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  1. Bulk Journal

    Hey, I have decided to start a journal of my bulk, I think this will help to keep me consistant. My starting stats are 5'11" at 150, bf% tested at 9.1%.
    A Day:
    Squat 3x8-12
    Leg Extension: 2x20
    Leg Curl: 2x10
    Dumbell Curls: 2x6-8
    Machine Curls: 2x8

    B Day:
    Bench Press: 3x8
    Close Grip Bench: 2x8
    Pullups: 2-3xMax

    I do this every other day. So far I have gained 8lbs. on it, obviouslly not all muscle, and over about 3 months. My diet has been piss-poor, so thats what i'm definatly looking to improve and do right. My weights have been going up though, I'll post my current weights soon.

    Superpump 250
    Creatine ( Monohydrate, and weight gainer has 7 diff types)
    Protien (100% and a weight gainer)
    Fish oil

    Possibly may do a cycle of T-Bomb 2 if I have trouble gaining, but I'd like to stay away from anything but the basics. Ok I think thats it for now.

  2. Current
    A Day:
    Squat: 225x10, 235x10, 255x10
    Leg Extension: 80x20,85x20
    Leg Curls: 75x10, 85x10
    DB Curl (Idk bar weight so I made it 0 lbs.): 20x6, 26x6
    Machine Curl: 80x8, 85x8

    B Day:
    Bench: 115x8, 125x8, 135x7
    Close Grip: 85x8, 90x8
    Pullups: 6,5
    A Day:
    Squat: 205x5, 225x5, 235x3
    Leg Extension: 50x20, 50x20
    Leg Curls: 20x50, 20x50
    DB Curl (Idk bar weight so I made it 0 lbs.): 10x10, 8x20
    Machine Curl: 60x8, 70x8

    B Day:
    Bench: 85x8, 95x8, 105x5
    Close Grip: 80x6, 85x6
    Pullups: 3,2

    As you can see my routine has changed a bit, but the top one is my routine im sticking with unless you guys advise not to.

  3. Feb 15th
    Macro breakdown
    Fat- 39% (114.5g)
    Carb- 35% (228.1g)
    Protien- 26% (171.6g)

    Calories- 2,647

  4. Nice growth in the wt and #s! As you state diet is your biggest barrier so work on that so you are not wasting your time. You need more cals for growth, I am 5-7 and 160 lbs and when doing a very slow growth/lean mass phase I eat 3200 cals. And your macros suck, you have more fat than protein! Get your macros to something like 40 p/30 c/30 f.

    Good luck.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  5. Yea and I just lost weight, ugh its hard for me to eat enough, and just wondering how important is macro as long as I get enough protien? Gunna go mix up a shake.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by redline2101 View Post
    Yea and I just lost weight, ugh its hard for me to eat enough, and just wondering how important is macro as long as I get enough protien? Gunna go mix up a shake.
    Very important. If your carb/fat intake are too high you get fat while gaining muscle. If your carb/fat intake is too low you may not have the energy for training & growth. I know that when I dropped my carbs to 10 or 20% during a cut I felt weak and tired . . . the wts did not move so easily.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  7. Alright, thanks for the info, i never took macro too seriouslly, just watched protien and calories, even though my calories were low. I hope getting my diet down will help make my other efforts worthwhile.

  8. Macro 2/16/09
    Fat-31% (78.1g)
    Carbs-42% (229.4g)
    Protien-27% (143.8g)

    Today was bad again, but tommorow should be alot easier, as I have alot more food available at school.

  9. 2/17/09
    Squat: 225x12, 235x12, 255x12
    Leg Ext.: 85x25, 90x25
    Leg Curl: 85x10, 80x10
    DB Curl: 20x8, 26x8
    Mach. Curl: 80x8, 85x8

    Almost passed out on squats. Whole workout I felt sickish, alot going on outside of working out and that affected my lift. I felt absolutelly maxed out on every lift, nd i feel dead right now. I usually feel so unstoppably awesome after a lift, but today not so much.

