Just Having Fun In The Gym!!!

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  1. Just Having Fun In The Gym!!!

    I'm starting this log as a continuation of my Anadraulic State log just for keeping track of numbers, getting advice, and possible video log for my trainining.

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 242
    BF: never bothered to test it.
    Years training: 6 years but 4 years seriously

    I enjoy lifting heavy and trying to keep form as clean as possible. My workouts are never usually same as i find i get bored easy but i do keep track of my numbers so that when i go back to that exercise i can try to beat it. I try to keep my rep ranges all over the map so that i stimulate both types of muscle fibres. My next two workouts will be a continuation of style of training i was doing in my other log. After that i'm thinking of trying out an fst-7 program to start working on some of my weak points. Anyways here's the first workout.


    Front Squats 135x10 / 205x8 / 275x5 / 345x2 (personal record)

    Back Squats 135x10 / 185x10 / 235x10 / 285x10 / 335x8

    Bench Step-ups 50x10 / 60x10 / 70x10

    Standing Hamstring Curls sup/ One Leg Extensions (set1) 50x10 & 75x10 (set2) 60x10 & 90x10 (set3) 70x10 & 105x10

    Seated Calf Raises Sup/ Donkey Calf Raises (set1) 135x10 & stack for 10 (set2) 180x10 & stack for 10 (set3) 225x7 & stack for 10

    Well that's my first workout on this log. Hope you follow along and chuck out some advice here and there.

  2. Shoulders / Arms

    Seated Barbell Military Presses 135x10 / 185x8 / 235x6 / 155x12

    Dumbbell Laterals 30x10 / 35x8 / 40x6 / 45x4 w/ 20x8 (didn't feel strong on this exercise at all)

    Rope Rear Delt Pulls 90x10 / 100x10 / 110x8

    Cable Pressdowns sup/ Dumbbell Curls (set1) 145x10 & 40x10 (set2) 195x10 & 50x8 (set3) 245x10 x 60x6

    One Arm Seated Dumbbell Extensions (set1) 30x10 & 45x10 (set2) 40x10 & 50x10 (set3) 50x8 & 55x10

    great workout overall
    felt really strong on my pressing movements
    workout was finished in under an hour so i was done at a brisk pace

  3. I'm starting a new training program tomorrow. It will look like this:

    Back / Biceps
    Chest / Abs
    Shoulders / Triceps

    It will be a 2 days on, one day off, two days on, and then two days off to fully heal. I will be incorporating fst-7 principles along with rest / pause, and widowakers for tough compound movements. Reps will be kept at a 8-12 range to take a break from the low reps in my other program. SWG will be training with me so hopefully we'll both be logging desireable results from this new program. This program will also be using alot of stretching at the end of workouts to enhance blood flow. Anyways i'll let you know how training went tomorrow.

  4. Back / Abs (switched abs & biceps due to length of workout)

    T-Bar Rows (weight not including bar) 45x10 / 90x10 / 135x10 / 185x10

    High Hammer Strength Rows 180x10 / 270x10 / 360x7 w/ rest/pause (15 breaths) 360x5 (15 breaths) 360x3 w/ 1 forced rep

    Rack Deadlifts (first time doing exercise) 135x10 / 225x10 / 315x10 / 405x10 / 495x8

    Cable Pullovers (FST-7) 60x10 / 70x10 / 80x10 / 90x10 / 100x10 / 110x10 / 120x10

    Extreme Stretching For Back - for as long as possible

    Ball Drag-ins 2x10

    Ball Crunches 2x10

    Planks for as long as possible


    - numbers could have been better but i was unsure of what weight to use for higher reps
    - enjoyed rack deadlifts, should help improve my regular deadlift
    - Rest/Pause set felt absolutely amazing and it allowed me to get more reps with a really heavy weight ( which i think is beneficial )
    - Can't wait to try this program with Anadraulic State

  5. Chest / Biceps (day one of Anadraulic State)

    Incline Hammer Presses 90x10 / 180x10 / 270x10 / 360x8 w/ rest/pause 360x4 & 360x2 with 2 forced reps

    Flat Barbell Presses 135x10 / 185x10 / 235x10 / 285x5 (absolute gased on this set)

    Pec Deck (FST-7) 275x10 / 275x8 / 255x10 / 235x10 / 215x10 / 195x10 / 175x10

    Barbell Curls 95x10 / 105x10 / 115x8

    Hi Cable Double Bicep Curls (FST-7) 30x10 / 35x10 / 40x10 / 45x10 / 50x10 / 55x9 / 60x8

    - Rest / Pause really trashed my chest but what an amazing pump
    - Chest and bis are going to be sore tomorrow
    - i'm enjoying less exercises but more efficient training
    - my joints are thanking me for higher reps and little less weight

  6. maybe i should have changed the title of my log to " No one pay attention to my log, cause it's boring". i've had no replys so i guess i'll just use this as my training book. lol
    Seriously someone say something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wow, all i have to say about the last two workouts is damn i'm sore. my back still aches a bit but my chest and biceps are trashed. i couldn't be happier, as this is a new program and i was wondering about the results.

