Bassgod's Never Ending Progress Log DC STYLE!!

  1. Bassgod's Never Ending Progress Log DC STYLE!!

    Decided to throw up my DC log book online. My goal is to compete in a show within the next 2 years. I've been DC training for about a year and 1/2 and it has REALLY helped the overall thickness in my physique. The mass and strength gains have been incredible. DC is THE BEST training program by far. I don't train DC "by the book," I actually use a modified form that is also used by David Henry. I do widowmakers on almost everything and also throw in static holds wherever I see fit. I may add in other exercises for lagging body parts as well.

    I recently fractured an upper rib by my chest, so my numbers are ALL down about 15lbs and the REALLY depressing part is that my squat is down 50lbs and deadlift 25lbs. I can't complain I guess, because at least I am training. Today is bi's, forearms, quads, hams, and calves, i'll update later when I get back from the gym LET'S DO THIS!!!!

  2. Subbed, cant wait to see how this goes..

  3. BLAST DAY 11: bi,fr,qd,hm,cv

    Seated Alt. DB Curls - 55's - 12,5,4 = 21 Way too many, I misjudged my strength. Thought I was weaker, lol. Looks like my arms haven't lost as much strength as my legs.

    Machine Preacher Curl Widowmaker - 70x20 Never used this machine before, so it was a new one to me. Damn the pump was insane!

    Reverse Cable Curls - 65 - 20,20

    Leg Extensions - 270 - 12,7,5 = 24 I know it's too many, but my gym doesn't have a hack squat machine, and i'm afraid to try it with a BB haha. The highest weight that the extensions machine goes to is 270 This(extensions) will also help add more shape to my quads anyway. I also cannot do a regular straight set of 6-8 since the weight is too light, so I just RP it

    Vertical Leg Press Widowmaker - 300x24 These are MUCH harder than the regular leg press where you're practically siting on the ground. Again, this is a new exercise for me. I liked it though, got a nice burn in my quads.

    Seated Leg Curls - 160 - 8,4,3 = 15 The back of my left Knee was killing me while doing these for some reason, so I didn't do a widowmaker.

    Seated Calve Raises - 110+starting resistance = 136 - 20,20 I do these going very deep o get a nice stretch in the calves, and do 8sec eccentrics.

    DB Shrugs just cuz - 90x12

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Random181 View Post
    Subbed, cant wait to see how this goes..
    Glad to have you bro, should be interesting for sure.

  5. Good luck man, I'm in for the ride.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    Good luck man, I'm in for the ride.
    Damn bro, lookin thick. Do you train DC style?

  7. I was planning to hit the gym this morning, but my rib was aching all day yesterday. I figured i'd give it an extra day and hit the gym tomorrow. Also, I was chosen to log AX Mass FX V3 that is shipping to me next week. That should make the log more interesting for sure

  8. subbed man. You have helped me alot so far in my log and just wanted to say thanks and to keep critiquing my DC attempt.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigironkiller View Post
    subbed man. You have helped me alot so far in my log and just wanted to say thanks and to keep critiquing my DC attempt.
    Glad to have ya bro, any questions feel free to ask.

  10. I tried training DC for a little while but i decided that DC would work better for me when i'm trying to bulk.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    I tried training DC for a little while but i decided that DC would work better for me when i'm trying to bulk.
    It's best while bulking, but it's great for cutting as well. While dropping cals below maintenance, you want short and intense workouts to prevent over training. DC is perfect for that. It'll also help you gain strength while cutting, but i'd be careful because you'd be more prone to injury due to the fatigue.

  12. Ch,dt,tr,bw,bt BLAST #14

    Incline DB Press - 90's - 10,4,3 = 17 (+3 reps)
    High Cable Crossover Widowmaker - 60x22 (+1 rep)

    Smith Mil Press - 150 - 5,3,3 = 11 (+1) I feel so weak on these, I was doing 175 for 12 a few weeks ago. Damn injuries!!!

    DB Lateral Raise Widowmaker - 30x23 (+2 reps)

    Tri Pushdowns - 215 - 9,4,3 = 16 (+5lbs) Did 210 for 17 last session.
    No Widowmaker

    Deads from the Floor - 385x7 (+1 rep) Could've got another, but didn't want to push my back too far. Trying to stay pain-free.

    T-Bar Rows Old School style w/ BB in a corner, using a close grip cable handle - 290+BAR - 6,7 (+10lbs) Hit 13 with 280 last time, so I wasn't very pleased with that.

    Had a pretty decent session overall. Strength is starting to come back as you can see. I fckn love DC Time for some chicken, biscuits, 'n gravy!

  13. bi,fr,qd,hm,cv BLAST DAY 16(yesterday)

    Standing Cable Curls w/ EZ Attachment - 185 - 8,6,2 = 16 (+5lbs and 1 rep)
    Widowmaker - 135x20 (+5lbs)

    DB Wrist Curls - 40 - 15,15 (New exercise)

    Smythe Squats - 330x6 (+10lbs sort of lol. Hit 320x8 last time.) Weak I know, but like I said, after the injury my squat literally dropped 50lbs

    Widowmaker - 255x20 (+5lbs)

    Smythe Calve Raises - 210 - 15,15 (+20lbs. did 190x20 last time, but that's too many reps.) Done with 6sec eccentrics and concentration on a deeeeeep stretch at the bottom of the movement.

    Had a pretty good session and my quads are a little sore today. Went to Chili's last night and had loaded mashed potatoes, rice, an 8oz sirloin, 6oz margarita chicken, and a LARGE frozen classic margarita. Had to spoil myself a bit being father's day and all DAMN WAS IT GOOD!!

