diet help

  1. diet help

    i hope someone can give me some advice, i'm on a 10g 1test, 4 ad cycle, and currently getting about 2400 calories, roughly 260 pro, 275 carb, the rest fat, my meals look like this
    meal 1
    all bran 1 cup
    1/2 cup milk
    egg beaters
    meals 2
    2 cups oats
    chicken breast
    meal 3
    large yam
    2 can tuna
    meal 4
    2 cups oats
    2 scoops whey
    meal 5 post
    2 scoops whey
    creatine transport 45 g carbs
    meal 6
    cottage cheese
    2 tbspn natty pb.
    does this look good on a one test cycle, I know individuals react diffrently just wanting an opinion

  2. Need some stats to give some help

  3. oh, yeah, sorry about that
    23, 190lbs, 12%bf,
    german body comp training 3 days week, army pt 3 days week

  4. Well as diets go yours looks solid. On your PT, how far are you running? One other thing, you trying to bulk up or cut the bf?

  5. Bulking, pt is usually between 3 and four miles, I have no control over the length though cause i'm in Morehead ROTC, I think my calories may be a little low, but I wasn't sure. I know it should be around 20x bw, but I thought that may be a little high considering i'm carrying 12% bf. thanks for your advice.

  6. well with the PT being 3 to 4 at a good pace, you might want to up the calories another 250 and see how that goes.

  7. Yeah , PT will definitely hinder your bulking gains.

  8. okay i'll up my calories a little and see if that helps thanks for the tips


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