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  1. I had a PHENOMENAL weekend! I went out a few times (something I haven’t done in months!) and had a really nice time yesterday hangin’ with the girls and some family. Of course, I got my workout in on Friday and yesterday. Hell, I even racked up some cardio minutes on Saturday afternoon. I went for 30 minutes, but for some reason, I was watching a great football game and it ended up being 45 minutes!

    One bad note to report, Monday was the first time in several years that I missed a cardio session on purpose. It was either cardio or training and I opted for training in the morning. And BOY, was it in tense! I have been ratcheting things up in a major way recently and it is on!!

    Today, I trained earlier this afternoon and it was an intense as yesterday. Here is how things went…

    DB Press
    70/7, 75/4, 75/4..drop..52.5/6 – still not great weights by any means, but I’m workin’ hard!
    Lean-away Side Laterals
    30/13, 30/13, 35/9…ss/ two arm laterals 30/8 (strict from the side)…30/9 (from the front)
    Hammer Grip DB Front Raises
    30/?? (lost count), 30/15
    Lean into Bench Side Laterals
    20/5, 17.5/9+1, 20/6+2

    Lying Leg Curl
    125/7, 125/6+1, 125/6+1
    Seated Leg Curl
    175/6+1, 160/8+1, 160/7+1
    Stiff-Leg Deads – back still a tad tender from yesterday’s Rack Deads at 395!
    275/8, 275/8
    “Diagonal” One-Leg Press
    90/15, 90/15
    Abduction Machine
    130/30, 130/25


  2. I'm glad you had a good weekend, it sounds like it was something you really needed and deserved! Good workouts as well!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    I'm glad you had a good weekend, it sounds like it was something you really needed and deserved! Good workouts as well!
    Thanks, C!

  4. Lucky for me and my sore body, today is my off day. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I decided not to wake up and do cardio, so I'll probably hit my treadmill at home later.

  5. If there was one word to describe today’s session is “intensity”! With each passing day, the post-contest enigma-days (as I call them, where you don’t know how to comport yourself after being so strict on everything for the last 3-4 months!) appear farther and farther in your rear view mirror. And as that happens, the focus on the next goal becomes more and more clear. In my case, it is that November show.

    My training right now is as intense as ever…somehow even more than for this last contest. Sometimes the brain just gets itself into another gear and that’s where I am now! Or, maybe it’s just actually having more than 2g of carbs a day! lol

    Did Quads & Back-width today…
    Hack Squats – these felt way heavier than I remember! haha
    4plts each/12, 4plts each/10, 4plts each/10
    Walking Lunges ss/ Leg Ext
    90/20 steps…145/10
    90/21 steps…145/9
    Leg Ext ss/ Sissy Squat
    130/10 (super slow) – 25/5..drop..0/3

    Horizontal D-bar Pulldown
    240/9, 255/6, 240/9
    CG Pulldown
    240/9, 240/10
    Stiff-arm Pulldown
    140/10; 140/8..drop..120/6..drop..100/6

    3 sets of v-ups

  6. Another incredible day at the gym today! Man, I love the way my physique feels right now. I’m not terribly strong by any means, but that’s fine. I’m trying to concentrate on not only the heavier weight, but also feeling the muscle at the same time, which is not easy for me.

    That said, I tried to stay in the Power mode for Chest today and since my shoulders are a little shaky at times, Rep Range for my mini-Delt session.

    Incl DB Press
    95/4, 90/6, 90/4..drop..75/5
    Wghtd Dips
    70/6, 70/5
    Decl Hammer Press
    90each side/10+5 ½ reps
    90each side/8+5 ½ reps
    90each side/8+5 ½ reps
    DB Pullovers
    90/7, 90/8

    Behind-neck Smith Presses
    135/11, 145/7, 135/??
    Power Partial Side Laterals
    Side laterals
    30/15, 30/13+2
    Bent Laterals
    25/10+2, 25/10+4, 25/10+3

    I’ve got to hit the gym tomorrow for some Bi’s and Tri’s, but after that it’s All About The “U”. Kyle, I love you like a brother, but OU is going down! lol

  7. After a crazy stellar weekend, it was back at the gym today. And WOW, have my workouts been just insane lately. My level of focus and intensity is unmatched right now. It’s amazing what a few carbs, some energy and how one feels about their physique image does to ones confidence and training intensity!

