My New Diet

  1. My New Diet

    Hey everyone, I am new to this forum, but not new to the fitness world, I have worked in a gym for a while, and have been around weights my whole life . I have also been an avid and good football player until recently i decided not to play in college. I am 6'4 and weight about 290, college did put about 10 pounds of that on me. I carry my weight well, and when i ask other people, sometimes at random what they think i way, a useual response is about 250. so now that you know my body type somewhat, i wanted some people to check out my ( u=45510AmSpace) AmSpace, and see what you think of the diet i am planning, with some day to day altering because living in a dorm eating cafeteria food:hot: isnt the easiest way to diet. But i do lift 4-6 days a week depending on my classroom schudule and do cardio 4 or 5 times a week. I am open to any suggestions and reccomendations for my diet and thank you for reading!

  2. I tried the link as well as going to your profile but I don't see any inputed food.

  3. ohh man, i filled out my diet for the 14th, ill just copy it for today, let u check it out. sry about that

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