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  1. So, while I was on the Stairmill yesterday, I forgot it was my off-day and only did 35 minutes of cardio. I decided to punish myself this morning by waking up a bit earlier than normal and did 45 minutes on my treadmill.

    After that little bit of heaven, it was a waiting game until the afternoon to hit the gym.

    HAMS – I really made a true effort to sqeeeeze each rep (holding each rep at the top for at least 1-2 seconds). I really think this will help me as I get closer to the show.
    “Hoist” Seated Leg Curl
    Pos.9/20, Pos.10/14
    Lying Leg Curl – again, making sure to squeeze each rep hard
    110/8+1, 95/12+1, 95/10+2
    Stiff Leg Deads – for these I held the stretch at the bottom for at least 1-2 seconds
    205/13, 205/13
    115/8each leg; 115/8 each leg

    Leg Press
    7 plts each side/13
    7 plts each side/13
    7 plts/8..drop..6 plts/6..drop..5 plts/7..drop..4 plts/10!!!
    Lunges – lunge forward one leg on a bench (didn’t like these very much)
    100/10each side (only did 1 set)
    Walking Lunges
    100/22 total steps
    Smith Squat
    225/20 reps!
    225/14 – Rest/Pause for 15 seconds – 8 more = 22 total!

    Although my shoulder feels better this morning, at the end of my last set of squats I ended up tweaking my lower back just a smidge. I don’t think it’s too serious. It’s one of those things that happens at the very end of a set when you aren’t your strongest, but want to push out the last rep or two.

    Is my body telling me something? Maybe I should back off a bit? Or am I just getting old and broken? LOL

  2. Yesterday, I tweaked my back a bit going for the last couple of Smith Squat reps (reps #21 & 22). It isn’t completely debilitating, but it’s a pain in the ass enough to cause serious annoyance! I tried to work around it and for the most part, it held up pretty good.

    But as my body started to get tired and fatigued, it was harder and harder to bypass the pain. It didn’t help that my second body part was a mini-Back session (for thickness). I ended up having to change a couple of things around and do less sets for Back.

    Of course, I started this morning with my 35 minutes of cardio. No real weight change to speak of this week, so I am sure Eric is going to lay the smack down for sure when I get my plan for next week. Oh well, sometimes you’ve got to work that much harder to achieve your goals!

    My back was feeling pretty good after cardio, but after training, I may actually have to reach for the ibu! lol

    Smith Rack Delt Press – LOVE these. They really DIG into my shoulders
    165/11, 165/9, 165/8..drop..135/7 (straight reps on drop set)
    BB Upright Row
    80/21, 90/13+1
    Rev Pec Dec
    135/17, 165/14..drop..135/7
    Side Laterals – several sets that just BURNED my side delts!

    BACK (Thickness) – wanted to do T-bar Rows, but my back wouldn’t have liked that!
    CG Seated Row
    180/16, 180/14
    WG Horizontal-bar Seated Row
    180/8+2, 150/10+2
    Horizontal Pullups (sort of) on smith Machine – put feet on a bench in front of the smith machine, lay under the bar and pull yourself up to mid-chest.
    14 reps, 12 reps

    Seated Calf – 2plts/20, 3plts/13, 3plts/12
    Free Motion Calf Press – 200/18, 200/17..drop..160/8

    Time to hurry back to eat my meal and down some ibuprofen!!

  3. What a weekend! I has a mini-Chest session coupled with a triceps and abs session. That was followed by a 35 minute bad ass HIIT cardio session on the Stairmill! Thank goodness for LG5 and my bcaa’s! The rest of Saturday was devoted to my baby girl’s dance recital.

    Sunday, I woke up and hobbled to the gym for my off-day cardio session of now 50 minutes. I did my own version of HIIT. Suffice it to say that I was DRENCHED with sweat and needed to stretch for about 20 minutes before I went home for a meal. The rest of Sunday, the only thing I did outside my house was go to the grocery store. I did nothing else!!! (unless you count eating, napping and watching TV all day). LOL

    This morning was back to the gym for my morning cardio session for 35 minutes. Instead of HIIT, I decided to start at 55 step per min and increase it by 5 each 5 minutes, so I got up to 85 steps per min! THAT was tough!!