    I decided to go with straight Rep Range this week for all body parts, but for most bodyparts I sort of went in reverse order. In other words, I started with the higher rep ranges on my first set and went heavier from there.

    WG Chins (13-15, 10-12, 7-9)
    bw/13, bw/10-1/2, bw/8
    Rev Grip Bent Row
    185/15, 225/9-1/2, 245/7
    Corner T-bar Row
    DB Shrug (16-20, 13-15, 10-12)
    100/20, 120/15, 120/13
    Wghtd Hyperextensions
    25/20, 25/15, 25/13

    Incline Hammer Press (13-15, 10-12, 7-9)
    90each side/15, 115each/8-1/2, 115each/7
    Incl Flye
    50/12, 50/11

    Extra Back exercise since I had time…
    CG Pulldown
    195/15, 195/10+2

    CARDIO – 20 minutes on the Stairmill

    I’m certainly not reaching any of my personal best for these weights, but I am concentrating heavily on making sure the muscle group does the work instead of worrying about throwing up heavier weight. I’m convinced that this will help me add some either mass or detail in the short term as I rebound from my show.

  8. I woke up this morning and hit cardio on my home treadmill for 30 minutes. After that, it was that nervous anticipation of hitting the gym for some hard training.

    It was yet another fantastically intense session.

    Smith Machine Press (7-9)
    175/7, 165/8-1/2, 165/7-1/2..drop..135/8
    WG Upright Row (10-12)
    115/12+1, 115/10+½, 115/8 + 2-R/P
    Plate Front Raises (16-20)
    45/20, 45/18
    DB Side Laterals (13-15)
    32.5/15+1, 32.5+15

    SL Deads (7-9)
    295/9, 295/8
    Lying Leg Curl (10-12)
    125/5 (too heavy after SLDs), 95/11+1, 95/10 (barely)
    “Hoist” machine Seated Leg Curl
    Pos.10/12+1, P9/12..drop..P7/8
    Abduction ss/ Adduction
    2 sets each between 20-30 reps each
    Step Down on Assisted Pulldown Machine
    2 sets of 20 reps each leg

    Tomorrow is an off day, but I will still get to the gym in the morning for some cardio and some calves.

  9. Even though this is supposed to be my off day, I figured I needed to hit the gym to do a few extras this week - some cardio, calves and abs.

    I hit the Stairmill at lunch for 20 minutes squeezing my glutes from different angles with every step.

    Calves - I did 4 sets, plus a triple dropset at the end of calf press; then, since the seated calf machine was broken, I improvised by putting my feet on two stacked 10 pound plates and throwing heavy DBs on my knees

    Abs - I just tore up my abs! That's it...that's all.

  10. Sounds like you will be bring home first place in Nov!!!!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Sounds like you will be bring home first place in Nov!!!!
    Thanks, C! I'm throwing everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink into this one! lol

  12. What an incredibly insane day at the gym today. Of course, it all started with my morning cardio. But by the afternoon, it was time to hit the weights. I keep talking about how high my intensity is lately at the gym and today was no different. I’m not necessarily breaking any personal bests weight-wise, but I “feel” each bodypart working extremely hard. I am STOKED to finally try the Test Charge starting this weekend!!! WOO HOO!! I’m actually scared of what this stuff will do to my workouts!

    Here was today’s insanity!

    CG Pulldowns (7-9)
    225/13 (too light!), 240/9, 240/7..drop..195/6
    Rev Hammer Pulldown (10-12)
    115each side/8+2, 105each/10, 105each/10+1..drop..70each/12
    One-arm Pulldown (13-15)
    75/15, 75/14
    WG Pulldown (16-20 done as dropset)
    180/8…150/6…120/7 – 21 total

    DB Hammer Curl
    35/12 (too light), 45/10
    90 degree Preacher
    65/8, 65/8 – hard on my wrists, so I went lighter and contracted more

    Smith CG Press (7-9)
    215/9, 215/7..drop..175/6..drop..135/10+2
    Flat Lying Tricep Ext (10-12)
    85/12, 85/10+1, 85/10..drop..65/6
    EZ bar Pushdowns
    130/13, 130/10..drop..110/5..drop..90/4

    Time for my NF-Pro and Kre-Generator to start my recovery process! I’m almost glad I won’t be training tomorrow. I am sure I’ll need the rest after the onslaught of today!

