Supps to go with Clen

  1. Supps to go with Clen

    I'm on my eight day of clen now, at 100mcgs and I am prolly gonna stick around 100 for this whole week, then drop the clen for 2 weeks, and pick it back up at 20mcgs and work back up.

    I am also taking DS Lean Xtreme, its a corti blocker plus green tea extract. Ya'll recommend anything to go along with these two?


  2. dammit t-bone you beat me to it

  3. Interesting input, for a minute I was unsure why I was on this board, but u a$$holes reminded me, so thanks

  4. Take taurine. Clen depletes your heart of it

  5. it left me feeling like crap, jittery as hell, and I couldn't find much of anything that helped. no cramps, but the jitters sucked

  6. 4-5g of taurine daily, and a few 100mg of potassium usually does the trick for me

    and some IBuProfen just in case the headaches get bad

  7. I've been eating bananas for potassium, I'll go get some taurine, I appreciate the info

  8. I enjoyed my exp with clen...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by leetuser View Post
    Take taurine. Clen depletes your heart of it
    and liver

  10. Poseidon takes care of the minerals that clen depletes, and helps keep you hydrated. Great product. Coupled with taurine and you should feel a lot better and make your experience a safer one.

  11. I have used Clen with and without Poseidon before. When I took it with Poseidon I didn't get as run down and didn't get the cotton mouth. Poseidon made my experience with Clen much better.

  12. This thread just reminded me that I need to reorder Poseidon! No wonder I have been feeling

    BTW Colden I've been on Poseidon straight since about a month after release. Would it be beneficial to wait another two weeks and make it a full month off, or just get me sum, because that ****s like crack to me now. haha

  13. anyone know if you can take dcp with it?

  14. with clen? sure you can run dcp with it. just even more so hydration + electrolytes are critical

  15. Quote Originally Posted by leetuser View Post
    Take taurine. Clen depletes your heart of it
    um, isn't taurine essentially bovine bile? wasn't aware of any critical uses in the human body.

  16. i would watch the DCP/Clen combo... i got cramps from each as a standalone...

    i would never touch clen again without a Nimbus Poseidon. Once i added potassium and Poseidon it stopped all cramping.

    i did not see as much fat loss from clen as i did from good old fashioned 1fast Synergy EC to dahh A with some NP yohimbine.

    good luck though! keep the AED handy ahh?
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