Derailing the Epistane Train

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    Alrighty I've been off PCT long enough to stop posting in that other thread.
    As of this writing I'm 173.8 @ 11.4% (believe that or not, I promise I'm not accurate with the calipers) However, even though I am inaccurate the number now is less than when I measured back in December so that's good news in my book.

    I'm running this for the next few months and posting up whatever here:
    Whey, Casein
    Fish Oil
    NeoVar Recomp
    NO Shotgun

    I plan to run a 3 day split at night, and whenever I can get my lazy butt up in the morning, do abs / light treadmill work. Might also throw in calves since they are one of those muscles that love to have the crap worked out of them.

    I'll take some more measurements in a sec and post them up.

  2. In for the updates buddy.

  3. 165.8 @ 17.3% caliper -> 173.8 @ 11.4% caliper
    Neck: 16" -> 15" (not sure what happened here)
    Upper arm bi/tri straight, not flex: 11" -> 12"
    Upper arm flexed: 13" -> 13.25"
    Lower arm (forearm): 10" -> 10.5"
    Chest (beneath arms): 38" -> 38"
    Chest (around delts): 45.5" -> 49"
    Upper leg (quad / ham): 20.5" -> 22"
    Lower leg (calves): 13.5" -> 14"
    Waist: 33.5" -> 34"

    I want to see how much changes between now and possibly running something else in a few months. If it's significant, I'll save my $ for another time and just keep it natty.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    In for the updates buddy.
    hey thanks for coming by!

  5. Lost some neck fat I see.

  6. yeah in a few months it'll probably read 10" neck 37" waist, this could get ugly

  7. Quote Originally Posted by rbuecker View Post
    yeah in a few months it'll probably read 10" neck 37" waist, this could get ugly
    A 10" neck would be a cause for concern.

  8. well the roads are complete **** and that means i stayed home from work today. hope everyone else in this area is staying safe. im going to head out in about an hour which should be about the warmest part of the day, and the trucks should have assaulted .. err salted most of the roads and cleared off some more crap by then.

  9. I'm In bro.

  10. hey manny welcome, how have you been? how's pct treating ya?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rbuecker View Post
    hey manny welcome, how have you been? how's pct treating ya?

    Huh? PCT? I dont know what you are talking about, but all is well! How's the training coming along bro?

  12. power was out yesterday, roads are getting ready to start icing again today, getting pretty frustrated i do not want an off week. im starting my monday tonight i dont care how long it takes me to get home afterward. im going to use the gym that's closest to work so that i can take the time for pre workout shake / stim while i'm at work instead of tonight. should get me some more free time tonight to make meals for tomorrow (breakfast, lunch whatever).
    i think i'll leave work about 4 and should be at the gym by 4:30 (maybe 4:15).

    got a couple nutra orders in that should keep me from buying anything for awhile except protein/wms/multi/omega3

  13. It's in the upper 70's over here! Makes me want to go for a jog tonight. Hey man becareful out there, its pretty easy to lose control when the roads are icey. PCT is going well bro. So you ready to try the "ONE"? Looks interesting.

  14. i was going to follow tl on a 1-andro cycle according to the AMS site (with decavol and 4ad) but this 2 bottles of love theone cycle looks pretty sweet. maybe use that pre summer instead of the 1-andro and save that for after summer. i think either one is a win, with the one being much easier on the wallet. will be interesting to compare the two.

  15. the roads cleared up pretty well during the day, i think i'll be good to go for leaving early in the morning to hit the gym first thing. i have my boss going in early for me, so i have some room to play as well. tomorrow am should be cardio/abs, not sure how much ab work i'll do because i did some tonight. we'll see how i feel.

    this is my first time at this particular gym in about a year so i'll be getting used to the numbers i can use here. focus was on form, range of motion, and if i feel like either suffered i wont be increasing the weight used.

    1. db flyes

    2. skull crusher

    3. db pullover

    4. rope pulldown

    5. pec deck

    6. inc db press

    7. weighted crunch

    12x capt chair leg lifts

    treadmill to cool down ~10min taking hr from 130 down to 100

    pre-wo: no shotgun, 2 scoop scivation whey, 2 scoop WMS (~70g)
    post: 2x WMS, 2x scivation, 3x neovar

    i feel pretty awesome. im also glad i switched up gyms again, if i would have come home first like normal, i wouldnt have gone (gf stayed home sick). i'll judge tonight's success on tomorrow's pain!

  16. new toys awaiting at home: 3x1-andro, 2x arom-x, 2x decavol. still waiting on np to get 2 more arom-x and 2x4ad

  17. Wow dude... talk about a shopping spree! Looks like fun!

    BTW - the usual way to list your lifts would be:


    If just one set, you leave it off. I almost crapped looking at your weights. Thought you were doing 50 reps of 10 on pullovers.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by TimberLakers View Post
    Wow dude... talk about a shopping spree! Looks like fun!

    BTW - the usual way to list your lifts would be:


    If just one set, you leave it off. I almost crapped looking at your weights. Thought you were doing 50 reps of 10 on pullovers.
    i was!!!! just kidding, thanks bro

    this morning was pretty good, got 30 minutes on the treadmill @ 130 heart rate, then jumped into the weighted ab machine and the torso rotation deal.

    10 reps x 30 lbs

    obliques, each side
    10 reps x 50 lbs

    this is pretty much how my mornings will go. it's after about 30 minutes of telling myself that my gf is not going to wake up (she works late) so there's no point in just sitting in bed unable to sleep for any respectable length of time. i also remembered last night that if i cant sleep, just toss in a movie. it's a lot easier than jumping around 1000 thoughts trying to sleep. i'll be using fight club for awhile, every time i see that movie i find a new perspective on it or find something else that i missed before.

  19. I'm sleeping really well lately. Sleep ON cycle for me is awful.

  20. i think the no shotgun around 5pm is what's doing it to me, except in the morning i dont feel awake for at least 1.5 hours, usually at the end of the treadmill. maybe just getting off that damn thing is what makes my day!

  21. I have been sleeping well also lately. Been really busy lately, guess I am worn out by the end of the day to hit the sack.

  22. tonight was back/bicep day. the gym was pretty packed and i had started out doing preacher curl on this precor equipment, but i think it's designed for short arm people because it felt nothing but awkward. everything else related to a pc was in use, no hard feelings though.

    lat pull down

    bb curl

    seated cable row

    preacher curl
    10x10 (trying to get a feel for this pos machine)
    10x45 **** it

    t bar row (not sure what the carrier weighs here, more than im used to though)

    bent over barbell row


    i might rest tomorrow, it's supposed to be a wednesday rest day, and i can pick up my friday on saturday im not too worried about that. then rest sun and then full on mon/tue thu/fri. depending how i feel next wed, will be a regular ab/cardio morning and off evening. probably use that time for haircut and other shat.

    next pm workout is a leg day. im sure by tomorrow after work i'll feel pretty damn good, so i'll plan to hit them anyway. depending how i feel in the morning i'll do abs/cardio.

    going to eat!!!!

  23. took this morning off, probably shouldn't have. the only part of me that isn't sore is the ab area. im going to kick up the reps tomorrow morning. planning the leg day in a few, soon as i get a little bit of free time at work. arms are feeling pretty good, i definitely gave them a run for their money this week.

  24. ah i couldn't resist taking this pic while getting gas this morning
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  25. my biggest rant about yesterday's "back day" is that my forearms are worthless, that's what bothered me the most and kept my weight down on the tbar rows. same thing on deads, my grip is crap and while i have straps im too lazy to drag them through the gym with me. especially for 245 that's a little lame. so forearms, f**** you!


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