    I’m gearing up to train with Eric on Saturday for some chest and delts. Hopefully, we can make that happen.

  13. I know I mentioned it on the Natural Freak message board, but wasn't sure if I made it official yet over here! So, as most of you know I won my class in August, but was 2nd in the overall. My pro card still eludes me!!!

    That will change soon. I am officially 8 weeks out from the amateur portion of the NGA Pro Universe.

    I've stayed very streamlined since my show and probably look where I was 2-3 weeks out. I don't know what will happen come game day, but I KNOW I will look my all time best, hands down.

  14. In anticipation of training with Eric tomorrow (hopefully), I took my normal off day today. Nothing much to speak of except I woke up early, as usual, to do my cardio...30 minutes on my treadmill. Man, it is a brisk walk so early in the morning with only having been awake for about 5-7 minutes. lol All in a day's work!

    The countdown to November begins...8 weeks out!

  15. What a ridiculous weekend! And by ridiculous, I mean amazingly good. Went out on Friday with some friends and ended up later hanging out with my sister at a bar. Saturday, I started my day off at the pool and spent a nice chunk of time there. By the afternoon, it was time to gear up to train with my oh-so-good friend (and trainer too) & resident Natty Freak, Eric Broser. Most training session with Eric turn out to be pretty crazy, but today was an especially insane level of crazy. We hit Chest and Delts with some serious fervor and, quite frankly, some anger! Saturday night was filled with some more fun with friends.

    Then on Sunday…NOTHING! I woke up around 11ish and did absolutely nothing but eat, sleep, and watch football. Awwwesome! I called this…the Calm before the Storm!

    Because today started my Countdown to November! It started early this morning with 30 minutes on the Starimill. The Stairmill is both my friend…and my nemesis!

    By the afternoon, it was time to hit the weights. One of the guys at the gym has asked to train with me for a while and I’ve kinda given him the runaround. I don’t usually like training with others (except for Eric). Well, I decided to say yes for today and I put him through the paces. He said, “I thought I worked out hard, but this is truly hard core”. We kept it rather short due to some tiem constraints, but it was extremely effective.

    Since I did Hybrid PRRS with Eric on Saturday, I figured I’d stick with it for the rest of this training week.
    +35/8, +35/7+1, +35/7..drop..bw/6
    One-arm Row
    110/14, 110/13
    Rev Grip Bent Row
    235/9..drop..185/6; 235/9+1..drop..185/7
    Rack Deads
    365/15, 385/13

    DB Shrug
    110/20, 120/15, 120/15+2

    Now, it’s all about recovery!

  16. I wrote in my Natural Freak blog about how insane my focus, drive and intensity has been in and out of the gym. To be honest, it’s freaking me out a little bit. I’ve only used EFX’s Test Charge since Saturday (for 4 days now) and I don’t remember ever being this driven in the gym. I keep getting additional reps and having to increase the weights I use…all 100% naturally!

    Here is where the mind-f*ck starts…is this level of focus & drive sustainable? How long can I keep this level of intensity up? Obviously, things can’t be perfect/great forever, but can this be sustained for another 7+ weeks?! If so, November is going to be a fun month.

    Today started with cardio, as usual…30 minutes on the Stairmill.

    By the afternoon, my eyes were directed to the floor…focused and ready to annihilate my physique into growth. Here’s how it went…

    DB Delt Press
    75/7-1/2, 75/6, 75/5
    WG BB Upright Row
    115/12, 125/8, 115/8+2 extra
    Rev Pec Dec
    165/18, 180/12..drop..150/8..drop..120/8
    Side Laterals
    42.5/12+1; 42.5/10..drop..30/8

    Single-leg Leg Curl
    45/12+1, 50/10+1, last set…2-Leg – 100/10..drop..75/5
    SL Deads
    235/15, 235/12..drop..185/6
    95/10 each side
    “Hoist” Seated Leg Curl ss. Abduction Machine
    Pos.9/16+2 – 130/30
    Pos.9/1 3+2 – 130/30

    STREEEEETCH! This workout hurt!

  17. So I got word yesterday that I’ll need to take a little detour tomorrow to another one of our offices to meet my boss and a vendor we’re talking to. That means no training tomorrow…which means I had to switch Thursday’s workout to today and make tomorrow an off day.

