Pmiller's WSBB on the Anabolic Diet log

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  1. Pmiller's WSBB on the Anabolic Diet log

    November 2008....It Starts

    Well if any one out there is interested in seeing how the anabolic diet works for powerlifting here is the log to follow. I will update my training with my max effort lifts only, if you guys are curious about accessory work just let me know and I will elaborate. I just started the AD so I am in the adaptive phase right now eating 18x bodyweight which equates to about 4000kcals.
    Basic Westside Barbell template with both Max effort and dynamic effort days. May utilize the repeated effort method in my next training cycle but I am not sure yet. Currently I use Metal Kind v-type squatter single ply and a Inzer Rage x size 50 (I am going to squeeze down a size eventually.) Outside of my WSBB training I usually do extra workout consisting of high rep band work, Self-myofascial release, and Defranco's Agile 8
    Beef - eggs - cheese - olive oil - fish oil - heavy cream - nuts .... I may get crazy and start making things like chicken sovlaki, flax seed concoctions, etc. My daily carb intake will mostly be Broccoli and salad greens
    Currently just using my staples which are All The Whey's proteins, Pepto Pro after my workouts, and cissus just because I already have a bottle opened. If I am feeling a little lackluster I will dig into my stimulant stash and use either Shred Matrix (may make it to hard to get in calories) RPM (I prefer to save it for competition or really intense training) or X-Force by IBE. Finally if I am really feeling rowdy I may throw in some Powerful or Bullet Proof to get my dirty supplement fix.... Down the road I will throw in Assault, Battle Fuel, Prime, X-Factor, Glutamine and Glycine, but that wont be for a while, and not all at once of course.
    Current Competition Stats
    In my competition this past weekend I weighed in at a dehydrated 217 (down from 230lbs the morning before) and I did a 475 press and 525 pull. No squat at this meet.
    My Goal
    GFH without the carb bloat I usually carry around. Get a 500lb press in a single ply shirt, break 600 in the dead lift, and make my squat less of a joke than what it is now. I plan on staying in the 220 class for the next meet in the spring.
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  2. Nice, P. Definitely subbed....

    Looking at breaking 600 myself, did a 314bench/540dl raw a couple of weeks ago, couldnt test a 500 squat as it too was a push/pull meet... How much weight did you gain by the next morning, from a dehydrated 217?

  3. Subbed, I've been curious about the AD but I love oats too much lol.

  4. In.

    Best of luck with this P...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rxp1997 View Post
    Nice, P. Definitely subbed....

    Looking at breaking 600 myself, did a 314bench/540dl raw a couple of weeks ago, couldnt test a 500 squat as it too was a push/pull meet... How much weight did you gain by the next morning, from a dehydrated 217?
    Not much, I weighed in right as the first flight of lifters started so I really had no time to rehydrate properly before lifting. I used downed a handful of RPM and chugged some Kool-aid with GMS in it. My gear was supper loose as a result so I really did not get as much out of it as I should have. I mean I just about put the bench shirt out myself, and on my 475 try the bar went straight down and I didn't have to pull to touch at all. The next day I got back to about 225 and since being on this diet for the past three days I am back at about 220. I think the biggest thing that helped me was flushing out my digestive track, food like oatmeal seems to stick with me for a few days and often leaves me feeling weighed down.
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  6. First Week
    Well surprisingly I got a pretty crazy pump today, which I absolutely cant stand anymore, from doing some rep work. Our group is taking it easy with the CNS work until after Thanksgiving since most of us were starting to feel pretty run down after our last training cycle and little nagging injuries are starting to pop up. The diet seems to be treating me pretty well so far, I am getting closer to actually hitting my desired caloric intake (18xBW=3995kcals) and I have yet to experience a lack of energy or mental clarity on the diet. I can't really say I have had any cravings for carbs as of yet, but I think I am just overwhelmed with the different types of cheese I can eat now. Also I made a pretty boss shake yesterday and plan on doing it again tonight.
    Boss Shake:
    2 scoops ATW's Milk Protein Isolate ( thicker than any other protein I know )
    1-2 tablespoons of bakers Cocoa (nice kick of fiber)
    Sucralose (pure sucralose, not splenda)
    1 TBSP Olive Oil
    3 TBSP Heavy Whipping Cream
    1 TBSP Fish Oil (on side as an appetizer...)

    Mix it up in a blender bottle and eat it with a spoon!
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  7. Well I must say that my energy has been great so far, I will be really interested to see how ME legs goes tomorrow.
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  8. I've been recomping on AD for awhile now; like to see how it works for bulking. This should be good. Subbed.

  9. dude i had no idea you competed in powerlifting....

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    dude i had no idea you competed in powerlifting....
    Its one of my dirty little secrets....
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  11. I'll be paying attention here.

    It's good that you feel energized and don't have the mental fatigue that some people get on this diet.

