Questions about velocity diet

  1. Questions about velocity diet

    Protein shakes. No/Low carbs. Got it.

    I read in another thread that ~100g of carbs, on WO days, is okay, though. Is this really the case? If so, what kinds? Should I mix in rolled oats or fruit or something?

    Was thinking of trying it out for two weeks to aid my recomp...

  2. A little more to it than that, go read up on it over at T-Nation.
    “Besides, it is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Xodus View Post
    A little more to it than that, go read up on it over at T-Nation.
    I did read up on it. He talks about taking Surge PWO, which is like 50g of carbs.

    I was wondering if making my shakes like I normally do (with oats/blueberries) would be okay. And, also, whether 100g was the "new" accepted number.

    Also, I honestly think its better to get SOME carbs in PreWO, so I could split up the shake w/carbs Pre and Post.

  4. One thing he doesn't use that I'll use is BCAA's pre-workout -- they are great for preventing catabolism and are calorie-free.

    100g seems like alot..

    Also remember that a good portion of those carbs (the ones NOT in post-workout) are really in the form of fiber -- and digest completely different.

    You should ~15-20 from flax seeds.. and maybe 50 pwo.. so I guess maybe shoot for under 100? The diet isn't designed around ketosis so I would say try it out and gauge your reslts.. if it works then keep it up, if it doesn't then just cut the carbs out!

  5. Alright, so I'll just add in a few PWO, but get the rest from fiber.

    It's not like I'll miss oats that much, taste-wise (at least, I don't think so). I just wanted to make my shakes less liquidy and not completely kill my strength @ the gym.

  6. Absolutely! As I have come to understand, the benefits from a carb/protein pwo shake far outweigh any detrimental effects it might have on fatloss ya know?

    I'll be logging mine (starting within the next day) in the log section and I'll be including PWO carbs in mine as well.. good luck with your diet!


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