    This was both a good thing and a bad thing. I really wanted to train today badly, but I knew I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up.

    I started today as normal…on the Stairmill for 30 minutes – squeezing my glutes/hams with each step. By the afternoon I was ready!

    Today’s workout is a bit of an all-encompassing session with Quads, mini-Back (width) and Triceps.

    Hack Squat ss/ Walking Lunges
    (Feet wide) 3 plts each/15 – 90/22 steps
    (Feet in) 3 plts each/15 – 90/18 steps
    *cramp in my ham/glute on 2nd set of Hacks
    Leg Ext (seat all the way back) ss. Sissy Squat
    130/13 – 25/8
    130/13+1 – 25/6..drop..-/2!!
    Leg Ext (drop) – 130/11..drop..100/4

    CG (V-bar) Pulldown
    240/11, 255/6..drop..225/4..180/6
    Stiff-arm Pulldown
    120/12, 120/14, 120/12..90/7
    ** my legs were shaking during these sets like nobody’s business. I had to really concentrate on my lats to finish them off properly
    One-arm Seated
    90/10 each arm

    Smith CG Press (slight incline)
    185/10, 185/9, 185/10..drop..135/10
    Incline Lying Tri Ext
    85/11+neg, 85/11+neg, 85/9+neg
    Dip Machine
    230/8+3, 210/13, 210/12..drop..190/8..drop..160/?? lost count…was in the super zone!

    I will confess, by the end of Triceps, I was starting to lose it a bit. My mind was right, but my body just started to give out. However, thanks to my Test Charge, that eventual death was much slower today than on normal days. Even after stretching, it was hard to hold my gym bag to the car…and walking down the stairs to the garage was a serious challenge.

    Looks like I’m hitting the sack a little early tonight. Recovery is key!

  18. Ahhhh, an off day. Mentally, it sucks because I have had an amazing week of training so far. But physically it couldn't come at a better time. My body is so beat up and I am sooo physically tired that I am in desperate need of rest. Tomorrow is chest day (and that should be fun), but after that it's two more days of rest! Although, I'm not sure how much actual rest I am going to get since I have my girls...lol.

  19. Another relatively normal weekend. Got my cardio in on both Saturday and Sunday. The only thing really out of the ordinary is that I was able to do a little side-training of Calves and Abs.

    This morning, I did my normal session of cardio and then it was back at it in the afternoon for some hardcore training. I decided to use FD/FS for my Shock Week. Let me tell you…FD/FS is NOT for the fain of heart! I thought I was ready to hit it, but it took me to another level of intensity!

    Pullups (6/1/X)
    -/8 or 9, -/6+1, -/6+1/2
    Rev Hammer Pulldowns (2/4/1) – holy cow was this tough!
    90each/12, 90each/11, 90each/12
    BB Bent Row ss/ Rev BB Bent Row – I alternated between one or the other to start with each SS
    135/25 – (Rev)135/15
    (Rev)135/20 – 135/10
    135/15 – (Rev)135/10

    DB Shrugs – 120/15, 120/15, 120/13

    Incl Hammer (6/1/X)
    90each side/10, 90each side/8
    Incl Flye (2/4/X)
    45/8, 45/8
    Cable Crossover (1/0/1)

    Hyperextensions – 20/25, 20/20, 20/15…drop..-/8

    I was training in the gym and I saw one of the guys that’s usually there who has struck up a conversation here and there….a power lifter-type and overall a nice person. We said hello and I went about my business. AS I was finishing up my long set of hyperextensions, out of the corner of my eye, I see him walking up to me with someone. I tried to ignore until I was done, but when I did finish (barely able to stand up), he introduced his wife to me. This is how he introduced me…”This is Ramiro. He is one of the nicest guys here at the gym and he’s got one of the nicest looking physiques as well.” And this is a guy introducing me to his wife! I thought that was pretty cool.

  20. Wow…what an amazing couple of days of training! I have to say, all else being equal, this little run of Test Charge has got me training beyond anything I’ve ever felt. My intensity is through the roof and I am getting more reps each time I go in to train.

