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  1. I woke up this morning, and man was it difficult to get up! But, I had a job to do and that’s get my fat ass on that treadmill! I took my L-Carnitine & my Nytric Pro and off I went.

    CARDIO – 20 min in the morning

    Training in the afternoon…
    Pre-workout supps - 2-Nytric Pro; CellRush, LBA, Kre-Alkalyn Pro

    Hammer Press – Iso Flat
    90each side/8; 80each/9
    (for some reason, these were heavier weight-wise than the incl machine)
    High Incline Rack Smith Press
    185/10, 185/7, 175/10 – these were AWESOME!
    bw/ 13, bw/11
    DB Incl Flyes
    45/16 (obviously too light), 50/12
    Star Trac Machine

    Life Fitness Preacher Curl Machine
    110/13, 110/11
    These blew my arms the-F-up!
    Incl DB Curl
    35/10, 35/8
    And these pretty much made my arms fall off
    DB Hammer Curl
    35/10, 35/10
    I’m lucky to lift THAT much weight.

    That was it for me! I can already tell that I am going to have to go to sleep early tonight. I am really loving sleeping lately. I guess that's a good thing...it means I am pounding my physique into new growth and it means I am recovering!

  2. Ahhh sleep.... I envy you!

  3. Today is my well-deserved day off. I decided not to even do any cardio this morning...even though I feel like I need to. Sleep has turned into one of my favorite pastimes. I can't get enough. And after last week's serious thrashing, I need the extra rest. Today is all about eating right and recovery!

  4. I had a pretty extraordinary day today at the gym. Of course my day started off with cardio first thing (blah, blah, blah). But by noon, it was time to kick some ass. It was my bi-weekly thrashing of legs!

    I am not sure why, but every time I do legs recently, I have this undying urge to hurl almost after each set. Maybe it’s because I am putting all of my effort into each set, I don’t know. Regardless, I know that even though I am only training them once every two weeks, they are getting a severe pounding.

    But I’m not doing legs just to throw-up weight. Every exercise is with the end in mind – my next show. I am making sure to squeeze each ham rep; I’m making sure to emphasize glute work; I’m emphasizing a certain type of further quad development.

    Seated Leg Curl
    175/13, 175/10, 175/9
    Lying Leg Curl ss/ Upright Leg Curl-Glute Crunch
    125/9..50/10; 125/8+1..50/10; 125/8..50/10
    Stiff Leg Deads
    275/10; 275/10..drop..225/5

    QUADS – did Quads in FD/FS fashion
    Leg Press (6/1/X) 3x4-6
    7plts each/6; 7plts each/6
    Sissy Squat (2/3/X)
    25/8, 25/8
    Smith Lunges (1 leg at a time)
    135/10each leg; 135/10each leg
    Cross-body Leg Press (for glutes)
    50/15, 50/13
    Last set superset with Abduction – 115/30!!!

    Needless to say I will be walking gingerly for the next couple of days.

  5. How I feel you on the naseau. I end up throwing up on leg day at least avery 3 weeks and then just feel like it the rest of the days..makes it awful when you have kids at home to feed dinner too. Back day has been that way as well.

    Whens the next show?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    How I feel you on the naseau. I end up throwing up on leg day at least avery 3 weeks and then just feel like it the rest of the days..makes it awful when you have kids at home to feed dinner too. Back day has been that way as well.

    Whens the next show?
    That must be the question of the week!! A ton of people have asked me that for some reason this week. Pretty funny.

    Well, to answer your question, there are a couple I am looking at. I may do the November NGA show here in South Florida. That'll give me a full year to work on the things I feel I need to. I've also been looking at an NGA show in August, but that may not be enough time for me. OR...I might bag the whole thing and wait until next year! lol We'll see. I'm kinda keepin' things open right now.

  7. Sometimes we’ve gotta do what we’ve gotta do. My boss mentioned that we might end up working through lunch, so I asked him – so, should I workout in the morning – and he said yes. So, this morning I woke up at 5am-ish, EFX supps (CellRush, 2-Nytrics, & LBAs), got my meal in about 20 minutes later and off I went to the gym.