    By this afternoon’s training session, I was finally glad to actually hit the weights. It was a Back and Calves day.

    Pullups – a couple of sets to warm-up
    Rev Grip Bent BB Row SS/ WG Pulldown
    Corner T-bar Row SS/ Rev Grip Pulldown – hold at top of T-bar rows/squeeze each rep
    One-arm DB Row
    120/10, 120/9
    Life Fitness Row Machine – horizontal handles…major squeeze for mid-back
    130/15, 130/12+3

    Pulldown to top of head
    120/15, 120/13

    Leg Press Raises
    4plts each/20
    5plts each/17
    Triple Drop - 5plts each/15…4plts each/9…3plts each/10+5 XReps


    I had a pretty great night’s sleep last night. I actually went to bed a little early and that turned into me waking up naturally a little earlier than my alarm clock. No worries…start the day early! I threw on my clothes and hit the gym for my morning cardio session on the Stairmill – 35 minutes. I did it in HIIT fashion again going for 60 steps per min for 2 min and 90 steps per min for 1 min; then on the last 15 minutes I upped it to 65/90. When I am at the lower setting, I try to skip a step periodically and really squeeze the back of my legs. I am hoping this will help in my glute/ham situation.

    By the after, I was chomping at the bit, as usual, to train. Today’s training session was extremely focused! It was a Chest, Biceps and mini-Delt day.

    CHEST – I decided to go back to basics and drop down in weight a little bit and really focus on bringing the weight down, pushing with my pecs and squeezing at the top. I seem to get away from doing that every once in a while.
    DB Incl Press
    85/9, 85/8..drop..65/6
    DB Flat Press – I was VERY careful with my shoulder on this, so I went really slow on the way down and was careful on the way up.
    80/7, 80/9..drop..60/8
    Incl Hammer Press
    90each side/11, 90each/10.5, 90each/10..drop..45each/10 + 5 XReps
    Cable Crossover

    BICEPS – since I did Back yesterday, I got some bicep work doing Rev Pulldowns (apparently, because I’m sore today). So I didn’t quite have to do very much today for biceps
    Incl DB Curl
    35/10, 35/10
    90 degree Preacher Curl
    65/8, 65/8

    DB Side Laterals SS/ DB Front Raises SS/BB Upright Row
    25/12 – 25/12 – 80/10
    25/10 (strict from sides) – 25/12 – 80/10+1
    Major pump!!!

    Time to go back to the office and chow down!

  5. This morning, I woke up a smidge earlier than my alarm clock, which I guess is a good thing. That means I got a nice amount of sleep. I threw on my clothes, downed my morning supplements and I was off to the gym.

    My off-day cardio is up to 50 minutes, but I am splitting that up in to two sessions – one of 30 minutes and one of 20 minutes before my last meal. So, this morning I did my 30-minute session in HIIT fashion, yet again. I ended up going 60/90 (steps per min) and really making sure that I squeeze my glute with each step and take each step, pushing up concentrating on my glute/ham tie-in.

    Once I got that out of the way, I went and did some Abs…
    Lying Leg Lifts using a medicine ball – 3 sets
    Cable Crunches – 3 sets
    Broomstick Twists – varying positions

    More to come this evening!!

  6. Phew! What a day. It started this morning with my at-home cardio session for 35 minutes. Then, I took the girls to camp and off I went to my office. However, about 15 minutes after getting there, my boss calls me and “reminds me” that I needed to be down in Miami at our Corporate office for a major meeting with the top execs. OOPS! I gathered all of my gear and high-tailed it down there.

    This of course threw off my schedule a bit and it turned out that I trained a little later than normal. Turns out it was a good thing because I didn’t have any time restrictions.

    To paraphrase the Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis, I hit legs…and I hit them HARD!

