Getting my weak ass back to the gym! Rile me on!!

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    Im just leaving it to make the table mainly because it will be a lot easier to interpret and to see my progression, I was just posting up numbers and lifts before which didnt mean anything without other workouts to compare to previously, the table should make my log easier to read and more professional looking
    right on, I thought you meant something more permanent....cheers and keep it up!

  2. Okay heres that table I mentioned, ill be updating it here on so that my continual progression can be seen.

  3. nice i didn't know you could change colors...

    you just gave my logs new flare

  4. Neither did I :P, I clicked to do check what colours I could have and it just inserted the coding for black, so I took a guess by deleting 'black' and putting in 'red'

  5. Update has just gone up! Im also pleased to say that is shows progression in both comparable exercises!

  6. Havin' a bit of trouble following exactly how your chart works at the moment but good on ya bro...

  7. that chart makes it much harder to follow for me... Just giving my thoughts.

  8. ahh bloody hell, I gotta work right now gimme a bit and ill change it

  9.'re just re-updating the chart every work out??

  10. I wont post up the workout before that but it was up to par, I made 3 reps progress on close grip bench, and too my flat hammer strength press to 45kg (99lbs) 11-3-1,

  11. good work brother. to help us, you might want to add how much of a time span this is over.

  12. The actual time that I use each exercise is once every 2 weeks, this is the workout plan:

  13. have you done a routine like this before? were the results significantly different than that of hitting each body part once a week for like 18 sets?

  14. I cannot give you a 100% comparison due to the fact that I have about 30lbs of 'muscle memory' before I started this training due to getting up there and then screwing up it up majorly, however in terms of strength gains (I dont even know my weight, I go by how things look in the mirror), the strength gains on DC have been hugely above what I achieved with once a week training per bodypart

  15. Updates! before I start though I gotta say, this workout went kinda badly, I beat the logbook but I made a mistake and couldnt get to the gym at the right time, as a result I didnt really have enough carbs in me to do things as well as I could, onto some numbers though:

    All in all that went well, it just should have gone better, especially for shoulders

  16. Hey guys , Im sorry for not updating this log in a while, I think I mentioned to you all a few weeks ago that ive got study leave and exams for the next month so im kinda short on time right now, Ive been on a cruise since last wednesday, Life meant I had to walk around 8 miles a day all of last week and the week before, that pretty much just burnt out my CNS so I decided to cruise and will be till next wednesday, On another note ive decided to bump my calories up by 500 for now when im doing very little exercise but the gym, and when im back to my usual cardio ill be upping it by inleast another 500, right now then that puts my cals at ~3500 per day. Just some quick notes on my pre cruise workouts I added another 5kg to my hammer strength press and did one rep less than last time, and I added 5 reps each side to my one arm rows, thats all I can remember now sorry, anyway on another note, does anyone mind If I keep a small meal log in this log while im getting used to the new macros?

  17. no don't you dare post your food up here!

    jk who cares

    do it

  18. lets get this guy riled up!!!!!!!


  19. LOL natty, thanks guys

  20. "your arms are not scrawny, they're nice..." (in response to "getting my weak ass back to the gym")

    -gay couple from big daddy


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