working out 3 days a week

  1. working out 3 days a week

    ok heres my question.

    is it cool to only work out 3 days a week?

    I ask this because this past couple of weeks i have only been able to hit the gym 3 days each week. will i lose any muscle or gain any weight while on these days off from working out? when i do workout its pretty intense. i usully do super sets and at the end of my workout i usually play b aseketball with my homeboys for about 25 min for cardio

    give me some pointers

  2. I've had this problem too for the past month and a half or so.

    What has been working really well for me is to use a lot of negative sets to get most of my workout in the begining and make it sore for the rest of the week.

    Also found more effective to stack Bi's and Tri's, back and chest, legs, shoulders and abs, one each day, having the leg sets in between the other 2.

    25 minutes of good cardio would probably be enough I'd say.

  3. 3 X a week

    do u think u could throw a rountine together for me

  4. If your only training 3 days a week and your worried about weight gain or muscle loss I would say that your diet is going to be the most important factor here. Make sure on the 4 days you have off per week that you keep your protein intake high and your carb intake low to moderate depending on your metabolism and activity level for the day.

  5. Well, i'm no expert but here's what I've been working with:

    -Overhead dumbell extension, negative, 3x6
    Superset with
    Incline dumbell curl, also negative, 3x6

    -Overhead cable extension, negative, 3x6
    Superset with
    Ez Bar Curl, also negative, 3x6

    -Preacher curl, 4x8
    Superset with
    Rope Pressdown

    -Hammer curl, 4x12
    Reverse grip pressdown

    Wednesday's are leg days, so I try to vary it a little. Leg extensions, Romanian Deadlifts, Leg Press and some balance squats on the thing I can't remember the name right now. Usually start off with negatives on the Leg Press and move on from there. Then I do shoulder and Abs.

    -Lat Pulldowns, negative, 3x6
    Dumbell bench press, negative

    -Incline Bench Press, negative, 3x6
    Seated Row, negative

    -Back flyer, 4x8
    Front flyer, 4x8

    And finish it off with Chin ups and Dips, 4x10.

    Thats pretty much my workout and I often leave the gym completely beat up. Has shown to be effective for me in the past couple of months but like i said, I'm no expert. So if anyone has some critiques to the workout I'd really like to hear some opinions as well.

  6. 3 days a week is perfect for muscle gain. No need to workout more if your intensity is high enough. Check out Dogcrapp training. You will love it if you can handle it.
  7. dogcrapp training

    What is dogcrapp training? And can u post it on here.

  8. here ya go bigguy

    That should get you started.


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