  8. hey, what are you training for? strength, mass or just overall fitness?

  9. i'm a bodybuilder, i just try to gain lean mass. i've always believed that strength and mass go hand in hand cause the heavier i am the stronger i am. this year is the first time i've ever been above 240 and i look leaner than when i was 230. i just flat out love the gym and lifting heavy with good form.

  10. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i would like to compete in a bodybuilding competition eventually. i haven't yet because i'm a chicken **** and i don't think i'd do well. maybe it's lack of self confidence or a problem with dysmorphia ( i think i'm too small ).

  11. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    i'm a bodybuilder, i just try to gain lean mass. i've always believed that strength and mass go hand in hand cause the heavier i am the stronger i am. this year is the first time i've ever been above 240 and i look leaner than when i was 230. i just flat out love the gym and lifting heavy with good form.
    sounds good. i've been training for mass for 3 years, and i'm going to have to switch over to a "recomp" for the next year.

  12. change is good buddy, this workout program i'm doing is huge change for me as i've always used a high volume, 5 day a week program. The extra day of rest is helping, but i get a little restless.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    change is good buddy, this workout program i'm doing is huge change for me as i've always used a high volume, 5 day a week program. The extra day of rest is helping, but i get a little restless.
    totally. i used to do total body workouts on MWF only. i'd get cabin fever to hit the gym sooner because one body part recovered faster than the rest of me. sometimes less is better - more than half my gains were from total body workouts.

  14. i can't imagine doing full body workouts, i'm usually so damn sore after one bodypart. props to you for making gains that way because i couldn't do it.

  15. Legs

    Front Squats 135x10 / 225x10 / 275x10 / 315x6 ( didn't have the stamina on my last set, i seem to be still adjusting from my low rep routine)

    Dumbell Step Ups 70x8 / 80x8 / 90x8

    Leg Presses (FST-7) 360x8 / 410x8 / 460x8 / 510x8 / 560x8 / 610x10 (could only do 6 sets as i was battling throwing up, but the pump was absolutely ridiculous)

    Standing Ham Curls 60x10 / 70x8 / 80x6

    Seated Calf Raises 135x10 / 180x10 / 225x10

    Standing Calf Raises 315x10 / 345x10 / 365x10

    - this workout was freakin brutal
    - pump was absolutely sick but i felt absolutely exhausted
    - i was glad to see SWG knock out a couple more reps on his personal best

  16. Shoulders / Triceps

    Seated Barbell Military Presses 145x10 / 195x8 / 245x6 / 135x20

    Hanging Dumbbell Laterals 25x10 / 30x10 / 35x8 / 40x6

    Rear Lateral Machine (FST-7) 125x10 / 135x10 / 145x10 / 155x10 / 165x8 / 175x8

    Close Grip Bench Presses 115x10 / 165x10 / 215x10

    Rope Pressdowns (FST-7) 100x10 / 105x10 / 110x10 / 115x10 / 120x10 / 125x8 / 105x8

    - also did a small ab workout to warm up
    - a little lethargic at the beginning of the workout
    - felt really strong today
    - i'm loving FST-7 as it seems to be tearing at my muscles like nothing i've ever felt
    - workouts are short and brutal

  17. Notes:
    - Every workout this week, i have been sore the next day (wow, do i ever miss this feeling)
    - Feel like i'm going to grow again and hopefully see some major strength gains
    - FST-7 seems to be teaching me to activate my muscles better and helps me work on my weak points
    - hopefully week two goes just as well

  18. with ya brotha! best of luck

  19. glad to have you along for the ride!

  20. I know how much that little extra support can help

  21. Do you have any pictures man, 240 has gotta be pretty Fn solid

  22. i've never bothered to take any pics, i've got a few vids on somewhatgifted's video log but that's about it.

  23. First i would like to start off saying you have FLAWLESS form man. you make that 165 look easy hahah.. your thick as sh!t to bud, keep up the good work.

  24. thanks, it's taken a long time but hard work has paid off for me. Well that and good training partners that kick the **** out of me.

  25. haha o yes

  26. im bad at following log subscriptions but im here for support along the way. Ive never heard of fst-7....

  27. if you want to learn, go to fst-7.com . thanks for following along though, i can always use the support.

  28. Back

    Deadlifts 135x10 / 225x10 / 315x10 / 405x5 / 455x3

    Close Grip Pulldowns 180x10 / 220x10 / 260x8 w/ rest/pause 260x5 / 260x3 w/ 2 forced reps

    Barbell Rows 135x10 / 185x10 / 235x8

    Cable Pullovers (FST-7) 80x10 / 90x10 / 100x10 / 110x10 / 120x10 / 130x10 / 140x10

    - felt weak on deadlifts due to taking a long break from deadlifting
    - Pump was amazing after close grip pulldowns
    - going to start upping cardio a bit ( walking with the wife )
    - still trying to figure out numbers for fst-7

  29. 455 deads! very nice.

  30. the funny part is that i'm disappointed with my deads!!! when i was doing them regularly i could knock out 405x10 and my personal best is 565.


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