trying to lose fat around the midsection

  1. trying to lose fat around the midsection

    I know that you have to exercise your whole body and cut down on the fat intake as well as getting a correct diet to lose your fat around the midsection, ie you can't just concentrate on one area to lose but on everything overall and you will eventually lose the fat there.

    Do you just do cardio to lose the fat around the midsection along with your regular weight lifting of course?

  2. Yes. Your midsection will often be the very last place that you will lose fat. Your body will keep fat in that area to keep your core warm and protect it. Your body will abandon fat starting in your hands/feet and then move towards your torso.

  3. so would that diet work and just keep doing cardio and increase it?

  4. Yes diets work. If you diet properly you don't even necessarily need to do cardio, or even work out for that matter. They both just speed things up.

  5. cardio and weight training won't just expedite the process but they will also provide long term benefits - increased metabolism, healthier heart, etc.

    although, I would consider diet to be 70% of weight loss for most people - if you train every day and burn 400 calories but you eat an extra 400 calories every day then you'll never lose the weight.

  6. Gatorade,

    what are your goals?

  7. Once you get your diet on track, you could look into Avant Research's Napalm. It's a topical fat loss product which will help speed up the fat loss potential in the area you apply it to.

    Check it out.


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