    I have to say that after training midday as I have been for the better part of a year now, going back to the morning was rough. I am just not good in the morning and I’ve been fooling myself that I was good for about 10 years. My training day wasn’t great…just ok.

    Hopefully I did a good enough job to stimulate some growth.

    Side Laterals – strict/straight fr sides…once failed, I brought them in front and did more
    25/10…/8; 25/10…/8
    DB Presses – once I did side laterals the way I did them, the weight I could use for DB Press was limited!
    65/9, 70/7
    Rev Pec Dec
    135/20, 165/12, 165/10
    Alt DB Fr Raise-Hammer Grip
    25/12each, 25/15each

    EZ bar Pushdown
    150/13, 160/11, 180/6
    Dip Machine
    210/10, 201/10, 210/10+4 XReps
    One-arm Rev Cable Ext
    20/12, 20/12

    Lying Leg Lifts – 2 sets
    Cable Crunch – 2 sets
    Top Cable side crunch – 2 sets

    CARDIO – the only good thing to come out of training in the morning was that I could do cardio on the Stairmill…this was also the worst part! LOL
    20 minutes on that blasted thing.

    Now, a fun cheat meal tonight with my girlies and rest!!
  8. Strong Work

    Strong work. Caught up with your log and I am impressed. I have a 7-month old at home and have considered competing as a natural over the past year. With things settling down I am starting to train like it. In doing so I can truly understand and recognize the hard work and devotion all this entails.

    Stay Anabolic!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by TheWhiteRhino View Post
    Strong work. Caught up with your log and I am impressed. I have a 7-month old at home and have considered competing as a natural over the past year. With things settling down I am starting to train like it. In doing so I can truly understand and recognize the hard work and devotion all this entails.

    Stay Anabolic!
    Thanks Rhino! Doing a show is a fun, yet anxious, decision to make. Good luck. If I may offer some words of advice, though...make sure your wife is on board with that idea - especially with a baby in the house. Sometimes, your time can/will be affected with the family, so you need to make sure you aren't opening "cans" you don't want to! lol

    Good luck & stop by if you need any help!

  10. I had a nice weekend with my girls! We went to the mall to hang out, took the older one to dance class, went out to dinner, had ice cream, watched a movie (Up…btw, a gut wrencher!), played Wii and rested! My legs were STILL hurting this morning from last Thursday. Don’t know why…I guess I thrashed them that good!

    I’ve been doing some higher reps than normal (I usually do Power, Rep Range, Shock) recently for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve been noticing that I have been paying more attention to the rep ranges and making sure I hit them rather than feeling the muscle. I had also been using too much weight (IMO) on certain exercises to be Mr. Bad Ass.

    Since I’ve decided to go off-the-map so to speak, I feel like I’ve had some pretty decent results. I’ve been pushing past mental barriers…I’ve been giving myself a fuzzy rep range to try for and I found that I was able to go past that range most times. However, if I tried to go heavier on most exercises, I found that my “feel” wasn’t great and I felt like I was just managing the weight…NOT GOOD.

    Well, fast forward to now and I think I am ready to take a step forward…I want to try to hit a modified Power Week (6-8 reps, instead of the usually 4-6). My shoulder and forearm issues are the primary reason for the higher reps, but I am hoping to get use out of the Power-mentality. Hell, I may even decide to do 2-Power Weeks in a row.

    Weighted Pullups
    25/9, 35/7, 35/6+1
    Rev Grip Pulldowns
    240/7, 225/9, 225/8 – not great feel for some reason…too much biceps, which was the reason I don’t necessarily like going too heavy
    CG Pulldowns
    225/7, 225/7+1
    One-arm rows
    115/12, 120/10
    Stiff-arm Pulldowns
    140/12, 140/8

    WG BB Upright Row
    115/9, 115/8+1, 115/7+1
    Cheat Side Laterals
    45/10, 45/9, 45/8

    CALVES – I haven’t done these since last Saturday…they’ve hurt THAT much.
    Seated Raises
    2plts/20; 3plts/15; 4plts/9
    Leg Press Machine
    230/13, 230/11, 230/10+1

  11. Last night was a true whirlwind. I went to Publix for my normal groceries and BJs for my meat stuff (chicken, lean ground beef, fish, etc). Then I went home to cook some chicken and beef. Tonight we cook fish and brocolli (but I digress!) So, needless to say I got to bed a little later than normal, but that's ok. Since I didnt' have the girls, I was able to sleep in a little. I was still tired in the morning, but it was all good. I had a great night sleep. I was sore as hell in my lats rom yesterday, but I guess that's to be expected. I can only imagine how sore I would be if I didn't take my daily-double-dose of LG5!

