pulldowns: 90each side/10, 9
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns: 110/10 x 3

    Free Motion Raises: 3 sets of 220/15

    Hyperextensions: bw/25, 10/18, 25/13

    CARDIO - done in the morning on the home treadmill

  15. I decided to cave in and run a new log too for the New Year.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I decided to cave in and run a new log too for the New Year.
    Hey Crader!!! It's nice to see ya around here again. I will absolutely be on the lookout for your journal!

  17. Woke up this morning and hit the treadmill. But that was after lying awake in my bed for over two hours. I woke up at 4am and could not go back to sleep. Not sure what happened, but I guess we'll see how it goes tonight.

    On my way to the gym in a few...

  18. Quick update on last week...
    Majorly busy both at work and at home. Quarter-end and year-end at work brings about many reporting needs and with the new year, more and more projects are coming my way. I am really liking how things are going work-wise lately...so that's good. At home, I've reorganized some things, including my kids room to have things flow more easily. My closet got the once over as well. Plus I had my girls in the middle of the week, so getting on the computer was difficult to get to.

    That said, my workouts were pretty crazy! I was sore as HELL all week long and after doing legs on Thursday, I could barely walk ALL WEEKEND!! UGH. Last week was my "normal" week where I hit each bodypart once. This week is my N.I. (Needs Improvement) week, where I hit bodyparts that need a little help once the normal way and once again in a mini-workout fashion.

    195/13, 210/7+1, 195/8+1..drop..150/6
    One-arm Row
    105/11, 105/11, 115/9..drop..95/6
    Rev Hammer Pulldown
    90each side/11, 90each side/9+1
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldown
    102/13, 120/11..100/6+1

    Mini-Delts - I decided to concentrate all my efforts on side laterals with limited rest between sets
    30/12, 30/10, 30/9, 25/11, 25/9, 22.5/10
    6 Total Sets and MAN were my arms ready to fall off!

    I tried calves, but they were still sore from last week and started to cramp, so I stopped. Since I do them 2x per week, I don't feel so bad.

    CARDIO - was done in the morning at home for 20 min.

    That's pretty much it for today!

  19. Wow sounds like you were busy!

  20. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Wow sounds like you were busy!
    Ugh! I AM! lol

  21. Today started as normal with 20 min of cardio. Not a bad round of cardio...jstu got through it with SportsCenter!

    This afternoon was Chest and Biceps. I was particularly "in the mood" to train this afternoon. I was ready to rock and roll when I set foot in the gym.

    Incl DB Press - hands angled
    85/8, 85/6-1/2, 80/7..drop..65/6
    Machine Press
    195/11, 195/12, 195/10
    bw/13, bw/11..ss/ Cable Crossover 27.5/12

    DB Curl
    45/10, 45/10
    Incl DB Curl
    35/10, 35/8+1
    DB Preacher - 90 degree
    35/6, 30/9

    My arms and chest were spent after this one.

  22. Sounds like you had a good day in the gym!!!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Sounds like you had a good day in the gym!!!
    It was a happy day!

  24. It is Wednesday, so it is an off day for me I didn't do cardio either because I like to have my off days with no work what so ever. I call it "priming the pump" for when I have to hit cardio everyday for a contest.

    I am staying consistent with my supps, though. I really feel that my supp regimine has been spot on. With the drug-free status and absolute purity of the products AAEFX makes, it has helped me get past some serious stagnations in my muscle-building quest. And at age 36, I can use every advantage I can get.

    I'll give you a quick rundown of my protocol tomorrow...I'm spending the evening with my girlies!

  25. Its unreal these days…it seems the more time I need, the less I have. I meant to get on the computer yesterday to give my update, but I had NO time and ended up having to go bed later than I wanted. Needless to say, waking up was not much fun this morning. But, I rolled out of bed and did my 20 minutes of cardio nonetheless.

    I mentioned I would update everyone on my latest supplement regimen for this off-season. I am giving a TON of credit to my All American EFX supps for getting me past a very serious plateau last year and it is proving its worth, as I continue to improve at a much faster rate than ever! I really feel that the extreme high-quality and purity of these products make then second-to-none. So, here’s where I am at right now…

    Kre-Alk PRO - 1 cap pre workout; 1 cap post workout
    LBA Pro – 1 srvg before Meal #1, 3, 5 (& one more in the middle of the night)
    CELL RUSH - 1 srvg pre workout
    NYTRIC PRO - 2 tabs pre & 1 post workout
    Kre-Generator - 1 scoop mixed with NF-Pro post workout
    LG-5 PRO – 1 srvg post workout; 1 srvg before bed
    HBM: 2 caps Meal 1; 2 caps pre workout; 2 caps post workout
    V & M: 2 caps in AM; 2 caps in PM

    That’s my current/quick rundown. This is the Flex Wheeler signature series of EFX supps and they have really taken it to a new level.

    Anyway, although yesterday’s workout kicked ass, today’s was even better. For some reason I was frothing at the mouth at the gym today. Don’t question it…just take it and say thank you! lol

    BACK (Thickness day)
    Rack Smith Deads (just below knee..full stop before coming up)
    405/12, 455/6, 455/6..drop..315/6 WHEW!!!

    Smith WG Bent Row ss/ Smith Rev Grip Bent Row – 225/12; 225/8
    2nd set…reversed the order (did Rev Grip 1st) – 225/11; 225/5+1

    CG Seated Cable Row – 20/9, 210/7+1

    Hammer Row-1 arm at a time – 3plts/8..drop..2plts/8

    Seated DB Shrug – 105/14+1, 105/14+1

    I can now go home to take a nap!!


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