    I trained with a very special friend today who actually put me through the paces for my hamstring workout. It was a bit more cardio vascular than I was used to (I was sucking air after each set), but it was intense and quite fun. I think my first mistake was that I used the normal weight that I normally use on each set. I wasn’t going to get punked! Lol

    Anyway, we started with…
    Seated Leg Curl ss/ Jeffersons – 3-4 (I can’t remember)
    Stiff Leg Deads ss/ “Crawling” Lunges – 3 sets each
    Foot up on bench (behind) Lunges ss/ Step ups…these bad boys had me sucking wind like a mother!

    Then I did DELTS by myself…I was going to use FD/FS, but I was so spent, I forgot. Intensity was not an issue in the end.
    Smith Delt Press
    175/8, 175/7, 175/7..drop..135/7
    Rev Pec Dec
    180/13, 180/12, 180/11..drop..135/7
    Side Laterals (down the ladder) – very strict from the side!!

    And that was it. I can barely move as it is from yesterday’s Back torture. Tomorrow should be interesting! I can’t imagine that walking will be a fun experience…not lifting my arms for anything.

  21. Wednesday...my least favorite day of the week! During the week, I truuly enjoy going to train during lunch. Then on the weekends, not training is ok because it's the weekend and there is a ton of stuff to do and get done. However, on Wednesday, there is nothing to look forward to and I end up at the office the whole day.

    After a pretty rough night sleeping, I woke up and did my cardio session at home. Other than that, it's about recovery.

  22. I'll be a little out of commission from today through the weekend! I am taking some time off to celebrate my bday with family and friends and won't be by a computer.

    However, rest assured that all of my training will be crossed off the list of things to do and I am planning on doing my cardio (more than likely) on the beach! I'm bringing all of my food and supplements with me, so it's all good.

    See ya'll on Monday.

  23. Have a wonderful birthday!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by crader View Post
    Have a wonderful birthday!
    Thanks, C...I most certainly did!

  25. What a crazy last few days!!!

    My bday weekend was ridiculous. We hung out all weekend on South Beach with family and friends. I was even able to do my cardio on the beach. Good stuff….no, great stuff!

    Then back at it on Monday…and I decided to do a Power Week this week to take advantage of the last couple weeks of my Test Charge run. Cardio started things off, as usual, but training was the story of the day. I have no idea what got into me on Monday, but I was a man possessed in the gym. I am sitting here at 5+ weeks out and I am throwing around weights that I haven’t in quite some time!!! My Rack Deads especially freaked me out. I didn’t know I had it in me. Did I mention Test Charge is the f’ing bomb! lol Here are a few highlights…
    T-bar Row – 6 plts/6
    Rack Deads – 425/7
    Rev Grip BB Row – 275/7

    Yesterday’s session was a little more difficult to get through. I think my weekend plus the extreme soreness I was feeling from Monday made me really tired. Thank goodness for my CellRush and Kre-Alk PRO, or else I am not sure if I would have had the output I was still able to exert. I really pushed through some serious mental barriers. Some highlights…
    Smith Delt Press – 185/5 (great for me!)
    BB Upright Row – 135/7
    Not-so-Cheat Side Laterals – 45/15

    Needless to say, I am really glad today is my off day!!! I woke up and did my 40 minutes of off-day cardio on the Stairmill and had a few extra minutes to get in a good Calves and Abs workout. Now, if I could only call it a day and take a freaking nap!

  26. Yesterday was extremely busy and I didn’t have much time to do much of anything, much less post my workout. But today is another day! My split looks like a hodge-podge of bodyparts together, but who cares. Right now it’s working for me.

    Yesterday was Quads, mini-Back (Width) and Biceps. Here are a few highlights…
    Smith Duck Squat – 275/, 275/15, 275/13…225/11
    Leg Ext ss/ Wghtd Sissy Squat
    CG Pulldown – 210/15, 225/11, 225/10..drop..180/5
    Rev Pulldown ss/ 1-arm Pulldown

    Intensity was up there again yesterday. Tomorrow is officially 5 weeks out and besides wanting my pro card once and for all, I keep throwing around a phrase before, after and especially during each set – “No one is going to outwork me!!!” This is especially true when I hit a certain number of reps and think I can’t do any more. It’s that fire from within that will take to new undiscovered heights.

    Today is another monster day. I had Chest, mini-Delts and Triceps…and what a day it turned out to be. I was actually pretty tired from the harsh week (training and work) I had, so I was a little worried I wasn’t going to have a great session. But, I threw on my music and let it take me into my happy place! lol

    Really, just another great high-intensity workout. I really feel like I look better now than I did even one week out from my last show. More lines, muscle is popping all over the place, vascular as hell (thanks, Nytric PRO!!) and my glutes are even starting to trim down to somewhat respectable levels.