    Back on the damn treadmill to start my day! And, since I woke up later than normal, I decided to play around with my meal timing a bit. So far so good.

    This afternoon was Chest and Biceps and I really tore things up. There is such a fine line between going heavier and doing quality muscle-building reps. Plus, going heavier puts great pressure on my injuries, so I was very careful. After heavier-than-normal back yesterday, I already felt my elbow acting up more than usual.

    I must say I was feeling a little extra-aggressive today in the gym. I'm not sure if "life" is affecting me or what, but if it is, I am taking it out on the weights.

    All movements - trying to stay in 6-8 rep range

    DB Incline Press
    95/6, 90/7, 90/6-1/2
    Incline Smith Press - I can't normally do much weight on these, but after DB Incl, I was sapped
    195/8, 205/6, 205/5..drop..185/3
    DB Pullovers
    100/8, 100/7
    Incl Hammer
    125each/5, 115each/6

    Alt DB Curl
    55/6, 50/7
    EZ bar 90 degree Preacher Curl
    80/9, 80/7
    Low Cable Curl
    160/8, 160/7

    Vups - 3 sets
    Decl Crunch - 1 set

    I immediately threw down a shot of LG5 knowing full well that recovery will be key after this one. I'm not looking forward to it, but it might be a good thing that my day off from training is tomorrow!

  12. Yesterday was my day off from training and thank goodness! I woke up incredibly sore from my Monday and Tuesday workouts.

    As for today, I screwed up with my split. I was supposed to do Delts and Triceps; and the workout I did today, I was supposed to do tomorrow. And to add to that, I was supposed to do Back-Thickness & Mini-Chest. And I couldn’t even get to mini-chest. Oh well. No worries. I’ll figure things out for the rest of the week and weekend.

    I didn’t even do cardio this morning! I woke up with a headache and didn’t want to push it.

    T-Bar Corner Rows
    5plts+25 (250)/7
    5plts (225)/11 – not sure what got into me on these
    5plts+25 (250)/7+2
    Smith Rack Deads – each rep done to below the knee & stopped at the bottom of each rep except on the last set. I didn’t stop at the bottom on that set!
    435/8, 435/8, 435/9
    Rev Grip BB Row
    265/8, 265/7+1
    Row using Lat Pulldown – to chest
    150/12, 150/10

    I would have loved to hit mini-chest, but I was a) too sore from Tuesday still, and b) didn’t have enough time. So, we’re back at it tomorrow and Saturday!!

  13. Ah I didn't know you had a log on here..

    I've got a question... on your rep range days, how many reps do you do?
    Right now I do 10-12 reps but I was thinking about doing 15-20 to try and get more muscle tone. Do you think this would work?


  14. Quote Originally Posted by TAIFUN View Post
    Ah I didn't know you had a log on here..

    I've got a question... on your rep range days, how many reps do you do?
    Right now I do 10-12 reps but I was thinking about doing 15-20 to try and get more muscle tone. Do you think this would work?

    Hey, Taifun. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Been a busy weekend! Anyway, since I am what you might call a "veteran" of PRRS, I usually do a few different things. However, for you (depending on the bodypart you're working of course), you can do it a couple of ways.

    For example, for Back - #1
    Pulldowns - 7-9
    BB Row - 10-12
    Seated Row - 13-15
    Stiff-arm Pulldown - 16-20

    OR, #2
    Pulldowns - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    BB Row - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    Seated Row - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    Stiff-arm Pulldown - 16-20
    You can even do the rep ranges backwards down the line as well.

    I hope that helps!! Let me know if you need anything else.

