Need to lose 20-30lbs by the fall

  1. Need to lose 20-30lbs by the fall

    I am a 17 year old senior in hs about to graduate and go to college. I weighed about 190 in Sept. and now weigh 220lbs at 5'11. I'm pretty sure weed is what made me gain so much weight and now I want it off for good before I go to college and try to get some ass. I've been reading the forums for a few weeks to figure out what's best for me and I've come to the conclusion that if i join a gym and stick to 45mins of cardio 3-4 days a wk and lift some weights I should be fine.. my eating habits are terrible, I wake up at around 8am for school and don't eat until 4pm and then get a strong craving for food late at night(9-10pm)

    I want to change my habits and start a healthy lifestyle but I need a better understanding of what to do in the gym as far as treadmill speed, intensity, and what machines to use to tone up and lose weight

    I'm not trying to get really muscular or anything but I just want an effective way of losing weight over the summer..

    do you think I would need a gym to even do all of this? I was thinking about P90X or jogging outside since its nice but I always get lazy and never want to do anything.. I figure once I get to the nice new NYSC they built up the block, I wont have a choice but to exercise and play some basketball(full court there too) which I have been doing for the past couple weeks..(havent changed eating habits yet though)

    Please help!!

  2. Use this to help setup your nutrition plan:
    Beginners of all Ages and Needs: Must Read Basic Nutrional Info

    Your nutrition plan will be the make or break factor in all of this (and the speed of results).

    As far as training, you don't have to join a gym, but it would be beneficial (especially when you want to start gaining muscle).

    As far as cardio goes there is tons of info on a lot of routines on here. First come up with a weight schedule and then incorporate cardio in about 3-4 days per week (a good plan would be 2 days after certain weight days and 2 in the mornings on an empty stomach).

  3. with cardio its about heart rate, so you would make the choice on whether you want to do steady state or HIIT, and then shoot for a target heart rate based on that

  4. is it possible to lose this amount of weight running/jogging outside for 30-40mins 3-4 days a week? I mean I've read all this stuff about cardio workouts and ways to split stuff up.. but basically if I do this and stick to a low carb diet can it be done just as fast as going to a gym?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by con artizst View Post
    is it possible to lose this amount of weight running/jogging outside for 30-40mins 3-4 days a week? I mean I've read all this stuff about cardio workouts and ways to split stuff up.. but basically if I do this and stick to a low carb diet can it be done just as fast as going to a gym?
    This amount of weight can be lost by changing your diet only, however Cardio will mosdef expedite the process.

  6. just remember 30 pounds in 3 months is damn fast, even at 17 it's going to be extremely difficult to pull off safely, so be careful and do no harm to yourself. If you lose that weight by winter and manage to keep it off, you won't care that you didn't do it by fall.

  7. If you do intend to lose that much in that time frame be ready for some hard work and keep your diet in check.

    Here's a link to my fuel talk on diet.

    Fuel Talk Pt 1...Though I'd Share This
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  8. haha talk is cheap!
  9. No offense

    Honestly i doubt it was weed that made you gain the weight, it was probally your lack of activity and your eating habits, Most of the effects of weed are all in your head, it doesnt really make you hungry, it makes you want to eat, oh and as for losing the weight by fall, its possible, just take some supps and do 2-3 cardio a day an hour each session or do interval or hiit, and dont forget to hit the gym as well, and eat a proper diet.

  10. naaaa... if im not wrong weed turns off the sensitivity of that thing in ur stomach that tells u your full... there for u have an urge to eat till u pop... sorry for being so vage.. i dont know the actual terms of it.

    and once ur high... ur high... u dont care about looking good, u wana munch... unless ur a habitual pot smoker, and it is an every day typa thing

  11. I lost 30lbs from Jan 08 to Mar 08 with zero cardo. I ate lots of lean protein (hard boiled eggs, whites only; skinless chicken breast, and fat free cottage cheese, as well as 12 16oz. bottles of water per day. I also ate small ammt's of fat free yogurt and small ammt's of veggies and fruits. If I were to do it again I would add in omega 3 fish oil and healthy fats from like extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil or something.

    But the weight shed with no exercise whatsoever during those 3 months. You really have to wrap your mind around sticking to very few really low fat proteins and sometimes I felt like I was force feeding myself bland food but I was determined to loose the weight and was constantly chugging water.

    It was a sacrifice but well worth it. I have since adjusted my diet to be much more balanced and also begain lifting weights and have lost an additional 10 lbs from Mar-June while also adding lean muscle at the same time.

    It's really hard to overdo it on total calories eating just those proteins, not to mention they are virtually carb and fat free. The water helps a lot to.

    Good luck.

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