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  1. Keto Log

    I decided to keep a log up tracking my progress on a somewhat constant basis. I'm big on the keto styled diet stuff and i'm glad that this forum has alot of members that follow a similar style. I'll be posting every so often with my training and food recipes. I'm 178 pounds, 5'10 about, hovering around the 16-18 body fat percent. Had a bad year family wise and loss alot of the size and by effect muscle I would've had, but no real loss. My first goal is to get my abdominals to show, and the follow up goals are to stand at 200 pounds and 10 percent body fat.

  2. I'll be following this

    Good luck on your goals, and thanks for all the help on mine, I'm debating on starting a log.

  3. No problem, until I actually can get a new gym membership i'll probably just throw up keto friendly recipes.


    Olive oil (any oil you prefer)
    Black pepper
    Lemon/lime juice
    Salt to taste

    You mix the dry ingredients together in a food processor then pour the olive oil and lime/lemon juice in and spin to combine. I'll get a picture of it up after I make my next batch. It can be poured on vegetables, or on food to up the flavor/fat content.

  4. Seasoned Ground beef + Onions
    80-20 ground beef cooked through
    1 medium sauteed onion
    Seasonings of your choice

    Here i've used 2.5 pounds of ground beef 1 medium onion, red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper.

  5. Todays feast


  6. Mmmmm, yummay

  7. Some more food -

    Microwaved Egg Omelette

    Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 slices of ham broken up into small pieces, salt, pepper, 2 slices of american cheese, bit of milk,

    Steps: Scramble the eggs and seasoning together in a bowl, any amount of precooked ham into small pieces, place pieces into scrambled eggs. Next, place the bowl into the microwave for 90-120 seconds at a time, stiring up the mixture to make sure for even cooking. Cooking time depends on your microwave. When close to congealed place two slices of cheese on top of the eggs, zap until done.

    Pros: Easy to make, tastes good.
    Cons: May have some trouble cleaning the bowl if its cooked too long.

    Peanut Butter (home made)

    Ingredients: 2/3's a cup of roasted peanuts, salt, pepper or seasonings of your liking, some type of oil.

    Steps: In a food processor destroy the peanuts until they are finely broken down. Introduce any spices you like (steak rub does good here), salt is a must as it will be bland without it and salt enhances the flavor. Blend a little longer to mix in. Pour in around 3-4 tsps (1-1/3rds tablespoons) of oil for every 2/3rds of a cup of peanuts, process until smooth, peanut butter smooth.

    Pros: You can use cheap oils to bring up fat content, I used a cheap sunflower and olive oil mix. Can make your own flavored peanut butter, easy to eat. Other nuts could probbly be used, almonds, walnuts.
    Cons: Requires a food processor, CAN NOT be kept in the cupboard or out, it needs to be refrigerated.


    Ingredients: Beef, garlic, vegetables (frozen or fresh), seasonings you like (I just used Adobo, salt, pepper and red pepper flake).

    Steps: Cook up the beef, add in your vegetables and garlic and let cook a little longer so that the vegetables stay fresh and the garlic permeates the flavor.

    Pros: I LIKE THE ****ING FLAVOR! Get your carbs and fiber in without having to deal with vegetable taste.
    Cons: None, not going to list one....but if your worrying about fat loss. Look down

    That was what was left in the pan after cooking 3.5 pounds, 4200 calories worth of fat and protein. That is barely 1 tablespoon. It can be soaked up with a small piece of high fiber bread, it can be used to cook an egg. As long as the meat is turned while cooking, moved around to pick up the fat there will be limited fat loss, along with the vegetables they soak up some of the fat as well.

  8. Dang, definately looks like you got your food down

    That omelette, it was only nuked? Would that work with egg beaters as well?

  9. Thanks man. Yeah only nuked. I'm not too sure actually i've never tried egg beaters. Should be able to work most likely.

  10. Thomas, great thread. I like the pictures and recipes. I'll be following along!

  11. Thanks, i'll be updating training now that I have my gym membership renewed.

    Todays workout chest+triceps

    Barbell bench:
    45X10 warm up

    Iso-Wide press

    Incline bench

    Tricep pully pushdowns

    Chest Flye machine

    Lateral raises

    Front raises

    Had shoulder pain in my left shoulder, previously I needed to do shoulder strengthening exercises, which I will start up again in a few days.

