Hello all

  1. Hello all

    This is my 1st post and I got a little dilemma. I'm 33 and have been working out intensely for 2 years to get this weight off. I have only done two cycles in my life. I am looking into another one. I was thinking of either PGCL @ 50mcg daily or a cycle of hGH @ 2-3iu dailyat a minimum of 10-12 months. When I first started working out I was 612lb at 6'2" with a bf% of incalculable porportions (about 55% or more). Now I know I'm still large at my weight. Currently I am the resident Donut Man at 410 lb with a bf of 40%. Does anyone have any advice I need to heed before I go ahead with a plan? I'm still in the research phase.

    Help :donut: Man out here....

    Also let me add that I weight train 3x a week and do HIIT cardio 4x a week on an elliptical machine for 30 min a session or more. I consume about 2500 kcal daily.

    In addition, I take ZMA and Alpha Male (Biotest) as well as a full multi.

    As far as working out I stick to basics (squats, leg press, bent over rows, chest press, etc) and try not to focus on exercises like cali skullcrushers or bi curls. I am concentrating on tone rather than bulk right now anyways. Last thing I need is more mass!!

    Any other questions just ask...
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  2. personally if i were you...I would...
    A) Forgot cycling all together for now
    B) Make sure your diet is good. My only worry is that with your size, 2500 kcals may be to low. [email protected]'2" I would think this would send your body close to starvation/survival mode. I'm no diet expert, but there are very knowledgeable diet people around here, hopefully one can chime in here.
    C) Most important - Can you get to healthy bf ranges very quickly? Yes. Is it healthy per se? Not really. This isnt a sprint man, its a marathon.

    Sounds like you have made some great progress so far, take it easy, be healthy, set small short term goals and keep looking ahead to main goal.

    oh and welcome to AM!

  3. I agree 100%, forget cycling all together.

    you've lost 200 pounds in 2 years...that's an amazing accomplishment! keep up the good work!

    this is a long journey, no need to start sprinting already...keep the pace right and go slow and easy to ensure you make it to the finish line!

    good choice on using the elliptical! But you're a big guy, doing that much cardio has the potential to be problematic for your joints...have you thought about glucosamine or Cissus? also, have you considered swimming and or water aerobics to get your cardio on without putting stress on your joints?

    are you stuck and not making more progress, what prompts you to consider taking steroids?

  4. I have been working out religiously three months with not a pound lost. Now, before someone reads that last sentence please read the first post before you start the whole "3 months isn't a long time" speeches.

    I'm not looking for the 50 lb-a-month fix. But damn, 12 weeks and no progress at all will piss off anyone!

    My joints are ok. At my last physical my doctor said I just need to lose weight. She has no idea why my joints don't bother me. I'm just lucky I think.

    Yeah, I wanna be like 220lb with 7% bf but I'm not stuck on it. I just want to be healthy. If that comes at 275 that's ok by me.

    200 lb lost is a lot and I resist the urge to act like this:

    because I'm still BIG. Maybe one day...

  5. I would like to reiterate an earlier point. if you way 400lbs and are consuming 2500 cals a day you are in starvation mode most likely thus your body is resisting weight loss.

    you get alot of diff opinions on this but i usually go with 10cal/lb to cut, 12per to maintain and 14 or 16 to bulk.

    12*400= 4800 cals per day to maintain
    10*400=4000 cals per day to lose. this would leave you at a negative of 5600 cals a week or 1.25lbs (3500=1lb)per week in weight loss add exercise to this and you would have more loss.

    Right now at 2500 cals a day you are 2300 below your maintenance level. or a 16100 calorie deficit. thats almost 5lbs a week. This is almost impossible for your body to maintain for extended periods of time. This will sounds weird, but you need to eat. You need to look for about 300-400g of protien, 200-300g of carbs and 100-150g of fat about 20-30% of which needs to be Omega3 6 or 9 healthy fats.

    This would give you roughly a 40/20-30/30-40 split of P/C/F
    and net you around 3500-4000 cals a day. As the weight continues to come off, redo these calculations and continues to adjust the total cal number down. I would say every 20 pounds or 30 pounds look at recalculating.

  6. My best advice would be to totally and completely forget any sort of cycle until you're 250 lbs. At 410lbs if you have your diet in order you should be dropping weight like crazy. Eat 3500-4000 calories of GOOD FOOD and stick to that diet like freakin glue. Like mentioned above, 2500 calories for a 400 pound guy IS starvation mode. That's exactly why you aren't making progress, I guarantee it. The fat will start to melt if you really, truly get your diet in check. Realistically, you could and should be loosing 3-6 lbs a week if not more at your weight.

    Good job on the losses so far, though!

  7. I also agree, diet is the most important part of all of this...don't want to cut too deep (especially if you're training).

    Could you provide more information about your diet as well, eating routines, nutrition info, etc?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by delsolrob View Post
    I also agree, diet is the most important part of all of this...don't want to cut too deep (especially if you're training).

    Could you provide more information about your diet as well, eating routines, nutrition info, etc?
    Right now I have adjusted to you all's suggestons. I have always been eating 5 meals daily. Previously they were between 400-500 calories each and now they are close to twice that (I'd say about 700-800 apiece). I was under the impression that caloric intake was based on lean body mass and not total body weight. Now when I eat I feel like I'm cheating on my diet. At the end of the day I usually feel stuffed. Eating nearly 4000 calories a day just doesn't seem like I'm dieting at all.

    It sounds a bit nuts but I've adjusted my workouts to where I'm doing the elliptical 4x's a week (40 min sessions) and working out 2x's weekly with weights (one day upper body, one day lower body).

  9. Dude, Eat all healthy foods, dont cheat. At your weight though you can get away with being pretty hardcore without being really hardcore. Whole grains, bread, fruit, vegetables is all cool, especially protein.

    Dont jump on the sugar wagon though, fruits ok because of the fiber and vitamins, as soon as you jump on the sugar wagon you going to fall off that wagon.
    get a lot of dietary fiber in what you eat, try to eat the least amount of added sugar as possible in your whole grains.

    as far as calories go, i would do 5 meals of 650 calories for you, and make your last main course meal around 6, the next one should be a protein shake about hour or two before you go to bed, again I dont know what time you sleep. I believe youll torch your bodyweight that way and youll still feel good about yourself and the direction your going.
    Part of it is a mindgame, once you break that mental barrier, its impossible to **** with.

    CLA at your weight would be beneficial I believe, most the test subjects were obese and as a result, are a reason why a lot of people trust CLA.
    Green Tea is good as well.
    Guarana is fine, its just caffeine, but it slower releasing, and as a result...it helped me supress my appetite i felt better than other forms of caff.
    Appetite supressmant wise, if you can hold down 2500 cals at your weight your killin it already.

    Right now, im cutting 2, i asked for some advice, some guy asked me to put up pics, weird....i dont like advertising my bod on the net, bad experiences in the past with myspace (Stalkers), but i love hearing other peoples opinion, so im letting you know mine. p'c


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