    Lying Leg Curls (3 sets) with a major emphasis on getting my knees up somewhat and using ALL of my hams to pull up, then major squeeze at the top. That was dropset with Leg Curl “glute crunches” where I lift my torso, get on my elbows and curl up, lift the knees all the way to the glutes.
    Seated Leg Curls
    145/11+3, 145/9+2, 145/10+2..drop..100/10
    Stiff-Leg Deads – 2 sets for higher reps and emphasis on bringing the weight up with glute/ham tie-in…squeeze at top.
    225/13, 225/12

    Leg Press – OUCH!!!
    7plts each/12 (to easy)
    8plts each/9
    8plts each/7..drop..7plts/5..drop..6plts/7..drop..5plts/7..drop..4plts/10
    Reverse Hack Squat
    3plts each/15
    3plts each/13
    Hack Squat – funny how different and weird it feels when you turn around! lol
    3plts each/10
    3plts each/11
    BB Walking Lunges – slow, methodical reps
    90/24 steps, 90/20 steps
    Abduction Machine
    130/25, 130/20

    Seated Calf
    4plts/9, 4plts/8, 3plts/15, 2 plts/16+4
    Life Fit Calf Press
    200/18, 200/18+5 XReps

  7. Last training day of the week and things are coming along. It depends on what time of day you ask me if they are good well or not. lol But, it is what it is with contest prep. I know those of you who have gone through it know what I’m talking about.

    I hit the gym this morning for my early-morning cardio…35 minutes on the Stairmill (HIIT – again!).

    This afternoon I was in a groove for Delts and Tris

    Smith Delt Press – I’ve really come to like these lately. I’ve positioned my body to make it harder as well, which has helped.
    175/7, 175/6, 175/5..drop..135/8
    WG Upright Row
    90/16, 100/12, 100/10
    Front Raises-with a plate
    45/16, 45/14
    Side Laterals
    32.5/14, 32.5/14, 32.5/12..drop..25/6..drop..20/6

    Dip Machine
    210/17, 230/13, 230/11..drop..190/11
    Flat EZ bar Press – my weights are almost embarrassing on these, but they were effective
    70/13, 70/11
    EZ Bar Pressdown ss/ Rev Grip Pressdown

    Lying Leg Lifts ss/ V-ups
    15-12; 12-10
    Decline Crunch
    20, 15
    Broomstick Twists

  8. This past weekend, although fun-filled, was extremely tiriing. The girls and I were all over the place, including a birthday/new place/July 4th party for my sister yesterday. Phew, those kids have a serious motor! That, plus double-cardio sessions (one in the morning and one before my last meal of the day) made it for a pretty intense, but fun, weekend.

    Those double-cardio sessions can be a mother!

    This morning, I woke up and hit the gym for cardio on the Stairmill. Another nice, but tiring, session. Later today, I get to train with Eric (if all goes well). I am going to have to switch up my days, but I know so is Eric, so it's all good.

  9. What a whirlwind last few days. Between work and home life (oh, yeah…and getting ready for this show), I blinked and it was Thursday already! Everything is coming along – not necessarily as fast as I had hoped, but I am still chugging along, grinding it out day by day. Training has been great and cardio has been tough, but good as well. With only 43+ days to go, it is full throttle to the finish line. And, although these last 9 weeks have been tough, I know my hardest work is still ahead of me in these last 6 weeks.

    Like I said, training has been great (you’ll just have to take my word for it, ‘cause I ain’t loggin’ this week…lol). I have become increasingly fatigued at the gym, but that’s normal. I am not letting up, though.

    Funny stuff from recent days:
    - every time I get up from sitting down, I get crazy light-headed!
    - I am perpetually HOT! It doesn’t help that it’s about 152 degrees down here in Florida.
    - I am almost sad that the World Cup is ending. It has been fun to watch during cardio

    That’s it for now…gotta rest!

  10. I am not going to lie, this week has been pretty tough. I am sure it is a combination of factors, but today officially made it 6 weeks to go for me. Due to circumstances, I had to train & do cardio in one session early this morning and it didn’t’ turn out so badly.

    Training went fantastically…I did my Delts and a mini-Back session (focused on thickness). Now, cardio…that’s another story all together. I decided to do something a little different today on the Stairmill. Instead of going 2 min low and 1 min high intensity, I decided to go 3/1, but went higher on the levels. THAT was tough and I will tell you that

    I continue to say that I have never worked harder on cardio than I am during this prep. I am hoping the switch ups will help me get rid of bodypart faster.