  12. This will def be a fun log to follow

    I'll be trying that nuking the egg beaters thing in a couple hours, I'll post up if it works.

    Also, you might want to look into some osteo-sport if it is joint stuff, heard that stuff rocks.

    EDIT: Works VERY well with egg beaters too, LOVE this stuff

  13. That's good that the egg beaters work. My problem is that my left shoulder is disproportinate in strength and size to my right. I had fixed it before my gym membership expired, but with a little more than a month off its gotten back somewhat.

  14. Dang, that sucks, good luck fixing it, hopefully it won't take too long.

    I'll be getting my gym membership once bball ends around February, then the clean bulk will start for me.

    Just another recipe thing, I read(and tried) the protein brownie thing, dunno if you've seen it yet, but it tastes AWESOME.

    It's in the recipe section, it's 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 or 2 tablespoons of PB or almond butter, and water, mix it all up and nuke it for about 120 or so(till it's all together and crap) It tastes great, and is one of, if not the only sweet thing I can eat all week, other than the jello. Perfect low-carb dessert

  15. I haven't tried that, i'll give it a shot the next time I have peanut butter in the house. My shoulder should be better in the next few weeks I'm guessing, It just stunts my ability to work out chest some.

  16. Hamburgers...sort of

    Ingredients:2.5 pounds of 80/20 beef, red pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic salt, sliced garlic.

    Steps: Season meat with dry ingredients, form into patties, put sliced garlic into the meat.

    Pros: Tastes good nice and spicy.

    Cons: I was too anxious to eat them in hamburger form so I broke them down to make them cook faster.

    A little cooking tip here for garlic.

    Smaller pieces=more intense flavor
    Cooked garlic loses the spice and pungent flavor to a more sweet and almost buttery flavor.

  17. nice you added the whole garlic in the hamburger.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Julio R View Post
    nice you added the whole garlic in the hamburger.
    Hell yeah you know how we do it.

    Friday's Workout

    Half mile walk to the gym
    5 minute walk on treadmill 3 miles an hour

    Lateral raises

    Dumbbell shrugs

    5 minute warm up
    7 minute HIIT - No Remorse, Cannibal Corpse cover of Metallica song
    5 minute cooldown

    Over all, it was an excuse for me to get to the gym, do some of the rehab stuff for my shoulder. It's the lateral head of my deltoid that needs to be brought up in strength and size. I'm happy about the shrugs for now, my grip is adjusting and my trap strength is coming back up.

    The HIIT was amazing, it was the first time I did it on the treadmill, I used to do it on the cardio bike. Definitely going to be doing HIIT on days I don't feel i've worked out enough or days where i'm not working out.

    Food for the day

    5 eggs
    4 slices of american cheese
    4 slices of ham
    1.25 pounds of beef with garlic
    Half a slice of bread post workout with some of said beef
    I'll be eating vegetables and 2 more eggs, 2 more slices of cheese and ham to end out the night probably.

  19. Had a small carb up today, I've been getting really dizzy lately, probably because i've been lower calorie.

    Half a hero of garlic bread
    4 mozzerela sticks
    3 rolls
    1 beef patty

    Will eat more as the day goes on and shift back to low carbing tommorow.

  20. Mmmm, sounds yummay(sad how carbs sound good, in any form, lol)

    Glad to hear the shoulder situation is going well

  21. Thanks. It's building up quickly, doing really well.

    My next carb load is going to be on the 26th, through the 27th. Right before thanksgiving, I save myself 20 bucks to visit with family and eat their food.

  22. Today so far i've had

    2 eggs
    1 serving of peanuts
    1 chicken cutlet marsalla with mushrooms

    I walked to my gym and back, which is a little over a mile, maybe 1.5 miles.

    7 minute warm up
    15 minute intervals
    ~40-50 second walking at 3.5-3.9 miles an hour
    ~10 seconds walking to running at 8.0 miles an hour
    10-20 seconds running at 8.0 miles an hour
    ~6-10 seconds running to walking back to walking.

