26 yrs old
211 lbs
14.5% body fat
10+ yrs lifting (high school, college football, then off and on for the last 3 yrs until I started getting back into it seriously about 4 -5 months ago. Haven't missed a workout in 3 months now that I've managed to get this into part of my daily schedule.

After quite a bit of research and talking to some people on here I purchased Powerfull, Anabolic pump, PSlin, and recreate about a month ago.
I have been taking powerfull for 3 weeks and just started recreate friday.

Current workout is:
Monday: Chest, shoulders, tris
Tuesday: Front squats or box jumps and back and bis and calves
Wed: off (basketball day)
Thursday: Dips and heavy shoulders and tris
Friday: Heavy legs and bis and calves

I would like to continue adding muscle but get back down to about 10% BF, which is where I was pretty much the whole time I was playing ball and was pleased at that %.

I'm still trying to balance the diet as I have gained 3 pounds in the 2 months. Body fat stayed the same so I am assuming it is mostly muscle, but I would like to continue to grow muscle, perhaps at a slower rate and start slowly dropping a little BF.

Would it be recommended to just keep taking powerfull and recreate for a while or would it be worth while to start taking something else I already have or anything else period?

I would like to stay away from any pro hormone or pro steroid products until I get most of the natural gains out of the way with the more mild supplements.

Then I will be willing to jump into some milder cycles to get me over the hump later.

Let me know what you guys think.