  15. Ok, so its been a couple of days since I've been able to update so I'll try to catch everyone up. Friday & Saturday were both fantastic days in the gym! Friday was Delts and mini-Chest, then Saturday morning was Triceps and Hams/Glutes. I didn't have time to really post over the weekend because I was enjoying life. I went out to dinner with friends on Fri night, hung out with my sister on Saturday during the day and went bar hopping with a couple long-time friends on Sat night. Then, on Sunday...NOTHING!!! I sat my fat ass on the couch and didn't move...again. There is really something to be said for this new-found enjoyment.

    Anyway, after the craziness of the weekend, I was still a bit tired, but I woke up and cranked out my morning cardio. Then in the afternoon, I hit the gym. I decided to stick with the heavier 6-8 rep scheme this week - like a modified Power Week of the PRRS Training system. And, all I can say is thank goodness for my EFX supps!!! I'm not sure how it would have gone if I didn't have my CellRush and Nytric Pro to jump start me for my workout.

    Rev Grip BB Bent Row - 3 sets
    WG Pulldown - 3 sets
    Rope Seated Row - 2 sets
    Rev Hammer Pulldowns - 2 sets with ss/One-arm Row on last set (120/11)
    Hyperextensions - 3 sets

    Free-Motion Press - 3 sets
    Leg Press Machine - 2 sets with dropset on last set

  16. Today was another one of those days where everything seemed to go well. You don’t necessarily equate going heavier with getting good pumps, but I managed to feel strong (relative to me) and feel huge afterwards.

    Smith Incl Press (low incline) – slow moving, no bouncing.
    235/6, 225/5, 215/6+neg
    DB Incl Press (higher incline)
    80/10, 85/7, 85/6+neg
    Incl Flye
    (hi position)-55/12; (lower position)-65/7
    Dips ss/ Lower-Cable Crossover

    DB Curl
    55/6, 50/6
    Incline Seated DB Curl
    40/9, 40/7
    EZ-bar Lower Cable Curl

    3 sets of 15+

  17. Yesterday was a pretty kick ass day of training. It was my bi-weekly session of Hams, Quads & Glutes. I tried to stay in the Modified-Power week range of 6-8 reps, but I came to realize afterwards that it may not have been the smartest thing to do. Since I am only doing leg once every two weeks, putting all of that pressure on my knees didn’t feel smart – at least not yesterday!

    I felt a little strain and a small pop at different times during my quads movements and that scared the shizzz outta me! That’s one of my biggest fears actually. But, that’s what makes us bodybuilders the stubborn, knucklehead people that we are, because that fear didn’t stop me from training. Whereas a smart person probably would’ve stopped.

    Lucky for me, I didn’t hurt myself – I’m just sore as hell! But, for next time, I’ll probably train them a tad lighter…but still with the same high intensity.

    Seated Leg Curl
    190/12, 205/8..drop..145/6
    Single-leg Leg Curl
    70/7, 70/7, 65/7
    Stiff-Leg Deads
    275/12, 275/10
    135/8each side , 135/8each side

    Hack Squats
    4plts each sd/10, 4plts each sd/10, 4plts each sd/9 – these tore me up!
    Leg Press
    7plts each sd/8* - got scared-heard a little pop I the knee
    7plts each sd/12
    7plts each sd/11
    Walking Lunge
    100/22 steps
    Smith One Leg Lunge
    165/8 each leg

    I think that was good enough. Not my best leg workout by any stretch, but I think it was pretty effective!

  18. What a great end to the workout week! Although I had ZERO desire to do a damn thing today, getting to the gym was my salvation. And it even took me a few sets to get my head and heart fully into the game.

    Side Lateral Machine
    95/13, 95/12+1
    DB Press – I started too light…I thought it’d be tougher after side laterals
    70/10, 75/5, 70/6+neg (the first set zapped me!)
    Plate Front Raises
    35/22, 45/15
    Side Laterals-DB

    Dip Machine
    210/10, 230/12
    Incline Ext (I had to watch out for these due to my ongoing elbow issue; I went lighter for a deep stretch, plus a hold at the bottom)
    70/13, 80/9, 80/9
    One-arm Rev Cable Pushdowns
    15/12, 15/12 (hold contraction)

  19. Quote Originally Posted by rantorcha View Post
    Hey, Taifun. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Been a busy weekend! Anyway, since I am what you might call a "veteran" of PRRS, I usually do a few different things. However, for you (depending on the bodypart you're working of course), you can do it a couple of ways.