  12. Well I just had my Max Effort leg day yesterday and since it was such a nice day we decided to do some strongman stuff. We did some Tractor tire flips, Farmers Walks, and Sled drags (used a tire with weights which sucks compared to a metal sled, so much friction) Other than that we just some reverse hypers and standing abs. I felt pretty great for the workout today, but after the workout I drank some PeptoPro and I got the symptoms of hypoglycemia about 15 minutes later. When I got home I eat some beef and cheese and went back to feeling great. So far the only draw back I have from this diet is that I am losing a lot of weight quickly, I woke up today a few pound under 220! Time for some more heavy cream i guess.....

    The pro's so far have been:
    -No energy up and downs, very consistent all day.
    -No gas and bloating ( I honestly think I have only ripped one or two durring the week, not like me at all lol)
    -Skin looks better
    -Meals are really satisfying, I will eat and the about ten minutes later just feel absolutely great.
    - The first week was really easy on me, mainly because I have kept my calories where they would normally be. I am still finding it hard to hit the 4000kcal mark, but thats just because I have to find some more portable foods other than eggs. I can only eat so many eggs before I get a little uneasy. I have be using about 1 dozen a day.

    Here is the food I know I consumed this week just off the top of my head:
    5.5lbs 85/15 ground beef
    2lbs Mozzarella cheese
    5 dozen eggs
    1lb Farmer's cheese (never by the sodium free kind, lesson learned)
    1lb Flax seed.

    I have eaten a lot of other stuff too, but that is what I bought at the grocery store monday and the only thing that is left is 6 flax seeds that are stuck to the container lol.

    1 week until first carb up....
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  13. About the weight loss. Weight will fluctuate during the week depending person to person and on how much muscle you have. As the muscle glycogen depletes you'll lose intramuscular water weight. It'll jump up when you carb load.

  14. I'm also going to be bulking while on this, so I'll be following this closly

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Current Competition Stats
    In my competition this past weekend I weighed in at a dehydrated 217 (down from 230lbs the morning before) and I did a 475 press and 525 pull. No squat at this meet.
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  16. Second Week
    Well I have gone about 8 days now with no carbs and I feel pretty energetic and just overall well since starting. The only time I seem to feel any signs of low blood sugar are right after I chug a PeptoPro shake after my workout. I still haven't hit my desired calories (got within 100kcals the past few days) but again that is mainly because of poor planning on my part. I will say though that I am feeling a little flat right now, and although it has affected my strength it is starting to bug me a little bit. I am going to cut the 12 day period down one day just because I will normally be carbing up Friday and Saturday rather than the traditional Sat & Sun. I initially thought by this point I would be craving some sweets or something but really the only carb I am looking forward to is a the beans in some chili. When the day comes though I will probably make some oatmeal feel slutty and get crazy with some cans of Pumpkin.
    My Foods So Far
    If you don't like beef this diet certainly isn't for you. Its cool how you can eat a piece of steak or some ground beef and then feel like you just popped some RPM. Over the weekend I didn't have beef in the house because I had to eat some chicken that was taking up to much room in the freezer ( I am hording turkeys now...) and that definitely did not fit the bill for this diet. Even with drenching the chicken in a few different oils the only I was found it to be a good source of energy is when I ate a couple eggs with it as well. Then I got to thinking how I was eating a whole family of chickens rather than just one or two family members, so I felt good knowing that they were being reunited in a better place lol. Anyways here is my recipe that I have been finishing my day with, it seems to really calm me down at the end of the day.

    Pmiller's AD Cookie Dough
    2 scoops of ATW's Milk Protein Isolate (very important)
    6 TBSP of Golden Flax Seed Whole
    Sucralose (not splenda but pure sucralose)
    Grape Seed Oil or Heavy Cream ( whatever type of fat you need for the day to round you out)
    Bakers Cocoa

    Grind the flax seed and mix it with the two scoops of protein and some cocoa in a bowl. Add your desired fat and a little bit of sucralose. Then slowly add in water and mix until it gets almost like a thick batter. Put in freezer for about ten minutes. Eat some broccoli and Olive oil while you wait.... And then Munch out . It works out to about 35g's fat (Assuming 1 TBSP of Oil or 3 TBSP of Heavy Cream) about 24g's carbs with 21 being fiber and 60 grams of slow digesting protein.
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  17. 10 days deep
    I had a really strong workout today, which was much to my surprise. Starting yesterday afternoon I starting feeling like my grip strength was non-exsistent and a little confused in general. (Two pretty good signs of low blood sugar) Today when I went to my gym I was having a rough time just keeping my arm up on the steering wheel but as soon as I hit the weights I hit some PR's. Here is today's workout for anyone interested:
    DB Bench Press : 90x12 100's x 20x26x17 = 62 reps total which is ten up from last week.
    DB Floor Press : 100's x20x20
    Chest Supported Rows : 200x15x15x15 (moved the cable station on the last one so I stopped that exercise)
    Reverse Hypers : x20x20 (while I was waiting for everyone else doing CSR's)
    Fat D-Bar low cable rows : 250 x15x12x12
    Band Pushdowns : 5 sets reps higher than I can count

    We are doing some rep work in place of our dynamic days since we are just coming off of a meet and everyone has those little nagging injuries that we want to heal up.