    Did that until the 15 minutes were up, ended it running for 20 seconds at 9 miles an hour. I feel pretty spent today. My energy levels were so so, I had a little trouble sleeping last night but I managed to fall asleep at about 5 in the morning, I woke up at around 10:30. I really never liked doing cardio, but my cardiovascular health was horrible, so I'm really stepping it up. I had considered to just add three minutes in today, but HIIT is fun, I didn't want to stop really. I'm rethinking my whole back routine, I'll see what happens tomorrow.

  23. I took today off, I was feeling sick, I walked about 3-4 miles today however. Some new things i've been looking into.

    Low Carb Tortillas

    So I ****ed up here, I picked up a package that has 17 carbs per a serving and only 5 grams of fiber. Big mistake on my part I thought I picked up the 5 carb tortillas. Anyway, how do I rate this food. Mission whole grain tacos.

    Flavor: Good flavor. While cooking wise I usually insist that the flavor depends on the spices, this taco and other low carb tacos have a real earthy Sunchip flavor to them. I'll post up pictures tommorow sometime, but they taste good to me.

    Texture: This is the fall back, it rips too easy in the package.

    Value: For a few bucks, to get some tacos, sure its a good use of cash. The possibilities for using tortillas goes beyond just tacos. You could easilly fry them into tortilla chips and use an avacado dip (for the extra fat), or a low carb tomato based salsa.

    Ricotta Cheese

    I actually picked this up for something else I was going to cook for my family on thanksgivings day. When I happened to look at the nutrition I was pleasantly surprised.

    Taste: Very bland, nothing to distinctive. This isn't that bad of a quality actually, ricotta is commonly used with a spice/herb mix as a filler, lasagna, ravioli. I like it for this reason.

    Texture: Great texture, not congealed like most of your cheeses, kind of crumbly, kind of kept together, binds well.

    Value: Great value. 9 grams of fat, 7 grams of protein and 2 carbs about. Thats for every 28 calories in protein you get 81 in fat, this is close to where you want to be for AD. Somewhere around 30-40 percent protein and 60-70 percent fat. So this is really close.

  24. Microwave Egg recipe 2

    Picture tomorrow

    Ingredients: Eggs, ricotta cheese, slices of jalepeno, black pepper and salt.

    1. Microwavable safe bowl with eggs
    2. Crack and scramble eggs in bowl (this would be a good time to add any spices you like).
    3. Place in ricotta cheese, as much or little as you like and mix in.
    4. Put in jalepenos, make sure you dip them under the egg so they can get trapped in the egg.
    5. Cook
    6. Eat.

    Pros: Like all microwavable egg dishes, it's easy to do. Clean up is minor. The texture is rich and slightly cheesy, but only with the faintest afternote. It's an easy way to add calories into your eggs. The Jalepenos have a tang to them and a good spice.

    Cons: If the eggs are cooked too long they will cake onto the bowl.

    Pepper Mill

    Well, I'm no chef, i've worked in a restaurant before and I did enjoy it, I might consider the cooking business later on in life, but I never really considered the difference between fresh ground pepper and store bought. I bought a container of peppercorns with a mill attached to see what I thought.

    Flavor: WOW, wow, there is a huge difference between freshly ground pepper and the store bought pre ground stuff. It's a more dynamic flavor and a lot more spice to it. I tend to use alot of pepper when I cook, I use a lot less with the same result.

    Texture: I can get from a really fine grain to a thicker grain, which really doesn't matter too much but its a nice feature.

    Value: It depends on person to person, getting a pepper mill that you fill with pepper corns is probably more worth it than buying the preformed mills that are not meant to be refilled. Like the one I bought .

  25. Still eatin' good, nice

    Just curious, what do you eat every morning? I'm bulking now, and can't seem to get above 400 or so cals in the morning, even with cheese and 5 eggs or so. And I'm freaking SICK of doing that, stomach kills me all day, sometimes into practice(I eat at 6:50 AM, and practice is at 3 PM). I'm thinking to just eat a crapload of bacon for the cals.


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