    Calories: 3,093

    Ugh the fat is way harder than I thought to avoid, and god my carbs are high(no homo). I at least did get more calories today, still working to improve.

  10. 2/18/09
    Lifted toay, didnt expect to, and had a very awesome upper body lift w/o supps tho. I just did what my friend did, well some reps were lower.
    Cable curls: 40x20, 60x20, 60x20, 40x20
    Tricep Extentions: 40x20, 60x 12, 60x12, 40x16
    Shoulder Routiene: 2x30x10
    The twist the weight up forearm thing: 2x10
    Weighted Pushups: 1x45
    Chinups: 8,6

    Also, I would like to invest in another supplament, any suggestions. I have protien and creatine, multi, and oils covered. SP250 is almost out. My plan was to just buy another tub of that, but open for suggestions.

  11. Did an ab circuit today. Just packed down food, i decided thats what im going to do, idc if i gain fat, just eat everything.

  12. Awesome leg day. Ive decided to split my workouts into more specific groups. So today was.
    Squat: 225x15,235x15,255x15
    Leg Extention: 100x25
    Leg Curl: 100x10

    Thats it. Idk if it was the Superpump or what but today I felt so in the zone I dont know, its been a while since i've flung stuff around b/c they made me mad before lol. I threw the towel off the squat rack b/c it looked awkward, and I discovered squatting is way better with just the bar. I feel so great right now, thank god I made the decision to lift weights. Also when I began lifting, my weight fluctuated alot. Like it would be about 143 empty, which is what I should of advertised before. Im currently at 148 dry after BR. My weight is actually staying on for the first time in 2 years, I dont feel like its a struggle, like my body is actually doing what i've wanted it to do for so long. Now just about 35lbs. of muscle to go before I reach my goal!

  13. Did all upper body today.
    Bench Press: 95x15, 115x 10, 135x4 ( Tried 5 but couldn't get it.)
    Barbell Curls: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. With bar. My goal is to be able to go back up too. When I got down to 4 rep range I had twitching in my arms, but I still pushed through and It felt great.
    DB Shoulder Routiene: 8lbs, 2 sets of 10 repsx 3 exercises. Arms to sides, arms in front and press.

    After workout had a strange problem. My arm started getting that typical tingling, but then started to vibrate. This is going to sound weird my my arm started to feel like i was holding a very strong vibrator lol. Then my mouth around teeth started to like vibrate. Then it started in my left hand. I couldn't like focus on anything, and I decided to just get a shower. After a few mins in shower my heartrate and tingling slowed. Soon I was back to normal but wow it was like way too much energy. Anyway, that was my lift.

  14. Found my goal body finally. I don't know if it is going to be possible, but Scott Herman. Anybody know if that is an attainable goal clean? I know he's not that big compared to some bodybuilders, but Bigger Stronger Faster said alot of models use steroids so wasn't sure. He's an inch shorter, and 20lbs. heavier. Id probably have to gain about 25 lbs i'm guessing?
    Lifted today:

    Squat: 235x10, 235x12, 265x10
    Leg Ext.: 105x25, 110x25
    Leg Curl: 105x10, 95x10

    Also ordered another tub or SuperPump, orange this time. I also ordered ever free sample on bodybuilding.com, so going to see if there's anything else I want to try. Didn't really feel pumped today, just ok and same post-workout. Disappointing but its w/e.

  15. Been feeling weird lately. I don't think the superpump was doing that to me, because its happened 3 more times. I cant eat anymore, I tried yesterday and managed to force down 2 chicken strips. I had some ice cream just because I was on a date and it would be awkward for just her to get something. Then on the date I was really weird so idk. Then today ive managed to eat 1 White Castle Burger. I almost threw up eating the second, just felt so full. May go see a doctor because I'm just not feeling right.

  16. 152 lbs today. Went to doctor and ended up now i'm getting blood tests kind of just for fun to see where i'm at. I had a like breakdown and stopped eating and lifting for a few days. Been fine and lifting for about a week.


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