  14. BLAST #18 - ch,dt,tr,bw,bt

    Flat DB Press - 100's - 8,4,2 = 14 (+5lbs)
    Pec Deck Flye Widowmaker - 170x25 Chest was pretty pumped after these. It was pumped after the DB presses, but it was even better after these.

    DB Mil Press - 65's - 9,4,2 = 15 (+5lbs)
    DB Laterals Widowmaker - 35x20 (+5lbs)

    Weighted Dips - BW+60lbs - 8,4,2 = 14 (+5lbs)
    No widow, strapped for time.

    Lat Pulldowns - 220 - 9,4,4 = 17 (+10lbs) Hit 19 last time using 210, so I had to up the weight this time. Still wasn't enough though apparently.

    Bent Over DB Rows - 120x12 I usually do 2 sets of these, but again, I was strapped for time. It was do anotehr set of these or do cardio. I chose cardio as i'm trying to look my best for Venice Beach on our honeymoon.

    20min on the Treadmill.

  15. BLAST #19 - bi,fr,qd,hm,cv (last night)

    High Pulley Cable Curls - 85ea side - 8,4,3 = 15 (+10lbs ea side) Hit 19 reps last time using 75 on each side.

    Widowmaker - 50x21 (+5lbs)

    Behind Back BB Wrist Curls - 135 - 21,23 (+1 then +3 reps)

    Leg Press - 852x8 (+10lbs)
    Widowmaker - 737x20 (+5lbs)

    Toe Press - 742 - 13,13 Was doing 20 before, but decided to add some more weight to get 11-15 reps with these.

    Upright Cable Row - 190x12

    15min Treadmill for 1 mile.

  16. Subbed. Nice log man, i'm new to DC and loving it.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Burner View Post
    Subbed. Nice log man, i'm new to DC and loving it.
    Hell yea, it's the best training routine for mass and strength IMO. I've tried them all and for me, this works the best. I'm an ecto though, so short intense sessions using heavy compound movements are the best for my body type anyway.

  18. BLAST #22(yesterday) - ch,dt,tr,bw,bt

    Incline Machine Bench - 225 - 8,4,2.5 = 14.5 (-10lbs wtf!?)
    Pec Deck Widowmaker - 180x20 (+10lbs) Shoulders gave out before my chest, I really don't like this exercise as it hits my delts way too much.

    Lever Type Machine Shoulder Press - 230 - 9,2,2 = 13 (+1 rep)
    DB Lateral Widowmaker - 35x21 (+1 rep)

    Skull Crushers - 75+Olympic EZ Bar - 8,4,2 = 14 (+5lbs)

    Weighted Chins - BW+20lbs - 9,3,3 = 15 (+1 rep)

    Seated Machine Rows - 280 - 10,10 (+2 reps)

    I only had a small shake-pre-wo so my pre-wo meal sucked. I got up, made the shake, took a shower, and hit the gym, so that's probably why my strength was down. I felt pretty weak yesterday, but it's all good. I'll just eat my ass off today and get a better meal pre-wo next session. I have also been applying Napalm mixed with a bottle of clen to my lower abs and hips for a while now. I forgot to mention that earlier. It's helping bring out my abs more, and get rid of a little excess flab. I'm hoping that, combined with a cleaner diet, and some cardio will help me lean out some to look better on my honeymoon to muscle(venice) beach in a couple months.

  19. BLAST # 24 - bi,fr,qd,hm,cv

    Alternating DB Curls - 60's - 11,5,4 = 20 (+5lbs) Hit 21 with 55's last time, so that's pretty damn good IMO.

    Machine Preacher Curl Widowmaker - 75x20 (+5lbs) My bi's have been burninggg with these. The stretch at the bottom of the movement makes this even more intense.

    Reverse Cable Curls - 65 - 23,23 (+3 reps)

    Leg Extensions - 270 - 16,9,6 = 31 (+7 reps) Holy fckn shyt!!! Def happy with that!

    Vertical Leg Press Widowmaker - 310x20 (+10lbs) Hit 23 reps with 300 last time.

    Seated Calve Raises - 146 - 16,16 (+10lbs) Hit 20 using 136 last time.

    20min on the Treadmill.

  20. Forgot to mention I have started pulsing Methoxy-TST on workout days only at 12mg 2hrs pre-wo. That is definitely attributing to the strength increases, now let's hope that translates into a scale increase as well. On that note, my quads were painfully pumped and so tight after the widowmaker, it was ridiculous. The vascularity in my forearms during the reverse cable curls was pretty crazy too. I am starting to notice some more definition in my abs after a month of cardio and a cleaner diet. Also with the added clen/napalm TD.

    I feel and look smaller IMO, but I weigh the same(202), so I dunno. It could all be in my head as well, cuz everybody else is telling me i'm getting huge lol. Keep in mind that their definition of huge and ours are 2 totally different things I bought some of LG's Lipotropic protein too, to help with the thermogenesis, but OMFG that shyt tastes SOOOOOOO DISGUSTING!! It tastes like peas with a NASTY after taste that has a bad bite. Like it's a STRONG after taste. It's so gross. I don't recommend it if you're thinking about trying it.

  21. ch,dt,tr,bw,bt - Blast #26

    Incline DB Press - 95's - 9,4,3 = 16 (+5lbs)
    Cable Crossovers - 55x20 (+5lbs)

    Smith Mil Press - 150 - 9,4,2 = 15 (+4 reps)
    DB Laterals - 35x20 (-1 rep)

    Tri Pushdowns - 215 - 9,4,3 = 16 (same)

    Deads - 390x5 (+5lbs)

    T-Bar Rows - 280 - 9,6 Dropped the weight by 10lbs because I wanted to concentrate on form a little more. Should have dropped it another 5-10lbs though.

    20min on Treadmill


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