  11. This was a bit of a rough weekend. I was pretty tired throughout and really light-headed for the majority of it. I tried to work through it, especially since I am with the girls, but it was pretty tough. I had to keep that really fake smile throughout the weekend. I'm also not too thrilled right now with how things are going. I think I've mentioned this before, but it seems like my physique doesn't like this "dropping bodyfat" thing this time around. I still have 6 weeks to go...but still, I ONLY have 6 weeks to go.

    I am still making sure I am on my diet, doing my cardio and training, but it looks like I am at a crossroads and will have to figure things out with coach in the coming days.

    All of that said, I hit the gym this afternoon and tore it up pretty hard. I had a great Back and Calves workout. I am not sure where that burst of energy came from, as it seemed like I was back to normal, but I am not questioning it at this point. I am taking it and moving along!

    I'll keep everyone posted as to what I decide to do from here on in.

  12. So far it’s been a nice week training. I have decided to take this week as a Modified Power Week. However, part of the “modified” is that I am not taking very long rests between sets. My weights are starting to decline a little, but that’s ok. I am still getting a rep range between 6-8.

    Back (Width) on Monday was hardcore and I only did exercises that I could do heavy – Weighted Pullups, Reverse Pulldowns, One-arm Pulldown (Twists) and heavier-than-normal Rope Stiff-arm Pulldowns. I threw in Calves and a mini-Delt session for good measure.

    Yesterday was Chest and Biceps (& Abs).

    DB Incline Press
    90/6, 90/5, 90/4-1/2
    Incl Hammer Press
    115 each side/7-1/2; 115ea/6, I think I did a 3rd set, but I didn’t write it down and I forgot
    Wghtd Dips
    45/7, 45/7..drop..bw/7
    Cable Crossover
    35/13, 35/11..drop..25/8

    DB Curl
    50/10, 50/8
    Incl Curl
    40/7, 40/6
    Life Fit Preacher Curl
    95/8. 95/8 – holding the squeeze at the top

    I am admittedly starting to lose my patience lately. I was looking for the 50s and some goofy ball with Fuscia/Orange/Purple New Balance sneakers was “supersetting” with them. So I waited…I was still being patient at this point. He started his set, then dropped them to pick up his “other weight” and he placed them so they were right next to his freaking bench so it would have been rude of me to pick them up while he was finishing his set. THAT pissed me off! I wanted to take that 50-pound dumbbell and crack it against his dumb ass. lol

    Alright, so I am overstating this just a bit, but it did not make me happy at the moment.

    Today is a cardio-olny day. One session is done. The 2nd session…later tonight.

  13. Today was a fast, but effective Leg training session. For the rest of my body, I am using a modified Power Week (heavier sets, but limited rest between sets), but for legs, I decided to do a bit of a shock session. I certainly don't need my legs to get any bigger at this point, but I really do want to keep the muscle I do have.

    Here's how it went...

    Lying Leg Curl ss/ "Hoist" Seated Leg Curl
    110/10 - Position 10/10
    100/10 - P9/9
    100/9 - P9/9

    Stiff-Leg Deads ss/ Jeffersons
    185/12 (hold for 2 sec @ bottom) - 95/8 each leg
    185/12 (hold for 2 sec @ bottom) - 95/8 each leg

    Smith Mach Duck Squat ss/ Leg Ext
    235/10 - 130/13
    235/10 - 130/12
    235/10 - 130/10

    Leg Press ss/ Sissy Squat
    6plts ea/10 - 25/8
    6plts ea/10 - 25/7

    Leg Press Calf - 5plts ea/15, 5plts ea/14, 5plts ea/13
    Seated Calf - 90/15+5XReps; 90/13+9XReps

    Diagonal One-Leg Leg Press Machine ss/ Abduction
    90/12 - 130/20
    90/10 - 130/20

    I have to admit that I am tired as all get out. This prep has kicked my ass and by the looks of things, things are only going to get harder from here on in.

  14. After today’s training and cardio session, I am officially 5 weeks out fro my show. I decided to go through a binder that I put together a little while ago with a bunch of magazine articles. Some that talk about pre-contest, a lot that talk about training, and some articles from the mind of Oscar Ardon (Kai Greene’s trainer/mentor). Oscar writes a lot about how the mind connection works and at this point, it is perfect timing that I am reading this.