    For example, for Back - #1
    Pulldowns - 7-9
    BB Row - 10-12
    Seated Row - 13-15
    Stiff-arm Pulldown - 16-20

    OR, #2
    Pulldowns - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    BB Row - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    Seated Row - 7-9, 10-12, 13-15
    Stiff-arm Pulldown - 16-20
    You can even do the rep ranges backwards down the line as well.

    I hope that helps!! Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks.. Ya I'll probably try and get more reps in on my rep range day to hopefully help me achieve a more cut look.. Thanks

  20. This week started out fantastically! My girls were with me all weekend and through Monday (off from school) and we had a terrific time doing a bunch of Valentine’s Day activities & spending time with family. There aren’t too many things better than that in my opinion.

    As for training, I had a phenomenal day yesterday. I took the girls with me and they played in the play area while I tackled Lats-Width, Mini-Delts and Calves. I am HURTIN’ today!

    Machine Pulldowns – this machine gives me an amazing crunch!
    190/14, 210/9, 210/7..drop..170/5
    Rev Pulldowns
    195/10, 195/10, 195/9+1
    Chins – after the first two, I was WEAK!
    6+2 forced and 1 xrep
    6+2 xreps
    V-bar Pulldowns
    180/12, 180/12
    Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns
    130/9, 120/11

    Plate Front Raises ss/ Side Laterals (from the side/hips)
    Rev Pec Dec
    165/9, 150/11..drop..120/??

    Seated Raises
    90/24, 115/16,
    Final set – drop
    135/??, 90/??, 45/??

    Oh yeah…I’m sore!

    I ended up doing my cardio at night before my last meal. I liked doing it at night. I might try this every once in a while


    Incline DB Press (hold for 1-sec at bottom; squeeze at top for 1-sec)
    80/11, 80/8, 80/6..drop..70/3
    Decline Hammer Press
    90each side/13
    Flat DB Press – don’t like these bc they f-with my shoulder. I tried it for one set, then moved on. Did NOT like how they felt
    Flat Machine Press ss/ Cable Cross

    DB Preacher Curl
    35/12, 40/9
    Alt. Hammer Curl
    Lying Top Cable Curl
    140/11, 140/8

    I had to ice my elbow after this one! I am bummed that tomorrow is my off day…but I really think I need it!

  21. Sounds like the elbow needs a rest!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Sounds like the elbow needs a rest!
    tell me about it! It IS feeling better though.

  23. I must say, over these last few months of using exclusively EFX products, I can't even begin to tel you how my training has improved and, more importantly, how my physique has changed. I've been using supplements for well over 10 years now and have never gotten the effects that I am getting with the EFX line. I'm no scientist, but formulation and purity of the products they use HAVE to be the key!

    Anyway, I plowed through another fantastic voyage in the gym today! It was yet another blood-pumping, muscle-inducing, plateau-breaking session. It was so much fun, I truly didn't want to leave. However, by the end of it all, my body was telling me, "that's it bro...enough!"

    Hammer Delt Press
    100each side/13, 105/7, 105/7..drop..90/6
    WG Upright Row (BB)
    95/14, 115/10
    BB Front Raises
    60/20 (just kept going!); 70/15 - and I wasn't throwing the weight up either. I was "feelin' it!"
    Side laterals - burn, baby burn!

    EZ bar Pushdowns
    160/13, 170/9, 170/9..drop..140/4
    EZ bar Overhead Ext
    80/10, 80/9 - went slow on these bc my elbow has been really hurting. A month ago, I wouldn't have been able to do these at all!
    DB Skullcrushers ss/ Between-bench Dips

    ABS - to be done either tomorrow or Sat.