    I am going to cut the 12 day period 1 day short and start my carb up on Friday, mainly because that is when I will normally be carbing up as of right now. Hopefully I can make it through max effor legs on Friday and then I am going to go nuts on some oatmeal. I plan on using simple liquid carbs right after my workout and that switching to complex whole foods there after. If anyone has advice on doing this properly please share.
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  18. My First Carb Up

    I can honestly say that after my first bowl of cereal, toasted oats with whey, that I wanted to go back to eating the fats lol. I ended up eating mostly complex carbs with the only exceptions being a scoop of Dextrose right after training and some sugar that was in a granola bar. I ended up only carbing for 24 hours (11am of Friday until 11am of Saturday) because after my second meal on Saturday I ended up sleeping the rest of the day away and woke up for an hour or so and then went back to bed lol. I ended up putting on about 4-5lbs from the carb up and didn't get any bloated or puffy feeling. Next weeks carb up is probably going to be a little dirtier so that I can get in more carbs and also because there is going to be some great leftovers from Thanksgiving.
    My training today was pretty steller aside from having a little low blood sugar right before starting. Once we got rolling I set a PR on a 2 board press which I was really happy about because we used a fat bar for the first time today. I was a little frustrated because I had a pump after my first couple warmup sets but luckily it didn't affect my lifting to much. I actually had a few of the guys comment on how I looked a lot bigger than usual today so that was pretty refreshing. I pretty much killed the rest of my training today and ended up throwing around more weight for all my movements. I am expecting to have another good workout tomorrow morning because I still feel pretty pumped up and carb loaded.
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  19. Start of Week Four
    Well I am just getting back to a conventional Westside routine so its time to see how this diet really builds strength. I actually put a little size on my arms in the last week but my weight has stayed at about 220. The only thing I have really noticed so far with the carb ups is that the next day I seem to have symptoms of low blood sugar for most of the afternoon, and then I am back to feeling steller two days after. I am going to try a little tip I seen on T-Nation (real bored at work) of using leucine after a carb up to help clear blood sugar and get back to utilizing fats for energy. This past carb up I used a couple Pslins and went a little dirty because I am trying to pack on a few pounds. I must say the combination of 4 oreo's (double stuffed) + 2 cups of oats and some vanilla protein makes for one enjoyable meal with a wicked pump about 30 minutes later. I am also thinking about throwing a little bit of Glycerol into my daily supplementation because I am finding myself a bit dehydrated after training towards the end of the week, anyone else utilize anything like that?
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  20. The Leucine tip is not a bad idea... I may use that with my macro cycling layout for my low days...

    You are making me want to drop the bulk and start leaning out again buddy...
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  21. Its winter, don't drop the bulk!
    Im going to up my calories to a bulk phase after this week, I am pretty comfortable with the diet now so its time to start manipulating it.
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  22. December 20, 2008

    Sorry for the lack of updates recently, been busy with everything else. This diet has been treating me great so far and I am really enjoying it. I have gained about 2 pounds since starting but I am also almost 1.5 inches smaller around the waist so thats pretty awesome. One thing I really like about this diet is that I have absolutely no stomach issues such as gas or bloating during the week. Also my energy levels have been substantially better since I have become acclimated to the high fat diet. I have had any problems with regularity either and I am not using a fiber supplement so thats a plus. As for my lifting I have had some really good sessions and only one bad session in the past three weeks. So of the highlights include:
    Deadlift against doubled mini's 425x2 (200lbs tension at top)
    metal Militia reverse band bench press 545x3
    Chain suspend good morning 455x3 (one day after getting pinned on the same exercise at 315, that was my bad session).

    One thing I really have yet to get down though is the carb ups, every week I am only using one day because I feel like poop throughout most of that day and don't want to stretch it to two days. So far the most effective carb up seemed to be a really dirty one (double stuffed oreo's, oats w/ maple syrup, granola bars, etc) but I also felt pretty bloated in the few days that followed. Today I am trying to utilize a good mix of simple and complex carbs but I am aiming for about 800-1000g total. Hopefully I will be nice and carb'ed up for the last day of my training cycle tomorrow which will be a shirted bench day and then I will go into a nice deload week.

    As for supplements right now I am using Reset AD by Palo Alto, Battle Fuel by Muscle Pharm, and X-Factor. The combination of the Battle Fuel and the X-Factor has been pretty noticable in the past couple weeks that I have been using it, mainly in the cell voluminizing and the DOMS. I just started the Reset two days ago because I took 3 RPM and 2 X-Forces a couple days ago and did not get so much as a little extra pep from it.
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  23. Good luck on your refeed today pmiller. Try to keep it as complex as possible for the carb choices. But you have to treat yourself to at least 100 or 200g of simple sugars. Lets face it, they're just so good.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25


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