    From here on in, I will be concentrating on the positives of my contest prep and not so much about the negatives. I am forgetting about all of things that might not come together and I am focusing 100% of my mental effort on doing everything possible to get to my goal – to become a natural pro bodybuilder. I am sure this sounds a little hokey, but that’s ok.

    Today’s training was intense and fun!

    Smith Behind-neck Press
    165/6, 155/7..drop..135/6
    Upright Row (a little lighter than I would have liked, but I had to make due)
    100/14+1, 100/12+3
    Rev Top Cable Cross (for rear delts)
    50/15, 50/17, 60/10
    Seated Side Laterals
    27.5/14+1, 27.5/11+1, 27.5/10..rest/pause..20/12

    Smith Rev Bent Row
    235/12, 275/9, 285/7+1
    CG Seated Row ss/ Standing Pulldown to Chest
    180/10 - 120/10
    180/9 - 120/9
    Hyperextension – took it easy on the lower back today…been pretty stiff lately
    bw/15, bw/15

    Tomorrow, I am planning on training arms again with Eric, so that is something I am very much looking forward to. I’ve also already got my plan for next week, so I am ready to get this thing done!!

  15. So, I've obviously been off the boards for a couple of weeks. But rest assured that I have NOT been off my diet or off the program as I get closer to my show.

    I was on a little vacation with my girls and somehow fit in all of the training, cardio, etc., with some fun with them each day. We went everywhere - the pool a few times, and several local fun spots here in Miami including the Seaquarium. Made for a lot of fun.

    Now, I am less than 4 weeks out! I spoke to Coach yesterday and we spoke about several things related to the show. I showed him how much better I looked in pictures on my last show (this past November), but that didn't seem to deter him from ensuring me that I would match, if not beat that look I had then. I trust him implicitely, so it is on!

    A little update, I've been pretty up and down as far as how I've been feeling. This past weekend was ROUGH! Tons of cardio, not a ton of food, a TON of "tired"! If I wasn't eating or doing cardio, you could probably find me on my couch resting and watching my DVR!

    Today was MUCH better! I woke up and did my morning cardio on my beloved Stairmill. Then I went back at noon for my training session. And, I'll be back later for an evening cardio session! Oh the joys of prepping for a show! lol That's cool. I've got my sights set on a win and I'll do everything in my power to give me the best shot possible.

    Here was how today went...but before you look, understand that my weights are way down from "normal". That said, it isn't about ego...it's about getting it done!

    Incl DB Press
    85/9, 85/5..drop..65/7
    Incl Hammer ss/ Incl Flye
    90each/10 - 45/9
    90each/8 - 45/7.5
    Incl Hammer (drop) - 90each/7...70each/5...45each/8
    Dips ss/ Cable Crossover
    bw/10 - 30/12
    bw/10 - 30/10..drop..25/10

    EZ bar Curl ss/ DB Hammer Curl
    80/9 - 35/8
    80/8 - 35/8
    Seated (on floor) Low Cable Curl

    Run-the-rack Side Laterals

    Lying Leg Lifts
    20, 20, 17


  16. I started my morning again with cardio at the gym. I am really starting to hit my stride I think (now watch tomorrow I’ll feel like complete dog crap…lol). Whatever, it is par for the course at this point. I’ve got my blinders on for the show.

    Another fantastic workout today. I tore it up something good and walking will be tough tomorrow.

    Seated Leg Curl ss/ Lying Leg Curl (holding each rep at top)
    SL Deads ss/ Jeffersons
    185/15…95/12 (left side)
    235/12…95/12 (right side)

    Hack Squat ss/ Rev Hack Squat
    3plts each/10…3plts/9
    3plts each/9…3plts/8
    Walking Lunges ss/ Leg Ext (holding each rep at top)
    100/24 steps…115/12
    100/24 steps…115/9+2
    Sissy Squat (drop)
    25/8..drop..3 more reps
    25/8..drop..4 more reps

  17. I must sound like a broken record, but man, am I tired. Somehow I find the energy for cardio and after about 10 minutes into my training session, my training is still really intense. I had a fantastic training day today. I did Back, Rear Delts, and Abs.

    At this point, it is all about taking things nice & slowly and checking off the daily activities one at a time - cardio, training, posing, taking each supplement at the appropriate time, & eating each meal at the appropriate time.