  24. I need to give everyone a quick update. Since I wasn’t in town this past weekend, here a quick and dirty rundown…

    Corner bar T-bar Row – 2 straight sets and 1 triple-dropset
    One-arm Row – 2 sets
    Smith Bent-Over Row – 2 sets
    Rack Smith Deads – 2 grueling sets with 365 for 15 reps! There were tough as hell after the other stuff

    Incline Hammer – 2 straight sets and 1 triple-dropset
    Cable Crossover – 1 triple-dropset

    “Hoist” Seated Leg Curl – 3 sets
    Lying Leg Curl (torso up) ss/ Reverse Leg Curl (Glutes) – 2 sets each
    Hyperextensions (top half) – 2 sets
    Leg Extensions – 3 lighter sets but squeezed out reps
    Calf Ext – 2 straight sets and 1 triple-dropset

    CARDIO – 20 min of Stairmill

    Pullups (40-total – how eve rmany sets I needed to reach 40 total reps)
    14, 9,9, 6+2=40
    Rev Bent Row
    255/9+1, 255/9+1, 255/8…225/6
    CG Seated Row
    210/10, 210/10
    Standing Lat Pulldown (upper back like a row)
    135/16; 165/7..drop…135/6 (165 was too heavy; almost threw me forward)
    One-arm Row
    120/14; 120/13
    DB Shrug – my special way lol – 3 sets

    I’ll be feelin’ this one tomorrow!

  25. Another outstanding training experience today. I was stronger than usual today for chest, which was a pleasant surprise. Bringing up my chest is a goal of mine for the next show I do, so it was a good day. I felt big and full throughout the workout and that always makes the training session that much better.

    Incl DB Press – standard
    90/9, 90/7, 90/7..drop..75/6
    Hammer Flat Bench Press (this little machine is much heavier than the same version, but incline)
    70each side/10, 70ea/10, 70ea/10
    Incline Flye
    50/12, 50/11
    Cable Crossover (from the top ss/from the bottom)
    Top-25/15; Bottom-25/14

    Hammer Curl
    45/11, 50/8+1
    90 degree Preacher Curl
    80/9, 80/7
    Low Cable Curl (EZ bar)
    160/8 (outer handle)
    160/7..drop..130/5 (inner handle)

    ABS – Alternating Sets
    Lying Leg Lifts & V-ups – 2 sets each

    CARDIO – I didn’t do any cardio yesterday, so I absolutely have to hit it later tonight.

  26. So, yesterday was my bi-weekly leg day. I am always in NO mood to do legs when I get to the gym, but I always end up love going through it. Sometimes I even have to slow myself down because I go through the exercises so quickly. Now, yesterday’s legs weren’t the best ever by any means, but they did work effectively.

    Lying Leg Curl
    140/14+1, 140/11+1, 140/9+1
    SL Deads – concentrated on pulling the Hams on the way down; and pulling up with my glutes and Hams (slow and controlled!)
    225/15, 225/15, 225/13
    “Hoist” mach-Seated Leg Curl
    Pos. 10/19, Pos. 12/10..drop..Pos. 9/4

    Hammer Squat
    4 plts each/18
    5 plts each/14
    Reverse Hack Squat
    3plts+25 each/11
    3plts+25 each/11
    3plts+25 each/10 last set superset with Leg Ext – 110/11

    Seated Calf Raises – 4 plts/8, 3 plts 16, 2 plts/19 (last set-hold for count of 2 at bottom)
    Abductions ss/ Life Fitness Calf Press

  27. Good Looks

    Good looks Rantorcha. I like to see that those gains keep coming. Upon my return from my week off I might consider switching up my routine to a similar approach as yours. Keep it coming!

  28. Thanks for stopping by Rhino! Anything you need, just let me know.

  29. Today started out with some morning cardio. Instead of the normal 20 minutes, I rationalized my missed session from earlier in the week by doing 30 minutes this morning. lol

    When I hit the gym this afternoon, my mindset wasn’t quite where it needed to be, but I tried to break through that mental barrier to force myself to have a good training session. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I basically put my head down and went to work.