    Now, it’s all about cardio, rest and recovery!

    GO CANES vs. those stinkin’ Noles! AND, I’m going to the game.

  27. Going back to the weekend, I got in all my cardio and even got in some Abs and Calves after my Sunday morning session. The UM/FSU game sucked ass, but I really had a great time with my little sister and I almost didn’t mind losing that game.

    By the time Monday rolled around, I was SOOOOO excited. I got my stash of K-Otic from EFX on Friday afternoon and it was my first chance to use it!!! And I must say, it did not disappoint. I was pretty jacked and ready to go to begin with, but K-Otic really took my intensity to a new level. I haven’t done WG Bent Rows that heavy (and certainly for that many reps) in quite some time and my Rack Deads were just crazy fun!

    BACK/Low Back
    WG Bent Row
    255/12+1, 275/8+1, 285/6..drop..225/9
    Wghtd Pullups
    45/7.5, 45/6.5, 45/6..drop..bw/5
    High CG Seated Row
    225/10, 225/9..drop..180/9
    Rack Deads
    365/15, 365/13..drop..315/8!!!
    Rev Pulldown
    225/11, 225/11

    BB Shrug
    315/12, 315/12, 315/12

    Incl Hammer Press
    115each side/11, 125each/6, 125ea/6..drop..90ea/6..drop..45/10
    Cable Crossover – 1st set (bottom, mid, top); 2nd set (top, mid, bottom)

    Today, was more of the same. As usual, it started out with morning cardio. Tuesday’s are rough for cardio, since I train Back on Monday’s. But, it’s part of the deal, I guess. Training today was fun, but particularly exhausting. My intensity is still amazingly high, but I am pretty much doen for the day as it pertains to doing much of anything afterwards! lol

    Anyway, here is how today went…
    Smith Rack Press
    185/4, 185/4, 185/4, 175/6..drop..135/9
    DB Side Laterals
    45/16, 45/14, 45/13..drop..20/10
    Face into Pad Machine Press ss/ Rev Pec Dec

    Lying Leg Curl
    140/9!!, 140/7+1, 140/6+1..drop..80/12
    SL Deads – doing these heavy was tough after doing Back yesterday
    275/12, 275/10..drop..185/6
    “Hoist” mach Seated Leg Curl
    P7/36, P8/23

    Unfortunately, I’ll have to do glutes tomorrow with some Abs and Calves. I ran out of time today.

  28. I’m not sure if at this point it’s more mental than anything else, but I really don’t like my off days…more specifically Wednesdays. At least on the weekends, I can rest, nap, play with the girls and keep busy overall. But on Wednesdays, it’s just boring to stay in the office. Don’t get me wrong, I really need and desire rest, but not going to the gym and really fighting hard is a bit of a mind-screw.

    To at least try to combat this, I decided to hit the gym today for the Glute work that I missed out on yesterday and some Calves and Abs. I must say it was good to get out of the office, but it wasn’t a ball-busting workout by any means.

  29. I had a look at the calendar today and it all made sense! It is about that time where things start to go just a bit south and some things start to happen…I’m hungry more often; when I get up form a chair, I get light-headed; sleep becomes more screwy; and my energy levels start to deteriorate. It’s all part of the process, but sometimes it isn’t all that fun.

    It makes hitting the gym a tad harder as well. But, since I have a certain goal in mind, all of that doesn’t matter. Once I hit the gym, no matter how tired…no matter how exhausted, I’ve got a job to do – blast through my workout as if it was my last!

    I had a pretty rough go of it today. I am sore & tired, but I pushed through all barriers as best as I could. My volume has been relatively high recently, so I am thinking as prep starts to wind down, I should probably turn down the volume a bit…keeping UP the intensity. Growing at this point isn’t really an option, but rest and recovery is key!

    I did Back (width), Triceps and Biceps today and thanks SO very much to K-Otic (my new favorite supplement!!!!) I was able to crush the weight. Ask me now though and I will tell you that I am on my death bed and ready for a long-winter’s nap! lol

    One more day and it’s rest aaaaaaaaall weekend.

  30. Hang in there!


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