  18. First of all, MAN am I SORE!! Yesterday's Back Attack was fast-paced and extremely effective! When the alarm clock went off this morning, I rolled out of bed and was shocked at how sore I was. It was tough to get going this morning. After struggling at the start, I got into the flow of my cardio session this morning.

    This afternoon's training session was as intense as it gets with a terrific DELTS & TRICEPS day. I was pumped, pretty vascular and really enjoyed training.

    As I write this, I am gearing up to go do my 2nd cardio round of the day. Hey, only 3 weeks from tomorrow, so I have to do everything in my power to be ready to roll!

  19. I am not going to lie…I…AM…TIRED! lol I spent the weekend with my girls and tried to make sure every moment was spent having some type of fun since I won’t be seeing them now for three weeks. Suffice it to say that divorce sucks! When I had them for my summer three weeks, it was fine, but now that it’s her turn, it sucks!

    Instead of harping on it, I guess I have nothing better to do than to turn my sights 100% on this show. Things are progressing slowly but surely. I think I’ll be ready on time. I went by Eric’s place on Saturday for a quick review and he said my physique has changed a lot this week. That made me feel better, but there is still a long way to go before I am satisfied.

    Between the fun with the girls, the diet and the cardio, I was completely spent by last night…and waking up this morning for cardio was no easy task. But, it had to be done, so I pushed through watching my SportsCenter.

    This afternoon was FINALLY a training session – something that was actually fun. It started out a little rough since I felt a bit lethargic, but after a couple of warm up sets, I was ready to go.

    I hit CHEST, BICEPS, mini-DELTS, and some ABS. Not a bad day at the office. I’ve still got some more work to do this evening, but that should be a breeze.

    Only 2 weeks, 5 days to go!

  20. Today was the first day in quite some time that I actually had no energy AND no desire whatsoever to train. I’ve had this feeling about cardio, posing, etc., but never about training! This is a new thing for me.

    But in true warrior fashion, I had my workout planned ahead of time and I’ll be damned if I didn’t put all of whatever I had in the tank in to one of my last leg workouts before the show. Since legs are an area on my physique that is both good and needing improvement, there is no room for skimping – especially so close to the show.

    When you have that total lack of desire to train, it’s really easy to go through the motions. But it takes a different mindset to really dig deep and complete the task at hand better than anyone would if they were put in that position.

    It didn’t help that everything felt like it was 1,000 pounds, but I did just that with my HAMS and QUADS today…and in Shock Week fashion, too. My weights are down somewhat from what I am used to, but my output is on par or better than normal.

    A little more than 18 days to go…

  21. What a difference 24 hours makes…my goodness. Last time I wrote in my journal, I had ZERO energy and was dragging ass. After a long cardio session yesterday morning, something happened (I don’t ask why!) and all of a sudden I wasn’t quite as tired as I had been feeling. Sore…yes, but not tired!

    I hit my second cardio session with a pretty decent amount of energy and was able to really attack it. It made me so happy! You know, it’s winning the little battles that makes it a good day. lol

    So, fast forward to today and I woke up feeling pretty good. Again, sore, but good. I hit my morning cardio session and by the afternoon I was really ready to train. There is nothing like hitting the weights when you feel good. Every muscle fiber is hitting on all cylinders…every rep has a great contraction.

    Today was BACK, REAR DELTS & ABS. I was at the gym a little longer than I expected, but it was cool. I got everything done that I wanted and needed to and I even had a few minutes to do some more posing.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t know how I am going to look on contest day, but I can say one thing for sure. I have never worked so hard for any show than I have for this one. I’ll continue to check off the “things to do” on a daily basis and see how things fall. Hopefully, they will fall my way.

    As a side note, it is official! I sent in my entry form and fee and renewed my NGA card. There’s no turning back now.

  22. Wake up...cardio…home…work…train…ho me…cardio…bed. That’s pretty much the order of things each day with a little wiggle room here and there for errands and what not. Don’t take this as complaining by any means. It’s just how things are right now and I like it. When I’m home, I go through my saved DVR shows and have a nice relaxing time watching them.