    Smith Behind-neck Presses
    175/8, 175/6..drop..135/8 (didn’t want to push my luck with more sets)
    Upright Row (using fixed-weight EZ barbell)
    100/16, 100/14
    Rev. Pec Dec – super strict…felt really strong and couldn’t reach failure, so I just kept going!
    135/19, 150/14
    Angled Side Laterals: I was reading an old Eric Broser article about “angling”. Basically, it’s performing an exercise at three slightly different angles in order to hit the muscle just a little differently during each set
    Seated-straight up: 25/14
    Slight incline back on pad: 25/12
    Slight incline chest on pad: 25/11+1…rest/pause…standing: 25/6

    EZ bar Pushdowns
    180/7, 160/10, 160/9+1
    Incline Ext
    80/12, 80/11, 80/9+neg
    Dip Machine
    210/12+1…drop 170/13

    Decline Crunches

  30. Lemons…to lemonade!

    After a nice weekend with the girls, it was “back” at it this afternoon. It was Back-width day (probably my favorite training day). It was an extremely focused and no-nonsense day of training. I had one of those “zone” days where it was on from the word go.

    I also have to thank Dorian Yates, Kai Greene and MD for the Back Training video they put up recently. It made my focus that much more zoned in. I felt every muscle fiber working today.

    But a funny thing happened in the middle of this great, intense session…the power went out in my gym as I was ending my lats session. I had a couple more sets to go and they went around telling everyone that for liability purposes, everyone needed to clear out of the gym! WTF?! I wasn’t going to leave without finishing at least the rest of my back, so I stayed! Haha

    Still needing to do the mini-delt portion, I ran to my car and went 5 minutes to my complex’s (ever-so-limited) gym to finish what I needed to do! Now THAT’S making some lemonade!

    Pullups – slow, controlled, sqeeze (40 total reps)
    11, 9, 8, 7+1..R/P..4
    Rev Hammer Pulldowns
    95each side/10+2, 95ea/9+1, 95ea/9+1
    CG Pulldowns
    210/10, 225/7, 225/7
    Stiff-arm Puuldowns
    130/12, 130/10, 130/9

    Side Laterals ss/ Alt DB Front Raises
    Side Laterals (drop)


  31. I had a kick ass workout today. Thank goodness the lights stayed on this time! I love this time of year because I get to watch videos of my favorite pros on MD.com. I watched the Branch-chest video before hitting chest today and it got me all jacked up. After today’s session, I am starting to feel run down…which means I am doing a good job in the gym. By mid-week, my body is really sore from back and chest and this week is no exception.

    So here was today’s fun…

    Decline Smith (modified the bench)
    225/10, 225/8, 225/6
    Incline Smith Press
    185/10+2, 185/9+1, 185/7+1
    Wghtd Dips
    70/6, 70/5
    Pec Dec
    165/13, 180/9

    BICEPS (had to do these in Shock-Week style due to time issues)
    DB Curl (dropset)
    45/??...32.5/4 (lost count)
    Sit-on-floor Cable Curl Leaning back
    120/13, 120/10

    Seated Calf - 3 sets with triple-dropset on last set
    Life Fitness Press - 2 sets

  32. Looks like you did well with the lights on!! Yay power!

  33. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Looks like you did well with the lights on!! Yay power!
    Thanks, C! Hope to see you at the Arnold. My real name is Ramiro and I'll more than likely be at the All American EFX booth for a lot of the expo.

  34. Ok, kids! I am on the eve of my first Arnold Classic! I can't even begin to say how happy and excited I am. As long as I make it to Columbus, I am taking it easy and having some fun hanging out with friends!!

  35. What an incredible weekend!! It was my first Arnold Classic and I must say it did not disappoint. It started Thursday and Kyle, Jon (Hossjob & Jona) & I went to train Back. This was a real treat since a) I never see these guys but once or twice a year; and b) it was cool training with someone since I train by myself. Then we had our post-workout meal at Ted’s Buffalo (a place I never heard of before, but had really good food). It was my first bison steak.

    On Friday, we started at the crack of dawn and hit the expo. Wow, what a scene! Very cool stuff. It was great to meet Aaron and his wife, Sara, for the first time.

    Also, a special thanks to Greg from VPX – you are the best!! It was fun hanging out with you and Megan, chit-chatting and BSing…not to mention the photo shoot we were spying on!

    At night, we went to dinner. There was so much laughing and carrying on that night and the whole weekend, my face and abs hurt.

    On Saturday, it was more expo during the day and at night, me and the boys went to the Arnold after-party hosted by ALRI, which was a great time.

