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    Tuesday 10/21

    Off day

    Copycat, no way dude! hahaha... if I do a track session, I do them as early in the morning as I can, which is usually around 0630 or so. Like to wait for the sun to come up a bit to warm things up. Typically my workout will follow around 4-5 hours later. Usually though, running in the morning severly saps my met-con efforts in the afternoon, especially yesterdays. Tough to try to intengrate the two programs effectively, as you want to go with intensity on both. As a side note, I'm going to start taking a few more rest days periodically. Yesterday and the days preceding it.. I was missing target numbers and felt pretty weak all around. Not good! I think I tried to ramp up things a little too fast. Not in good enough shape yet to go follow the full schedule I had initially planned.

    This is something I have to post! Josh Everett, one of the fittest men on Earth, rips through this WOD called "King Kong"... Unbelievable... the guy runs a sub 5 minute mile, a 50 second 400 meter, and has taken 3rd and 2nd at the Crossfit games (07 and 08 respectively). The guy is incredibly inspirational. How he rips that 455 off the ground on that first rep is incredible.. speed and power! You have to check this out -
    No video??

  2. Hmm, the link works on my screen but I'm often bad with computers so I bet I linked it incorrectly - his video is on today's WOD on the main Crossfit site, So inspirational...

  3. you should try and qual for next years crossfit games. My two buds and I are. Quals are in may. Rest days are def important. They are going to be televised next year and will probably be the last time they are going to be as easy to qual for.
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  4. Wednesday 10/22


    Crossfit WOD:
    "Crossfit Total" - work up to heavy singles:
    - OH press @ 185
    - Back squat @ 315
    - Deadlift @ 385
    Total @ 885

    Copycat, I definitly want to man. I've never been to a competition, but I can only assume that the scene is one to remember for sure. I'd absolutely love to, and I look forward to meeting more Crossfitters. Such an awesome community - would be a fun weekend, regardless of where you compete. I commission in May, so I'm not sure exactly what my plans are, but if I'm open, I'd definitly do it for fun. Those games next year are going to be INTENSE! The turnout this past summer was phenominal, and its only going to get better.

  5. Thursday 10/23

    In WOD

    Crossfit WOD:
    5 rounds for time, w/ 20lb vest:
    - Hill run (~350m per lap, ~40m hill)
    - 3 x (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats)
    Time: 23:48

  6. Friday 10/24

    Off day

  7. Saturday 10/25

    Active recovery 3m loop

    Crossfit WOD:
    7 rounds for time, all with 95lb:
    - 5 Thrusters
    - 7 Hang power cleans
    - 10 Sumo deadlift high pulls
    Time: 12:54

    Rest, followed by Tabata pushups to finish

  8. Sunday 10/26

    4 Medium hill sprints after WOD

    Crossfit WOD:
    Skill work:
    Overhead squat 5's @ Up to 125
    Power snatch 3's @ Up to 125

    Break, followed by 10 rounds for time:
    - 10 Burpees
    - 10 Pullups
    Time: 14:16

  9. Monday 10/27


    Crossfit WOD:
    AMRAP 20 (As Many Rounds as Possible in 20mins):
    - 10 Kettlebell swings (1.5pood/53lb)
    - 10 Box jumps (24")
    - 10 Handstand pushups
    - 10 Deadlifts (225lb)
    - 10 Hang squat cleans (135lb)
    Stopped after 3 rounds... lower back tightness has crippled two of my last three workouts. Very frustrating stuff. Tightness often surfaces after a few days of lower back work, which I have hit in some way or another for a few consecutive days. Not cool man, not cool.

  10. Tuesday 10/28

    Off day

  11. Yo! What happend to the log?

  12. Hey Kraker,
    I took nearly a week and a half off due to overtraining (wasn't hitting the numbers I had expected to be) and then I began a short strength training cycle again. I still Crossfit of course, but as of late, its been more strength orientated. Nothing really too interesting hahaha. I'll throw in some met-cons in the garage every now and then, but my focus right now has been getting up some movements.

  13. Yea, over-training can do some damage, that's forsure. Well take care of business and throw some weight around. good luck.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Kraker View Post
    Yea, over-training can do some damage, that's forsure. Well take care of business and throw some weight around. good luck.
    Thanks man, I'll be sure to do that. Take care bud.


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