    So, this morning I went to the gym as normal for my morning bout with the Stairmill. Fun stuff for sure! By the afternoon, it was time to train. I didn’t quite have the gusto to go full throttle at the start, but that’s been my M.O. for the last couple of weeks. After the first set or two, I am rockin’.

    Today was DELTS, TRICEPS and CALVES

    Hammer Strength Press ss/ BB Upright Row – 3 sets
    Life Fitness Delt Press Machine (facing pad) ss/ DB Lateral Raises – 3 sets
    Power Partials (drop) – 2 triple-drop sets

    Body-over-bar Pushdown ss/ Reverse Pushdown – 3 sets
    Flat EZ bar Ext ss/ Flat DB Ext – 2 sets
    Dip Machine – 1 set, then 1 triple drop set

    CALVES – since I’ve been posing and they are already pretty sore, I didn’t do a while lot. Just something to get a good pump
    Standing Calf Raises - 1 set, then 1 triple drop set

    I decided to take a little longer than normal at the gym in the afternoon and do my cardio session post-workout! That way, I could take it nice and easy the rest of the evening and not worry about it.

    Now, the focus will be on refeeding for the rest of the day…and cardio tomorrow and Sunday!!

    2 weeks to go, kids. The wait is almost over.

  23. I love Monday’s! Did I seriously write that? Yep, I sure did. I LOVE me some Monday’s. Why you ask? That’s simple…on the weekends during prep, I am eating WAY lower carbs than during the week and my cardio is way up. Therefore, there is little to no fun on the weekends. lol And, after my morning cardio session on Monday, I get to have a lovely, delicious bowl of oatmeal that tastes like chocolate cake!!!

    This past weekend wasn’t a total loss, though. Eric had a chance to see how things were progressing and we think things are coming along to the point where we can do some damage on contest day. All I (we) care about is coming in as good or better than last time and we will be close.

    So, today was CHEST, BI’s, & mini-DELTS…

    DB Incl Press ss/ Incl Flye – 3 sets
    Incl Hammer Press ss/ Flat Hammer Press – 2 sets
    Cable Crossover – 1 triple drop set

    DB Hammer Curl ss/ Incl DB Curl – 2 sets
    Lying Top Cable Curl (drop) – 1 drop set

    Run-the-rack side laterals – 2 triple dropsets

    Post-workout Cardio – 30 minutes!

  24. With each passing day, another milestone is hit…another task is crossed off the list…and one more step until game day. Today was another one of those steps, as this will be my last Quad training day. I am almost thankful that this was my last Quad workout because to be perfectly honest, I am not sure I can hold myself up for much longer! lol

    Things are pretty bare bones right now. Aside from the happiness of the few carbs that I can have each day and the little jolt that the fat burners give me at various times throughout the day, there ain’t much left in the way of food. But that’s ok because there is a method to Eric’s madness and his madness is going to take me where I want to be.

    Here is how it went today…
    Seated Leg Curl ss/ Lying Leg Curl – 3 sets (squeeze each rep!)
    Stiff Leg Deads ss/ Reverse Hack Squat – 2 sets

    Leg Press – 4 sets
    Walking Lunges – 2 sets
    Leg Ext ss/ Sissy Squat – 2 sets
    Leg Ext – 1 triple drop set to end things. But wait…not so fast!

    Post-workout CARDIO – 30 minutes on that god forsaken Stairmill. Only approx 13 more cardio sessions to go (give or take), but who’s counting!

  25. Last night I was feeling so drained and so tired that I HAD to go to bed early and hopefully some extra sleep would be of benefit to me today. Well, it turns out that I was in luck and it did help. At least it did for my morning cardio session - 45 minutes of bliss on my treadmill (more to come tonight!)

    On a side note...DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). What is it about DOMS? Isn't it supposed to be "delayed"? My legs are KILLING ME this morning! Must have been the Stairmill right after a good leg workout. lol

    But I digress! Today is my off day...and a long one at that. Since there is little food and lots of cardio, I am hoping today goes by rather quickly. I am trying to ungulf myself in work so I don't think about it too much. After today's work day, I am planning to go home and get one more meal in before hitting the gym for my mini-workout/posing and cardio session. After that, I think I will have deserved a good night's sleep.

    Then...back at it tomorrow morning. Hey, can't complain now! Only 10 days to go!!!!


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