    And, finally, it was the expo again on Sunday morning and straight to the airport in the afternoon. It was good to get back home, but after looking through all of the picture

    A couple of weekend super-highlights…Eric interviewed me for the AAEFX website (details to come) which was very cool. I got to talk to the tech-guru of EFX (Chris) who now has a really fun way of saying my name…lol. I took pictures with Jaime Eason and Jennifer Nicole Lee – two of the hottest chicks in the industry!!!

    I must thank Jon for hanging out with me all weekend since I was by myself for the most part. And a very special thanks to Kyle. He not only let me stay with him, but he also introduced us to the crew at ALRI – very generous, cool, nice people. They are officially my DUDE-BROs.

  36. I looked for you Sun when I finally got out of the booth, but never saw you. I had booth duty Fri, Sat and half of Sun.

  37. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I looked for you Sun when I finally got out of the booth, but never saw you. I had booth duty Fri, Sat and half of Sun.
    Yeah, I was bummed I wasn't able to meet you (and a few other folks). But with that sea of humanity, how can you find ANYONE! lol

    What a great time, though. Maybe next year, I'll actually see the contest!

  38. Today is my scheduled off day, but since my cardio schedule has been screwed up by the Arnold weekend and my extreme tired-ness (is that a word??...lol), I got up early and hit cardio this morning.

    I am tipping the scales at around 202 these days, but it is by far the leanest 200+ pounds I've ever been. I am really looking forward to hitting the stage again soon. I have been really trying to build my weaker bodyparts and I want to see if what I've been doing has worked.

  39. I woke up early this morning and stayed current with my cardio…20 min on the Treadmill.

    As for my training this afternoon, words can’t express the level of training that took place today. It was yet another purely fun ass day in the gym. I put on my headphones and from the word “go”, it was on! Just to give you an idea of how good it went, I was sweating so profusely that a towel wasn’t helping me at all. My body temp must have been closer to 150 than 98.6! My legs were so pumped after this one, that I was actually starting to fit snug into my pants for work!!

    Here’s how it went…

    “Hoist” Seated Leg Curl ss/ Abduction Machine
    Pos. 10/19; 130/25
    Pos. 12/13; 130/25
    Leg Curl (torso up w/ glute crunch at top)
    70/15, 70/11+1
    DB Stiff-Leg Deads
    110/15, 115/14

    Leg Press ss/ Sissy Squat
    7plts each/11; 25/7
    7plts each/10; 25/6
    I could have stopped here and been fine for quads! There were already smokin’!!
    Walking Lunges
    90/20, 90/20
    Rev Hack Squat ss/ Jeffersons
    115each side/10; 115/6 reps each side
    2nd round-did Jeffersons first – 115/6each side; 115each side/6

    I had to finish with some MAJOR stretching after this one.

  40. I had my girls since Tuesday and it was a blast, but man was it tiring too! lol After making sure all of out work was done, Saturday morning was dance class. Then we went to see family and later I took the girls to dinner and cold stone afterwards (hell yeah I had some, biatch!). Sunday was a rest day, but as anyone with ids knows, it wasn’t total rest. MAN, I already miss them. Thank goodness I get them again on Wednesday.

    Anyway, that’s a sneak peak “into the life”. Back to bodybuilding!!! After the Arnold and hanging out with Jon and Kyle, I had a thought to start looking at possible shows to do. So, last week I started my search and may have come up with a plan. I’ll probably be talking in depth with Eric this weekend (and hopefully training), so I may have an announcement next week sometime.

    Now, here’s today’s fun! And, if anyone cares, I AM TIRED NOW!

    BACK (Width)
    Chins (50 reps)
    14, 12, 9, 8, 7
    Rev Hammer Pulldowns
    125each side/8+1
    125each side/8
    125each side/7
    One arm Row
    120/13, 120/12
    Stiff Arm Pulldowns
    130/13, 130/10, 130/9

    70/10, 105/10, 105/12, 105/12

    Stearing Wheels
    10 each side + 10 straight up=30 reps
    10 each side + 8 straight up=28 reps
    Side Laterals (dropsets…down the ladder)
    40/10…30/8…20/8…10/hold at top to failure
    30/12…20/11…10/hold at top to failure

    Need to finish the day with some cardio later this evening and some calves too. Back just took a little too much time during lunch.


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