Help with diet!

  1. Help with diet!

    I am 20 years old and compete in powerlifting. I weigh 230 with about 19-20% body fat. I am wanting to cut down to about 198. I can easily put weight on but taking it off is the hard part for me. This is the diet i have planned out which i know still needs alot of work. So any ideas about it please tell me.

    Breakfast: 2 scoops whey protein with glass of skim milk
    1 packet of instant oatmeal

    Snack: 1 bag of tuna

    Lunch: Chicken breast with Brown rice

    Pre-workout: 1 scoop whey in water

    Post-workout: 2 scoop whey with skim milk and also a table spoon of penut butter, also 1 banana

    Dinner: Chicken breast, corn, and a side salad with ranch dressing

    Before bed snack: 1 scoop whey in skim milk, half a bowl of cottage cheese

  2. That's pretty boring. I'm shedding the flab at the moment. I've basically been eating a couple of pieces of wholemeal toast for breakfast with four eggs cooked in olive oil. I'll have some homemade vegetable soup a couple of hours later. For lunch, I'll down half an avocado and a couple of BBQ'd chicken fillets. I'll have a protein shake when I get home from work, the same as lunch for dinner. Before bed I have another shake in water. Actually, mine's bland too. But it's working!

  3. Id try and get a macro plan set out and just work your meals into fit them as such. Allows you movement for different things each day.

    Need to figure in your Basal Metabolic Rate then multiply it by your activity level. From there -500 or so calories and skew the macros to fit which kind of diet plan (keto, low fat, low carb etc.). If your having trouble, shoot me a PM and I can try and help....Id be wary of going under 15% calories from fat because of its importance in hormones.

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